Imoutocon x Korosucon C

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  1. [20:26:32] <Vena> Whatever the case, it's Vena that finds people, so THE OPENING POST IS YOURS
  2. [20:26:50] <Gustav> So I have no idea what's gonna be happening here.  I imagine we're back to shortly after the 'final' boss fight?
  3. [20:27:03] <Scuttlebug> whenever you want rly
  4. [20:27:38] <Scuttlebug> gus is probably near the treasure hoard because aryll went south to do commander stuff
  5. [20:28:13] <Gustav> Treasure hoard?  Sylvie's?
  6. [20:28:26] <Scuttlebug> yeah
  7. [20:28:32] <Gustav> That's near the hotsprings right?  Which is kinda near where we had the big fight?
  8. [20:28:54] <Scuttlebug> Oh no, it's near the capital further south, underneath a national landmark mountain
  9. [20:29:00] <Scuttlebug> I mean technically it's not THAT far
  10. [20:29:14] <Scuttlebug> considering you marched from there to Partizania and the springs within a few days to a week
  11. [20:29:55] <Scuttlebug> But Falchea Peak (the aforementioned landmark) actually is the site of where pegasi are trained and raised, meaning it's the RPC's operating HQ, so that's a thing
  12. [20:30:38] <Gustav> Aight aight, I see how this works
  13. [20:30:45] <Gustav> Time for sappy sentimentalism
  14. [20:33:15] <Gustav> So Aryll's probably off actually having a job, everyone else is doing their thing, and Gustav's just chilling all reminiscingly near a tiny unmarked grave a little ways off.
  15. [20:40:44] <Vena> Vena, not too close, actually sticks her head out of some tree branches. Surely there's a tree around here. "So if I had to take a guess, that's where she is, huh?"
  16. [20:43:25] <Gustav> Nope, no trees anywhere, it's a grassy treeless little hillock.  You're gonna have to walk up all visible from a distance.  
  17. [20:43:28] <Gustav> "Mmm"  He barely grunts in acknowledgement, just keeps watching the clouds roll lazily by.
  18. [20:47:40] <Vena> When in doubt, she will use plain sight as an acceptable cover. ...Ah, the melancholic type. Let's see how long he keeps this up. She's actually quite fine with just sitting around for at least an entire half-hour. Being outside is a nice change of pace, after all! Will he not say anything for an entire half-hour? Yes is an acceptable answer.
  19. [20:49:20] <Gustav> What, only a half-hour?  He's totally used to spending several hours a day cloudwatching 'round here as of late.
  20. [20:53:58] <Vena> Jesus. "...How long do you plan on being here, anyway?"
  21. [20:55:27] <Gustav> "Long as I feel like it.  Ain't got much else to do lately anyways"
  22. [20:59:25] <Vena> "I'm hoping you're mostly here for the view and alone time, and not crippling guilt or anything. ...Suppose your wife is a handful?"
  23. [21:00:31] <Scuttlebug> Two handfuls, but barely more than that.
  24. [21:00:47] <Gustav> Mostly on the other side though
  25. [21:00:54] <Scuttlebug> ... yeah
  26. [21:00:55] <Scuttlebug> actually
  27. [21:00:56] <Scuttlebug> yeah
  28. [21:01:00] <Gustav> Not so much on the front
  29. [21:01:12] <Scuttlebug> wall in front, cushion in back
  30. [21:01:14] <Scuttlebug> sorry, continue
  31. [21:01:20] <Gustav> Not too much though
  32. [21:04:46] <Gustav> "Eh not really, more like she's the one with her hands full lately.  Gonna be even crazier once the kids' here in a month or so"  
  33. [21:04:48] <Gustav> "Jest got lots o' time to kill lately, 's nice to come out here and think 'bout stuff."
  34. [21:10:46] <Vena> "Heh, fair enough. Best join her once they are, though. Last thing you need to be doing when that time comes is sitting around here. Melancholy'll make you dull, kids will run circles around you."
  35. [21:13:36] <Gustav> He smirks "Of course, she's so busy with 'er new position I'll probably be the one's raisin' 'em"
  36. [21:13:39] <Gustav> "So what're you doin' out here, imposin' on my 'lone time?"
  37. [21:17:59] <Vena> "Getting the jump on people so I don't get dull...hard to do that here, but hey, I tried. ...Also, uh, was making sure you weren't being completely miserable after I went to town on the one you'd wanted to handle. Figured I should make sure that you weren't either collapsing under your own feelings or harboring an intense grudge. Feely types do that sort of thing, it's
  38. [21:17:59] <Vena> never good news." Just convinently forget about Dat Boi.
  39. [21:25:24] <Gustav> "No no, ya' got it all wrong.  Pretty sure I couldn't 'ave done it myself anyways.  Charles an' I already talked about it, was gonna let 'im be the one.  I just wanted to see 'er one last moment before the end, even if she was tryin' ta kill us"
  40. [21:25:25] <Gustav> "Only a small, last minute comfort you denied me.  Not much I suppose, really."
  41. [21:34:26] <Vena> "Ah...well, I guess that's a relief? ...With all that moping you appear to be doing, here I thought you'd need a stern talking to or something, but it seems you've got it all worked out, and you seem to be mostly content..."
  42. [21:39:32] <Gustav> "Well . . . at peace, shall we say.  Best I can hope for now."
  43. [21:39:40] <Gustav> "Surprised you care enough to check up actually, maybe I was wrong and y'aint such a selfish git like most stealthy-types after all"
  44. [21:45:59] <Vena> Vena seems surprised! It's that 'clearly acting' kind of surprise. "Me, not a selfish git? Oh come on, I've been spending the last few months sorting through a treasure horde, and I don't plan on sharing a piece of it for free. I only come outside on occasion, since I'm so busy with that! I'm definitely selfish, and I'm certainly a jerk, especially once I've gotten into
  45. [21:45:59] <Vena> the flow of cutting people's limbs off. I'm just not a heartless monster that can't comprehend human emotion like the thing we're going to be fighting, that's all!"
  46. [21:47:15] <Scuttlebug> Oh yeah intermission btw: I told THF about N.O.'s motivations, not any different from the details you all already know, and his response was 'the players are the ones in the wrong.'
  47. [21:47:17] <Scuttlebug> gave me a laff
  48. [21:48:08] <Gustav> Gustav was half-tempted to side with him, it wasn't a clear-cut decision for 'im
  49. [21:50:14] <Vena> You can totally mention that if you want
  50. [21:50:17] <Scuttlebug> yeah i just wanted to mention that, because apparently that means nihi considered siding with him too
  51. [21:50:32] <Vena> embrace meme
  52. [21:50:35] <Scuttlebug> (because nihi is literally just THF but as a dragon)
  53. [21:50:50] <Gustav> Nihi has a half-fae catboy fetish?
  54. [21:50:59] <Vena> GUYS
  55. [21:51:05] <Scuttlebug> half-fae catboy, NTR, same thing
  56. [21:52:26] <Gustav> "Comprehendin' don't mean ya gotta act on it tho.  For others, I mean.  Ah yer right, you're still mostly a selfish git, happy?"  
  57. [21:52:28] <Gustav> "Though I do hope you'll share least a bit of that gold, kids're expensive after all"
  58. [21:56:59] <Vena> "Comprehending it opens up all sorts of opportunities, good and bad. Just count yourself lucky that no one could really disagree that we're fighting for a good cause here, and that I'm not someone with reason to do political mindgames~"
  59. [21:57:06] <Vena> "Oh, and I'll totally share SOME of it."
  60. [21:57:11] <Vena> "You know, as a loan."
  61. [22:00:23] <Vena> "(The kind with interest.)"
  62. [22:01:07] <Gustav> "And what, pray tell, is a 'loan' supposed ta mean?"
  63. [22:03:31] <Vena> "Well, a loan is when you borrow money from someone, and you pay it all back later. Generally, that service isn't free, and people tack on an interest, which basically just means that the longer they have the money, the more they have to pay in the end. Good for people that have suddenly had an expensive accident or people that want to get something REALLY nice for someone
  64. [22:03:31] <Vena> right now but don't have the cash for it right away."
  65. [22:10:03] <Gustav> "Sounds dumb, just earn money yerself"
  66. [22:10:18] <Gustav> "'n don't spend money that ain't yours"
  67. [22:13:49] <Vena> "If more people thought that, perhaps I wouldn't have been so busy before my job as a bodyguard. Hah. Still, some situations don't leave much waiting room!"
  68. [22:25:09] <Gustav> "Don't sound too bright.  But whatevs, I was thinking more like a birthday gift y'know?  For the kids"  
  69. [22:25:11] <Gustav> "Anyways"  he gives a big stretch and starts sitting up "I should probably be headin' back, Aryll'll be home soon and it'd be nice ta have some dinner ready when she does"
  70. [22:30:12] <Vena> "Yeah, that sounds like a plan. And we'll see if I lose my mind after the last encounter and I start feeling generous for a change. I did give you the gift of the finishing blow on the last one, after all, surely that's worth something, right~?"
  71. [22:30:31] <Vena> "Good luck, make someone proud, so on."
  72. [22:35:37] <Gustav> "Yeah I guess.  See 'ya around.  Don't drown in that pool o' gold before the big day"  He heads back off to the, uh, inhabited areas
  73. [22:48:26] <Scuttlebug> flamy
  74. [22:49:33] <Flamy> is your dark work done
  75. [22:49:53] <Scuttlebug> no but theirs is
  76. [22:49:56] <Scuttlebug> i need you to do the thing
  77. [22:50:19] <Flamy> > Gustav and Vena have attained a Support Rank of C!
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