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  1. [3:58 PM] Abysa/Dido: L
  2. [3:59 PM] Abysa/Dido: why u gotta try to hack someone on another rsps cuz u mad bro
  3. [3:59 PM] Abysa/Dido: im posting that ip on a dark web forums
  4. [4:00 PM] Abysa/Dido: if its urs or not idrc, 95% that ones ur real ip :p
  5. [4:00 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lucky it’s not my up then we :joy:
  6. [4:00 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Ip*
  7. [4:00 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Every heard of VPN? :joy:
  8. [4:01 PM] Abysa/Dido: meh idc either way its getting posted
  9. [4:01 PM] Abysa/Dido: with all ur other ipds
  10. [4:01 PM] Abysa/Dido: ips
  11. [4:01 PM] Abysa/Dido: u ever logged in with
  12. [4:01 PM] Abysa/Dido: your welcome sir
  13. [4:01 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Damn I’m gonna get ddos’d with my fake ips oh no :joy:
  14. [4:01 PM] Abysa/Dido: ooo noo
  15. [4:01 PM] Abysa/Dido: funny mac adress doeh
  16. [4:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: l0l
  17. [4:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: i like that fakeness
  18. [4:02 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Easy Mac spoofs
  19. [4:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: ik its easy
  20. [4:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: but lucky i can ban 1000 other ways
  21. [4:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: ur pc has over 50 unique serials
  22. [4:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smiley:
  23. [4:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: change all of dem
  24. [4:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: pls
  25. [4:03 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao your gonna start fucking with the wrong person soon :shrug:‍♂️
  26. [4:03 PM] Abysa/Dido: gotta do unfinished clientwork because of ur ass now lol
  27. [4:03 PM] Abysa/Dido: idrc
  28. [4:03 PM] Abysa/Dido: come for me cuhz
  29. [4:03 PM] Abysa/Dido: ill send my addy
  30. [4:03 PM] Abysa/Dido: l0l
  31. [4:03 PM] Abysa/Dido: ill even open my house on google maps for u
  32. [4:03 PM] Abysa/Dido: and show u my room
  33. [4:04 PM] Abysa/Dido: l0l
  34. [4:04 PM] Abysa/Dido: u aint shit  n thas on my momms
  35. [4:04 PM] Abysa/Dido: u left so much proof
  36. [4:04 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao dark web will love it, I know a lot of people :joy:
  37. [4:04 PM] Abysa/Dido: as do i
  38. [4:04 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smile:
  39. [4:04 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Rsps hacking isn’t worth doing it properly that’s why :joy:
  40. [4:04 PM] Abysa/Dido: funny thing is
  41. [4:04 PM] Abysa/Dido: where i live
  42. [4:04 PM] Abysa/Dido: dark web aint gonna do shit
  43. [4:05 PM] Abysa/Dido: i live in summ u call the hood in the usa my frnd
  44. [4:06 PM] Abysa/Dido: cough no response
  45. [4:06 PM] Abysa/Dido: ll
  46. [4:06 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: So your black?
  47. [4:07 PM] Abysa/Dido: wdf why does that matter, i mean ye but most of the population everywhere is white(edited)
  48. [4:08 PM] Abysa/Dido: KKK ass nigguh
  49. [4:09 PM] Abysa/Dido: btw, delusion is trash
  50. [4:09 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smiley:
  51. [4:10 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao because it’ll be harder to find you, and does t sound like I care :joy:
  52. [4:10 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Definitely fucked yourself up buddy
  53. [4:10 PM] Abysa/Dido: k? say less bro, here lemme plug u some info
  54. [4:11 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Do it
  55. [4:11 PM] Abysa/Dido: my irl name is Ray, I live right outside seattle :smiley:
  56. [4:11 PM] Abysa/Dido: and u want a picture of my house>
  57. [4:11 PM] Abysa/Dido: ?
  58. [4:11 PM] Abysa/Dido: or shall i let u send that to me
  59. [4:11 PM] Abysa/Dido: ?
  60. [4:11 PM] Abysa/Dido: :joy:
  61. [4:12 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao you won’t be receiving anything :joy:
  62. [4:12 PM] Abysa/Dido: u aint shit my nigga das all ik, u aint finna do nun
  63. [4:12 PM] Abysa/Dido: l0l
  64. [4:12 PM] Abysa/Dido: i caught u slippin
  65. [4:12 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao your black asf, Gl
  66. [4:12 PM] Abysa/Dido: im exposing u to rune-server btw
  67. [4:12 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smiley:
  68. [4:13 PM] Abysa/Dido: lol thanks my fellow KKK friend
  69. [4:13 PM] Abysa/Dido: u even gave me a nice chatlog
  70. [4:13 PM] Abysa/Dido: to send to Quxx
  71. [4:14 PM] Abysa/Dido: ur server wont be advertised there anymore....
  72. [4:14 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smiley:
  73. [4:14 PM] Abysa/Dido: even less players to add to the 0 who play
  74. [4:14 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao I’m going to fuck you over so bad it’s making me laugh :grin:
  75. [4:14 PM] Abysa/Dido: go for it
  76. [4:15 PM] Abysa/Dido: this is making me laugh
  77. [4:15 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I’ll send you the link where I post your info :grin:
  78. [4:15 PM] Abysa/Dido: thanks man
  79. [4:15 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smile:
  80. [4:15 PM] Abysa/Dido: much appreciated
  81. [4:16 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Gg server too :blush:
  82. [4:16 PM] Abysa/Dido: k?
  83. [4:16 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I don’t just mean ddosing :joy::shrug:‍♂️
  84. [4:17 PM] Abysa/Dido: and? do i pls
  85. [4:17 PM] Abysa/Dido: it*
  86. [4:17 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Np we won’t see you again til you get another pc :blush:
  87. [4:18 PM] Abysa/Dido: amazing
  88. [4:18 PM] Abysa/Dido: id like to see this
  89. [4:18 PM] Abysa/Dido: u cant even get my ip bro
  90. [4:19 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Ez, just don’t grind too hard there’s no point
  91. [4:19 PM] Abysa/Dido: i dont play rsps, or any games on my pc :smiley: no reason to grind
  92. [4:19 PM] Abysa/Dido: everything i have goes thru a VPN and a proxy
  93. [4:20 PM] Abysa/Dido: and i usually work on various VPS's i own
  94. [4:20 PM] Abysa/Dido: pls man
  95. [4:20 PM] Abysa/Dido: pls show me
  96. [4:20 PM] Abysa/Dido: how ur gonneh fk me over
  97. [4:20 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Your lucky I’m working right now :joy:
  98. [4:20 PM] Abysa/Dido: gasp so scared
  99. [4:20 PM] Abysa/Dido: if u didnt have time you wouldnt be msging me
  100. [4:21 PM] Abysa/Dido: you obv have time, so come for me bro
  101. [4:21 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I’m on a machine and using my phone you ghetto fuck
  102. [4:21 PM] Abysa/Dido: u cant type on 2 things at once
  103. [4:21 PM] Abysa/Dido: :p
  104. [4:22 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I don’t type a roller do I?
  105. [4:22 PM] Abysa/Dido: "you ghetto fuck" that shit got me rollin omm
  106. [4:22 PM] Abysa/Dido: tryna be racist without going there
  107. [4:22 PM] Abysa/Dido: lmfaooo
  108. [4:23 PM] Abysa/Dido: u white people
  109. [4:23 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Has your dad come bac from the shop with your watermelon or did they both never come back?
  110. [4:24 PM] Abysa/Dido: lol tht made me laugh real hard i like that one
  111. [4:24 PM] Abysa/Dido: u got anymore?
  112. [4:24 PM] Abysa/Dido: ik u got much more disease to spread like you did to the indians
  113. [4:24 PM] Abysa/Dido: gimme sum more cancer
  114. [4:25 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Your probably the monkey that spread HIV, should be shot along with the cousin your most likely fucking
  115. [4:26 PM] Abysa/Dido: first of all white people fuckin they cousins, and take your kye lukiemia lookin ass back to the colonies
  116. [4:26 PM] Abysa/Dido: ayo skin head that your ears or extra forskin on your head
  117. [4:27 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Too bad your mother didn’t swallow you, didn’t need and more slaves we had enough
  118. [4:28 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Every eaten African food?
  119. [4:28 PM] Abysa/Dido: too bad ur mother swallowed this nigger dick, i dont understand how ur so racist when she loved it, but i was confused part way through she was screaming white power while she was gettin it, like mother like son i guess
  120. [4:29 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: So dry, where’s the good comebacks? :shrug:‍♂️
  121. [4:30 PM] Abysa/Dido: in the kitchen where yo moma makin me cornbread, but sadly its dry as fuck aswell
  122. [4:30 PM] Abysa/Dido: u only said that shit cuz u didnt have a comeback
  123. [4:30 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao that was the worst comeback to mine ever :joy:
  124. [4:30 PM] Abysa/Dido: but where was your comeback
  125. [4:31 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Better get my cum back off your mother then
  126. [4:31 PM] Abysa/Dido: u get ur comebacks from the bazooka joe comics
  127. [4:31 PM] Abysa/Dido: funny u steal mine tho
  128. [4:31 PM] Abysa/Dido: u out yet?
  129. [4:32 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Did you know 80% ghetto kids weren’t wanted and the other 20% were failed abortions? That’s you
  130. [4:33 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Suck to say your dad didn’t tell you your a failed abortions then adopted out
  131. [4:34 PM] Abysa/Dido: hollup 5 secs taking a dab
  132. [4:34 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: ‘Looking up comebacks as I speak’
  133. [4:34 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao you actually sound like a good cunt but you annoyed me :joy:
  134. [4:34 PM] Abysa/Dido: nah im gassing u wit my homies in my house while i smoke
  135. [4:35 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Don’t speak ghetto, translations aren’t found on google either
  136. [4:36 PM] Abysa/Dido: fyi google urban dictionary
  137. [4:36 PM] Abysa/Dido: its made for you white ppl
  138. [4:36 PM] Abysa/Dido: to culturally appropriate
  139. [4:37 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Made for you blacks because none of you know how to finish a word properly
  140. [4:39 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: You cunts are probably or fat smoking weed on the government allowances, with no dads, and all fucking their cousins(edited)
  141. [4:40 PM] Abysa/Dido: u got 1 part right, but wait jus cuz u guys fuck ur cousins doesnt mean every other race does with ur rothschild ugly ass(edited)
  142. [4:40 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Your race fucks their cousins bro what you mean :joy:
  143. [4:41 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Fuck me ive never been this racist in my life :joy:
  144. [4:41 PM] Abysa/Dido: theres only 1 case and precious doesnt count, all ur redneck family be fucking their cousin
  145. [4:42 PM] Abysa/Dido: with ur pedophile, incest race head ass
  146. [4:42 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Your one whole family of wanna be gangsta ghetto kids, probably don’t even know how to fucking spell
  147. [4:42 PM] Abysa/Dido: hollu tho
  148. [4:43 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Obviously ^
  149. [4:43 PM] Abysa/Dido: yall dont jus fuck yo cousins, yall fuck yo sisters, step sisters, uncles, grandmas. you white ppl and your LGBTQ trans handjob gay ass niggas
  150. [4:43 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Go back to school, or at least go find your dad, or even jump back in the toilet where your parents left you in the first place
  151. [4:44 PM] Abysa/Dido: fyi i grew up with a dad tho
  152. [4:44 PM] Abysa/Dido: and a mother
  153. [4:44 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smiley:
  154. [4:44 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Doubt it :joy:
  155. [4:44 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Highly doubt it
  156. [4:46 PM] Abysa/Dido: okay? lmfao thas u cuhz. why dont u shoot up ur school but before that go into the library so u kno what an urban dictionary is
  157. [4:47 PM] Abysa/Dido: why is this entertaining lmfao
  158. [4:47 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: It’s actually pretty crack up I never have roasting sessions anymore
  159. [4:48 PM] Abysa/Dido: nah fr tho school shooter where the comeback lets keep it going
  160. [4:48 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lol leggings then
  161. [4:49 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I know what the urban dictionary is, it’s what you should be studying, but nah your a bum nigga that lives of the government and is constantly trying to find his dad
  162. [4:49 PM] Abysa/Dido: Brady bunch ass nigguh
  163. [4:49 PM] Abysa/Dido: Nigga ur moms on welfare and suckin my people off fo crack
  164. [4:50 PM] Abysa/Dido: only thing u cook bttr than me is meth u whitewashed ass
  165. [4:50 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Your mums gone :joy:
  166. [4:50 PM] Abysa/Dido: thas cold, she alive fyi
  167. [4:50 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Bro clean your teeth I can smell the shit coming out your mouth, too much sucking step daddy’s dick to survive
  168. [4:51 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I meant gone as in not with you right now bro but okay :joy:
  169. [4:51 PM] Abysa/Dido: clean your dick, it smells like uncles ass
  170. [4:51 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Good one good one :joy:
  171. [4:51 PM] Abysa/Dido: id say go church to get help but i think ur priest is raping you too
  172. [4:52 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I’d say go to church also but your priest is your cousin, and he’s raping you, love goes round in your family’s
  173. [4:52 PM] Abysa/Dido: Funny thing is wit ur racist ass, u be talking all that shit, but on my mothers life youd rather fuck a latina or lightskin black bitch over a white bitch
  174. [4:53 PM] Abysa/Dido: thats facts
  175. [4:53 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Lmao
  176. [4:53 PM] Abysa/Dido: exactly nigga
  177. [4:53 PM] Abysa/Dido: on my momma
  178. [4:53 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Gotta give it to you but I gtg :joy:
  179. [4:54 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I’m actually working rn :call_me:
  181. [4:54 PM] Abysa/Dido: ur weaak
  182. [4:54 PM] Abysa/Dido: u sound like the nigga that likes getting choked during se
  183. [4:54 PM] Abysa/Dido: sex
  184. [4:55 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I don’t sit on my ass all day looking up comebacks :watermelon:
  185. [4:56 PM] Abysa/Dido: i dont look up comebacks, its off top, ion gotta research to have creativity like you white people
  186. [4:56 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Shot :joy: but you do
  187. [4:58 PM] Abysa/Dido: Not really, its why my code is better, its why i live a happy life instead of suiciding like you white people
  188. [4:58 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smiley:
  189. [4:59 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Harsh, you don’t know what the fuck I go through, GoodLuck with swat visits
  190. [5:00 PM] Abysa/Dido: damn u hella salty
  191. [5:00 PM] Abysa/Dido: :p say less tho
  192. [5:00 PM] Abysa/Dido: You white people not being able to take jokes
  193. [5:01 PM] Abysa/Dido: The only thing you have is my discord
  194. [5:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: Ive never even downloaded your client to your server
  195. [5:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: u have my name
  196. [5:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: and area
  197. [5:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: if u get swat
  198. [5:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: at my door
  199. [5:02 PM] Abysa/Dido: ill be so fucking amazed and happy
  200. [5:04 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Went that little bit too far
  201. [5:06 PM] Abysa/Dido: nah ill be amazed if u can even get me offline
  202. [5:06 PM] Abysa/Dido: lol
  203. [5:06 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Bro that’s the easiest bit
  204. [5:06 PM] Abysa/Dido: where u getting my ip, they're encrypted over discord, and im using new aliases
  205. [5:07 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smiley:
  206. [5:07 PM] Abysa/Dido: u think im white bro
  207. [5:07 PM] Abysa/Dido: u got me all wrong
  208. [5:07 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Dw programs can crack through a lot so dw
  209. [5:08 PM] Abysa/Dido: u gonna try to wireshark me l0l
  210. [5:08 PM] Abysa/Dido: that dont work either
  211. [5:08 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: This program paid for dw
  212. [5:08 PM] Abysa/Dido: k bro lets get it
  213. [5:09 PM] Abysa/Dido: if i go offline for 10 mins ill paypal you 150$ usd
  214. [5:09 PM] Abysa/Dido: promised and garunteed
  215. [5:09 PM] Abysa/Dido: :smiley:
  216. [5:09 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I’ll put you offline for hours if I want too
  217. [5:09 PM] Abysa/Dido: u realize i have 2 routers in my house? and im using a vpn and proxy
  218. [5:10 PM] Abysa/Dido: im giving u this info too
  219. [5:10 PM] Abysa/Dido: cmon mayne
  220. [5:11 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: I’m at work I can’t do anything here :expressionless: sweet I’ll be ddosing and doxing you, might even try delete your system32 if I can be fucked
  221. [5:11 PM] Abysa/Dido: k man :smile:
  222. [5:12 PM] Abysa/Dido: ill paypal u 50 if u can get my legal name
  223. [5:12 PM] Abysa/Dido: thats ez as fuck
  224. [5:13 PM] Abysa/Dido: I even gave u my first name
  226. [5:13 PM] Ø_MÂĮÑDłVÌŃÎTŸ_Ø: Ez 50
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