first time mom stresses while first time dad comforts. love.

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  1. Waking up in the middle of the night was practically routine for Dyna by now, considering the fact that she had recently become 6 months pregnant and therefore was restless. Waking up in the middle of the night, almost drenched in sweat with tears rolling down her face, though? That wasn't normal.
  2. She forgot what caused it as soon as she sat up and took a sharp inhale. Whatever it was, it was bad. Terrible. Heartbreaking. It had to be a nightmare of sorts, and not just any nightmare. No, it was about all that Dyna could even think about anymore. She wiped at her eyes and looked down to her stomach with a sense of fear that the unknown dream had given her. Was everything going to be okay? Was this her body's way of telling her something was wrong? Was it just the stress Dyna had been dealing with ever since she found out she was pregnant? What was it?
  3. With no hesitation, she turned to look beside her and was taken aback by the fact that nobody was laying there. As if things couldn't get worse in this already delirious state, Gilly was nowhere to be found. Dyna knew he was in bed with her and she knew that he never got up except for the common drive to the dollar store to pick up whatever Dyna demanded to eat that night. Where was he? This questioning didn't help her frantic state any, and soon enough the sobs had evolved into louder crying. Her hands were still placed softly against her stomach and every once in a while, Dyna would rub circles against it. It was to calm the baby - Dyna was not concerned about herself during the upsetting moment. Soothing the baby came before anything she could do to soothe herself.
  4. "Oh, I didn't know you were awake," came a familiar voice from the doorway, "and I'm guessing I'm getting the keys because you're wanting...?"
  5. "Come here, Gil. Please," Dyna whimpered as she dabbed her shirt against her eyes to dry the tears, "please."
  6. "Are you alright?" Gilly asked. He practically slammed the door and paced over to the bed where his wife sat. "Dyna, honey, what is it?" He looked over to her, gently turning her head towards him and attempting to calm her with peaceful shushing sounds. With this, Dyna's emotions exploded again and she buried her face into Gilly's shoulder.
  7. "I...I think...I think I had a nightmare," she managed to choke out, "a nightmare about losing her."
  8. "Her?"
  9. "I hope she's okay. I don't want whatever happened to be true, Gil. I want her to be okay! Is she gonna be okay? She's gotta be, but my damn head wants to say she won't be!" Gilly nodded as Dyna continued to sob, understanding exactly what had happened.
  10. "Sweetheart," he started, "that's all it was. A nightmare. A god awful nightmare, I'm sure."
  11. "I can't even remember what it was about. I know nothing other than her getting hurt," Dyna sniffled. She finally lifted her head from Gilly's shoulder and managed to look him in the eyes.
  12. "Dyna," Gilly started, "she's okay. She's perfectly fine."
  13. "But how do we know? How do we know for sure, Gil? That she's fine?"
  14. "The doctor hasn't noticed any complications or raised any concerns. You constantly insist I stop whatever I'm doing to feel her moving around. We've heard the heartbeat so many times. Dyna, none of what happened in your mind is true. None of it. Nightmares are... well, nightmares," Gilly assured, "and I'm not going to let you believe they can come true. It's not reality, darling. You're fine, I'm fine, and she's most definitely fine." With this, Dyna looked down at the sheets with an embarrassed look.
  15. "I know, I know," she started, "it wasn't real and everything's fine. I hate that you could've been sleeping instead of helping me - oh, never mind. I asked for you to come here. My bad."
  16. "Don't apologize, okay? You have nothing to be ashamed or apologetic about. It happens. Bad dreams happen. Anxiety happens."
  17. "Yeah," Dyna said with a yawn, "it happens." The onset of exhaustion was heading her way - strong emotions usually knocked her out cold until the next morning's sunrise. This time was no different from any other, and Gilly noticed.
  18. "Sleepy now?" he asked gently as he helped Dyna lay back down against the body pillows and extra blanket. Dyna didn't answer his question; at least, she didn't do it verbally. Her eyes were shut, her chest slowly rising and falling to the beats of her breathing.Gilly couldn't help but to gently caress his beloved's face before he softly placed a kiss on her stomach. He proceeded to stand up, walk to the other side of the bed, lay back down, and told his girls he loved them and would love them endlessly before he felt his own eyes becoming heavy. Soon enough, he too had drifted to sleep.
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