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  1. 1.10.1979                                                  67
  2.                                BCPL Standard
  3.        A13 Floating point
  4.            ______________
  5.           There  are  two  possible  schemes  for  a  floating point
  6.        package in BCPL:  on implementations where the cell  size  is
  7.        big  enough  to hold the machine representation of a floating
  8.        point number  the  Floating  Point  Language  Packet  may  be
  9.        implemented and where this is not possible the Floating Point
  10.        Procedure Packet may be  implemented.   In  either  case  the
  11.        Floating Point I/O Procedures should be implemented.
  13. C:=A#+B
  15. Arithmetic Functions
  16.        ____________________
  17.           FPLUS(A,B,C)    C:=A#+B     resultis C
  18.           FMINUS(A,B,C)   C:=A#-B     resultis C
  19.           FNEG(A,B)       B:=#-A      resultis B
  20.           FMULT(A,B,C)    C:=A#*B     resultis C
  21.           FDIV(A,B,C)     C:=A#/B     resultis C
  22.           FABS(A,B)       B:=#ABS A   resultis B
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