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Butch Cassidy Notes

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  1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  2. Released In October 1969
  3. Directed By George Roy Hill
  5. Crumbling Old West
  6. Modernization of the West
  7. 2 heros as enacronisms
  9. Glamorous look at declining Old West
  10. Good old days of western outlaws
  11. Reeks of 1960s
  12.     References made to the old west can be related to 1960s
  16. #6 Use of 2d and 3d direction (Use of Z Axis)
  17.     Use of z axis
  18.         Look for RACK focus
  19.             Pull focus
  20.     Shift from one thing that’s in focus to another
  21.     Pull focus from one thing to something else
  23. #27 Time (Contrast of time [Pacing and Intercutting])
  24.     Dramatic effect by intercutting 2 separate scenes
  25.         Heightening of suspense
  26.         Shows 2 different things going on at the same time
  27.         Builds suspense for a climactic moment
  28.     Uses variety of other cinematic elements
  29.     Usually 2 totally separate things at the same time. One doesn’t know whats happening  at the other scene.
  31. #30 Fast Motion
  32.     Compression of reality
  33.         Usually reserved for moments that need to stand out
  34.         Ask for audience to separate that scene from the rest of film
  35.     Used for comedy or drama
  36.     Value:
  37.         You want audience to pay special attention to this scene/s
  39. #33 Use of freeze frame
  40.     Created when one single frame is frozen on screen
  41.         Reprint frame over and over for period of time
  42.     Suspends action on screen
  43.     Value:
  44.         Protects character from what might happen after
  45.         Raises question of “What happens next?”
  47. #54 Telephoto Lens
  48.     Bring distant objects closer to viewer
  49.     Compresses space
  50.         Cuts down space between objects
  52.     Value:
  53.         The objects are separated by distance but are shown within the same plane
  54.         (same viewpoint of the eye)
  56. #67 Static Shot
  57.     Camera is locked on tripod
  58.     Viewed through static angle
  59.         Camera doesn’t move
  60.     Must have sense of composition if using this
  61.         Usually actors moving in background
  63. #68 Use of the PAN
  64.     Camera on a tripod or handheld moving on horizontal plane
  65.         Left to right or right to left
  66.         Shows parameters of location
  67.     Can be used as a reveal
  68.     Usually a realtime camera move
  69.         No break in time because it moves and then locks in on something
  70.     Character might HELP with a pan
  71.         Character in shot looks to side, and camera follows the vision to lock in.
  73. #70 The TILT
  74.     Camera tilt on vertical axis
  75.         Up to down or down to up
  76.         Used as reveal
  79. #72 Tracking Shot
  80.     Used when mounting camera on dolly (rail system)
  81.         Camera moves on “train” mounted on tracks
  82.     Value:
  83.         Helps audience focus on object
  84.         Allows audience to move when following character
  85.     Can be circular or straight
  87. #76 Use of handheld camera
  88.     Camera is held IN HAND by camera operator
  90. Quiz given on 23rd and due on 30th
  91. Butch Cassidy Papers due by 4/30
  92. Can use documentary from 23rd in paper dur 30th
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