What precautions for BlackHat Techniques?

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. What precautions for BlackHat Techniques?
  2. Hi, is blackhat seo techniques safe? Saw Neil Patel's video that blackhat techniques can get me banned from google.
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  14. I am thinking to get into this so what kind of precautions should I take? A completely separate email address and VPN just to be extra careful? What other things should I be careful off?
  15. Hide your Footprints. There are many information which Google uses for a website. Just make sure nothing is related to other.
  16. Some extra information would be appreciated. What are you going to do? Building a PBN, Link creation or what?
  17. Ultimate motive is getting quick sales. But for that I need visitors quickly and should be of good quality so that is what I want to do.
  19. And can you tell how to perfectly hide footprints from all aspect?
  20. It really depends "how" black hat you will go. If its going to be criminal you will need a VPN, another PayPal account and so on.
  21. lol criminal. Just want to get some quick and quality visitors and some sales bro.
  22. Your site will get banned sooner or later, if you are using BlackHat SEO Techniques. Your site and it's pages will not be indexed let alone getting ranked for user queries. Period
  23. So u think no one uses blackhat techniques?
  24. A completely separate email address and VPN just to be extra careful?
  25. Oh boy you're definitely not ready.
  26. People do use them and but face the consequences, sooner or later.
  27. Blackhat or spam techniques can always be used - it is marginal to say that this is bad - if so, it appears that you may not be using the right technique or using blackhat the right way.
  28. Unless if you are capable of churning out 1 million links per day, then if that 1 million links do stick, then you should probably only see the effect 3 or 6 months later, and not immediate.
  29. Then there's always disavow, so if you know the right technique, you can always play around blackhat anytime.
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  33. As AI advancements make fake reviews look more legit Google's lack of investment in creating a quality ecosystem will increasingly harm both consumers and businesses. Many low margin businesses will go under simply because their Google reviews are full of inaccurate trash or a competitor decided to hijack their business listing or list their business as closed.
  34. To this day Google is still egregiously stealing content from Yelp:
  35. Yelp said it investigated and found that over one hour, Google pulled images from Yelp's servers nearly 386,000 times for business listings in Google Maps, which Google exempted from its promise to not scrape content. Yelp then searched Google for 150 of the businesses from those map listings and found that for 110 of them, Google used a Yelp photo as the lead image in the businesses' listings in search results.
  36. Stealing content & wrapping it in fake reviews is NOT putting the user first.
  37. Facebook has their own matching parallel shifts.
  38. The aggregate quality of mobile ad clicks is quite low. So as mobile becomes a much higher percent of total ad clicks, those who don't have scale and narrative control are reduced to taking whatever they can get. And mainstream media outlets are reduced to writing puff pieces so the brands they cover will pay to promote the stories on the main channels.
  39. As programmatic advertising, ad blockers, unpatched Android-powered botnets & malware spread each day gets a little uglier for everyone but the central market operators. It is so bad that some of the central market operators offer surveillance apps which claim to protect user privacy! Other app makers not connected to monopoly profit streams monetize any way they can.
  40. The narrative of growth can be sold (we are launching a new food channel, we are investing in our internal video team, we have exclusive real estate listings, and, um, we acquired a food channel) but the competition is a zero sum game with Google & Facebook eating off the publisher's plates.
  41. That's why Time is trying to shave $400 million off their expenses & wants to sell their magazine division. Newspaper companies are selling for $1. It is also why Business Insider is no longer chasing growth & the New York Times is setting up a charitable trust.
  42. The rise of ad blocking only accelerates the underlying desperation.
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