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  3. For maximum FPS use:
  4. - Graphics: Fast
  5. - Render Distance: Short/Tiny
  6. - Smooth Lighting: OFF
  7. - Performance: Max FPS
  8. - AdvancedOpenGL: Fast
  9. - Clouds: OFF
  10. - Fog: OFF
  11. - Animations: All OFF
  12. - Sky: OFF
  13. - Stars: OFF
  15. Tips and tricks:
  17. 1. Download the latest Java 7 builds from here: Minecraft should run much smoother with less lag spikes. It really helps.
  18. 2. Set the Java process to higher priority
  19. 3. Set "Limit framerate" to Max FPS. The limiter is so implemented that it always decreases the FPS.
  20. 4. Update LWJGL from here.
  21. 5. Lauch Minecraft with less memory (yes, really). Usually it does not need more than 350 MB and runs fine on all settings with the default texture pack. By default java allocates way too much memory (1GB) which may get swapped to disk and the overall performance may suffer a lot. To start Minecraft with less memory:
  22. Download and start the Magic Launcher.
  23. Click Setup, click tab Advanced
  24. Enter 350 in the field "Memory"
  25. Click OK
  26. Login and play
  27. 6. Check your computer for malware and viruses - even "harmless" malware programs may affect badly the Minecraft performance.
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