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Special message for /vr/ from the Doom /vr/os

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Apr 25th, 2013
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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you read this message since I want to make a few things clear for those who might have issues with our threads being in /vr/.
  3. For the past few weeks we've been experiencing thread-derailment caused by shitposting and useless drama. For those who might not be familiar with our threads, we have this singular aspie who holds a ridiculous grudge against us. His behaviour has been acknowledged (lowercases only, no punctuation marks whatsoever) and even after that, many of those who happen to post in our threads can't get a hold of themselves and reply to him, feeding him and derailing our threads.
  5. Many of us have been trying to contain this stupid behaviour by telling everyone to NOT reply and report every suspicious post, but some people JUST. DON'T. LEARN. Now, this has reached a whole new level of retardness, because for the past 5 days, this autistic hold-grudging child has been shitposting and trying to derail our threads with posts related to a personal project of ours called "Doomkart" (I'm going to post the evidence in the next post for everyone to see). This has caused nothing but confusion between our members and fortunately we've been taken control of said problem a few hours ago.
  7. NOW, I know some of you have been asking why we haven't moved to /vg/ yet, here's the reason
  9. >Thread activity. /vg/ threads are overrun by DOTA, SC2 and LoL, EACH of them have 5 threads with BUMP LIMIT in /vg/, if we move there we're pretty much doomed (no pun intended).
  10. >Potential contribution from the right board for our Doom community. This is a RETRO board and Doom was released on Dec. 10, 1993; we have better chances of gathering more bros who want to play/discuss/mod with us in /vr/ more than /vg/ and (of course) /v/.
  14. For those who might not be aware of it, we ALWAYS had plenty of space in our threads to discuss ANY FPS-related game that was released around the 90's alongside Doom (i.e. Marathon, HeXen, Heretic, Duke3D, Strife, Wolf3D and the like). FEEL FREE TO DO SO. This was kind of an unwritten rule we had, but for those who might not be aware of it, well, there you go. That's the reason I named this thread "Doom and friends", and I hope to receive more friendly activity for our threads by doing this.
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