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  1. <Awesomeness> Why don't you just go and die you fucking little 13 year old prick fag?
  2. <Awesomeness> Nobody loves you.
  3. <Awesomeness> I hope you and your family die in a horrible accident and get tortured. <333333
  4. <Aster> #arford loves me.
  5. <Aster> Since you love talking in channel names.
  6. <Aster> Btw, I don  have what you call a "Family"
  7. <Aster> don't*
  8. <Aster> append .
  9. <Awesomeness> Don't care.
  10. <Aster> I have a Father, and that's it.
  11. <Awesomeness> Don't care.
  12. <Aster> Also, you're 14, and you're weak enough to just come and insult someone because they criticize you.
  13. <Awesomeness> umad
  14. <Aster> You're just an obnoxious fuck.
  15. <Aster> Judging by your name.
  16. <Aster> Torture may be fun.
  17. <Awesomeness> umad
  18. <Awesomeness> aww, you just mad
  19. <Aster> Only if it inflicts pain though.
  20. <Awesomeness> have no family? :D
  21. <Aster> Yup.
  22. <Aster> And I love it that way.
  23. <Awesomeness> lolololo umad
  24. <Aster> Do you even know in which context to use "umad"?
  25. <Awesomeness> UMAD BRO
  26. <Aster> Also, yes, I'm bisexual, doesn't change anything in life.
  27. <Awesomeness> I don't care what sexuality you are.
  28. <Aster> ^Shows your poor vocabulary.
  29. <Aster> Go ahead, join #Aster, we can talk about it there, where your useless PMs don't spam the fuck out of my headphones for such a feeble being such as you.
  30. <Awesomeness> I'm not gonna join any channel with your name.
  31. <Awesomeness> It's disguisting.
  32. <Awesomeness> Goodbye.
  33. <Aster> Hah.
  34. <Aster> "Goodbye".
  35. <Aster> On IRC?
  36. <Aster> The only reason you'd want to say "goodbye" would be if you were never coming back.
  37. <Aster> Welcome to the Internet, newfag.
  38. <Awesomeness> umad
  39. <Aster> Actually, no.
  40. <Awesomeness> Shut the fuck up, or I'm adding you to the ignore list.
  41. <Aster> Why would I even feel a change in emotion for a moron like you?
  42. <Aster> Good, if you do, you won't be able to send me hate/love messages.
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