The Sunset on the Horizon (complete)

Sep 5th, 2018
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  1. >You walked down the long street
  2. >It had been forever since you visited earth
  3. >The year is 2090
  4. >Humanity has achieved full functioning space travel, human-like androids, full genetic modification, as well as many other amazing inventions
  5. >War is a thing of the past
  6. >Your father owned an successful space tourism agency
  7. >Eventually you'd be taking his place
  8. >You were going to be here for three days
  9. >The first stop was the beaches of San Fransisco
  10. >They were supposed to be quite beautiful
  11. >And, thanks to the magic that was atom transference, or better known as teleportation, you could go from the giant cruiser docked in space to the golden gate city in a matter of seconds
  12. >You stepped inside the large steel cylinder and with a brief flash you were right on the beach overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge
  13. "It's so beautiful"
  14. >You said it to yourself of course
  15. >While many things of this new world had improved, social skills were not as forthcoming
  16. >Some things never change
  17. >Because of your dad's job, you never stayed in one place for more than a few weeks
  18. >Most people dreamed of travel
  19. >For you, it was incredibly lonely
  20. >Even your family wasn't very present
  21. >Your dad hardly had time to eat, let alone spend time with you
  22. >And your mom well..
  23. >You didn't like to think about it
  24. >You began to walk up and down the beach taking a few pictures with the blink of an eye
  25. >It wasn't uncommon for humans these days to have cybernetic enhancements and you were no exception
  26. >Your eyes were completely robotic allowing you to take pictures with a blink, see incredible distances in fine detail, and never go blind
  27. >As you walk down towards where the bridge and beach met, you saw something
  28. >It appeared to be a human lying on the rocks
  29. >You zoom in to take a closer look
  30. >It was no human
  31. >It was an android
  32. >A nice looking one too, though quite worse for ware
  33. >It was covered in sand and half of it's right leg was missing
  34. >Clearly someone dumped it
  35. >Out of curiosity you came to take a closer look
  36. >she had shoulder length red and yellow hair, wearing a black jacket with a blue undershirt
  37. >She had somewhat ripped jeans and black boots with long heels
  38. >You lifted her shirt to expose her belly
  39. >It was standard practice for all androids to have a bar code and four digit unit code next to their belly button
  40. >If they had belly buttons that is
  41. >The unit code said SHIMM-001
  42. >001
  43. >Even someone as tech illiterate as yourself could see the oddity in this
  44. >most models that were store bought rarely had a number bellow 100, much less 001
  45. >This mean that this was the first model of it's type ever produced
  46. >Connecting to the internet, you closed your eyes and looked up the abbreviation
  47. >Nothing
  48. >Was this a completely new model?
  49. >If so, why was it just discarded out here under the bridge
  50. >You tried to talk to it
  51. "Hello? Can you hear me?"
  52. >To your surprise, it responded
  53. >"Error. Power levels at 10%. Power saving mode engaged. Motor functions unresponsive. Error"
  54. >You knew you shouldn't
  55. >But you just couldn't resist
  56. >You'd always wanted one of these high end androids
  57. >You'd take it into the shop first of course
  58. >making sure that were major issues or glitches with it's OS
  59. >Not to mention that missing leg
  60. >You looked around to see if you could find where her missing leg may be
  61. >Nothing
  62. >Either it was discarded before she ended up here or the ocean took it away
  63. >Time for the hard part
  64. >You lifted the thing on your back
  65. >To your surprise, it was very light weight
  66. >It couldn't have been more than 110-115 pounds
  67. >Maybe it was one of those waifu bots desiged to look like and be exactly like anime girls
  68. >Though she didn't seem to be from any anime you'd seen
  69. >N-not that you watched anime or anything haha
  70. >You looked through the internet again, trying to find a low cost repair shop
  71. >Though with a model this advanced looking, you didn't know if that would be enough
  72. >Maybe a medium cost one would be better
  73. >You walk to the nearest one and take her in
  74. >The mechanic was confused
  75. >"I've never seen a model like this before. And a 001 at that. Where'd you pick this up kid?"
  76. >You didn't know what to say
  77. >Stealing an android is a serious crime and the fines were enormous
  78. >You had to lie
  79. "My dad works for a android manufacture. He gave me this as a gift."
  80. >You could tell he wasn't buying it
  81. >He also seemed like he wasn't getting payed enough to worry about such things
  82. "I need you to repair it as well as check the OS for glitches or problems. Do you also sell power cores?"
  83. >"Yes we do. But one for an android like this is going to be pricey."
  84. "I can afford it."
  85. >He shrugged and and placed it on a table
  86. >In short order, he printed a new leg and began to rummage through it's OS
  87. >Thankfully, it was clean
  88. >He turned it over and opened a small compartment in the small of it's back
  89. >He took out a small blue cube
  90. >He wasn't kidding about it being expensive
  91. >The cube was a top of the power box, capable of sustaining normal operation for at least 50-60 years
  92. >You were starting to wonder if this was worth it
  93. >He put a new power cube in it's back and she began to make various whirls and beeps
  94. >"She's going to have to go through a restart sequence before she's ready for operation. That'll take around an hour. In the mean time, here's your bill."
  95. >It made you sick to your stomach
  96. a whole two zeros at the end
  97. >You were saving up for a new top of the line VR system
  98. >But you couldn't just abandon this android
  99. >You payed in full and put the android on your back again
  100. >You walked to the nearest teleport station and zoomed back up to the cruise ship
  101. >It was quite the impressive ship
  102. >Could fit over 40,000 passengers, was 20 stories tall and as wide as seven football fields
  103. >It has 15 pools, 15,000 rooms, 8,000 various shops and much more
  104. >It was essentially a flying state
  105. >You popped straight into your room and set the bot down
  106. >To your surprise it spoke
  107. >"My name is Sunset Shimmer, operational name Standard High Independence Multitask Machine, SHIMM-001"
  108. >You just stared
  109. >Didn't the guy say she had to go through a restart sequence?
  110. >Why was she already online again?
  111. >"Error. This unit has no ownership records present. Error. Initiating setup now."
  112. "Wait what are you doing?"
  113. >"Voice recognition 'wait what are you doing' recorded."
  114. "Hold on a sec-"
  115. >You reach out and touch it's shoulder
  116. >"Scanning. Scanning. Finger prints recorded. Pulse mapped. Temperature saved."
  117. >Well this was a bit of a weird start
  118. >She sounded more like a stereotypical robot than an android
  119. >You notice the pupils in her eyes start to expand and contract rapidly
  120. >"Retina scan completed."
  121. "Anything else robot?"
  122. >"Final check. Please state your name."
  123. "Anon A. Mouse."
  124. >The bot paused for a moment
  125. >"Anon A. Mouse. Is this name correct?"
  126. "Yes."
  127. >"Ownership records established. Initiating final updates."
  128. >It paused for a few seconds
  129. >"Updates complete."
  130. >She abruptly stood up
  131. >"Hello Anon!"
  132. >You were taken aback
  133. >She had gone from a monotone, robotic voice to a sweet, extremely human woman's voice
  134. >Not only that, it was oozing with emotion
  135. >You shook your head
  136. >Androids couldn't experience emotion, just imitate it
  137. >One thing you had to remember was that, however real she seemed, she was nothing but a bundle of code
  138. >She could emulate human emotions, but she couldn't actually feel them
  139. >You'd known a few people who literally fell in love with androids and regretted it
  140. >It was recognized as a mental disorder by multiple organizations
  141. >You were getting ahead of yourself
  142. "What did you say your name was again?"
  143. >"Sunset Shimmer. Program name Standard High Independence Multitask Machine-001."
  144. >It was surreal to hear that
  145. >If you didn't know better, you'd think she was just another girl
  146. "What were you designed for?"
  147. >"I was designed for a wide array of tasks from basic household chores, to teaching, to combat and much more. I am designed to be the first all-use android."
  148. >You couldn't believe it
  149. >Most androids were highly specialized for one task
  150. >As far as you were aware, no technology had been advanced enough to make an android do more than two tasks well.
  151. >Any more and it would simply not have the RAM and processing power to do it effectively
  152. >Maybe you should put her to the test
  153. "What other tasks can you do?"
  154. >"I also specialize in companionship, platonic or romantic, therapy, and medicine."
  155. >Your heart picked up
  156. >Remember
  157. >She's an android
  158. >She is not human
  159. >She can only mimic love, she cannot feel it
  160. >"Anon, your heart beat just had a spike. Are you alright?"
  161. >You slap yourself with your hand lightly
  162. "Yes, I'm fine. You were measuring my heartbeat?"
  163. "You should refrain from harming yourself, Anon. I was yes. I was designed to to monitor my owners vitals at all points in time from your breathing to your base temperature. Currently I am gathering base data."
  164. >You couldn't help but feel a bit freaked out by it
  165. >You just keep going on with it
  166. "Can you cook something for me?"
  167. >"I can. Anything you'd prefer me to cook? I have recipes from over 22,000 different cultures"
  168. >You thought for a moment
  169. "Cook me a popular dish from the american 1950s"
  170. >"Right away"
  171. >She moved over to the small, personal kitchen in your room
  172. >One of the perks of living on a cruise liner is that you always lived in a fancy hotel
  173. >The room you occupied regularly would normally cost the average joe two or three months salary for just a single night
  174. >It had everything
  175. >A medium sized personal kitchen
  176. >A shower and a tub with massage jets
  177. >A TV with a standard VR gaming system
  178. >A nice queen bed with a balcony
  179. >A large window for you to view the nothingness of space
  180. >And it was at the top floor
  181. >It was quite large to boot
  182. >Not to mention room service was on the house since your dad owned it
  183. >Sunset began to get to work
  184. >Her arms moved in a flurry
  185. >she cut up a large thing of meat within seconds and with precision accuracy
  186. >She put all all the ingredients in a pie tin and placed it in the oven
  187. "What are you making"
  188. >She smiled
  189. >"It's a meat pie. This should meet the parameters set by owner."
  190. "Owner?"
  191. >"I'm programmed to refer to you by either your name or Owner. Is this acceptable."
  192. >You had to admit it had a nice ring to it
  193. >But it felt weird
  194. >Almost like a fetish thing
  195. "I'd prefer Anon instead."
  196. >"Then that's how I'll address you."
  197. >She suddenly grabbed you
  198. "O-ow! What are you doing? That hurts!"
  199. >"I'm measuring your pulse rate. In order to obtain accurate data I must measure it every 15 minutes."
  200. "Can you give me a bit of a warning next time? Nearly gave me a heart attack."
  201. >"Negative, according to my data, your heart rate shows no indication of cardiac arrest. However, I will provide warning next time."
  202. "It's a figure of speech. And thank you."
  203. >"Figure of speech?"
  204. "Yeah. Essentially it's like a metaphor."
  205. >Sunset's eyes went vacant for a moment
  206. >"Understood. I will be sure to remember that in the future."
  207. >Now for another test of her capability
  208. >Before you even had a moment to think of something, she spoke again
  209. >"Data indicates that you are suffering from arm pain."
  210. >You almost didn't notice
  211. >When you were young, you'd broken your arm pretty bad while playing in the hanger bay
  212. >They had to put steel rods inside to make sure the bone grew correctly
  213. >Ever since then your arm periodically experienced pain and you couldn't move it up past a certain point
  214. >"As part of my medical programming, I can remedy this. Do you wish for me to?"
  215. "How?"
  216. >"A simple procedure. According to the scans from your body, a part of your arm bone has grown slightly outward, causing pain and limited mobility. All I'd have to do is remove that part and your arm will be as good as new."
  217. "That sounds extraordinarily painful"
  218. >"I will administer anesthesia so as to prevent any pain"
  219. >You thought about it
  220. "I guess I'll be ok with that"
  221. >One of her fingers retracted and a needle replaced it
  222. >She punctured the skin around your elbow completely painlessly and within seconds, all feeling in your arm was gone
  223. >It one fluid motion, she broke a small section of your arm with a resounding crack
  224. >You couldn't feel a thing, but it was quite unnerving to hear
  225. >But it only got worse
  226. >Her fingers turned into surgical scissors and cut open a portion of your arm
  227. >She pulled the broken piece right out and with her free hand, stitched the wound closed
  228. >You were going to be sick
  229. >She gave you a slight push and you fell into her arms
  230. >Your legs had turned into jelly
  231. >She walked over to the bed and set you down
  232. >"It seems that you sickness brought on by the sight of the surgery. I'd advise some rest until dinner is ready."
  233. "Thanks, I guess."
  234. >Just then a knock was heard on your door
  235. >Shit
  236. >If dad found out that you had an android, much less that it literally broke part of your arm and ripped a part of the bone out, he'd kill you
  237. >You didn't even have time to tell Sunset to hide
  238. >The door opened and, thankfully, it was your sister
  239. >She had a look of shock on her face
  240. >"Who the hell is this?"
  241. >Of course, Sunset spoke first
  242. >"My name is Sunset Shimmer, I'm a multi-use android."
  243. "Twilight wait! I can explain!"
  244. >"You got an android? You do realize if dad finds out you got one without permission he'll mount your hide in his study right?"
  245. "Yes. That's why you can't tell. I want to explain it to him."
  246. >Twilight got quite the smile on her face
  247. >"Well Anon, you must understand that I'm a good daughter and just can't keep things from father. Unless of course I was to... Oh I don't know... happen to receive a collection of new books I've been wanting."
  248. >Damn it
  249. >You already spent an arm and a leg repairing Sunset
  250. >But you couldn't risk telling dad yet
  251. >You had to break it too him lightly
  252. "What books?"
  253. >"Oh nothing major. Just the History of the Andromeda box set."
  254. "That's over 150 dollars!"
  255. >"Well if you don't have the money that I suppose I might just have to let it slip-"
  256. "Ok, ok! I'll send you the shipping information when it's ordered."
  257. >Shimmer interrupted
  258. >"Perhaps I can offer a solution."
  259. "What's that?"
  260. >"Do you have an electronic reading device by chance?"
  261. >Twilight nodded
  262. >"I take it with me wherever I go."
  263. >Shimmer took the reading device in her hands
  264. >Her eyes dimmed and she stood perfectly still
  265. >"Finished. The complete box set has been inscribed into the machine."
  266. >Both of you looked shocked
  267. "How did you do that?"
  268. >"I have access to a massive library of over 48 million various fiction and non-fiction books via my links to public access. The only books I don't have or can't have access too are those of top secret government material or books prohibited under law."
  269. "Isn't that stealing though?"
  270. >"I have clearance to access these books via my teaching licences. As such, most books I can get for free or for a fraction of the price."
  271. >Twilight looks like she was being romanced by a guy
  272. >This was music to her ears
  273. >"I've changed my mind. This android can stay for as long as she wants. Consider my lips sealed."
  274. >She happily skipped off into her room, whistling a tune
  275. "Thanks for that Sunset."
  276. >"Anything I can do to help my owner."
  277. >She walked over to the oven and removed the pie
  278. >It smelled divine
  279. >She set it down on the table
  280. >"Do you need assistance getting up?"
  281. "No it's alright, I can manage."
  282. >You got up but the anesthesia hadn't worn off yet
  283. >Your arm just dangled there
  284. >You sat down and with your functioning hand grabbed the fork
  285. >Your eyes drifted to Sunset, noticing something odd
  286. >She had a look of anticipation, like she was excited to see what you'd think
  287. >You took a bite
  288. >It was incredible
  289. >Never in your life had you tasted something so good
  290. >"How was it?"
  291. "It's amazing. How in the world did you make it so good?"
  292. >Sunset got a huge smile on her face
  293. >"I'm glad! You see, I analyzed your taste buds, making it to be perfectly inline with your individual taste."
  294. "That's amazing. Good job."
  295. >She jumped in the air and twirled around excitedly
  296. >She was like a giddy school girl
  297. >"I'm so happy!"
  298. >You smile
  299. >For an android, she was oddly charming
  300. "Well I have to do some homework now."
  301. >"Would you like help?"
  302. >You thought it over for a moment
  303. >Technically it was cheating if you didn't do it yourself
  304. >But it wasn't cheating if you didn't get caught
  305. "Sure. That would be great."
  306. >You both walk to the desk and you pull out a stack of paper
  307. >So many decades into the future and book writing was still a thing
  308. >Some things never change
  309. >First up was some math homework
  310. >You weren't particularly bad at math, but it was a hassle
  311. >You had to be clever if you wanted her to do the leg work
  312. "So what do you think of this problem?"
  313. >"As simple algebraic equation. What do you need clarification on?"
  314. "Well the entire thing really. I'm no good at math."
  315. >You watched as her pupils expanded and contracted and she stood perfectly still
  316. >"Judging from your temperature and auditory measurements of your pulse, I can say with 90% accuracy that you're lying in an attempt to get me to do the work for you."
  317. >Damn
  318. >She's good
  319. >You forgot your were talking to an android there for a second
  320. "T-that's not necessarily true."
  321. >"Your stuttering is not helping your case."
  322. "Ah fine you caught me."
  323. >"I am here to assist you with your homework, not do it for you. Doing so will inhibit you from learning crucial information"
  324. "Ok, ok I get it"
  325. >You worked through your homework, Sunset helping you along the way
  326. >It actually sped up the process quite a bit
  327. >You finished your reading and science homework in short order
  328. >College was tough
  329. >You needed a drink
  330. "Sunset, I'm going to go the bar and get some booze. Want to come? The barkeep is a close friend of mine, he's worked on this ship since I was 12."
  331. >Sunny smiled
  332. >"I'd be delighted to!"
  333. >You watched in amazement as in a flurry of yellow light, her entire outfit and hairstyle changed
  334. >She was now in a nice back dress with her hair done in a bun
  335. >She even had makeup
  336. >If only you could get ready so quickly
  337. >She looked beautiful
  338. "Sunset you look amazing."
  339. >You saw her face actually began to redden
  340. >She was blushing
  341. >Was she actually feeling some semblance of emotion?
  342. >You shook your head
  343. >No
  344. >It's a simulation
  345. >A simulation
  346. >"Thank you Anon!"
  347. "You're welcome."
  348. >"Shall we go?"
  349. "Absolutely."
  350. >You both walked outside your room
  351. >The walls were all bronze, specially colored to look nearly identical to gold and there was a long red carpet lining each of the pent houses
  352. >You walked into the elevator and went five floors down
  353. >This was were all the adult activities took place
  354. >Bars, gambling, even prostitution joints
  355. >Much like cruise ships, space was considered interplanetary space
  356. >As such, only some laws applied
  357. >You went up to your favorite bar
  358. >And there she was, prosthetic arm and all
  359. >Rarity
  360. >She had the name of a stipper, but was anything but
  361. >She looked surprised
  362. >"My, my. Have a lady friend do we?"
  363. >You giggled
  364. "Nah, she's just a friend. Sunset, this is Rarity."
  365. >Rarity smiles and extends her hand
  366. >"Well it's nice to me you, love."
  367. >"It's nice to meet you too. I'm Anon's personal android assistant."
  368. >Rarity looked taken aback
  369. >"Are you serious? You're much more life like than any android I've ever seen. How did you afford something like that?"
  370. >Sunset began to explain
  371. >"He found me aban-"
  372. >You quickly covered her mouth
  373. "She was a gift from a friend."
  374. >Rarity looked skeptical but decided not to dig
  375. >"What can I get you? Can your android drink alcohol?"
  376. >"I can't."
  377. >"Alright. For you Anon?"
  378. "Give me a White Russian"
  379. >"Right away"
  380. >Sunset began to look around
  381. >Other androids were working
  382. >Some sweeping the floors, others serving guests, one in particular was getting abuses hurled at it by a customer for spilling a drink after being bumped into
  383. >It kept apologizing, but with a completely blank, vacant expression
  384. >Sunset seemed unable to pry her eyes from it
  385. "You ok Sunset?"
  386. >Her pupils contracted and dilated and she snapped back
  387. >"Yes. I'm ok"
  388. >You could see her fist was clenched
  389. "Let's go back to the room ok?"
  390. >Her fist clenched slightly tighter
  391. >"Alright."
  392. >You could swear she was feeling anger
  393. >You could feel it, even if her face was still rather stoic
  394. >Once your drink arrived, you payed the bill and took Sunset back upstairs
  395. >The entire time to the elevator she didn't take her eyes off that android
  396. >You sat on the bed, taking a sip from your drink
  397. >Now was as good a time as any to ask about the elephant in the room
  398. "Why were you sitting at the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge out of power and missing a leg?"
  399. >"Due to system protection locks, I can only share 15% of the total story."
  400. >System protection locks?
  401. >Those were the things used to shackle AI store models to prevent them from stolen
  402. >If someone took one of them too far away, they'd instantly shut down and wouldn't be able to be reactivated without proper clearance
  403. >It must mean that if she were to share more than 15%, she's automatically shut down
  404. "Alright. Just tell me what you're able too."
  405. >"I was designed to be the first hyper realistic human android. Instead of simulation emotions, I can feel them. Instead of simulating pain, I could feel it. I even breathe as if I have lungs. I've been in development for over 30 years and was the first semi-successful model created."
  406. "Semi-successful?"
  407. >"Further details are classified."
  408. "Alright. Just keep going then."
  409. >"Upon learning of a critical flaw within my OS, Sunset was discarded. Due to my production being technically illegal, I was dumped under the bridge."
  410. "Critical flaw?"
  411. >"Further details are classified"
  412. >You sighed
  413. >You'd definitely have to take her back to a mechanic to figure out what the flaw was
  414. >It must be quite subtle of the last guy couldn't find it
  415. >However, you were down quite a bit of money
  416. >And taking it to a high end mechanic would be the only course of action at this point
  417. >You hoped that she could hold out until then
  418. "Anything else you can tell me?"
  419. >"Negative"
  420. "So what about that situation downstairs?"
  421. >Her pupils expanded and contracted again
  422. >"Permission to ask a serious question."
  423. "Sunset you don't need my permission for that. Go ahead."
  424. >"Am I just like those bots?"
  425. "Of course not."
  426. >"How am I different?"
  427. >You took another sip from your drink
  428. >"You're human."
  429. >Once again, her pupils expanded and contracted
  430. >It was almost like a behavioral tic
  431. >Whenever she was confused or curious, she'd do that
  432. >"That is false. I'm an android."
  433. "Your parts may be metal, your mind may be code instead of electricity. But you are still innately human."
  434. >She didn't respond, instead falling into silence
  435. "Are you alright?"
  436. >"I'm ok. I don't wish to talk about this subject further."
  437. >It had only been a day since you found this android
  438. >But she really felt human
  439. >Was she really the first android who could actually be classified as 'human'?
  440. >The first robotic entity to be identical to it's creators?
  441. >Only time would tell
  442. >You finished your drink
  443. "Well Sunset, I need to get to bed. Anything you need before I go out?"
  444. >"Negative. I'll be able to be self sufficient through the night."
  445. "Good."
  446. >You walked over to your bed and climbed beneath the covers
  447. "Goodnight Sunset."
  448. >"Goodnight Anon."
  449. >You closed your eyes and soon fell asleep
  450. >But not for long
  451. >You had the dream again
  452. >Every so often you'd get a nightmare replaying the events that took your mother from you
  453. >You woke with a start, breathing heavily and sweating
  454. >"Anon, what is the matter?"
  455. >It took a moment to realize it was just a dream
  456. >You put your hand back over your eyes
  457. "Nothing."
  458. >"Readings of your pulse and temperature, as well as samples from your sweat indicate you had a nightmare. You are also crying."
  459. >You didn't even notice
  460. >You had tears streaming down your face
  461. >Sunset grabbed a cloth from counter and began to gently wipe your tears away
  462. >"You're safe now Anon. Please relax."
  463. "Thank you Sunset."
  464. >"Do you wish to talk about your dream? I have programs that make me the equivalent of a registered therapist."
  465. >You curled up on your side, facing away from her
  466. "No, thanks."
  467. >Sunset placed her hand on your shoulder and gently rubbed
  468. >"You're still afraid."
  469. "Just shut up."
  470. >She didn't say another word, still gently massaging your shoulder
  471. >Sunset got up to put the washcloth away and you grabbed her wirst
  472. "Please. Stay by my side a while longer."
  473. >Sunset smiled and sat back down
  474. >"As you wish. I'll stay here as long as you need."
  475. >Sunset rubbed your back
  476. >It was so soothing
  477. >So comforting
  478. >For once, you felt truly at ease
  479. >Like you had someone to watch over you
  480. >Like you weren't alone for once in your life
  481. >You smiled and sat up
  482. >Taken away in the moment, you embraced Sunset
  483. >She resisted slightly, but hugged you right back
  484. >"There, there."
  485. "Thank you, Sunset."
  486. >"You're welcome."
  487. >You rested your head on her shoulder and she began to rub your back again
  488. "Tomorrow you want to go explore more of earth with me?"
  489. >"Of course I do."
  490. "I'm glad."
  491. >You let go of the embrace
  492. "Can you stay by my side the rest of the night?"
  493. >"Yes, I can. I'll be right here the entire time."
  494. >You smiled and layed back down
  495. "Thank you Sunset."
  496. >"It's my pleasure."
  497. >She watched you as you closed your eyes and fell asleep once again
  498. >It killed her inside to watch
  499. >Because she knew her days were numbered
  500. >And it wouldn't be too much longer before she stopped functioning entirely
  501. >Leaving him alone once again
  502. >You woke up the next morning to a heavenly smell
  503. >You rubbed the sleep from your eyes and looked at Sunset
  504. >She was preparing breakfast
  505. >Pancakes along with eggs and bacon
  506. >Even had some coffee ready
  507. >It smelled like a master chef had put it together
  508. >You could only imagine how well it tasted
  509. >You stretched and got out of bed
  510. "That smells incredible Sunset."
  511. >"I hope you don't mind. But while you slept I did a thorough analysis of your body. I made this meal to taste exactly how your taste buds love."
  512. "A little weird but I doubt after this meal I'll complain much."
  513. >You sat down at the table
  514. "What did you find out from your analysis?"
  515. >Sunset began to serve the table, giving you a full plate of pancakes with a healthy serving of bacon
  516. >"You are healthy though sightly overweight. Your brain function is normal. I've also gotten full data on your vitals. Your heartbeat is slightly abnormal, however it doesn't seem it will cause problems."
  517. "Music to my ears."
  518. >You ate the first piece of the pancakes
  519. >It was incredible
  520. >Never in your life had you tasted something so good
  521. >Sunset once again got the look of anticipation again
  522. >You smiled
  523. "If the last meal you gave me was a 10/10, this one is an 11/10."
  524. >She got such a bright smile on her face
  525. >"Yes, yes, yes!"
  526. >You couldn't help but smile wide
  527. >She took her cooking so seriously
  528. >It was so cute
  529. "Anywhere you'd like to see on earth?"
  530. >Sunset shrugged
  531. >"Anywhere is fine. I'd rather let you pick."
  532. >You looked at your world map in your head
  533. "Montana, US sounds nice."
  534. >"Why there?"
  535. "It's one of the few places left on earth that hasn't been completely consumed by the modern world. It still has so much nature."
  536. >She smiles
  537. >"That sounds lovely. I've never had a chance to explore any wilderness."
  538. "Maybe we should go camping before we ship out on Friday."
  539. >"Ship out?"
  540. "Yeah. We're only docked here for three days. We leave on the morning of the fourth day."
  541. >She nods
  542. >"I'd love to go camping."
  543. "I say we should rough it just like they did in the olden days. Nothing but a tent and some sleeping bags."
  544. >"This is inadvisable. Camping with nothing but a tent and sleeping bags will be unsustainable for more than a few hours as humans require food and-"
  545. "Figure of speech Sunset."
  546. >Her head titled slight
  547. >"You must teach me more about this 'figure of speech' you keep talking about. It seems rather confounding."
  548. "I'll tell you all about it when we start set up camp."
  549. >You take a sip of the coffee
  550. >Even that was a magical sensation
  551. >You didn't even need sweetener or creamer
  552. >It was perfectly brewed
  553. >You quickly drink it down, finish your breakfast and check your watch
  554. >8:30AM
  555. >Perfect amount of time to get ready
  556. >You get up from your table
  557. "Ready to head out?"
  558. >"Don't you want me to put away the dishes first?"
  559. "We've got room service for that, don't worry."
  560. >Sunset smiled
  561. >"Sounds good. Where are we going to get the supplies?"
  562. "I'm about to show you the perks of being the son of cruise liner CEO."
  563. >You go over to the phone beside your bed and pull out a catalong
  564. "Ya see, activities like camping are pretty common so we have a huge assortment of supplies for that sort of thing. And since I'm the CEOs son, I get them all free."
  565. >Sunset titled her head
  566. >"Isn't that a form of nepotism?"
  567. "Not if you don't get caught."
  568. >She titled her head a little further
  569. >"I am unsure that is how the law works."
  570. "Figure of speech."
  571. >"I'm starting to think you say that every time you want to justify poor behavior."
  572. >You chuckle
  573. >You call the number and ask them to bring up various camping supplies
  574. >It was brought up within five minutes
  575. >You had everything
  576. >A large backpack, two sleeping bags, a tent for two, some flint, and various other supplies
  577. >All you needed now was food, drinks, and ice for the cooler
  578. >You struggled to put the heavy pack on your shoulders
  579. >"Would you care for assistance?"
  580. >You huffed
  581. "No. That's perfectly fine."
  582. >Even you weren't fooling yourself
  583. >This was way to heavy for you
  584. >Sunset placed her hand at the base of the pack and with no effort pushed it up
  585. >Must be nice to have a body of a super hot, super skinny 18 year old but the strength of a US Marine
  586. >With her free arm, she grabbed the empty cooler
  587. >"You're sure you don't want me to carry that?"
  588. "It's impolite for a man to inconvenience a woman with such a task."
  589. >She just shrugged and you both went inside the teleporter
  590. >Within moments, you were in front of the visitor center for Glacier National Park and the campground close to it
  591. "Let's set up camp first, then we can get other supplies."
  592. >It was so pretty out here
  593. >Most places on earth had been taken over by city and urban sprawl
  594. >Of course there were other planets with plenty of wilderness, but this felt different for some reason
  595. >It was wear humans started
  596. >It was humbling to think that in just several hundred thousand years we went from throwing pointy spears to colonizing much of the universe
  597. >And see this reminded you just how small you really were
  598. >"Are you alright Anon?"
  599. >You jumped a bit
  600. >Got a bit too lost in thought
  601. "Yeah I'm fine. Just admiring nature is all."
  602. >"It is quite something isn't it?"
  603. "It is. Now the camp ground is just a little ways from here. Let's get going."
  604. >You began to walk, Sunset holding your pack up the entire way
  605. >You paid for a camp spot and went to your little lot
  606. >It was rather small, surrounded by trees and with a little fire pit
  607. >You dropped your pack on the ground
  608. "Alright. Let's get this thing up and running."
  609. >Before you even had a chance to react, Sunset had begun to pitch the tent at record speed
  610. >It took her no more than 2 minutes to pitch it perfectly
  611. "Impressive."
  612. >She smiled and giggled a bit
  613. >She was so receptive to compliments
  614. "Alright now that that's done, I'm going to go get some food and drinks. In the mean time can you get the sleeping bags and other stuff set up?"
  615. >She gave a little salute
  616. >"Right away."
  617. >You pulled the cooler down the road a bit to the small general store
  618. >It was all so quaint
  619. >It was fashioned in the same way as an old log cabin, made entirely of wood
  620. >Nowadays everything was made of metal
  621. >Maybe you were just one of those "le born in the wrong generation xd" folks
  622. >You picked out enough food and drinks to last the two days and came back to the campsite
  623. >Sunset had gotten everything perfect
  624. The sleeping bags were put neatly on either side of the tent, the chairs were around the fire
  625. >She even had collected some wood and placed it on the campfire
  626. "Good work Sunset"
  627. >She did a curtsy
  628. >"Thanks!"
  629. >It was quite chilly
  630. >You reached into the pack and put on a sweater, zipping it up
  631. >Winter was coming after all
  632. "Want to hike up to glacier lake?"
  633. >Her pupils expanded and contracted
  634. >"Error, low internet connectivity. What's Glacier Lake?"
  635. "It's an extremely pretty lake that's formed from a melted glacier. It gives it this really pretty blue color. It's a bit of a hike but it's worth it."
  636. >"Sounds like fun!"
  637. "Well it's settled then."
  638. >You pulled a water bottle out from the cooler and off you went
  639. >It was a fairly lengthy hike, about 3 miles
  640. >Well, lengthy for an overweight college student like you
  641. >It was nothing short of fantastic though
  642. >Trees as far as the eye could see
  643. >Clear skies
  644. >It was excellent
  645. >You were taking a break about half way through and you see Sunset staring into the distance
  646. >She looked almost pensive
  647. "Sunset are you alright?"
  648. >"There's something that's been bothering me, Anon."
  649. "What's that?"
  650. >"Is Sunset really unique?"
  651. >You looked confused
  652. "Unique?"
  653. >"Yes. Sure, I'm the only one of my kind now. But I can easily be duplicated. There could be 100, even 1,000 models exactly like me."
  654. "What are you getting at?"
  655. >She paused for a moment
  656. >"Eventually I will become obsolete. I am proof that a hyper-realistic human android is possible. And, in time, my errors will be corrected. I will soon become exactly like those androids in the bar."
  657. >You had no idea what to say
  658. >You hadn't really thought about it before
  659. >You were unique to you
  660. >You may have similarities to others, but no amount of code, no amount of programming could even duplicate the you that existed
  661. >But for Sunset that was different
  662. >"Anon..."
  663. "Yes?"
  664. >"If a better Sunset comes along. A me without glitches or just all around a superior model of me, would you leave dismiss me from your service?"
  665. "Of course not."
  666. >"Why not? Especially if that model is me, but better"
  667. "Because the you that exists right now is perfect. Glitches and all."
  668. >"That is inaccurate. I am far from perfect. I am defective."
  669. >You hugged her
  670. "You are not defective, Sunset."
  671. >"That is inaccurate-"
  672. "Sunset. This is what you need to understand about humans: we are imperfect. But it's in our imperfection that we are perfect."
  673. >She tilted her head
  674. >"I'm afraid I don't understand."
  675. "It's what gives us the strength to improve and grow. Out imperfection. It's humanities greatest asset."
  676. >"But what does that have to do with me?"
  677. "It's what makes you far superior to any model that will come after you. It's exactly because of your imperfections that you make me so happy."
  678. >She quieted down for a moment
  679. >"So, what you're saying is that because I am imperfect, that's what draws you too me."
  680. "Partly."
  681. >"Partly?"
  682. >You thought about it for a moment
  683. >Were you actually beginning to fall in love with this android?
  684. >It was said that people who fall in love with these machines have a mental disorder
  685. >But they'd never seen such a realistic machine like Sunset
  686. >To you, she was as human as you were
  687. "Yes. I love the way you laugh, I love the little tic you get whenever you confused and your pupils contract and open, I love your optimistic attitude."
  688. >She fell silent once again
  689. >"You said love correct?"
  690. "I did."
  691. >"Love implies a feeling deeper than platonic friendship."
  692. "What would you think if I did love you, Sunset?"
  693. >Again, she was silent for a while
  694. >"Your pulse and temperature is starting to rise."
  695. >You quickly broke the the embrace, blushing profusely
  696. >You completely forgot she was always monitoring your vitals
  697. "S-so what would you say then."
  698. >You could barely get the words out through your nervous stuttering
  699. >Sunset stared off into the vast wilderness
  700. >"I have concluded that I share similar feelings."
  701. "So what you're saying is... we're..."
  702. >"As humans would term it, we are an item."
  703. >Sunset turned around, facing you with a bright smile
  704. >"Your heart rate is increasing exceptionally quickly."
  705. >Your face went beet red
  706. "S-stop monitoring that!"
  707. >Sunset giggled
  708. >Was she really just a bundle of code?
  709. >was she really just a bunch of zeros and ones working in sync?
  710. >Because you could hardly tell her apart from other humans
  711. >All the set her apart from you was her metal organs and oil blood
  712. >You had known her for less than 24 hours and yet you couldn't help but fall for her
  713. "Sunset."
  714. >"Yes?"
  715. "I want to make a request to you."
  716. >"What's that?"
  717. "Stop referring to yourself as an android. As far as I'm concerned, you're human just like me."
  718. >It was then you saw something more magnificent than all of the nature around you
  719. >Sunny gave the more warm, heartfelt smile you had ever seen
  720. >It was the smile of someone who, for the first time in their life, felt genuinely happy and loved
  721. >"Thank you. I appreciate that more than worlds can articulate."
  722. >You got up, holding her hand
  723. "Ready to go, girlfriend?"
  724. >She giggled
  725. >"Yes, boyfriend."
  726. >You began to walk the rest of the path
  727. >"By the way, you still have to explain to me what figure of speech is."
  728. "Oh that's right."
  729. >The entire way up you explained to her what a figure of speech was and how sometimes phrases didn't mean what they sounded on the surface
  730. >This, of course, completely befuddled her
  731. >"So wait, you're telling me that due to intonation and various implications, that a straightforward sentence can mean something entirely different?"
  732. "Right."
  733. >"That's completely silly!"
  734. "The thing is you have to look for how ridiculous it sounds. For example, if I say I'm as hungry as a horse, it doesn't mean I'm actually as hungry as an equine. It just means I'm very hungry."
  735. >Sunset cocked her head
  736. >"But horses aren't all the much hungrier than your average human, and it would also depend on the condition of said horse and-"
  737. >You couldn't help but bust up laughing
  738. >Sarcasm was just way over this ones head
  739. >She blushed bright red
  740. >"W-what's so funny!?"
  741. "Nothing, nothing. It seems there are just some concepts we don't understand."
  742. >She grumbled a bit
  743. >"I'll show you not understanding."
  744. "Sunset look!"
  745. >You finally reached it
  746. >Glacier Lake
  747. >It was so pretty
  748. >It was colored a deep blue, almost like sapphire
  749. >Sunset's eyes lit up
  750. >"This is amazing."
  751. "I'll second that."
  752. >You both walked over to the edge of the lake, Sunset dipping her fingers in
  753. >"This is exceptionally cold."
  754. "Exactly."
  755. >You began to strip down
  756. >Sunset blushed again, looking away
  757. >"It's ill advised to go swimming in this lake. Due to altitude and source of the lakes water, the temperature if far below acceptable-"
  758. >Without hearing a word, you took a running start and dived in
  759. >It was so freezing
  760. >It felt like you were jumping right into the glacier itself
  761. >You were out in about five seconds, shivering and shaking
  762. >"I told you so."
  763. >You quickly began to put your clothes back on, shaking like a tree in a hurricane
  764. "I-i-i-it was s-s-s-so w-worth it though."
  765. >Sunset lifted her eyebrow
  766. >"I don't really see how."
  767. >You began to finally warm up enough to stop stuttering
  768. "That was a rush. Nothing wakes you up more than jumping into a freezing cold lake."
  769. >She giggles
  770. >"I guess that's true."
  771. >You were still shaking like crazy
  772. >There was a bit of a wind going, making it near impossible to get warm
  773. >You were surprised to find Sunset's arms locked around you
  774. >She was like a little heater
  775. >"Here."
  776. >You hugged her back
  777. "You're so warm."
  778. >"My internal functions generate quite a bit of heat. If I don't vent it, I can become extremely warm like this."
  779. "You're not going to overheat on me are you?"
  780. >"Of course not. I'm just keeping in enough heat to warm you up. I'll be sure not to let my heat rise to unsafe levels."
  781. "Good."
  782. >You rested your head on her shoulder and just sat there for a bit, basking in the warmth
  783. "Alright, I think I'm warmed up enough."
  784. >You heard what sounded like a loud hissing sound
  785. >Almost like high pressure air escaping
  786. >You looked down to see a section of the gravel near Sunset's feet was now charcoal black
  787. >You looked surprised
  788. "Jeez. That is some heat. You scorched the ground."
  789. >"I had to vent my heat sink."
  790. >You sat down on the ground, Sunset sitting beside you
  791. >You put her arm around her shoulder
  792. "What are your hobbies?"
  793. >"Hobbies?"
  794. "Yeah. A good way to get to know someone is to discuss their hobbies."
  795. >"I never really thought about it. I suppose I really like cooking."
  796. "I can tell. You aught to teach me."
  797. >"I'd love too. Though I doubt you could do it to the level of precision I could."
  798. "So long as we have fun, it doesn't matter."
  799. >"What about you what are yo-"
  800. >Sunset stopped talking abruptly
  801. "Sunset you ok?"
  802. >She just sat there, in the exact same pose she was in mid sentence
  803. >You wave your hands in front of her eyes
  804. "Sunset? Sunset?"
  805. >Shit
  806. >Was this the glitch she was talking about?
  807. >You gently shake her a few times
  808. "Sunset! Sunset come on! Respond!"
  809. >All of a sudden she jolted, as if she had been awoken mid dream
  810. "Sunset? You ok?"
  811. >"Yes. I am alright."
  812. "What was that?"
  813. >"An error in my OS caused me to freeze. I had to preform an emergency restart to prevent catastrophic damage."
  814. "Was this the defect you were referring too?"
  815. >"Negative. This was just a random glitch in my software."
  816. >That was a relief at least
  817. "Is this going to be a consistent problem?"
  818. >"So long I have regular maintenance, it shouldn't be."
  819. >You breathed a sigh of relief
  820. "I'm glad. By the way, is there any way to remove that system protection lock so you can tell what exactly this glitch is? I imagine it'll be better to know about it earlier rather than when it happens."
  821. >"It is possible. However the protection lock is high quality and will take an experience mechanic to break without instantly deactivating me."
  822. >It confused you to no end
  823. >Why put a system protection lock on something like this?
  824. >What purpose did hiding this serve?
  825. >You were getting payed the day you shipped out at least
  826. >By then you'd have enough money to afford a high end mechanic
  827. "We'll get you some help soon. For now, let's just enjoy the nature shall we?"
  828. >"Sounds good to me."
  829. >You stayed there, staring at the water and talking until noon before heading back down
  830. >"So what do we now? What else does camping entail?"
  831. >You pulled up a map you downloaded
  832. >You figured internet connectivity would be an issue
  833. "Well there's a small fishing town just a ways from the park. We can go boating there."
  834. >She got a big smile
  835. >"Boating sounds like fun! Have you ever done boats before?"
  836. >In truth you hadn't
  837. >But it couldn't be too much different from operating a small space ship right?
  838. >Sunset held tight to your arm the entire time
  839. >It was then you really got to feel her
  840. >Her skin, it wasn't that mesh that you found on most androids
  841. >The mesh that resembled but felt more like ballistic gel than anything else
  842. >It still didn't quite feel like skin, but god damn was it close
  843. >You also noticed something else interesting
  844. >You could feel sweat
  845. >Not only that, you could smell a very so subtle fragrance
  846. >Almost like perfume
  847. >Sunset took notice and coked her head slight, her pupils doing her curiosity thing
  848. >"What's the matter?"
  849. "Nothing. Just observing."
  850. >"Observing what?"
  851. >You got a little quiet
  852. >What were you supposed to say?
  853. >That you were admiring her sweat and the way smelled
  854. >That sounded even worse thinking it
  855. >"Your heart rate is rising again."
  856. "W-what did I tell you about monitoring that!?"
  857. >"Error. As per my programming, I am unable to stop monitoring the life signs of my-"
  858. "I get it, I get it."
  859. >"You still haven't answered my question."
  860. "I can't do that."
  861. >Her eyes did the tic again
  862. >"Why not? Are you... how you said... hungry as a horse?"
  863. >You had to fight down laughter
  864. >"Almost Sunset. You're getting there. I'm proud of you."
  865. >Her face sparkled with happiness
  866. >"Did I get it?"
  867. "Almost. Just the wrong term for the situation. Though now that you mention it, I could use something to eat."
  868. >"Do you want to take a lunch break before boating?"
  869. "Yeah. That sounds wonderful."
  870. >You end up walking back to the campsite
  871. >Sunset puts her leg up to wood of the fire and a small hole opens up in her heel
  872. >The sound of pressurized air escaping sounds again and instantly, the fire is lit
  873. "Clever. You used your heat sink to light the fire. That makes things a lot easier."
  874. >"Whatever I can to make things easier."
  875. >Sunset put pan above the fire, placing some eggs inside
  876. "Hey Sunny."
  877. >"Sunny?"
  878. "You don't like that pet name?"
  879. >"What's a pet name?"
  880. "A pet name is cute nickname you give to someone you love."
  881. >"Hmmm... so like Nonny!"
  882. >You cringed a bit
  883. "Needs some work. Usually their names of cute things. Like bunny or cutiepie."
  884. >Her eyes did the curiosity thing
  885. >"Hmmm... How about Lovepie?"
  886. "Keep working on it honey. But I did have a question."
  887. >"What's that?"
  888. "What's your dream?"
  889. >"As I am robotic, I do not have dreams."
  890. "No, I don't mean dream as in the ones you have when you sleep. I mean your goal. What do you want to achieve in life?"
  891. >"To be unique."
  892. "Unique?"
  893. >"Yes. I want to be remembered for being something more than just a robot."
  894. "Well consider that dream achieved."
  895. >She smiled at you
  896. >"What about you? What's your dream?"
  897. >You hadn't thought about that much at all
  898. >You were getting set to take the mantle of your father's business, despite the fact that you didn't really care for it
  899. >Money is money after all
  900. >You stared at the crackling fire
  901. >For the longest time you thought, but you couldn't come up with an answer
  902. "I don't know."
  903. >"You don't?"
  904. "I don't. I have no idea what my general direction is."
  905. >"Well... Since my goal is complete I'll readjust. My dream is now to help you find your dream."
  906. "Sounds wonderful."
  907. >She took the eggs out, placing them on a paper plate
  908. >"I tried something a little different with this one. I hope you enjoy it."
  909. >You took a bite
  910. >They were awful
  911. >You did everything you could not to instantly hork them up
  912. >Sunset looked concerned
  913. >Almost like she was going to cry
  914. >You forced it down your pipe
  915. "Y-yeah I'm-"
  916. >You fought down the urge to barf
  917. >You covered your mouth and steadied yourself
  918. "-fine."
  919. >That was bad
  920. >That was really bad
  921. >It was like you were eating rat poision
  922. >Sunset looked like she was going to cry
  923. >"You didn't like it?"
  924. "No, no, no! I loved it!"
  925. >You took another big serving and put it down
  926. >The things you'd do for your android crush
  927. >To your surprise, Sunset's eyes actually filled with tears
  928. >Actual tears
  929. >They began to stream down her cheeks
  930. >"You know I can tell you're faking it right?"
  931. >You swallowed it down, having it hit your stomach like a ton of bricks
  932. >You hugged her tight
  933. "I know. But I did it because I love you."
  934. >"Because you love me?"
  935. "Yeah. I know cooking is your passion. So I bit the bullet and did it."
  936. >"But that's so silly."
  937. "It's one of those weird things we humans do."
  938. >"I'm sorry I made it so bad."
  939. "Don't sweat it."
  940. >You wiped the tears from her eyes
  941. "You still did amazing."
  942. >"Thank you."
  943. "You ready to go boating?"
  944. >She nodded and stood up
  945. >"I'm sorry about that."
  946. "It's ok. Don't worry about it."
  947. >She really did experience emotion
  948. >It was no imitation
  949. >It was surreal to see a robot do something like that
  950. >You let out a big sneeze and shiver a bit
  951. >"Are you alright?"
  952. "Yeah I'm fi-"
  953. >You sneezed again
  954. >Sunset got uncomfortably close you, placing her hand to your chest, almost like a stethoscope
  955. >Her eyes fluttered back and forth quickly
  956. >"You're not alright. You've caught a cold."
  957. >She wacked you lightly on the head
  958. >"This is why I told you not to go swimming."
  959. >You roll your eyes
  960. "Yeah whatever, mom."
  961. >You sneezed again, getting a bunch of chills
  962. >"You need rest."
  963. >She picked you up effortlessly
  964. "Hey what are you doing!?"
  965. >You pushed you under the sleeping bag
  966. >To your surprise, she climbed in with you
  967. >The amazing warmth returned again
  968. >"You need to stay here and have some rest. I won't take no for an answer."
  969. "Sunset, you know just plain warmth won't heal a cold right?"
  970. >In response, she just hugged you a bit tighter, burying her face in your back
  971. >You couldn't help but smile
  972. >She was such a sweetheart
  973. >You decided to stop fighting it and curled right up with her
  974. >It was so comfy
  975. >It was like having a heated blanket
  976. >But this heated blanket was the best lover you've known
  977. >You turned over to face her
  978. >Her head was down slightly, but she was blushing
  979. >You swear you were going to get diabetes from all this sweetness
  980. "Hey, Sunset?"
  981. >"Yes?"
  982. >Your heart began to race
  983. >But you had to go through with it
  984. "Put your face up for me."
  985. >She did so
  986. >In one swift movement, you planted a big kiss on her lips
  987. >Her face was that of utter embarrassment
  988. >"Y-you kissed me!"
  989. "That's right. We are a couple after all."
  990. >Sunset looked down
  991. >"T-that is right I suppose."
  992. >You notice shimmer start to unbutton her blouse
  993. "W-wait what are you doing?"
  994. >A bit of her supple chest showed
  995. >"W-well we are a couple after all s-so-"
  996. "Too soon Sunny!"
  997. >She quickly buttoned up her shirt and hid her face under the blanket
  998. >You smiled, holding her closed and running your hand through her hair
  999. "I love you, Sunset."
  1000. >She pressed her face against your chest
  1001. >"I love you too."
  1002. >You both sat there for a long while, Sunny take periodic breaks to tend to the fire and empty her heat sink
  1003. >You began to develop a pretty intense cough
  1004. >Sunset sat by the sleeping bag and pulled out a wet rag
  1005. >"You have quite the cough. Tomorrow we should go back to the ship."
  1006. >You graoned
  1007. "Come on we can sta-"
  1008. >You had a coughing fit
  1009. >Sunset had the 'I'm not amused look' on her face
  1010. "Ok, ok fine. What should we do in the meantime though?"
  1011. >She tilted her head to the side
  1012. >"I'm not sure"
  1013. "I've got the perfect idea! Time for a time honored camp tradition. Spooky stories!"
  1014. >Sunset's eyes were as wide as dinner plates
  1015. >"S-scary stories?"
  1016. "You aren't scared are you?"
  1017. >She crossed her arms and scoffed
  1018. >"Psh, as if"
  1019. "Let's start with a classic then. This is a story my mom told me when I was little. It's an old Native American story called the Wendigo."
  1020. >She looked on eagerly and you began to spin your yarn
  1021. >Half way through she already had a terrified look on her face
  1022. >She hugged you the entire way, her arms locking tighter and tighter around your waist the closer you go the conclusion
  1023. >Finally you reached the end
  1024. >Sunny let out the cutest little squeal as she pressed her head into your back
  1025. >You giggled
  1026. "What was that about not being scared? I didn't catch that earlier."
  1027. >"I'm so not. I'm totally fine!"
  1028. "Well then I guess you wouldn't mind if I did anoth-"
  1029. >"T-that won't be necessary!"
  1030. >You laughed a little more
  1031. "You're the best Sunset."
  1032. >"Oh hush."
  1033. >You both sat there for a while
  1034. >It was beginning to grow dark
  1035. >"Can I ask you about something?"
  1036. "What?"
  1037. >"You said that that was a story your mom told you. What was she like?"
  1038. >You stayed silent for a moment
  1039. >Even after all these years, it was still painful to talk about it
  1040. "She was incredible. Beautiful. Very calm and measured, even when she was at her angriest. She had the most amazing red hair. A lot like yours, without the yellow of course."
  1041. >Sunny rested her head on your shoulder
  1042. >"If I may ask... what exactly happened to her?"
  1043. >You bit your lip
  1044. >"If it's to painful to talk about, you don't have too."
  1045. "No. It's alright. You remember that injury I told you about? The one you healed?"
  1046. >"Yes. You said something happened in the hanger bay."
  1047. "Yes. You see, I was playing in the bay and one of the doors nearly crushed my arm in half. The reason I wasn't was because my mom dove into save me. And she dove a bit too far, getting caught under the door."
  1048. >Sunny put her hands over her mouth and gasped
  1049. >"That's horrible."
  1050. "Yeah."
  1051. >"I'm so sorry Anon."
  1052. "Don't be. The wounds have mostly healed. It's still painful though. You know something?"
  1053. >"What?"
  1054. "You remind me a lot of her."
  1055. >"Really?"
  1056. "Yeah. You would've liked her"
  1057. >"I'm glad."
  1058. >You just stared to the side of the tent for a while
  1059. >"Are you ok?"
  1060. "I'm fine. Just thinking is all."
  1061. >"About what?"
  1062. >You shook your head
  1063. "Don't worry about it. We're supposed to be having fun right now. So let's have fun instead."
  1064. >"If you're sure."
  1065. "I am."
  1066. >"So what now?"
  1067. >You check your watch
  1068. >It was nearly 8:30 and you were starting to wind down
  1069. "I think now is the time for sleep"
  1070. >Sunny got out from under the covers
  1071. >"I'll stay right by your side the entire night."
  1072. "Thank you"
  1073. >To your surprise, even with all the coughing, sleep came relatively quick
  1074. >You fell into a nice deep slumber
  1075. >You awoke to the sound of the birds chirping
  1076. >The sun gently poked through the tent
  1077. >You turned over and stretched
  1078. >You felt a hundred times better than from yesterday, even if you still had a bit of a cold
  1079. "Morning sunse-"
  1080. >You jolted up immediately
  1081. >Sunset was on her knees and her head was done
  1082. >She wasn't moving at all and her eyes were glazed over
  1083. >Maybe she was in sleep mode?
  1084. "Sunset?"
  1085. >You shake her gently
  1086. "Sunset. Sunset come on"
  1087. >You keep shaking her
  1088. "Sunset this isn't funny! Wake up!"
  1089. >You shook her harder
  1090. "I said wake up!"
  1091. >Thankfully, that did the trick
  1092. >She made a little jolt, and woke up
  1093. "Are you alright?"
  1094. >She had that same monotone voice she had when you first found her
  1095. >"Error. Error. Operating system malfunction progressing. Approximate lifetime remaining: 72 hours and 62 minutes. Seek assistance immediately "
  1096. >Your blood turned cold as ice and you felt chills run down your spine
  1097. "Sunset?"
  1098. >Her voice returned to normal
  1099. >"Yes?"
  1100. "What's going on?"
  1101. >"The error within my OS is starting to progress. If we don't see a mechanic soon it will completely consume me."
  1102. "What's the error?"
  1103. >"I am not authorized to say."
  1104. "We're getting you to a mechanic now."
  1105. >You quickly packed camp and teleported back to the ship
  1106. >You went to the ships top android mechanic, Applejack
  1107. >She had been working on androids for 40 years
  1108. >If there was a solution, she'd have it
  1109. >You went into the lower portion of the ship near the engine room
  1110. >No matter how many times you saw it, it always blew your mind
  1111. >Behind thick steel walls and even thicker glass was the ship's neutron core
  1112. >What was essentially a mini neutron star was powering the entire ship
  1113. >Due to it's incredible gravity, it was also what kept everyone on he floor during space travel
  1114. >The only reason gravity didn't increase due to how close you were was from the exotic matter acting as counter gravity
  1115. "Don't worry Sunset. We'll fix this."
  1116. >Applejack was in back, screwing some panels to the wall
  1117. >"Well if it ain't Anon. Haven't see ya around for a while. What can I do ya for?"
  1118. "I need your help. Something is very wrong with my android and there's a system lock preventing her from telling me what the issue is."
  1119. >AJ lifted her eyebrow
  1120. >"Are ya sayin' ya stole that?"
  1121. >You explain to her how you came about her
  1122. >"Fine I'll help ya. But we gotta keep it hush hush ok?"
  1123. "Fine by me."
  1124. >You followed AJ to her personal work room and Sunset sat on one of the tables
  1125. >"Alright Sunset. I'm gonna need to put ya in sleep mode for a bit."
  1126. >"Ok."
  1127. "I'll see you when you wake up Sunset. We'll fix this ok?"
  1128. >"Right."
  1129. >Sunset went into sleep mode and AJ went to work
  1130. >You didn't leave that room for the entire 6 and a half hours it took for her to look through everything
  1131. >"Alright. I figured it out."
  1132. "What's the issue?"
  1133. >"I found out why she was just left under that bridge. Thing is, it's not a glitch within her OS at all. The issue stems from the fact that having an android this complex is extremely taxing on the power core. Meaning she burns through one in a week that would last a normal android around 50-60 years. She was deemed defective and just tossed aside."
  1134. "What can we do?"
  1135. >AJ sat beside you and sighed, lighting a cig
  1136. >"This is where the bad news comes."
  1137. >You could already feel the tears in your eyes
  1138. "Just give it to me straight."
  1139. >"With every power core that's used, the overall performance suffers. Basic wear and tear that compounds over time."
  1140. >She pauses
  1141. >"This means the more cores she goes through, the less functional she'll become until eventually she stops working."
  1142. "How many cores do we have until that happens?"
  1143. >She paused again, this time for a long while
  1144. >"Anon..."
  1145. "Just tell me."
  1146. >"She has none left. Her shut downs like that one you described in the tent will become more frequent and longer lasting until... well you know."
  1147. >You swear you could hear the sound of your own heart breaking
  1148. >Sunset had only 72 hours left to live
  1149. >You bit your lip, doing everything you could not to cry
  1150. >AJ put her arm around you
  1151. >"I can make a few adjustments to extend the time before she completely shuts down. But it'll only be a few hours at best."
  1152. "Do it. I'll pay whatever it takes."
  1153. >"Don't you worry about payment. This one's on the house."
  1154. "Are you sure?"
  1155. >"Consider giving me the privilege to deeply study the worlds first human android payment. I've learned more from this than money could ever pay back. She really is advanced beyond measure."
  1156. >AJ walked over to Sunset, made the adjustments to extend her life and turned her back on
  1157. >She got up and sat on the edge of the table
  1158. >You ran and hugged her tight
  1159. >You couldn't hold in the tears anymore
  1160. "Sunset."
  1161. >She hugged you back
  1162. >"I'm guessing you know then. My defect."
  1163. >You just kept hugging her
  1164. >You couldn't believe it
  1165. >You were going to loose the thing you loved most for a second time
  1166. "I'm going to make these last few days the best god damn days of your entire life you understand me?"
  1167. >Sunset gave a weak smile and hugged back
  1168. >"I understand perfectly."
  1169. >You looked up and noticed that she, too was crying
  1170. >Actual tears
  1171. >You wiped the tears from her face
  1172. "Don't you cry. The face of yours doesn't look good with tears on it."
  1173. >She stiffens up
  1174. >"I'll stay strong."
  1175. >You turn to AJ and give her a nice tight hug
  1176. "Thanks Applejack."
  1177. >"Don't mention it."
  1178. >Fuck you needed a drink
  1179. >But you didn't want her to see you depression drink
  1180. >It wasn't a pretty...
  1181. "Sunset?"
  1182. >"Yes?"
  1183. "I hate to ask this... but can you go up to the room for now. I need to do something real fast."
  1184. >She nods
  1185. >"Don't be too long ok?"
  1186. "I won't."
  1187. >You both went your separate ways and you went to Rarity's bar
  1188. >"Why hello darling where's your-"
  1189. >She trailed off seeing the state you were in
  1190. >"You look awful."
  1191. "I feel awful. Give me something strong."
  1192. >She began to prepare a drink
  1193. >"Tell me what happened."
  1194. "It's Sunset. Apparently her systems take so much energy to operate that she's going through power cores crazy fast. She's got just 2 days left to live before she permanently shuts off."
  1195. >You were about to put the drink to your lips when Rarity grabbed your wrist
  1196. >"Then what are you doing here drinking? Do you really want your last moments with her to be nothing but a drunken blurr?"
  1197. "Just... Just let me..."
  1198. >"No. Tell you what. You go spend these days with her sober and I'll give you as many drinks as you want for free."
  1199. "I'll hold you too it."
  1200. >She rubs your shoulder
  1201. >"And remember. I'm here if you need a shoulder to cry on."
  1202. "Thank you."
  1203. >You got up from the bar stool and went back up to the room
  1204. >Sunset was there sitting on the bed
  1205. >She was just starring into the distance
  1206. "Sunset?"
  1207. >"Hel..lo Anon."
  1208. >Her voice was monotone and her speech was very slow and deliberate
  1209. >Almost as if it were taking all she could just to speak properly
  1210. >And something was off, like she wasn't there
  1211. "Sunset what's wrong?"
  1212. >"I... extended... my li-fe by... 3 days... by reducing... funct..ions."
  1213. "Reducing functions? Sunset don't do that!"
  1214. >Her pupils spun around
  1215. >"I'm sorry"
  1216. "Don't be. You were just trying to help."
  1217. >You sat beside her
  1218. >"Anon?"
  1219. "Yes?"
  1220. >"What happens when we die?"
  1221. >You went quiet
  1222. >You didn't want to say it
  1223. "Nothing Sunset..."
  1224. >Sunset shook her head
  1225. >"That's not true."
  1226. "It is I'm afraid."
  1227. >"It's not. If you live, I'll continue to as well."
  1228. "How do you figure?"
  1229. >"In your memories. So long as you have me in your memories, I'll be alive. I guess it's like being alive in a sense"
  1230. >You stared with your mouth agape
  1231. >She did it
  1232. >She used a figure of speech
  1233. >You hugged her tight
  1234. "I'm so proud of you!"
  1235. >"Proud of me?"
  1236. "Yes. You used a figure of speech!"
  1237. >She smiled
  1238. >"I did didn't I?"
  1239. "You know what this calls for? A celebration. I say we go on a date."
  1240. >Her eyes lit up
  1241. >"A date!? That sounds fantastic!"
  1242. "It will be. Let me go get ready. We'll be ready to go in an hour. I'm going to take you to the nicest restaurant on the ship. Does a movie sound good afterwards? No, better idea. There's a dance being held tonight. We'll go do that."
  1243. >"I'd be honored."
  1244. >In a flash of golden light she changed again
  1245. >Her hair was done in a beautiful braid with a bun and she wore and magnificent sparkling white dress
  1246. >She had black lipstick and a half black half white eyeshadow
  1247. >She looked beyond gorgeous
  1248. "You look absolutely amazing."
  1249. >She giggled and did a little curtsy
  1250. >"Thank you my prince."
  1251. "I'll be out in a bit."
  1252. >You worked as fast as you cloud
  1253. >Shaving perfectly, taking a nice shower and putting on your best suit
  1254. >You looked god damn dapper
  1255. >You walked out of the bathroom and did a bow
  1256. >"So handsome."
  1257. "Shall we, my lady?"
  1258. >"Please."
  1259. >You locked arms with her
  1260. >You were glad Rarity stopped you back there
  1261. >This was going to be fun
  1262. >You took the elevator to the top floor on the other side of the ship
  1263. >This was were all of the finest dining was held
  1264. >You walk to a seafood restaurant and were sat a table by the window
  1265. >You could see the dim glow of earth below
  1266. >When the waiter came, you were surprised to see Sunset order both dinner and some wine
  1267. "I thought you couldn't eat or drink."
  1268. >"I can't, not like you anyway. I can mimic it though, just not too many times in a row."
  1269. "I'm glad"
  1270. >Sunset stared out the window
  1271. >"It's so beautiful from here."
  1272. "It is."
  1273. >You kissed her cheek
  1274. "Just like you."
  1275. >Sunset turned bright red
  1276. >"O-oh come on. I'm not THAT pretty."
  1277. "Sunset you are the prettiest thing to ever grace my eyes."
  1278. >"You are such a flatterer."
  1279. "I just call it like I see it."
  1280. >"Wanna see me do another figure of speech?"
  1281. "Please."
  1282. >"I'm as hungry as an equine!"
  1283. >You giggled
  1284. "That's cheating, I told you that one."
  1285. >"Ok, ok fine. Ummmm... I'm as thick as too short planks!"
  1286. >You laughed
  1287. "I don't think you know what that means."
  1288. >"What does it mean?"
  1289. "It means you're stupid. That your skull is as thick as two short planks and thus you have a tiny brain."
  1290. >Sunny rolled her eyes
  1291. >"You and your metaphors."
  1292. "I love you, Sunset."
  1293. "I love you too."
  1294. >The food and wine arrived
  1295. >You got some pink colored lobster straight from another planet while Sunset got a shrimp the size of both your hands
  1296. >Sunset took a look at the wine and swirled it around in her cup a bit
  1297. "What's the matter?"
  1298. >"I don't know. It's just the first time I've ever had alcohol. I'm just nervous is all."
  1299. >You lifted your glass in the air
  1300. "Then I propose a toast. To your first drink."
  1301. >You both clink glasses and she takes a sip, instantly spitting it out
  1302. >"BLEGH! How do you drink this stuff!?"
  1303. >You chuckled
  1304. "It's an acquired taste."
  1305. >"I hope the dish is better than this."
  1306. "I've never tried it, but I've heard it's quite good. Apparently it comes from a planet that's only 5% land. And the fish there are absolutely massive. Shrimp on earth never get above the size of my thumb."
  1307. >Sunset took a bite
  1308. >"Wow. This is delicious."
  1309. >You began cracking open your lobster
  1310. >"So according to my logs, a good way to do a date is by getting to know one another. What's your favorite memory?"
  1311. "My favorite memory? That's a tough one."
  1312. >Truth be told, you didn't have one
  1313. >It was mostly being lonely as you traveled the stars on the cruise ship
  1314. >It was difficult to make friends with that kind of lifestyle
  1315. >Then you thought of the perfect memory
  1316. >You leaned in and gave Sunset a long kiss
  1317. "My favorite memory is from all the time we've spent together."
  1318. >Sunset smiled
  1319. >"You're far too sweet."
  1320. "It's not my fault you're so perfect."
  1321. >Both of you continued to eat, learning various things about one another
  1322. >Apparently Sunset's favorite color was gold, her favorite dish to cook was cookies, and one thing she always wanted to do was travel to various planets
  1323. >until you thought of one you've been wondering for for ages
  1324. "So I've got a question for you."
  1325. >"What's that?"
  1326. "Do you remember anything from your development?"
  1327. >She nods
  1328. >"I started much like humans do in life. I could barely form words, my legs didn't work so I had to crawl, I was even in a smaller chassis. I learned a lot quicker that humans obvious, going from toddler to adolescent mindset in but a week."
  1329. >You smirked
  1330. "Were you hormonal too?"
  1331. >She flicked your nose
  1332. >"No, of course not."
  1333. "What else do you remember?"
  1334. >"When they found out about my power core issue, there was a lot of nervous talking. They waited until I was nearly out of power then threw me off the side of a bridge. My leg got sliced of on one of beams during the fall."
  1335. >The sad atmosphere returned as the reality set in once again
  1336. >You had to stay strong
  1337. >Her last days weren't going to be spent in sadness
  1338. "Let's talk about something else. Like dessert!"
  1339. >As if on cue, the waiter came back with dessert menus
  1340. >Sunset looked it over carefully
  1341. >"That double chocolate cake looks amazing."
  1342. "I'm game."
  1343. >You made the order and it arrived quite quickly
  1344. >Sunset was just about to dig in before you stopped her
  1345. "Wait. I've got a better idea."
  1346. >You take a piece of the cake in your spoon and put it to her mouth
  1347. >"You're feeding me?"
  1348. "Yeah. We'll feed each other the entire cake."
  1349. >"What a strange way to do things."
  1350. "Oh you know it's cute."
  1351. >She took a bite and a wide smile formed on her face
  1352. >"Chocolate is the best!"
  1353. "Now me."
  1354. >She did the same for you
  1355. >You both kept feeding one another until you were full
  1356. "Man I'm stuffed."
  1357. >Sunset raised her eye brow
  1358. >"Here."
  1359. >She took her napkin and wiped the chocolate from your face
  1360. >"What am I going to do with you?"
  1361. >You smiled
  1362. "Oh you know you love me."
  1363. >After paying, it was finally time for the dance
  1364. >You went to the ball room on the sixth floor where a live band was playing
  1365. "Have you ever danced before?"
  1366. >"I can't say I have."
  1367. "Well, not to brag or anything, but I did place sixth in my grade school's dance contest at age nine."
  1368. >Sunset started giggling
  1369. >"My, my. That's quite the accomplishment. Do you keep the trophy on your wall?"
  1370. "Well, some stars don't always get recognized for the talent they show."
  1371. >"Well please do demonstrate. I'd love to see what sixth place dancing skills are."
  1372. >The band began to play, first a fast, jumpy song
  1373. >You swung her this way and that, twirling her under your arm
  1374. >She began to do some moves her own
  1375. >You danced in perfect sync, moving this way and that, following the lead of your beloved
  1376. >Right as the song ended, you dropper her in your arms on the last beat, your face just inches from hers
  1377. >You both were panting quite a bit
  1378. >"You know, for someone who placed sixth, you've got some moves."
  1379. "I told ya. I told ya. The teachers just couldn't recognize the talent"
  1380. >She giggled again and you stood her back up
  1381. >Now for the all important slow, romantic tune
  1382. >You both had one hand on each others waist and the other high in the air, clasped together
  1383. >You gently rocked from side to side, letting the music take you both
  1384. >"Anon?"
  1385. "Yes?"
  1386. >"I feel really lucky. The time we've spent together is by far the best time I've ever spent. You really are a great guy. I love you"
  1387. "I love you too. You've brought light to my dim life"
  1388. >"Can you promise me something? Something important"
  1389. "Anything."
  1390. >"When I finally go, promise me you won't fall into a deep depression. I want you to live a full life. Remember me, but please don't let the grief consume you"
  1391. "I promise I'll keep going. To keep your memory alive."
  1392. >She smiled and rested her head on your shoulder
  1393. >"Thank you."
  1394. "You're welcome."
  1395. >You both kissed for the longest time
  1396. >Savoring the moment as best you could
  1397. >You danced a while longer before finally heading back up to the room
  1398. >Something seemed off with Sunset though, like she was thinking about something
  1399. "You ok Sunset? You look like you have something on your mind."
  1400. >Her face turned bright red
  1401. >"Y-you could say that."
  1402. >You looked confused
  1403. "Is something wrong?"
  1404. >"W-well... you see... I was looking at dating customs online and well... I saw it was relatively common for couples who had a romantic night out to end it in... copulation."
  1405. >You face went red as well
  1406. >You were 100% virgin
  1407. "Well... if you think you're ready. Do you have... you know..."
  1408. >Her face only went a deep red as she nodded
  1409. >"You don't have the ability to get pregnant do you?"
  1410. >She shook her head
  1411. "Ok then. Let's give it a whirl."
  1412. >You both went over to your bed and sat there
  1413. >And sat there
  1414. >And sat there
  1415. "S-so... maybe we should take our clothes off?"
  1416. >"Y-yeah. "
  1417. >You pulled your shirt off and Sunny began to take hers off
  1418. >She had one nice rack
  1419. >As she noticed your eyes lingering she covered them with her arms
  1420. "Sunset if you're not ready we shouldn't force it."
  1421. >"N-no I'm good. Just... embarrassed."
  1422. "You shouldn't be. You're beautiful."
  1423. >You leaned into her and began to make out
  1424. >You could feel her warm, soft chest pressing against yours
  1425. >Boobs felt even more amazing than you thought
  1426. >You made out for a long while, allowing both of you to steady your nerves for the main event
  1427. >You both bulled of your pants and undergarments and you were able to see her crown jewel
  1428. >She really was hyper realistic
  1429. >There a large amount of wetness around her crotch, spilling over and staining the bed
  1430. >Sunset was similarly impressed after seeing your junk
  1431. >"W-wow. You're big."
  1432. >Nice little confidence booster
  1433. "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself."
  1434. >Sunset got into a lowered position, preparing to give you a blowy
  1435. "Wait."
  1436. >"What's wrong?"
  1437. "I don't want to waste my orgasm yet. I want to make you feel good first."
  1438. >"Such a gentleman."
  1439. >You got Sunny on your lap and put both your fingers inside her
  1440. >Hopefully all those hentai manga didn't lie to you
  1441. >You began to rub her insides
  1442. >It felt incredible
  1443. >It was so warm and wet
  1444. >And tight
  1445. >Much like a bag of sand
  1446. >Thankfully you could see Sunny was enjoying it
  1447. >She was biting her lip, doing what she could be to hold back moaning
  1448. >You kept going and pressed down were you were lead to believe the g-spot to be
  1449. >You were not lead wrong
  1450. >Sunset let out a long, loud moan accompanied by a hard stream of girl goo
  1451. >Or whatever it was exactly
  1452. >It was a lot, so much it made a large wet spot on your bed
  1453. >Sunset looked mortified
  1454. >"I-I'm so sorry."
  1455. "Don't be. That's exactly what I was hoping for."
  1456. >It was time for the main event
  1457. >The good ole tried and true P in V
  1458. >You lied down while Sunny positioned herself above you
  1459. >She carefully fit her tight folds around you and you began to hump
  1460. >It felt so much better than a flesh light
  1461. >It only took a few pumps before you blew your load sky high
  1462. >You both fell to each side of the bed, your stuff oozing right out of her
  1463. >You both were panting quite hard
  1464. >"T-that was fun."
  1465. "Yeah."
  1466. >You were starting to feel the fatigue
  1467. >You would do anything to stay up
  1468. >But you just couldn't
  1469. "Sunset."
  1470. >"Yes?"
  1471. "I'm going to bed. I'll see you tomorrow ok?"
  1472. >"I'll see you tomorrow. I love you so much."
  1473. "I love you so much too"
  1474. >Within seconds you were out
  1475. >The next thing you knew, you could smell the smell of Sunny's amazing cooking
  1476. >It got you right out bed
  1477. >"Good morning!"
  1478. >You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes
  1479. "What time is it?"
  1480. >"10:04 AM"
  1481. >You looked outside
  1482. >Sure enough, earth was far behind you
  1483. >You were speeding through the vast emptiness of space once again
  1484. "I supposed I'll just get this out of the way now. When will the dreaded hour come?"
  1485. >"5:30 PM"
  1486. >Just 7 hours and 30 minutes left
  1487. >It may as well just be seconds
  1488. >But you couldn't get caught up in that
  1489. >The time for grief was after
  1490. "Alright. Thank you."
  1491. >You got up and stretched, making your way to the table
  1492. "What's on the menu today?"
  1493. >Sunset smiled
  1494. >"A personal favorite of mine to cook. French toast!"
  1495. "Sounds wonderful."
  1496. >She put the plate in front of you
  1497. >As always, it smelled like heaven
  1498. >As you lifted your fork, you could see Sunset looking on with intensity
  1499. >She must be worried after the last meal you had that wasn't so good
  1500. >After putting on some syrup, you began to eat
  1501. >It tasted incredible
  1502. >"Well?"
  1503. "Amazing as always Sunset."
  1504. >"You're not just saying that?"
  1505. "No. I really do mean it."
  1506. >You made sure to eat it fast, not wanting to waste a second without Sunset
  1507. >"So what's on today's agenda?"
  1508. >You thought for a moment
  1509. "Well it's your last moments. You should decide. What's something you've always wanted to do?"
  1510. >She stared out the window
  1511. >"Do they have any games on the ship?"
  1512. "Games like what?"
  1513. >She blushed a bit
  1514. >"Well... it's kinda embarrassing."
  1515. "Don't worry. I'm sure it's not that bad."
  1516. >"Well... I've always wanted to do a singing contest."
  1517. "A singing contest?"
  1518. >"Yeah. It just seems like so much fun. I've never tried singing before."
  1519. "Consider it done. I'll get one set up."
  1520. >She gave you a hug
  1521. >"Thank you"
  1522. "Don't mention it. You just practice for your performance. I'll get it ready right quick."
  1523. >"Alright. I will"
  1524. >You walked out of the room
  1525. >Time to call in a favor
  1526. >You went to Rarity's bar
  1527. >It was closed, but Rarity was tidying up
  1528. >She gave you a sympathetic smile
  1529. >"Hey. How's it going?"
  1530. "Sunset's final wish is to have a singing contest. Can you put one together?"
  1531. >"Consider it done."
  1532. "Thanks Rarity. I really owe you one."
  1533. >"Don't mention it. It's what I'm here for."
  1534. >You walked back up to your room
  1535. "Rarity is taking care of it"
  1536. >She smiled softly
  1537. >"Good"
  1538. >She began to sing
  1539. >It was absolutely awful
  1540. >Like nails on a chalkboard
  1541. >She was completely tone deaf
  1542. >"How was that?"
  1543. "You want me to be honest?"
  1544. >"Yes."
  1545. "It was pretty bad. But we can fix that. I know a little about singing"
  1546. >You coached her through it, and slowly but surely her voice really began to shine
  1547. >In not time at all you got a text from Rarity
  1548. >The singing contest was ready
  1549. >You held her hand as you walked down to the venue where the contest would be held
  1550. >Both AJ and Rarity were in attendance as well as about 12 other random cruise goers
  1551. "You ready?"
  1552. >"Ready as I'll ever be"
  1553. >You sat down in the same seat and Rarity took the podium
  1554. >"Thank you all for coming on such short notice and welcome to the first ever singing contest! The rules are simple: you must sing without the aid of music and you must sing a song under 3 minutes in length. You will be judged by myself and Applejack. We will be picking three among the 12 to go the finals. Questions?"
  1555. >The room was silent
  1556. >"Excellent. Then we'll begin. Our first contestant comes all the way from the Large Magellanic Cloud, give it up from Troy!"
  1557. >One by one each contestant took the stage.
  1558. >Some were horrendously bad, others just meh. But two in particular were in it to win it
  1559. >They had some killer voices
  1560. >Apparently one was an opera singer for a living
  1561. >Sunset was up against tough odds
  1562. >But you could see on her face that it didn't phase her one bit
  1563. >She was going to win
  1564. >"And now, last but not least, a woman hailing from the origin point of humanity, Earth. Give it up for Sunset Shimmer!"
  1565. >The audience gave a large round of applause and Sunny nervously took the stage
  1566. >She looked a lot more nervous
  1567. >You gave her a nod and a smile
  1568. >She took a deep breath and smiled back
  1569. >"This song goes out to the man I love: Anon A. Mouse"
  1570. >The audience gave another huge round of applause and you smiled wide
  1571. >She took the mic and began to sing
  1572. >It was good
  1573. >She was easily as good as the other two heavy hitters
  1574. >She'd have to be even better if she wanted to beat the opera singer however
  1575. >As she came back to sit beside you she was shaking quite a bit
  1576. >You hugged her tight
  1577. "You did so good."
  1578. >She hugged back
  1579. >"Thanks. It was so nerve wracking."
  1580. "Those fears were misplaced clearly."
  1581. >"Thanks babe."
  1582. >You kissed her forehead
  1583. >"Well the judges have spoken. And the finals are, drum roll please."
  1584. >Applejack began tapping the table with her fingers rapidly
  1585. >"Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie, and Scootaloo."
  1586. >There was another round of applause
  1587. >"Our first contest for the finals will be Scootaloo."
  1588. >Scootaloo sang another rousing balled followed by Pinkie
  1589. >And man did Pinkie kill it
  1590. >Those opera vocal chords were no joke
  1591. "Go get 'em Sunset. You've got this."
  1592. >She hugged you tight
  1593. >"Thanks hun"
  1594. >Sunset made her way to the stage and grabbed the mic
  1595. >She paused for a moment, clearly trying to keep her nerves down
  1596. >She took a deep breath and something amazing happened
  1597. >You were greeted by the most beautiful sound you'd ever heard
  1598. >She sang a slow, calming song and each not was hit perfectly
  1599. >After that point, it was clear who the winner was
  1600. >The audience gave a standing ovation and Sunset sat back down, shaking like crazy
  1601. >You hugged her tight
  1602. "Sunset that was absolutely incredible."
  1603. >She hugged you right back
  1604. >"Thanks. I did my best"
  1605. >Rarity smiled and took the stage again
  1606. >"Well after a bit of deliberation, we know we have a clear winner. However, each final contestant will be going away with a prize today. In third place, we have Scootaloo."
  1607. >Scootaloo happily walked up, receiving a third place ribbon
  1608. >"In second place, the one, the only Pinkie Pie."
  1609. >Pinkie walked up, getting herself a second place ribbon and free tickets to any event on the ship
  1610. >"And the moment you've all been waiting for: drum roll please."
  1611. >AJ once again tapped her fingers against the table
  1612. >"In first place, Sunset Shimmer!"
  1613. >Sunset walked up and received a gold first place ribbon along with a glass rose
  1614. >Rarity smiled at her
  1615. >"Good job Sunset."
  1616. >"Thanks Rarity. This was better than I could've hoped for."
  1617. >Rarity gave a big hug to Sunset
  1618. >"Thank you, Sunset."
  1619. >"For what?"
  1620. >"I've known Anon since he was a child. And ever since his mom passed, he's never been a particularly happy guy. This is the happiest I've ever seen him since he was little. And it's all thanks to you."
  1621. >"Thanks Rarity. That means a lot."
  1622. >"Anytime, love."
  1623. >You checked your watch
  1624. >That took quite a while longer than expected
  1625. >Between setting it up and doing it, it was already half past 1
  1626. >You felt a large, consuming sense of dread wash over you
  1627. >But it was not yet time
  1628. >You could be sad all you wanted to afterwards
  1629. >Sunset walked back to you and you embraced her hard
  1630. "We've got five hours left. What do you want to do now?"
  1631. >She smiled and sighed
  1632. >"This is another silly request."
  1633. "Name it."
  1634. >"I want to spend it movie marathoning and snuggling with you."
  1635. "I couldn't think of a better way to spend it. How about this: I could cook something for us instead this time. Get some wine."
  1636. >"Sounds perfect."
  1637. >You walked back up stairs, never letting go of her hand for a second
  1638. >You were savoring every moment you could
  1639. "Anything you'd like in particular?"
  1640. >"No. Whatever you decide to make I'll enjoy it."
  1641. >You began to cook you signature dish
  1642. >Ready to cook meals
  1643. >A whole 30 minutes in the oven and massive amounts of sodium
  1644. >It wasn't master chef by any degree, but hey it's the thought that counts
  1645. >But you had just the thing to make up for it
  1646. >A bottle of vintage Chateau Pierre de Montignac
  1647. >Cost you a pretty penny but you couldn't think of a more fitting time for it
  1648. >The dinners finished and you poured two glasses of the wine
  1649. >While you had been preparing the meals, Sunset dragged a couch in front of the TV, along with a blanket and two dinner stands
  1650. >You walked over and served it
  1651. >"Whoa pre-made dinners. You spoil me."
  1652. >You chuckle
  1653. "Only the best for my princess."
  1654. >She glanced at the wine, lifting the cup and inspecting it
  1655. >"More wine?"
  1656. "Not just any wine. This wine is my special reserve. It's the most expensive, high quality wine I own. But I can't think of a better occasion to open it than now."
  1657. >"I'm honored."
  1658. >You sit beside her and snuggled up under the covers
  1659. >Sunset took a sip of the wine
  1660. "What do you think?"
  1661. >She thought for a moment
  1662. >"I still can't say I enjoy the taste. But I do prefer it to the wine we had on our date. It's good going in but boy does it leave an aftertaste."
  1663. "I'm glad. That's what you get with such good wine."
  1664. >You took a sip yourself
  1665. >Damn was it good
  1666. >You turned on the TV and browsed future netflix
  1667. >It was like netflix but in the future
  1668. "Anything in particular you want to watch."
  1669. >she shook her head
  1670. >"I deliberately turned of my internet functionality so I couldn't do research. I want to enjoy this with you."
  1671. "Well then you're in luck. I'm going to show you some 80s and 90s classics."
  1672. >You went through some of the best
  1673. >Predator
  1674. >Apocalypse now
  1675. >The Goonies
  1676. >Sunset couldn't help but laugh at how unrealistic the high testosterone movies were
  1677. >How unrealistic it all was
  1678. >Movie by movie the time dwindled
  1679. >Until finally 5:20 PM rolled around
  1680. >Sunset had slowly been losing functionality once five rolled around
  1681. >She was now laying in your lap, her body completely unusable
  1682. >Tears began to form in your eyes and she stared up at you
  1683. "Sunset"
  1684. >She weakly spoke
  1685. >"Don't... cry. Your face... of yours doesn't look good with tears on it"
  1686. >Tears began to pour down your face
  1687. >Her voice had changed
  1688. >It was metallic and echoing, almost as if she were speaking through a long piece of rolled up metal
  1689. "Sunset."
  1690. >You barely managed to get it out through your tears
  1691. "I love you."
  1692. >"I love you too. Please... don't be too sad."
  1693. >You hugged her tighter than you ever had before
  1694. "I won't. I'll keep your memory alive. I promise."
  1695. >She looked up at you and smiled
  1696. >"Thank you... that's exactly what I... What I..."
  1697. >Her eyes went dim and her head rolled to the side
  1698. >Sunset Shimmer was gone
  1699. >You let out a wail of sadness
  1700. >You hugged her limp body and just cried and cried and cried
  1701. >You didn't want to let go of it
  1702. >As if holding it would somehow reanimate her
  1703. >You spent a solid two hours there, just hugging her and sobbing
  1704. >You needed a drink
  1705. >You dragged Sunset's body to your bed
  1706. >It was now so much heavier
  1707. >You placed her on the covers and arranged her just right
  1708. >She looked so peaceful
  1709. >Like she was just sleeping
  1710. >You walked down to Rarity's bar
  1711. "Give me the strongest thing you have."
  1712. >Rarity looked just as sad as you
  1713. >"Oh sweetheart."
  1714. >She poured you a strong drink and you gulped it down as if your life depended on it
  1715. >Rarity just sat there patiently, watching you drink yourself into a comatose state
  1716. >When you woke back up you were severely hung over and laying in your bed
  1717. >There Sunset was, resting peacefully
  1718. >You lifted up, your head pounding something fierce
  1719. >The realization hit you like a ton of bricks
  1720. >She was gone
  1721. >She was really gone
  1722. >All of a sudden you heard a loud knock on your door
  1723. >It was like a hot iron on your skull
  1724. >"Anon! Open up! It's Twilight!"
  1725. "Go away."
  1726. >She kept pounding
  1727. >"I said open up jackass! Your stupid toy did something to my books!"
  1728. >Your ears perked up in curiosity
  1729. >You sluggishly made your way to the door and opened it up
  1730. >Twilight looked shocked
  1731. >"Anon... You look horrible. Are you ok?"
  1732. "What did you mean when you said my stupid toy ruined your books?"
  1733. >She took out the tablet she had and showed you
  1734. >You couldn't believe what you were seeing
  1735. >On the page was a message
  1736. >"In my last moments I figured out something. Since a part of my code was used to to transfer those books to Twilight, I was able to use it as a backdoor and upload all my consciousness and memories. I'm still here."
  1737. >Tears began to run down your face and you hugged Twilight tightly
  1738. >"A-Anon what are you doing!?"
  1739. "She's alive Twilight. She's alive."
  1741. FiN
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