How to play HL2RP

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  1. "i'll try hl2rp"
  2. Ok.  If you've never done it before, I can give you some good tips and exploits.
  3. HL2RP is a clusterfuck of a gamemode.  You're supposed to actually roleplay as a character, not just do shit that a person would do like in DarkRP.
  4. You have to act like that character.  Usually, you'll be a citizen when you first join in.  you make a guy, write a desc, choose a model, choose a name, then you're off.
  5. If you're roleplaying a black guy that wants to mug people, you have to act like it.
  6. If you want to say something your character wouldn't say, you have to use OOC chat (out of character chat).
  7. The command for that is .// for local OOC and // for global OOC.
  8. Just typing is making your character say shit.
  9. And then you have /me.
  10. You're expected to RP all of your actions, so if you want to punch somebody you have to do something like /me tries to punch the man in the face.
  11. Then it gets even more retarded.
  12. Every server is different here, but there's pretty much 2 ways it can go from here.
  13. If the server is a ROLL server, you would type /roll in chat and it would spit out a number 0-100.
  14. Then, the other person does the same, and whoever's is higher wins the roll, and has their action done.
  15. And if the server is P2L, which is dogshit, you have to play to lose and assume EVERYTHING.
  16. It starts arguments all the time, but you would just do shit realistically.
  17. If you're a 3 meter tall black dude and you try to smash some little guy's face in you're probably going to be able to.
  18. But then, the little guy can argue that he could run away, since he's tiny.
  19. So you get into a big fucking argument, admins are called, and THEY decide what happens.
  20. "so i have to play seriously?"
  21. That's just how you play hl2rp.
  22. Yes.
  23. Or, alternatively, if you don't want to be a simpleton, you can do cool shit like me.
  24. "that was the plan"
  25. Avoid RP alltogether, you don't want to give admins any reason to watch you, and they love watching RP.
  26. Get hacks.  ESP is invalueable in this gamemode, since admins can noclip around invisible.
  27. I can give you hacks if you want.
  28. "Yeah i'll use your shitcheat"
  29. Then, go straight for your objective unless an admin is watching you.
  30. There are several objectives you could see as a minge.
  31. "might need to find an undetecable LUA injector though"
  32. Most hl2rp servers don't have CAC, so you can use the bypasser I've included in the cheat.
  33. It's detected by CAC, but since almost no server has it you should be good.
  35. "aight lit"
  36. Here's the cheat.  Read the shit at the top.
  37. But back to objectives;
  38. When you're playing hl2rp, there are several maps you could run into.
  39. The most popular (and best for minging) is rp_industrial_17.
  40. This is the best map for the gamemode period.
  41. Another popular one is rp_city8.
  42. The one thing these maps have in common is the magic radio.
  43. The magic radio is a scripted prop inside the map.
  44. Normally, when you grab shit in hl2rp, it's nocollided, so you can't push yourself into walls like in hl2.
  45. But, the magic radio is a scripted entity, and when you grab it, you're only grabbing the prop the script is attached to.
  46. And for some reason, the script has a collision box, so you can use it to push yourself through doors and walls, and to fly.
  47. So, if the admins put a salesman on a roof, you can fly to it with the magic radio.
  48. A salesman is an NPC that you can purchase shit from for tokens.
  49. Tokens are either stolen from citizens or acquired from rations.
  50. Most admin salesmen have everything at a cost of 0 so you should be fine if you find one.
  51. That would be one objective.
  52. "yeah i put it in a text file"
  53. The next one, if you're going for a hit-and-run or a ban speedrun, is calling JW.
  54. Break into nexus using a friend or the magic radio, go to the city administrator's office, and press the judgement waiver button.
  55. Judgement waiver (JW) is where a loud ass alarm sounds, all the doors get locked, and everyone panics, since cps are usually allowed to mass RDM people.
  56. CPs are the police of HL2RP.
  57. RDM = random death match / killing everyone.
  58. So when you call it, everyone goes apeshit, the admin checks the log since he didn't call it, and he bans you for pushing the button.
  59. Easy, quick, and good reactions.
  60. The way to glitch through walls with friends, instead of with the magic radio, is by using a command called /animatw 1.
  61. When you type this in, and look at a wall, your character does an animation that looks like he's preparing to be searched by a TSA agent or something.
  62. The thing about this is the broken hitbox.
  63. The hitbox when you're in the animation is moved the wrong way, so people can push you into walls when you're in this animation by just running into you.
  64. Then, when you get to the other side, but are still stuck in the wall, you can do /charfallover to ragdoll yourself so you can get up on the other side.
  65. Then you're home free to run to the CA's office to call JW.
  66. An alternative route for minging is getting into the nexus, but going to the armoury instead of the CA's office.
  67. The nexus is the giant fucking building that all the combines go into, just like in hl2.
  68. But the armoury has all the guns and salesmen and shit for the police.
  69. So if you break in, there's a good chance you can steal some guns and mass RDM.
  70. Has a bigger impact, and is harder to detect immediately.
  71. Or, if you don't want to break into nexus right away, you can just use ESP to look for loot around the map, because admins are retarded and like to leave loot all around the map, like guns and shit.
  72. If we go into a server I'll show you some map-specific tricks, but that should be all you need to know to minge in HL2RP.
  74. ###
  79. - found in industrial_17 & c8
  80. - used to glitch through walls and fly
  81. - works by grabbing the radio using your hands
  82. - the radio is two things wielded together, so it still collides with things when you grab it.
  83. - works best for wallglitching and prop flying when grabbed from the side with the light
  85. ###
  88. - usable with one or two people
  89. - enabled on most servers
  90. procedure 1(2+ people):
  91. 1. walk up to and face a wall / door
  92. 2. type /animatw 1 in chat
  93. 3. have a buddy walk into you, you will go through the door
  94. 4. you may have to fall over using the F1 menu or typing /charfallover if you get stuck in the door
  95. procedure 2(solo):
  96. 1. walk up to and face a wall / door
  97. 2. type /animatw 1 in chat
  98. 3. once you're in the animation, turn your view around, and press CTRL, SPACE, and D at the same time.  keep holding all of the keys down until you exit the animation.
  99. 4. you will have to fall over using the F1 menu or by typing /charfallover to escape the door
  100. alt. procedure 2
  101. 1. walk up to and face a wall / door
  102. 2. type /animatw 1 in chat
  103. 3. once you're in the animation, do not move your view, or anything else, but press W until you exit the animation.  on some doors, this should allow you to just clip straight through
  104. 4. if you're stuck in the door after doing this once, do /animatw 1 again and then do /charfallover
  105. 5. you should now be on the other side of the door.
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