/pony supremacy/ Marble Pie

May 15th, 2020
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  1. >You've been in the slave market for months
  2. >Not because you're bad, you unironically wanted to be here because ponies came by looking for cuddle slaves all the time
  3. >You were here and unsold for nearly 7 months because the jew griffon who currently owned you knew he could get a high price for you since you were so willing to be here
  4. >Yet another cute mare came by Goldbeak's store today, you drew her in with your enthusiasm and hopefulness
  5. >The bright mare instantly liked you, asking all sorts of questions about how you liked ponies
  6. >The color drained from her face when she saw your pricetag
  7. >"F-five thousand?"
  8. >Goldbeak wraps a filthy paw around her back, "Mmyes, he's a premium one. Pre-broken, he won't go near a female of his own species. Pretty strong too. And he loves to be petted." he says, clicking his claws on the plexiglas seperating you from them
  9. >"I... That's... H-he's out of my budget, sadly. D-do you have any cheaper males?"
  10. >"I do, but you'll have to break them in yourself." Goldbeak leads the mare off to some of the less-than-happy humans who can be aggressive or violent, the normalfags
  11. >Despite all your rage, you are still just an Anon in a cage
  13. >Fuckin' magic, man
  14. >It feels like just yesterday portals opened up between Earth and Equestria
  15. >It all seemed so friendly, right up until some military move by Turkey to invade Equestria and set them off
  16. >Turns out ponies were controlling the portals and could open them wherever, whenever
  17. >It became almost impossible to defend when an entire army of soldiers could just pour into highly secured military installations at the blink of an eye
  18. >It was always magic with them, just a few trained unicorn mages could wipe out hundreds of soldiers with proper placement at the right time
  19. >The war, if you could even call it a war, ended in 4 days
  20. >After that, it was a blur until you got snatched up by griffon slavers
  21. >After you passed around between griffons you ended up in Goldbeak's shop, part of a much larger slave bazaar in Equestria
  22. >After he figured out you wanted to get out, he guessed correctly that you had some interest in mares and adjusted accordingly
  23. >Humans got graded based on what work they were best suited for, most were now laborers, a few went to the butcher's shop, and others were simply fodder
  24. >You'd be a laborer if it weren't for your sweeter disposition
  25. >And that was why you called Goldbeak's shop your home for so long
  26. >The stupid bird thought he could put a 1000% mark up on you because you didn't hate ponies
  27. >Braeburn came by again today, hauling off three humans, you knew he was going to wreck them
  28. >And again, Braeburn eyed you like the one fruit he was too short to reach, your steep pricetag keeping you from the sherrif's devious machinations
  29. >But today, today was different
  30. >A plain gray mare walked in, the jingle of an overhead bell scaring her as she opened the door
  31. >You can barely hear them talking so far away but she looks at you once
  32. >Goldbeak leads the mare around to the back, then you hear the door to your room being opened
  33. >"Anon, Ms. Marble here wants to see how well behaved you are. Do as she says." Goldbeak wheezes
  35. >The dirty griffon steps out of the room, leaving the door unlocked
  36. >Marble approaches you, pushing a hoof into your midsection
  37. >She didn't say anything as the hoof slid up to your shoulder and pushed down
  38. >You take a knee as she requested and are met with a face full of the mare's chest fluff, her foreleg wrapped your neck, keeping you from backing away
  39. >It was so soft, she smelled faintly of lavender
  40. >Marble continues to ease you to the ground until she was laying on top of you
  41. >It started with a kiss on the forehead, then the cheek, you'd turned your head slightly, facing her for her next one but it never came
  42. >Goldbeak hadn't let a prospective buyer in here in forever, you needed contact
  43. >Marble rests a hoof gently between your legs, withdrawing as soon as she felt your arousal
  44. >She tenses up once again when Goldbeak bangs on the door
  45. >"If you wanna fuck him you gotta buy!" he squawks
  46. >Marble looks back at him with a plaintive "Mhm." before heading back out with the excited bird
  47. >Several agonizing minutes crawl by, you wonder if Marble had been turned off by the pricetag or decided she wanted someone else
  48. >The door unlocks loudly as Goldbeak leads Marble back in, this time holding a leash
  49. >You sit up excitedly, finally happy to get out of this place
  50. >"Watch, he doesn't even need the leash. But if you insist." Goldbeak says, his dirty claws attaching the rough collar to your neck
  51. >With a bit of work he gets the clip to seal, you could easily undo it but that would be bad
  52. >That's something a laborer would try to do
  53. >Though she doesn't need the leash, there were some laws about freeroaming humans Goldbeakbtold you about before, "Ponies can't just let their humans walk freely in Equestria." he said
  54. >Lost in thought, you get a light tug from Marble towards the door
  55. >Finally, freedom (kind of)
  57. >You hadn't seen outside of Goldbeak's shop since you first walked in, but now you were outta here
  58. >Although you still had a leash on, Marble seemed nice so everything was a bit better
  59. >She leads you out into the main bazaar, it was a repurposed shopping mall taken over by Equestria
  60. >There were a few shops where you could get your own human, and most of the other people were cleaning up the floors if they weren't being sold
  61. >While the general opinion was that ponies and other creatures like that were aliens or demons of some kind, and most humans needed to be forced into doing anything, you still liked ponies, they were still cute
  62. >Stepping out of the air conditioned mall into the warm sun, you take a moment to feel it on your skin again
  63. >You look around at how they've changed your town
  64. >All the pavement was torn up and overgrown with grass aside from some main roads that now held train tracks
  65. >You hadn't seen a single car, not even wreckage
  66. >Buildings had been torn down if they were ugly, other were repurposed
  67. >The stripmall down the road that had the Gamestop, gone, just a flat area of grass with a little wooden home being built nearby
  68. >Turns out ponies would rather just take a train or walk
  69. "Where are we going?"
  70. >Marble turns back to look at you, this was the first thing you'd said to her, "Home."
  71. >What would've taken you 10 minutes on the road, became a scenic 30 minute walk through what looked like a village being built
  72. >That cookie-cutter housing development was gone, unique little cottages sitting around the pond
  73. >Marble notices you looking around like you'd never seen the place, but she doesn't say anything
  74. >The old dying Amtrak station had been repurposed, a pink engine car sitting at the station pulled away along witha few passenger cars, some unmarked cargo, and loaded cattle cars as you and Marble got close
  75. >She took a few quick steps and gasped as the train left
  76. >Marble stomped her hoof on the grass and grumbled to herself
  78. >Marble huffs and brings you onto the platform
  79. >A stallion with glasses sits at the desk behind a curtain that pulls to the side when she rings the bell
  80. >"Where to?" he asks in a somewhat chipper tone
  81. >"Rockville." she answers quietly
  82. >"One ticket, and one for the cargo hold?"
  83. >Marble nods passing money over, in all honesty there was probably a rule about it, or she was broke after dropping 5 grand on you
  84. >The clerk pony passes a ticket to Marble and she sits down at a bench
  85. >You take a seat on the floor in front of her, crossing your legs
  86. >After a few minutes of silence on the empty platform you feel a hoof on your head, brushing through your hair
  87. >It withdraws as soon as your turn to look back at Marble
  88. >This felt a little awkward
  89. >What do you even say to her?
  90. >Hey thanks for buying me
  91. >She didn't seem like she liked to talk very much, was she okay with you just talking to her?
  92. >You lean your head back onto the bench and look up at Marble
  93. >She notices you're staring, and puts a hoof over your face to block your view
  94. >It briefly pulls away, Marble sticks her tongue out and smiles
  95. >Your eyes are covered and uncovered once more and her expression mellows
  96. >Did she just play peek a boo with you?
  97. >Fuck it, you can't just sit here in silence forever
  98. "Hi."
  99. >Marble looks at you curiously for a few seconds, "Hi."
  100. "Did we miss the train back earlier?"
  101. >"Mhmm."
  102. "So we're waiting for the next?"
  103. >"Mhmm."
  104. >You call it there and go quiet, she really didn't want to talk
  105. >A few other ponies arrives, early for the next train, they trickled in as the time went on
  106. >A few ponies had humans with them, they were bound a little heavier than you were
  107. >Larger group of people in chains were loaded onto one of the further back traincars
  108. >Most people would always try to run or fight, which is why the ankle binds were so commonplace
  109. >A stallion unicorn walks by, he's got a woman following along behind him, a shiny chain held precariously in his magic grip as they board
  111. >The next few hours were easily described as complete bullshit
  112. >Marble brought you back to the cargo car, this one specially made to hold people
  113. >On either side of the car was a row of undersized stalls, in each stall was a plain wooden bench
  114. >Passing you just a bit of a smile, Marble rubbed her hoof on your head again before you sat down and she locked you in
  115. >You had room to stand up or sit down, that was it, unless you managed to slavsquat on the bench and look out the small windows provided
  116. >To your right was an older man who leaned back and took a nap
  117. >Across, and a bit to the left of you was some mid-20's guy trying to pick the lock, you could tell because it looked like he had a bobby pin and was frantically jamming it into the lock
  118. >You take a note from the old guy next to you and lean back, closing your eyes
  120. >You sleep rough, sitting up straight on the loud train, but you manage to get some sleep
  121. >The train stopped a few times, people were loaded and unloaded each stop, but it wasn't until the train came to a final stop in Rockville that you were awoken by Marble unlocking the stall door and nudging you a few times, you just barely caught her giggle at your awakening
  122. >You stand up and look out the provided window
  123. >Through the metal bars, you could see a mostlt overcast sky, and subdued colors in the foliage
  124. >Definitely not as bright as the grass back home
  125. >Marble holds up the leash for you, you attach the clip-on collar yourself much to her concealed delight
  126. >You and Marble step out onto the platform in Rockville and you're greeted by a pony who's a different shade of gray
  127. >"Marble! Where were you?!" she shouts, walking up quickly
  128. >She looks at you, then to the new pony
  129. >"What is this? You were supposed to be back yesterday to help me cut geodes!"
  130. >Marble stutters, "Uh... I-I." then she pulls her mane in front of her face
  131. >"You went and bought a human? So yesterday while I was slaving away in the field alone you were at the market?"
  132. >"... Mhmm."
  133. >"You said you were getting groceries in town!"
  134. >"M-mhmm..."
  135. >She stares at Marble for a second, cutting right through the poor shy mare
  136. >"How much did you spend?"
  137. >Marble hides behind her mane again, not answering
  138. >Limestone growls, grabbing Marble and shaking her, "HOW MUCH DID YOU SPEND?!"
  139. >"F-five thousand..."
  140. >Limestone freezes up, she looked like she about to explode
  141. >"Five... Thousand? Where did you get FIVE THOUSAND BITS?!"
  142. >"My... My birthday."
  144. >"Mm-mm, Pinkie."
  145. >"Pinkie gave you five thousand bits?! Why?!"
  146. >"I-I told her...I wanted to get one."
  147. >"And she just forked over all that?"
  148. >"Mhmm."
  149. >Limestone looks at you closely, noting how you only had a leash
  150. >"You didn't get us a worker, did you?"
  151. >Marble's face reddens as she hides behind her mane again
  153. >"Ugh, just keep him quiet, and he's not getting in our bed." Limestone grumbles, "C'mon, we need to get back to the house. Ma and Pa have been asking about you."
  154. >You head off with the two mares through Rockville, the bland buildings populated by equally dull ponies
  155. >You did spot another human pulling a cart, he looked at you and then forward again
  156. >He was pulling a bunch of corn, and a pony was on top of the cart holding reigns
  157. >Weird world, you had no idea life would've turned out like this
  158. >"So he's trained?" Limestone asks
  159. >"Mhmm."
  160. >"You could've just trained one yourself, or got me to help."
  161. >Marble leans in and whispers to Limestone
  162. >Limestone rolls her eyes, "You could've just rented Corn Husk's human for that."
  163. >Marble whispers to her again, the angry mare's cheeks blushed
  164. >"We'll... Have to talk about that later, Marble." Limestone says, the little town growing more distant as a small farm comes over the horizon
  165. >You saw the fields... It was all rocks
  166. "What is this?"
  167. >"Home." Marble says quietly
  168. >Limestone looks back at you, "The rock farm. Just stay quiet for now, I gotta explain this to Ma and Pa." she says as they get closer to the farmhouse
  169. >Limestone steps inside, leaving you and Marble out on the porch
  170. >She sits down, you could almost feel the tension
  171. >She looks at you hopefully, and you crouch down to hug her
  172. >Marble's foreleg wraps around the back of your neck and pulls you in
  173. >Your face gets pressed into Marble's chest fluff, and she was so much stronger than she looked
  174. >A few minutes of grey, fluffy bliss, the door opens
  175. >"Marble Pie." an old mare says, staring the two of you down, "You are in big trouble young lady."
  176. >Limestone walks out, her head hung low, she was followed by a stallion who looks at you carefully
  177. >He takes the leash from Marble and leads you around the farmhouse
  178. >"Sit." he orders, pointing to the doorstep
  179. >You have a seat while Igneous paces
  180. >"Marble went and bought herself a human, did she?"
  181. >You nod
  183. >Igneous groans, putting a hoof to his chin, "Luna knows they don't ever leave the farm..." he mumbles
  184. >He looks you over closely once more, "I'll agree to let you stay, but you'll help them with whatever they need. Do you understand?"
  185. >You nod again
  186. >Igneous brings you back around front, giving the leash back to Marble, who looked on the edge of tears from the scolding her mother was dishing out
  187. >"Marble, you can keep your human. But I expect you and Limestone to share responsibilities."
  188. >"Mhmm." Marble says, taking your leash back
  189. >Limestone and her exchange an excited look before pulling you off to the barn, their parents go back inside
  190. >"You two are gonna help me finish breaking geodes." Limestone says, her mood returning to its usual dark
  191. >Once inside the barn, Limestone stops and picks up a couple pickaxes
  192. >"When we're done, we'll see how good you at keeping a bed warm but for now we need some extra hooves helping."
  193. >Marble looked less excited than before as she picked up a tool and made her way outside
  194. >Limestone stopped you on the way out, once Marble was out of earshot
  195. >"Hey, tall guy."
  196. "Yes?"
  197. >"I know Pa said to share, but you're Marble's now. You take care of Marble or I will personally break you into a million pieces, you hear?" Limestone says, staring a hole in you
  198. "Y-yeah."
  199. >She pulls the leash off of you and walks out to meet Marble
  200. >You follow them out across the field of rocks to a rock-filled pit on the edge of the property
  201. >"You pull the rocks out of the ditch, me and Marble will crack them and see if they grew gems. And once the pit is empty we dig up the next one." she says
  202. "Why are they underground?"
  203. >"You bury the rocks and they might grow gems, if not we put them in the field for a few months and bury them again." Limestone says
  204. >"Mhmm."
  205. >You walk down into the pit and pick up one of the rocks, tossing it up to the edge near Limestone
  206. >"Just keep doing that until all the rocks are gone!"
  207. >Marble cracks it open with a pick
  208. >No gems
  210. >You didn't understand how or why the processes of the rock farm worked, but a lot of the geodes held gems
  211. >Like every third or fourth one was good
  212. >You tossed the rocks up as fast as you could, some were like bowling balls, while others were smaller like a golf ball
  213. >Sitting at the bottom of the pit were a couple boulders you couldn't move
  214. >After a few tries, you called up
  215. "Hey Lime? You want me to get these ones too?"
  216. >She looks over the edge of the pit, "No that's the lodestones, leave them alone! Come up here and help us sort now."
  217. >You climb up the slope of the hole, Limestone and Marble are checking the split geodes for gems and throwing them into different carts
  218. >One cart for the gems, another for the duds
  219. "How does any of this work anyways?" you ask, picking up half a rock that was filled with emerald shards
  220. >"You put the rocks in the fields and they grow round. When they're round enough you put them in the pit over the lodestones and the gems form. If there's nothing you start over and put them in the fields again."
  221. >Once everything was sorted into two big piles, Limestone heads to the barn again, she comes back with a harness
  222. >"We have a buyer in town. You can pull Marble out to meet them while I put the rocks out to field."
  223. >Limestone give you the harness
  224. >It was a little tight, probably fit for a pony, but if you put all the adjustments to their max it would fit
  225. >"I take it all back, Corn Husk's human always fights her about the harness. You're pretty good, Anon." Limestone says
  226. >"Mhmm."
  227. >Marble helps clip the cart onto you and climbs on
  228. >Her handling of the reins was very gentle and if you spaced out you might not notice it
  229. >The gem cart... It was heavy
  230. >With all of your effort you got it rolling, and kept it going just below a walking pace
  231. >The road back to town looked like a million miles and felt even longer with how slow you were pulling the cart
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