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  1. mysql:
  2.   host: localhost //dein MySQL Host
  3.   port: 3306 //dein MySQL Port
  4.   username: admin //dein MySQL Benutzername
  5.   password: letmein //dein MySQL Passwort
  6.   database: Minecraft //deine MySQL Datenbank
  8. teamspeak:
  9.   host: localhost //deine Teamspeak¬≥ IP
  10.   port: 10011 //der Query Port, Standard ist 10011
  11.   queryname: serveradmin //dein Server Query Login Name
  12.   querypassword: letmeout //dein Server Query Login Passwort
  13.   bot-nickname: Serverbot //der Nickname des Teamspeak¬≥ Bots
  14.   promote-group-id: 6 //Die Id der Teamspeak-Gruppe zu der der Spieler aufsteigen soll
  15.   virtualserver: 1 //der virtuelle Server auf den das Bot verbindet, Standard ist 1
  17. messages:
  18.   cmd-help:
  19.   - "&8&m----------------&7[&a&lTeamSpeak&7]&8&m----------------"
  20.   - " &a/ts verify <code> &7Verify your TeamSpeak identity"
  21.   - " &a/ts unverify &7Unverify your TeamSpeak identity"
  22.   - "&8&m----------------&7[&a&lTeamSpeak&7]&8&m----------------"
  24.   verify-success: "&aYou have successfully verified your TeamSpeak identity!"
  25.   verify-failed: "&aCouldn't verify with this code. Please make sure the code you entered is correct!"
  26.   verify-not-requested: "&cThere are no verification requests for you!"
  27.   unverify-success: "&aSuccessfully unverified your TeamSpeak identity!"
  29.   teamspeak-client-requested-verification: "&aThe TeamSpeak user &e%name% &arequested verification with your Minecraft account. If this was you, type &e/ts verify %code%."
  31.   teamspeak:
  32.     cmd-verify: "To verify your TeamSpeak account you have to enter the following command with your Minecraft account: /ts verify %code%."
  33.     cmd-verify-information-required: "To verify your TeamSpeak account type !verify <Minecraft name>."
  34.     cmd-verify-player-not-online: "The player you entered is not online in Minecraft!"
  35.     welcome-message-non-verified: "Welcome to our TeamSpeak! To verify your Minecraft account use !verify <Minecraft name>."
  36.     uuid-already-verified: "The user you entered is already verified. To unverify type /ts unverify ingame."
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