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  1. F-Chat Log: monstergirl rancher, Mon Mar 25 2019 00:26:23 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
  2. [20:38] Jen Carol looms over the young man with a sunny smile, sweeping him up into a hug.
  3. "Sweetheart! I missed you so much!~"
  4. [20:42] Monstergirl Rancher leans against. Is getting another room set up.
  5. [20:43] Jen Carol cuddles her beloved boss close, gently petting his head.
  6. [20:45] Monstergirl Rancher huffs happily and just rests against.
  7. [20:47] Jen Carol beams and smooches her little guy, nestling him nice and snug in between her breasts.
  8. "It's been so long, honey.... and I've been just soooo pent up with milk~"
  9. [20:47] Monstergirl Rancher isn't quite in an IC mood at the moment, but can talk for now. =w=
  10. [20:47] Jen Carol: First of all, how goes it? It's good to see the Ranch back.
  11. [20:48] Monstergirl Rancher: I'm still dealing with the metric BOATLOAD of stress I've got, but I am managing.
  12. [20:48] Jen Carol: Oh god
  13. [20:48] Monstergirl Rancher: Also aquired a new kink. Vorish cuckoldry. =w=
  14. [20:48] Jen Carol: Oh?
  15. [20:49] Monstergirl Rancher: Mhm. Remember that picture of Syraia getting eaten by Rinza?
  16. [20:50] Monstergirl Rancher: Watching girls I like geat eaten by other girls and then tormented about it.
  17. [20:51] Jen Carol: Ahhh
  18. [20:51] Monstergirl Rancher: Mhm. Gets me all squirmy. =w=
  19. [20:52] Jen Carol: Do I fit into that category of liked girls, if you don't mind me asking?~
  20. [20:53] Monstergirl Rancher: Mhm. =w=. You made the effort to fit Jen into Rori's canon
  21. [20:53] Jen Carol: Heh, what can I say? I like your little guy~
  22. [20:53] Jen Carol: Also, Jen's got relatives now!
  23. [20:55] Monstergirl Rancher: I saw
  24. [20:55] Jen Carol: Nothing stopping you from having all of them, just an FYI~
  25. [20:56] Monstergirl Rancher: Heh, nice nice. Right now, more just kinda wanting to be in a helpless position as girls I like are churned up by others.
  26. [20:57] Jen Carol: So somethin' like Harold shitting out what's left of Syraia in front of you?
  27. [20:57] Monstergirl Rancher: More like a big girl.
  28. [20:57] Monstergirl Rancher: Like, as I said: Rinza.
  29. [20:58] Monstergirl Rancher: So maybe a pair of ogre girls having eaten Jen and Syr.
  30. [20:58] Jen Carol: Oh my
  31. [20:58] Monstergirl Rancher: Mhm
  32. [20:59] Jen Carol: How about being pressed in between those two big gurgling guts so you're forced to feel the desperate struggling of the girls inside as they're slowly melted away, getting more and more frantic and desperate as the acids rise around them before quickly going still as their big bodies are swiftly melted away?~
  33. [20:59] Monstergirl Rancher: Mmm, something like that.
  34. [21:00] Monstergirl Rancher: here's the picture.
  35. [21:01] Jen Carol: I remember it, yeah.
  36. Honestly, I need to get a pic of Harold getting to nom Syr sometime
  37. [21:01] Monstergirl Rancher: I might get something since Tax Return is soon
  38. [21:03] Monstergirl Rancher: But yeah.
  39. [21:03] Monstergirl Rancher: Two big, greedy gals just gulping down my favorite girls.
  40. [21:04] Jen Carol: I'm kinda the same way now that I think about it
  41. [21:04] Jen Carol: Ladies that I love getting turned into fat and shit.
  42. [21:05] Monstergirl Rancher: Aye. I've been a little down on the disposal side of things lately. More mode based.
  43. [21:05] Jen Carol: For me, I think that it's more how it's handled.
  44. The many woes of being thirsty for very specific things.
  45. [21:05] Monstergirl Rancher: Oh don't get me started. =w=
  46. [21:06] Jen Carol: To nobody on this site having good taste, I suppose
  47. [21:06] Monstergirl Rancher: You mean 90% of the Frenzy's Clientele?
  48. [21:07] Jen Carol: Mhm
  49. [21:07] Jen Carol: Also, new question: What kinds of monstergirls are kept at the ranch? There's minotaurs and now dryads, but what else?
  50. [21:07] Monstergirl Rancher: Basicy anything you could find int he MGE.
  51. [21:07] Monstergirl Rancher: Save for the more eldritch styff.
  52. [21:08] Jen Carol: Gotcha.
  53. God dammit, now you've got me thirsting for big plump well-fed dryads
  54. [21:08] Monstergirl Rancher: Snrk.
  55. [21:09] Monstergirl Rancher: Alas, I can't endulge in my thirstiness. No place to myself for the time being.
  56. [21:09] Jen Carol: Orcs are prolly used as broodsows - fattened up nice and good on cum to keep pumping out babies.
  57. [21:09] Monstergirl Rancher: That's for the bad ones. Rori does re-integrate well behaved girls into society.
  58. [21:10] Jen Carol: The bad ones are either broken into breeding cows or turned into fat or cum
  59. [21:10] Monstergirl Rancher: Mmmmhm
  60. [21:13] Jen Carol: Mmmph... a couple of big, fat ogres or minotaurs stuffed into your guts and nuts as equally huge girls pamper you... Gold Ending material right there.
  61. [21:13] Monstergirl Rancher: =w=
  62. [21:14] Monstergirl Rancher: Gotta get a regular refrence for Rori too,
  63. [21:15] Jen Carol: Mmh.
  65. I still need some art for Harold - although I did manage to get a free pic or two of him.
  66. [21:15] Monstergirl Rancher: Oh?
  67. [21:17] Jen Carol: Mhm. Mostly by personally knowing a few folks
  68. [21:17] Monstergirl Rancher wishes he were that lucky.
  69. [21:19] Jen Carol: IDK - the art is... well, it's kinda odd-looking.
  70. [21:19] Jen Carol:
  73. [21:19] Monstergirl Rancher: ...Oh.
  74. [21:20] Monstergirl Rancher: Yeah, I can see why. Guy's style is not my cup of tea.
  75. [21:20] Jen Carol: Mhm
  76. [21:21] Monstergirl Rancher: Even the slightly weird looking Harold by Gregoyle fits better. =w=
  77. [21:23] Jen Carol: I *am* getting a pic of him from an artist called Lutt in the immediate future - should look good.
  78. [21:24] Monstergirl Rancher: Show me a page, mang
  79. [21:25] Jen Carol:
  80. [21:25] Monstergirl Rancher: Looks a little off but not borderline grotesque like the other one.
  81. [21:26] Jen Carol: Yeah, he definitely does anthros better than humans.
  82. [21:26] Jen Carol: To be fair, though, I can tell you right now that drawing humans fucking sucks.
  83. [21:26] Monstergirl Rancher: It takes a while to get good
  84. [21:26] Monstergirl Rancher: Practice anatomy
  85. [21:36] Jen Carol: Mhm
  86. [21:38] Monstergirl Rancher lays onin the meantime.
  87. [21:38] Jen Carol sets her master onto her chest to rest.
  88. [21:38] Monstergirl Rancher: Mmm.
  89. [21:50] Monstergirl Rancher: Hey, wanna throw the room in your status?
  90. [21:51] Jen Carol: Aight.
  91. [22:27] Monstergirl Rancher: Mmmm, might be up for that idea I had a bit earlier.
  92. [22:29] Jen Carol: Jen and Syr being eaten?
  93. [22:30] Monstergirl Rancher: Mhm
  94. [22:32] Jen Carol: Aight. You have anybody in mind to do the eating?
  95. [22:38] Monstergirl Rancher: Mmmm, pair of non-descript orcesses
  96. [22:39] Jen Carol: Aight.
  97. [22:40] Monstergirl Rancher: Mmmm, pinned by one as the other two snack on em...
  98. [22:43] Jen Carol: Mmph~
  99. [22:44] Monstergirl Rancher: Mmmrf...
  100. [22:44] Monstergirl Rancher: Bullying him as he gets all stiff too
  101. [22:46] Jen Carol: "You're actually gettin' off to your li'l girlfriends becomin' orc fat?~ You're even more of a pervert than I thought~"
  102. "Hey, he must know that they're gonna become part of somethin' better - us!~"
  103. [22:46] Monstergirl Rancher: Huff... yeah, stuff like that. =w=
  104. [22:47] Jen Carol: ...Fuck, I might make a profile for the orc that digests the both of those girls.
  105. [22:47] Monstergirl Rancher: Hrf.
  106. [22:51] Jen Carol: Like, a fuckin' goddess of orckind
  107. [22:51] Monstergirl Rancher: Oooof. =////=
  108. [22:53] Jen Carol: A huge green fatass ready to mother a new civilization of orcs at any time
  109. [22:53] Monstergirl Rancher: Mmmm. Either way, just a muscular orc gal that gets a huge gut...
  110. [22:54] Jen Carol: Then becomes strongfat~
  111. [22:54] Monstergirl Rancher: =////=
  112. [22:56] Monstergirl Rancher: Getting me all squirmy...
  113. [22:57] Jen Carol: And she'd be sure to let you have a front-row seat as her first two lovely sacrifices are melted away to become nothing more than a part of her.~
  114. [22:57] Monstergirl Rancher: Hrf...
  115. [22:57] Monstergirl Rancher squirms so nicely...
  116. [22:58] Jen Carol: Maybe she'd even let you get a feel of them in their new form, burying you under thousands of pounds of superior orcfat~
  117. [22:58] Monstergirl Rancher: Mrf.... soon as people leave the room, I eagerly await the teasing...
  118. [23:03] Monstergirl Rancher: Hrf... =////=
  119. [23:04] Monstergirl Rancher: Are you makin her now?
  120. [23:07] Jen Carol: I meant after the RP, once I have a feel for her character.
  121. [23:07] Monstergirl Rancher: Oooooh
  122. [23:08] Monstergirl Rancher squirms a bit. Do you mind if he posts shorter posts? He's been stressed and the day off for his birthday only helped soo much
  123. [23:08] Jen Carol: S'fine, don't worry.
  124. [23:08] Monstergirl Rancher wiggles, held fast by the two orc women...
  125. [23:09] Jen Carol: "What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of this fat-titted snake slut melting away inside me~"
  126. "And this big beef dinner's gurglin' nice and loud, too~"
  127. [23:10] Monstergirl Rancher: (Mrf... I wanna watch her swallow them.)
  128. [23:12] Jen Carol: (Gotcha)
  129. [23:12] Monstergirl Rancher fights as hard as he can within the grip of the two orc women, screaming through his gag as he's held fast by the two strong women...!
  130. [23:15] Jen Carol: The shorter of the two only snickered as she easily held the boy back; the bigger one, a herculean specimen of orc kind, grinned hungrily as she grabbed Syraia by the shoulders and slowly slipped her down her gullet headfirst, making sure to savor and nibble on the lamia's enormous breasts as the deliciously plump oasis goddess was slowly slurped down like an enormous meaty noodle. Jen, meanwhile, wasn't much better off; the green-skinned amazon had positioned her blonde beef dinner behind her, and the reason for doing so would become all too clear as she raised her brawny rear and SLAMMED it down on top of Jen's head, her thick donut hole of a pucker easily stretching around the bound, squirming holstaur's head and shoulders and causing milk to squirt from her titanic tits as they were forced into her bowels' tighter confines.
  131. [23:16] Monstergirl Rancher 's screams would only intensify, the young rancher screaming in anger and horror as his girls were turned into food right before his very eyes... and yet... in those pants, that rather impressive rod of his stirred...
  132. [23:19] Jen Carol: "You act like you hate seeing your precious cum dumpsters being eaten by a real pred, but your body says something different~" Rori's green-skinned captor purred as she groped his thick, meaty package. "You're even more pathetic than I thought; your little girlfriends are going down my sister's throat right in front of you, but all that you can think about is how much this is making your dick hard.~"
  133. [23:20] Monstergirl Rancher: "Mrf...Mnnrrgph..." he whimpers, his length at full mast, forced to watch the hungry display of gluttony before him, as both of the orc continued their bountiful feast, his cock already leaking like a fountain...
  134. [23:24] Jen Carol: His captor's grin was nothing short of sadistic as she reached down and began to fondle the boy's full churning balls, further getting him off to the scene before him. Her larger sister's tongue was buried in Syraia's cunt, eating her out in one last mocking display as her lips slowly but surely wrapped around her wide birthing hips; on the opposite end, Jen's enormous tits were already bulging out the orc's belly as her fat middle was slowly pulled into her devourer's bowels, soon to be dragged up farther into the gut that had already claimed her.
  135. [23:25] Monstergirl Rancher: (Rffff, oh god I'm legitimately squirming...)
  136. [23:26] Monstergirl Rancher 's dick continues to ooze sticky globs of pre-jizz, squirming furiously in the captor's grip as he's so brazenly molested by the two women. Those muscles of his useless in the grasp of two strong orc predators...
  137. [23:31] Jen Carol: "That's it; cum for us~" The smaller orc murmurs into her captive's ear, her free hand cupping his head and forcing him to watch the display of unbridled gluttony. "Deny it all you want, but you fucking *love* this, and we both know it. So why don't you cum like a good boy now, and let us have the meal that we deserve?~"
  139. As she spoke, Syraia's squirming and thrashing would finally weaken, then stop as she reached an unwilling orgasm to the green-skinned goliath's tongue, unwittingly sealing her face. The big orc grinned around her mouthful of goddess meat as she tilted her head back and bolted down the lamia's thick, fat rear before slooooowly slurping down inch after inch of that deliciously long, meaty tail; as she did so, the jade giantess turned her head to look Rori directly in the eye, still grinning around her mouthful of scales as she tilted her head back to show off the bulge in her gullet that the goddess-turned-lunch made.
  140. [23:33] Monstergirl Rancher closes his eyes tightly, trying to look away, but his lower half is still 'crying', sending deep drips of the salty pre-jizz onto the floor, moaning and sobbing through the gag about his mouth. His balls start to bunch up...
  141. [23:36] Jen Carol: The orc woman sees this and eagerly speeds up her ministrations, teasing his glans with her thumb to further pleasure the boy and get him to cum like the gutslut he is. Across from the clearing, Jen's great pudgy belly is just now disappearing into the bigger orc's ass, her wide hips momentarily hanging from the green-skinned woman's narrower ones before finally sinking down into the hungry depths of her devourer's bowels; her kicking legs and lashing tail are all that remain, hanging from the gigantic predator's ass like a clip-on tail as her gut swells past her knees with the sheer amount of meat packed away within the gurgling dome.
  142. [23:37] Monstergirl Rancher: (Mrrf... one last post of them sucking them down and just.... gurgling them... so close...>///<)
  143. [23:38] Monstergirl Rancher whines, his balls pulling up, his glans swelling... oh he's about to burst...
  144. [23:42] Jen Carol: With one more gulp and one more clench of her anal muscles, two gigantic paragons of beauty and fertility are gone; the tip of Syraia's tail slithers past the orc's lips just as Jen's still-twitching hooves sink past the thick anal ring. The green-skinned woman's gut swells even larger as it thuds onto the ground, squirming and writhing at first as the two titanesses trapped inside of it desperately fight for life, but it only lasts for a few seconds before that tremendously distended gut begins to fill with stinging cloying gastric juices; in just a few moments, the enormous curves clearly outlined through that emerald green skin lose their shape and their structure, melting away into what the two fatasses had always been destined to become - fat and fuel for a predator greater than the both of them combined, who was currently cooing over her sloshing, gurgling belly as it worked to liquefy her feast.
  145. [23:43] Monstergirl Rancher: (Mrrfff... tease me bout them being perma'd...>////<)
  146. [23:46] Jen Carol: "Say goodbye to those delicious fat sluts~" The big orc chuckled as she dragged her churning belly towards the bound boy until his fat drooling cock was digging into the soft smooth skin. "There's no coming back for them this time - they've finally been put in their proper place as part of something greater than they could have ever imagined~ Why don't you send them off with that big, juicy dick of yours, hm?~ Give my gut a nice white glaze, a proper farewell for two walking hunks of meat~"
  147. [23:47] Monstergirl Rancher fucking GYSERS, the rancher moaning loudly as he pops hard, his cock fountaining so much jizz all over the green belly, coating it with a thick layer of rancher icing...~!
  148. [23:51] Jen Carol: And the victorious predator is all too eager to grind that gigantic cum-drenched gut into the boy's body, giving him one last humiliating feel of the remains of his former lovers before they finally cave in under his touch with a nasty-sounding SQUELCH!, collapsing into little more than meaty glop sloshing inside of a superior hunter.
  149. "Oh, don't look so down; in two days' time, you'll have forgotten that they ever existed.~" The orc taunts him as she gives her gut a little jostle. "After all, you'll be serving somebody far more worthy of praise from now on.~"
  150. [23:51] Monstergirl Rancher: =///=
  151. [23:51] Monstergirl Rancher: Thank you. Lovely little late B-day gift.
  152. [23:52] Jen Carol:
  153. [23:53] Monstergirl Rancher: ...
  154. [23:53] Monstergirl Rancher: Goddamnit you memelord. X3
  155. [23:54] Jen Carol: Hue hue hue hue
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