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  1.           - '&e{PLAYER}&f: Oh look, a cookie!'
  2.           - '&e{PLAYER}&f: That cookie was delicious!'
  3.           - '&e{PLAYER}&f: But wait, there was a piece of peper in it! What does itsay?'
  4.           Fortune Cookie:
  5.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If you''re not happy where you are, take a few steps
  6.            to the left. If you''re still not happy then we cannot help you.'
  7.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Some of uslearn from the mistakes of others; the
  8.            rest are others.'
  9.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Tomorrow, take a left turn. Then a right turn. Then
  10.            another left turn. You have now reached your destination.'
  11.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: You are unique, just like everybody else.'
  12.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: You may or may not be an indecisive person.'
  13.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: The fortune you seek is inside another cookie.'
  14.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: There are three kinds of people in the world : those
  15.            who can count, and those who can''t.'
  16.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: In a hairdressing shop with 2 hairdressers, choose
  17.            the one with the worst haircut.'
  18.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: A clean bedroom is the sign of a broken computer.'
  19.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: The early bird gets the work, but that''s gross who
  20.            would want a worm???'
  21.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: 34% of statistics found on the internet are completely
  22.            made up!'
  23.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If you don''t want someone to ask you to do something
  24.            again, do it terribly the first time!'
  25.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Strong people don''t put others down. They lift them
  26.            up and slam them on the ground for maximum damage.'
  27.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Don''t worry about stats too much - what matters
  28.            is the fun you have!'
  29.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: The next sentence is a lie. The previous sentence
  30.            is the truth.'
  31.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If you push hard enough you can get through any obstacle
  32.            - except a door marked ''''pull''''!'
  33.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If you need to get your family''s attention, just
  34.            turn off the WiFi for a minute!'
  35.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Nothing ruins a Friday more then realising it''s
  36.            actually a Tuesday.'
  37.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: You started out with nothing, and you still have
  38.            most of it.'
  39.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Do it! Just do it! Don''t let your dreams be dreams,
  40.            just do it!'
  41.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Life is like a box of chocolates. Some people are
  42.            soft-centered, some are tough and chewy, and a few are just plain nuts!'
  43.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If Mom says no, ask Dad!'
  44.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: The universe contains protons, neutrons, electrons
  45.            and morons.'
  46.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Take regular breaks from playing - it''s good for
  47.            your health!'
  48.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If there aren''t any open doors, try a window. If
  49.            there aren''t any open windows, stop trying to break into my house!'
  50.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If you think that nobody cares about you, try not
  51.            paying your bills!'
  52.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Only listen to advice gained from cookies - do not
  53.            trust other fortune-telling foods!'
  54.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Never give up, unless you have entered the International
  55.            Giving Up competition.'
  56.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Make someone else''s day by being a good sport, and
  57.            somebody will make yours!'
  58.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life
  59.            gives you limes, throw the limes out the window and buy some damn lemonade!'
  60.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If you''re not supposed to eat after dark, why is
  61.            there a light in the refrigerator?'
  62.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Change your password to ''''incorrect''''. That way
  63.            if you forget it, your computer will tell you what it is!'
  64.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: If you forget what you look like, just look into
  65.            a mirror. If the mirror doesn''t look back, it''s a window!'
  66.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: You''ll win that *insert game* game. Just keep trying
  67.            until you succeed!'
  68.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: The only substitute for good manners is fast reflexes.'
  69.           - '&eFortune Cookie&f: Relationships are like algebra. You look at your
  70.            X and wonder Y?'
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