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Feb 6th, 2016
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  1. <&Dark_Sage> From what I can tell that was unrelated to this particular drama
  2. <@Fyurie> except that links to initiate the attacks came from users in senketsu's channel
  3. <@Fyurie> 100% unrelated, yep
  4. <&Dark_Sage> Uhh... logs?
  5. <Koshk> wat
  6. <Koshk> ddos shit started before the drama iirc
  7. <Koshk> At least for nyaa
  8. <TarVanimelde> fansubbing is much better with drama than without.
  9. <Koshk> Actually it would be a lot better without
  10. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:23] <&Aoi-chan> <Aoi-chan> tell me that senketsu isnt behind the ddos's
  11. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:23] <&Aoi-chan> <Aoi-chan> <Emerge>******
  12. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:23] <&Aoi-chan> <Aoi-chan> * [Emerge] (~Emerge@Rizon-########.wa********* Emerge
  13. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:23] <&Aoi-chan> <Aoi-chan> * [Emerge] #SenketsuSubs #1WAREZ
  14. <@Fyurie> don't click that link, fyi
  15. <@Fyurie> unless you want to potentially initiate antoher one
  16. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:25] <&Aoi-chan> hes propogating synflood links from his channel
  17. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:25] <&Aoi-chan> causing the ddos's
  18. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:26] <&Squiggy> I can't get that link working
  19. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:39] <&denpa> ... what?
  20. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:39] <&denpa> people clicking links to cause a ddos?
  21. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:41] <&Aoi-chan> yep
  22. <@Fyurie> [06/02][02:41] <&Aoi-chan> synstress
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