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  1. <b><size=36><align="center"><color=#FFA500>Lingie's Super SCP!  :D</color></align></size>
  2. <align="center">Visit our public Discord @ <u><link=""></link></u></align>
  4. <size=18><b>The gem of the southeast, and the #1 place for rebalanced SCP:SL action!  If you're curious about our balance changes, please visit our public Discord/Information channel.  In short, time-to-kill has been adjusted by giving human players more life, and by giving SCPs life regeneration while standing still.</b></size>
  6. <color=#FFB6C1>If you enjoy the service we provide,</color> <color=#FF4500><u><link="">check out our Patreon</link></u></color> <color=#FFB6C1>to gain access to dedicated slots, privilege groups, custom badges, and more.</color>
  9. Our Rules:  <color=#FF4500><u><link="">Click Here for the full information.</link></u></color>
  10. <size=8>====================================================</size>
  11. <size=10>These offenses will be warned against, and then punished for subsequent occurrences.
  12.  - No Harassment / Targeted Profanity
  13.  - Micspam or Microphone Abuse
  14.  - Camping or Holding the game hostage
  15.  - Griefing or working against your teammates in any way.
  17. This set of offenses go without warning, and will be immediately punished.  They include:
  18.  - Removing the disarmed status of a detained player, only to shoot them dead,  or shooting them while disarmed.
  19.  - Leaving to Avoid Punishment or Ban Evasion
  20.  - Racism
  21.  - Sexual Harassment or Pedophilia
  22.  - Breach (or threats) to privacy and/or well being
  23.  - Exploiting glitches
  24.  - Ghosting or using other comms to communicate game happenings
  25.  - Hacking, or raiding our servers.
  27. Joining our server acknowledges that you have read the rules, and will comply with them.  Rules are subject to change.  Severity of cases will result in more serious punishment, and potential instant termination of services rendered.</size>
  29. <size=16>For the complete list of our rules, with more detailed descriptions about how we determine if they're being infringed, please click the link above or visit our Discord and check out our #rules_and_patreon channel.</size>
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