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  1. Detailed history of online stalking/harassment
  3. In 2009 i was seeing this guy who I met on tc, and when I broke it off with him he absolutely lost it. Started calling my house 100x a day, as well as my cell, my moms cell, and my grandma's house phone. I hadn't even given him those other numbers, he found them himself. He sent me letters in the mail and even contacted some of my IRL friends to ask about me, asking them where I was and if I was seeing anyone, and what my address was. It got so bad that my entire family changed their numbers. He managed to find my new number, and I had to change cell providers. He somehow got my number AGAIN in 2013 (and mind you it'd been years), and I had to change my number a THIRD time.
  5. Later, still in highschool, my nudes were posted to my personal Facebook page. A doxxer had found my real address and blackmailed me with it- saying he'd post it to the internet and my nudes to IRL. I wasn't going to negotiate with a terrorist (its not like it ever ends when you consent to being blackmailed; they'll just push and push forever) so I just told him to get fucked. Everyone I went to school with saw them and my address was all over 4Chan for weeks. I got death threats (and an actual box of poop!) in the mail. It did eventually blow over but it's still posted on few pages.
  7. Then there was the Vitamin Avenger- this guy who ran a crawler on /fit/ for YEARS and compiled TB's of info and photos on every tripfag. He threatened me many, many times and actually managed to get my private email, sending me threats there as well.
  9. There have also been three (THREE) stalkers who I won't name who did various IRL things like call my school, send nudes to my family, call my work, etc over the course of several years. A few incidents happened long after my popularization online, indicating a years-long interest in me. Most recently, I've been doxed in allchat repeatedly and some creep has VERY PERSISTENTLY been trying to get me to talk to him by pretending to be regulars who I'm friends with.
  11. ae discussing the issue with newfriend Haitch, who unfortunately lacks perspective.
  13. [7:59 PM] ae: so you really honestly are opposing zbrah being banned despite him spreading personal data
  14. [7:59 PM] ae: ?
  15. [8:00 PM] ae: not just pics, pics be damned, those are worthless, we show our faces daily
  16. [8:00 PM] ae: but like.. where we live?  that shouldn't be acceptable
  17. [8:00 PM] ae: he might be harmless, he might only call someone at their work and lie to supervisors
  18. [8:01 PM] ae: but if he gives an *actual* harmful person details about where they can assault/murder
  19. [8:01 PM] ae: one of us.. which IS possible.. shouldn't that be taken seriously?
  20. [8:01 PM] haitch: jesus
  21. [8:01 PM] haitch: stop blowing this out of porp
  22. [8:02 PM] haitch: proruption.;
  23. [8:02 PM] haitch: nothings going to happen
  24. [8:02 PM] haitch: we're all safe
  25. [8:02 PM] ae: i'm not, i just asked a question
  26. [8:03 PM] ae: with all due respect, my question's not unreasonable or unrealistic
  27. [8:03 PM] ae: sorta deserves an answer
  28. [8:04 PM] ae: it IS a worst-case scenario being described but it's possible given the fandom/reputation
  29. [8:04 PM] haitch: stop
  30. [8:04 PM] haitch: pming
  31. [8:04 PM] haitch: me
  32. [8:04 PM] ae: that both she and i have.. you might not be privy to those gory details
  33. [8:04 PM] haitch: he is not to be banned
  34. [8:04 PM] haitch: the end
  35. [8:04 PM] ae: whoa
  36. [8:04 PM] haitch: im kinda busy dude
  37. [8:04 PM] ae: aight man, demod me
  38. [8:05 PM] haitch: and you keep going around in circles about this
  39. [8:05 PM] ae: you can't be unreasonable like that
  40. [8:05 PM] ae: not going in circles, went in a direct straight line to you, got shunned
  41. [8:05 PM] ae: blew nothing out of proportion, you blew it out of proportion with your brain before you
  42. [8:05 PM] ae: replied
  43. [8:05 PM] ae: will not mod for you
  44. [8:05 PM] ae: appreciate the gesture, was fun while it lasted, but you can't and won't turn your
  45. [8:06 PM] ae: awareness off because you're "busy"
  46. [8:06 PM] ae: not to me
  47. [8:06 PM] ae: you acted like a human the other day, now you're back to this "stop pming me" bullshit
  48. [8:06 PM] ae: so unmod me and thanks for any future harm you'll have enabled by allowing zbrah to do
  49. [8:06 PM] ae: what he's doing
  50. [8:09 PM] haitch: dear lord
  51. [8:10 PM] haitch: STILL
  52. [8:10 PM] haitch: chill
  53. [8:10 PM] haitch: kick back
  54. [8:10 PM] haitch: have a smoke
  55. [8:10 PM] haitch: hes not to be banned for the third time
  56. [8:10 PM] ae: and my question was "why"
  57. [8:10 PM] haitch: hes harmless
  58. [8:11 PM] ae: and then my question to that was "what if he gives harmful data to harmful people"
  59. [8:11 PM] ae: am i blowing it out of proportion with that?
  60. [8:11 PM] ae: are you still too busy to reply?
  61. [8:11 PM] ae: just admit you don't have a good reason, you just like zbrah
  62. [8:11 PM] ae: he's a "regular" who brings absolutely nothing but harm here
  63. [8:12 PM] ae: you're not going to look out for the people he's harming
  64. 8:12 PM] haitch has left the chat.
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