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  1. ```md
  2. < 5* Fire Warrior Cermia and 5* Warrior Artifact Border Coin >
  3. ```
  4. 6* Max Awakened Stats:
  5. Attack: 1359
  6. Defense: 585
  7. Health: 5542
  8. Speed: 105
  9. Critical Hit Chance: 21.0%
  10. Critical Hit Damage: 150%
  11. Effectiveness: 0%
  12. Effect Resistance: 0%
  13. Dual Attack Chance: 5.0%
  15. Imprint: Critical Hit Chance, All Slots (14.4% SSS)
  16. Comparison:  Charles, Luna
  18. ```diff
  19. - Skills: ```
  21. S1: ST hit (1.2 - 1.56 max enhance ratio). Inflicts unhealable for 1 turn (55-75%).
  22. S2: Grants greater attack buff (2t), resets S3, and grants another turn.
  23. S3: ST hit (1.035 - 1.449 max enhance ratio) (1.485 - 2.079 soulburn). Penetrates 50% defense.
  25. ```diff
  26. - Overview: ```
  28. Welcome back to another week of "my wallet is crying but I NEED this unit!!!" This bi-weekly's banner is a real treat. Finally someone as irresponsible with money as the majority of gacha gamers!
  30. Cermia's flaming hot looks match up equally with her damage potential. She dumps LOADS of it. A raw damage hose. A real firecracker. Do not be fooled by her low S3 ratio. It's supplemented by defense penetration and high attack stats. She sports one of the highest non-RNG attack ratios for S1, a whopping 1.2. Surpassed only by Blaze Dingo's, and Kise's on barrier. On RNG factors, Charles', Luna's would.
  31. Other ST dpsers on par with Cermia would be Lorina, Luna, Challenger Dominiel.
  33. Sporting low team utility as is wont for strong ST dps, Cermia instead exchanges it for incredibly powerful nukes and self sufficiency. She can consecutively launch double nukes all the while maintaining greater attack buff - quad if Iseria backs her up. The closest unit would be Violet or Luna after chancing it with some RNG. Back her up with CR boosters, and you could demolish bosses like me with rule breakers in #e7-general.
  35. Will Cermia replace any of the other ST nukers? The answer is probably not; she's more of a luxury toy for those in the end game with good gear for her to scale with. You'll have more mileage running utility characters.
  37. Some quick notes: Greater attack buff replaces attack buff and will always take precedence over the latter. Def pen and def break are multiplicative, making for Cermia + Def break a total of 85% defense reduction.
  39. ```diff
  40. - Synergies:```
  41. Iseria (With Song of Stars)
  42. Tamarinne
  43. Lots
  44. Auxiliary Lots
  46. Uberius Tooth
  47. Border Coin
  48. Tonfa
  49. Hellcutter
  51. ```diff
  52. -Preliminary PVE:```
  53. Golem would be one of Cermia's primary targets due to elemental advantage, however, you shouldn't be farming golem anymore.
  55. An 85% reduction in defense on standard end game bosses (base ~1250ish) drops it down to 187.5 defense points. On top of only 10 souls in order to burn. Breathtaking.
  57. Due to Cermia's nukes coming back online very quickly via s2, you should capitalize on busting out the big nukes as quickly as possible. This is why I recommend Tamarinne (30-50% CR), Lots, and Aux Lots (80-100% CR) to be paired with Cermia. A quick succession of nukes can bring a boss down to its knees and allow for an easy Arky nuke to finish. If only a forced dual attack would trigger S3 :pepehands:
  59. Possibly a very strong contender to be main DPS on Hell Vera whenever that's released. However, she most likely won't be _core_ due to an abundance of other fire characters that can bring unhealable.
  61. ```diff
  62. -Preliminary PVP:```
  63. Combine her with a CR booster or two to ensure that Cermia gets a kill. She won't live long with all of the Luna's in arena looking to snipe a juicy fire unit.
  64. Her S3 will ensure that she crunches through high defense targets.
  67. Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of ice units, a miss will stop Cermia in her tracks. Earth units are also not as prevalent in defense teams, but Cermia doesn't really need the extra 1.1 damage modifier.
  70. ```diff
  71. -Artifact:```
  72. ** Increases Attack by 7.5% - 15% when using a non-attack skill. Effect can only stack up to 3 times.
  74. A stackable 45% attack buff seems pretty sweet, right? Especially when combined with the juicy greater attack buff for a total of 120% and the fact that it carries between battles. It outpaces all other damage artifacts even at one copy (+15) on Cermia.
  76. It's not as amazing as other universal artifacts due to only a small portion of warriors having a non-attack skill to utilize this artifact.
  78. A list:
  79. 5* **Cermia**
  80. 4* Corvus, **Dingo**, Kitty Clarissa
  81. 3* Rikoris, Helga, Enott
  83. Bolded are the units I consider who will highly appreciate and be able to take advantage of Border Coin.
  85. ```diff
  86. -Should you pull:```
  88. **Short Skirts chasers:** :eyes:
  90. **F2P:** I would say skip. She's not core. She's replaceable. Early game players will find more value in running characters with more utility. Late game players will find that Cermia will find value in the blazing inferno that is her huge damage numbers. I highly recommend that you **save** for the upcoming collab.
  92. **Dolphins:** Does anyone else feel that dolphins are basically shafted? Dumb rates and expensive AF packages. Shoot your shot. Give her a few pulls, she's going to be so much fun when you land easy 50k nukes. Otherwise, **save**.
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