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  1. Hello,
  3. Until now a happy customer of Pocket Casts, I heard that you were going to deprive me of the web player access I bought in December 2017, in favor of a new "Pocket Casts Plus" subscription system — after a three-years trial period.
  5. At the time of the purchase, your website stated in unequivocal terms that it was a single, one-time purchase to the web player service. I quote, with emphasis on the bold terms:
  6. - "No monthly subscriptions or freemium hoo-ha"
  7. - "We'll ask you for $9. Just once."
  8. - "We've priced it at a point where we'll stick around to keep it up to date"
  9. - "You can expect support, features and many more awesome things in the future".
  11. At this point, I consider you have a legal binding commitment to fulfill this purchase, for as long as your company is operating the service. Removing access to the web player after a 3-year period, in clear violation of the initial agreement, is a revocation of my purchase.
  13. Unless you can guarantee a lifetime access to the web player service, I thereby ask for a full $9 (or €9.60) refund of my purchase (ord. number #xxxxxxx / transaction xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / mail xxxxxxxxxx / name xxxx xxxxx).
  15. Looking forward to hear back from you,
  16. Sincerely yours,
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