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  1. -   Victor having more of a presence in the story
  2.     o   Victors motivations: Protecting his son, protecting himself, protecting the Malicious, and protecting his business (employees and building)
  3.     o   Wanting to fight against the Orphanage
  4.          Victor putting up more defenses around Golden Tower. He knows fighting Amon head-on is pointless, as he’s done in the past, but he will defend what’s important to him
  5.     o   Wanting to fight against Siegfried and Zander
  6.          This is going to happen in Chapter 6, after the first Maverick fight where Maverick nearly dies. This meets the point where Siegfried believes Victor is evil and must be killed. Victor is only fighting back to defend his son from further harm, reaffirming the belief in Siegfried that Victor is evil for fighting back.
  8. -   Would Victor outright kill Zander when he sees him in Golden Tower?
  9.     o   I think Victor wants to give everyone a chance, even if he knows that they both come from Amon. People gave Victor a chance in his life, and that’s a motto he follows everywhere. This is the first time Zander has ever come to Golden Tower, so maybe he’s on their side this time. He watches Zander’s actions and doesn’t sense him as a threat to either his son or Golden Tower. In fact, Zander embraces the culture and people, making friends along the way and improving himself as the days go on.
  11. -   Would he want to help convince Zander to leave him alone and not interfere with him?
  12.     o   If Victor does have a conversation with Zander, how does Zander take it in the beginning? Does Zander go back to Victor later after finding out the truth from Amon
  13.      To compliment Zander’s story, Zander will not be meeting with Victor in the beginning in the first campaign. However, Zander will be going to meet Victor after Chapter 5, where Siegfried nearly kills Maverick and Zander learns the truth from Amon. Confused, Zander goes to Victor to learn his side of the story. Victor strikes a deal with Zander, saying if both of them leave Maverick and Golden Tower alone, he will not fight back (after Siegfried nearly kills his son). However, if either Siegfried or Zander fight against Maverick or try to enter Golden Tower, Victor will have no choice but to defend his son, himself, and everything he holds dear.
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