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  1. [19:55] <Gamesmaster> It is 17:00 hours, 5th October, 3067. After the assault on the jumpship being successful, the cadets retired back to the Claws of Vengeance on orders of DeVega, to get some much needed rest and recuperation. After resting for several hours, the cadets awake aboard the ship and, under orders from DeVega, are instructed to resume investigations into both the jumpship and any captured enemy assets. The cadets meet in the mess hall, surrounded by a mass of crewsmen, to take stock of their situation.
  2. [20:02] <Gamesmaster> The cadets meet in the mess hall, surrounded by a mass of crewsmen, to take stock of their situation.
  3. [20:04] * Shinzi Asks Stephan what was in the data recovered from the jumpship
  4. [20:04] * ^Vane^ finds a seat with his tray of barely recogniseable foodstuff next to Shinzi.
  5. [20:05] * Shinzi whilst waving his fork above his scrambled eggs pointedly
  6. [20:05] * Ridian sits back and chows down, inspecting the questionable scran
  7. [20:05] <Stephan> Nothing comprehensible. The entire database was in Japanese.
  8. [20:06] <Jacob_Dorn> Where did they store the armour? I wish to take a look at it.
  9. [20:06] <Stephan> I have yet to look at the data pulled form the remains of the original operating system.
  10. [20:07] <Shinzi> I'll have a look when I can. See if there is anything I can figure out from it.
  11. [20:07] * Shinzi wolfs down more eggs
  12. [20:08] * Jacob_Dorn head over to teh Krations for some more dubiously tastey "blue" meat
  13. [20:08] * Ridian yells to JAcob
  14. [20:09] <^Vane^> You were with those people before your were isorla?
  15. [20:09] <^Vane^> *at shinzi*
  16. [20:09] <Ridian> Get the crunchy looking bits, it stares less back at you
  17. [20:09] <Stephan> The battlearmour was put into the mech bay. Did you not listen?
  18. [20:09] <Shinzi> That is true.
  19. [20:09] <Shinzi> *at Vane*
  20. [20:10] <Stephan> I am severely damaged and not hungry at present. I will report to sickbay.
  21. [20:10] * Stephan leaves
  22. [20:10] * Shinzi Whispers to Vane "When did Stephan become a robot?"
  23. [20:10] <Jacob_Dorn> Domo Arigatto Mr Roboto
  24. [20:11] <^Vane^> At birth I think.
  25. [20:11] <Ridian> I think the potato is scared that if he hangs around too long he will be come lunch
  26. [20:11] <Shinzi> Cut him open, pour on the beans, good lunch
  27. [20:11] <Shinzi> Finishes eggs, goes to get more eggs
  28. [20:12] <Ridian> Or you know, could just chip him then fry him up. THough it generally looks like he has tried that one himself
  29. [20:12] * Jacob_Dorn chews on some more blue meat "Tastes like sour kraut when you get used to it"
  30. [20:13] <^Vane^> Sour crouwt?
  31. [20:14] <Jacob_Dorn> Fried red onion.
  32. [20:14] <^Vane^> Oh.
  33. [20:14] * Shinzi returns with more eggs and some blue meat
  34. [20:14] * Stephan sighs as he leaves
  35. [20:14] * ^Vane^ continues picking at his food.
  36. [20:14] <Jacob_Dorn> In other words tastes nice and like shit at the same time.
  37. [20:15] <Jacob_Dorn> But then I wouldnt know I have never had it HA!
  38. [20:15] <^Vane^> Ah, yes, so kinda like this. Only with more nice.
  39. [20:16] <Jacob_Dorn> I guess I have got used to the lack of flavour.. Just wish there was some blue milk to go with it.
  40. [20:16] <Jacob_Dorn> Oh well.
  41. [20:16] <Ridian> Lets be honest, if whatever gave us this meat had milk, it would probably be red or black or some shit
  42. [20:16] <Ridian> and probably be good to reseal your walls
  43. [20:17] <^Vane^> So, do we have any captives to interrogate? Dorn killed all of ours.
  44. [20:17] * Shinzi there was this odd animal at home, similar to a monkey, that if you milked it, the milk was green
  45. [20:17] <Shinzi> but if you cut it up to eat it, the flesh was orange
  46. [20:17] <Shinzi> very odd animal
  47. [20:18] <Ridian> Mmmm, well there is Diersans new cock ring if that counts ?
  48. [20:18] <Shinzi> much better than this. *swallows huge chunk of blue meat and eggs*
  49. [20:18] <^Vane^> Wait, the meat or the green milk?
  50. [20:19] <Jacob_Dorn> As he is nore here maybe he is buesy bending said being over a table.
  51. [20:19] <Ridian> Like a true clansman
  52. [20:19] * Ridian rolls eyes
  53. [20:19] <Jacob_Dorn> Indeed
  54. [20:20] <^Vane^> What are you even talking about?
  55. [20:20] <Ridian> Oh didnt you know, Diersan picked up a mansalve on the jump ship
  56. [20:20] <Ridian> *manslave
  57. [20:21] <^Vane^> Ah. Excellent, we should go see it.
  58. [20:21] * Shinzi *raises eyebrow*. What did I miss?
  59. [20:21] <Ridian> Well, iof hats what you want vane, im sure we could requisition some popcorn or something
  60. [20:22] <Jacob_Dorn> Come on.. I know if have an inherited hatetred towards them but they are still human beings.
  61. [20:23] <^Vane^> I want to do as ordered.
  62. [20:23] <Jacob_Dorn> What teh fuck is in this stuff? *looks at the dubious meat*
  63. [20:23] <Ridian> Nutrition.....apparently
  64. [20:23] * ^Vane^ gets up and deposits his half eaten tray.
  65. [20:24] <Jacob_Dorn> Grim...
  66. [20:25] * Shinzi puts empty food tray on collection rank. "I'm going to go get something useful out of, how do you say, 'Mr. Potato Head'?"
  67. [20:25] <Jacob_Dorn> Well I am off to examine the BA we picked up and anyone is free to join me if they wish.
  68. [20:25] * Stephan returns from the sickbay bandaged.
  69. [20:25] * Jacob_Dorn motions to anyone in the room
  70. [20:25] <Biorn> Eat it, matarilli. You'll be glad for it come time you've been behind enemy lines for 3 weeks.
  71. [20:25] <Shinzi> Well, that saves me a walk
  72. [20:25] <^Vane^> Good. I'll speak to the prisoner.
  73. [20:26] <Ridian> Aye , I'll come along, more interesting than watching diersan try out his new toy
  74. [20:26] * Ridian gets up and follows Dorn
  75. [20:26] <Stephan> Did you say something, freeborth?
  76. [20:26] <Stephan> *to shinzi
  77. [20:26] <Shinzi> Coherent Sentences.
  78. [20:26] <Shinzi> *to stephan*
  79. [20:27] * ^Vane^ heads off to the brig.
  80. [20:27] <Stephan> You do nor want me to make then incoherent, quineg?
  82. [20:28] * Stephan Shoves Shinzi aside and goes to get some grub
  83. [20:28] <Ridian> Oh Remus! You woke up, I mean I didnt realise lunch was that bad but you slumping into your food was imp[ressive
  84. [20:28] <Jacob_Dorn> IT LIVES!
  85. [20:28] * Stephan just ignores Remus
  86. [20:29] * Shinzi Shinzi follows stephan, and gets more eggs.
  87. [20:29] * Jacob_Dorn waves his arms and shakes in a comedic manor
  88. [20:30] * Stephan realises shinzi is still consuming shit
  89. [20:32] <Ridian> Hey Stephan, I would recommend not eating the grey mush, might be cannibalism
  90. [20:33] * Stephan sighs. "This is why eugenics exists" seys to himself
  91. [20:33] <Remus> Well, when lunch isn't a giant deathworm, it gets boring.
  92. [20:33] <Jacob_Dorn> Death worm is stillon the menu
  93. [20:33] <Shinzi> And you're the proof that eugenics is a crock of shit Potato man.
  94. [20:33] * Stephan looks to Ridian. You are the one to talk freebirth.
  95. [20:33] <Remus> Now, now, we can kill each other in the field...where there's no proof, quiaff?
  96. [20:33] * Stephan looks Shinzi sternly in the eye.
  97. [20:33] * Shinzi sternly looks back, and eats a mouthful of eggs
  98. [20:33] <Stephan> Do you wish a densonstration of trueborn supperiority, surat.
  99. [20:34] <Shinzi> Considering you cannot manage to speak, I'm not sure it would be considered a fair fight
  100. [20:34] <Ridian> As far am I am aware baked boy, I am a vat slime same as you...though I think perhaps yours was set to broil
  101. [20:35] * Jacob_Dorn rubs his forehead and sighs then heads off to mechbay
  102. [20:35] <Jacob_Dorn> Im done.. Im out..
  103. [20:37] * Ridian follows after dorn
  104. [20:37] <Shinzi> Now, do you want to do something other than stumble over basic language, and give me access to the data?
  105. [20:38] * Remus stares at his food for a minute, inquiring "Where's the deathworm?" before inhaling the plateful.
  106. [20:40] * Stephan 's hand start to shake
  107. [20:40] <Stephan> *in a very angry voice* I recommend oyu stand down freebirth brefore I make you! *looking as shinzi*
  108. [20:41] * Remus cracks a toothy grin.
  109. [20:42] * Shinzi raises an eyebrow. "I just want access to the information, you're the one who started making it about his ego"
  110. [20:44] <Stephan> Then speak like it.
  111. [20:45] * Stephan pulls up his PDA and sends Shinzi the data.
  112. [20:46] * Stephan that just turns around and gets his food, then proceeds to a differnet table.
  113. [20:47] <Shinzi> Thank you potato-sama!
  114. [20:53] <Ridian> [20:49] * Shinzi Eats eggs, and goes to nearest terminal that isn't in the room to investigate data
  115. [20:53] <Ridian> [20:49] <Stephan> //this is where we realised that Stephand and noone else except dorn had the PDA//
  116. [20:53] <Ridian> [20:49] <Stephan> // Apparently data is stored insite Stephans tumours//
  117. [20:53] <Ridian> [20:49] * Remus finishes his meal and gets up, and you can tell by the way he walks he's a ladies man, no time to talk.
  118. [20:53] <Ridian> [20:51] * Remus swanks his way to THA MEKBAY, and he's gonna lay the moves on the lead tech, again.
  119. [20:53] MEANWHILE IN THE BRIG
  120. [20:42] <Gamesmaster> *As Vane requests to be left through, the guard allows him to pass down into a corridor lined with corridors. 4 rows of closed doors, with portholes at head height, lie ahed*
  121. [20:42] <Gamesmaster> *The guard remarks after Vane*
  122. [20:42] <Gamesmaster> "He is in cell 4, and has already been through processing. Its fine to proceed, but a hands off approach is advised"
  123. [20:43] <^Vane^> Aff
  124. [20:43] * ^Vane^ strolls down to cell 4, composing himself.
  125. [20:44] <^Vane^> **Relevant traits for the encounter: Attractive, Gregarious. As long as Vane is alone or without superious, he's no issues being Gregarious**
  126. [20:46] <Gamesmaster> *Coming to the door, vane peers in to see the same man he encounteerd on the dropship. He is sat on a bunk, head in hands*
  127. [20:46] * ^Vane^ stops in front of cell 4. Straightens his uniform and opens the door.
  128. [20:47] <Gamesmaster> *The man immediately looks up, and then moves away from the door slightly*
  129. [20:47] <Gamesmaster> "Y-yes?" he says
  130. [20:47] <^Vane^> Hello. I am called Vane, I am second to the man who captured you.
  131. [20:47] * ^Vane^ studies the man.
  132. [20:48] <Gamesmaster> *The man appears to be a dishevelled, and possess a look of total defeat*
  133. [20:49] <Gamesmaster> "My name is.. A.. mir" he says, struggling to get out his words
  134. [20:49] <Gamesmaster> *his gaze remains at the floor as he avoids eye contact*
  135. [20:59] * ^Vane^ moves across from the man.
  136. [20:59] <^Vane^> Well, Amir, you seem to understand me.
  137. [20:59] <^Vane^> I would like to ask you some questions.
  138. [21:02] <^Vane^> Telling me the truth would be wise, yes?
  139. [21:03] <^Vane^> Your situation can only get better don't you agree?
  140. [21:04] <Gamesmaster> "Question.. too many question" he says
  141. [21:04] <Gamesmaster> "Situation bad, yes" he continues
  142. [21:04] <Gamesmaster> "Not my fault.. not my fault" he continues
  143. [21:04] * ^Vane^ turns on record function on his com unit.
  144. [21:05] <^Vane^> No, it's not your fault. Bad leaders usually make defeats, yes?
  145. [21:05] <Gamesmaster> *he pauses for a second* "Leader bad man" he says
  146. [21:06] <^Vane^> You do not like your leader? Why was he bad?
  147. [21:07] <Gamesmaster> "bad man" he simply says again, his face lights up for a second.
  148. [21:08] * ^Vane^ sighs.
  149. [21:09] <Gamesmaster> "Anata wa kare o korosumashita ka? Anata wa kare o korosudeshitaga, anata wa kare o koroshita watashi ni oshietekudasai!" he suddenly bursts out
  150. [21:09] <Gamesmaster> his face is one of terror as you see a spread of realisation across his face
  151. [21:09] <^Vane^> Hey, hey. Relax.
  152. [21:10] * ^Vane^ speaks calmly palms out.
  153. [21:11] <^Vane^> I have called a man who can speak your language.
  154. [21:15] <^Vane^> Kyre no hoho the honyakoo?
  155. [21:16] <Gamesmaster> *he shows no response*
  156. [21:16] BACK IN THE MESS HALL
  157. [21:01] * Stephan , while eating, starts going over the old OS diagnosic. Everything else is literallyi n japanese.
  158. [21:05] * Shinzi logs off terminal, and heads to ops room
  159. [21:05] * Stephan looks through his PDA trying to see if these is a Moonspeak to Truebortn translator
  160. [21:07] * Shinzi logs on in ops room, and continues investigating data.
  161. [21:09] <^Vane^> **Shinji, Vane. Report to brig, cell 4. Tell the guard I sent for you.**
  162. [21:10] <Shinzi> ** Roger-roger ** Shinzi logs off, swears violently in japanese, and heads towards the brig.
  163. [21:11] * Stephan truns it though the transaltor and gets: moon話します
  164. [21:11] * Stephan Sighs
  165. [21:12] <^Vane^> **Shinji, Vane, also need translation for "japanese translator coming"**
  166. [21:13] * Stephan finishes his meal and searches the database for any tech that might speak Japanese.
  167. [21:14] <Shinzi> ** kare no houhou de honyaku **
  168. [21:14] <^Vane^> **Uh.. Aff.**
  169. [21:17] <Jacob_Dorn> ** Vane come in you there?**
  170. [21:18] <Gamesmaster> *Meanwhile, in the mechbay**
  171. [21:18] <^Vane^> **Aff. Busy, what is it?**
  172. [21:18] <Gamesmaster> *Dorn struggles with his heaset over the absolute din of what sounds like thousands of plasma cutters*
  174. [21:20] <Gamesmaster> *He, Remus and the newly arrived ridian are surrounded by an entire group of techs, with lead tech kveta stood in front of them*
  175. [21:20] <^Vane^> **Dorn, you are unreadable. Say again.**
  176. [21:20] <Gamesmaster> "You think you can just waltz the fuck down here whilst we are fixing up the mess you gave us? One fucking battle and half the mechs are trashed" she says
  177. [21:21] <Gamesmaster> "For Kerenskys sake you could have brought me back at least one third of a cobra cadet dorn"
  178. [21:21] <Jacob_Dorn> WE did recover the arm.
  179. [21:22] <Biorn> I think you'll find that trash was a ready description when you gave them to us...
  180. [21:22] <Gamesmaster> "Which we now have to spend hours fixing the myomers on. You had one job"
  181. [21:23] <Gamesmaster> "And now I have not one but three of you taking up space in my mechbay" she continues
  182. [21:24] <Ridian> Oh me? Im just along for the walk
  183. [21:24] <Remus> Good tidings to you as well...
  184. [21:24] <Jacob_Dorn> Its battle shit happens get used to it.
  185. [21:24] <Gamesmaster> "At least you brought back most of your Jenner" she replies "Not like half the mechs. I heard about that automated machine bay you found, cant even undone half the damage that thing did" she says
  186. [21:25] * Jacob_Dorn motions to a bandage wraped round his head
  187. [21:26] <Remus> Lead tech, we agreed to vacate the bay, I would only ask a small favor.
  188. [21:26] <Gamesmaster> "Go on" she says tersely
  189. [21:26] * Remus pauses for a moment, surveying the bay for the current state of the mechs, looking for his lovely trashcan.
  190. [21:27] <Stephan> //looks like TS is recovering//
  191. [21:27] <Remus> Hm...Dorn requests serial numbers on the Inner Sphere weapons, and fifteen minutes with whatever scrap you pull off of it when you're done.
  192. [21:27] <Gamesmaster> *he sees the Urbanmech IIC in a far bay, propped up against one mechbay wall elevated by a control collar. Its legs are swarmed with techs calibrating them, attempting to lighten the IS replacements and make it less of a horrific frankenmech*
  193. [21:28] <Gamesmaster> "You want the numbers dorn? That to go with your stamp collection?" she says
  194. [21:29] <Gamesmaster> "You can have your numbers and whatever the hell you like. I ve got to get these mechs ready within 7 days for deployment, seems DeVega is getting itchy we move already from my brief conversation with him"
  195. [21:29] <Remus> and I was hoping we could talk again later, assuming I make it back this time without loading the techs down with inferior replacement parts on my mech.
  196. [21:29] <Gamesmaster> "Wouldnt want to make do with some flash glue and a prayer before sending you back out.Got to keep some kind of a reputation"
  197. [21:29] <Ridian> On the note of my jenner, could it be possible to have a small las or puls laz or an M-Gun mounted on? Low grav enviroment screwed the aiming, so would be good to have an auxillary....although *looks around* Yeah, it can totally wait
  198. [21:29] <Gamesmaster> "Maybe remus, maybe" she sighs
  199. [21:30] <Gamesmaster> "Doubt ill be out of here anytime soon. Cadet Ridian, ill see what I can do, but the Jenner is at capacity as it is"
  200. [21:30] <Gamesmaster> "If i can find room for one, ill get it equipped"
  201. [21:31] <Jacob_Dorn> You do realise the Cobra is walking sack of myomer dog shit right? it is amazing that it made it back at all...
  202. [21:31] <Ridian> Aff, just thought I would ask if possible
  203. [21:31] <Remus> In the erstwhile, are there any tasks we can do to assist?
  204. [21:31] <Gamesmaster> "Those Cobras have done us well in the past" she replies. "A sack of surat dung yes, but get hit with all its missile fire, and you won't be walking away" she grins
  205. [21:31] <Jacob_Dorn> ANYWAY.. I need the numbers for investigation work and If you need any help with teh weapons systems then I would be happy to lend a hand.
  206. [21:32] <Gamesmaster> "I have an inventory.. one second.." *she fumbles in one of her jacket pockets and produces a small noteputer "Here. Here is all the information of all the misc shit we dragged out the jumpship or what have you" she says
  207. [21:33] <Gamesmaster> "If you want to stay and get to work, we have plenty for you to be doing. Weapons calibration, reloading, jam checks, you name it"
  208. [21:33] <Gamesmaster> "We are pretty stretched thin"
  209. [21:36] <Remus> Though, I do not mind them...he has a predilection to self-harm.
  210. [21:36] * Remus chuckles.
  211. [21:36] <Gamesmaster> "So yeah, make yourself useful. Or get the hell out, your choice" she says, before turning away back towards the thunderbolt IIc
  212. [21:36] <Jacob_Dorn> Funny thing is that was my first real combat scenario in low-G enviroment
  213. [21:38] * Jacob_Dorn downloads a copy of the notes to his PDA
  214. [21:38] <Remus> I'll work on calibrations, any mech in particular having issues with targetting?
  215. [21:39] * Remus turns to Dorn with a wide grin, "What did you think of it?"
  216. [21:39] * Jacob_Dorn takes a brief moment to look over Deathwish the deathly Cobra
  217. [21:39] <Jacob_Dorn> "Calibrations" huh..
  218. [21:39] <Ridian> I have experience with myomer if you need any help with those part reattachements
  219. [21:40] <Gamesmaster> *The techs disperse, but one steps forward* "Well that could have gone worse" says Yaroslav "Guess its my job to do the actual coordination before someone gets murdered"
  220. [21:40] * Jacob_Dorn walks over to the Cobra and raises his arms
  221. [21:41] <Ridian> Aye aye, order away
  222. [21:41] <Gamesmaster> "Just stick to your own mechs for now, and try not to get yourselfs injured by heavy machinery" he says
  223. [21:41] <Jacob_Dorn> "We have the technology.. We will rebuild you!"
  224. [21:41] <Gamesmaster> "After that, work on those in your star"
  225. [21:41] <Gamesmaster> "Dont want action man dierson getting any ideas"
  226. [21:42] <Ridian> can do
  227. [21:42] * Ridian walks over to his jenner
  228. [21:43] <Remus> I have tank sized worms to do that for me.
  229. [21:43] * Remus goes over to give tender care to the trashcan.
  230. [21:43] <Gamesmaster> **MEANWHILE in the brig*
  231. [21:44] <Gamesmaster> **Shinzi has finally arrived at the brig, followed soon by Stephan who had a wave of realisation: why look for a tech when you can follow someone who knows the langauge and listen to an easily intimated source of information: diersons bondsman.
  232. [21:44] <Gamesmaster> **They are soon admitted, and told that Vane has already begun the questioning**
  233. [21:45] <Gamesmaster> **Allowing them through, they move down the corridor of cells, and are soon stood in front of cell 4.**
  234. [21:45] <Gamesmaster> *they see vane, a slight look of exasperation on his face, as the prisoner is attempting in both broken englisha nd thickly accented japanese to describe something.*
  235. [21:47] <^Vane^> Finally! Took you long enough.
  236. [21:47] * ^Vane^ sees Stephan.
  237. [21:48] <^Vane^> Shit. Stephan, unless you have a brilliant question or idea, only observe.
  238. [21:49] <Stephan> I will participate where II deem my participation be productive.
  239. [21:49] <^Vane^> Shinzi. I want you to ask this man what I ask. Start by telling him that as long as he is an asset, his prospects are good.
  240. [21:49] <^Vane^> Shut it. Or get out. No terms, no quarreling.
  241. [21:50] * Shinzi looks up and down the prisoner. Upper lip curled with disgust
  242. [21:50] <^Vane^> Shinzi, proceed.
  243. [21:51] <Shinzi> J : Speak, if you have anything of worth between your ears, you'll live.
  244. [21:51] <Stephan> if he refuses to cooperate tell him I will eat him.
  245. [21:52] <Gamesmaster> "Kare wa shinde imasu ka? Karera wa kare o koroshita no ka? Anata wa kare o korosundeshita!"
  246. [21:54] <Shinzi> J : Who is this commander?
  247. [21:55] <^Vane^> What is he saying?
  248. [21:55] <Shinzi> J : Speak, wretch.
  249. [21:55] <Gamesmaster> "Nai shirei-kan, yori akuma. Kare wa chodo kare ni hanashi o suru tame ni watashitachi no rida o koroshimashita! Kare wa ikutsu ka no josei ga chumon o ataeru koto de, onbodo kimashita."
  250. [21:57] <Shinzi> E : He is asking if we captured his commander
  251. [21:57] <^Vane^> Tell him I killed him with a shot to the face.
  252. [21:57] <^Vane^> What were they doing whith the ship, and where did they find it?
  253. [21:57] * Shinzi Crouches at eye level with the prisoner,
  254. [21:58] <Shinzi> J : Who was the woman?
  255. [21:59] <Gamesmaster> "Watashitachiha-sen ni mi rareru mono to onajide mattaku wakaranai, tada no shiroi inaka musume,. Scarrian arimasen."
  256. [22:00] <^Vane^> Well?
  257. [22:01] <Shinzi> J : Scarrian, white women aboard? Explain
  258. [22:02] <Shinzi> E : He is saying that his commander was a demon, and that he killed their former leader just for speaking to him.
  259. [22:02] <Shinzi> E : Whilst talking to a "White Wench" giving orders
  260. [22:02] <Gamesmaster> Hai, hyomen made shukka sa reta ta no jokyaku to onaji. Karera wa scarrian sabaku de seizon shinai, watashitachi no resude wa arimasen.
  261. [22:04] <Shinzi> J : Who were these passengers, why were they being shipped to the surface?
  262. [22:05] <Gamesmaster> Watashi wa shiranai karera wa karera to yatta, karera wa momi kara kara komugi no yo ni sorera o bunri shimashita
  263. [22:05] <Shinzi> E : It appears that these whites were being shipped to the planets surface. Despite apparently not being able to survive the "Scarrian Desert"
  264. [22:05] <Shinzi> J : Don't get florid with me fool
  265. [22:05] <Gamesmaster> Omoni rodo wa, hokanohito wa teikoku-nai no ta no basho ni offworld sonogo shukka sa remashita
  266. [22:06] <^Vane^> Ok. Still haven't said where they found the ship. Also, going to need co-ords for the surface location.
  267. [22:06] <Shinzi> E : I'll ask him about those now, he is currently going on about how the white people were seperated, shipped as labour through their Empire.
  268. [22:07] <Gamesmaster> Osoraku ryusei daitai ni yotte tagetto no renshu no tame ni shiyo sa remasu
  269. [22:07] <Shinzi> J : Enough. Where did you find the ship?
  270. [22:07] <Shinzi> J : Wait, who?
  271. [22:08] <Stephan> Their empire?
  272. [22:08] <Gamesmaster> "Tochi-gun wa, jihi no tame ni shira rete imasen. Teikoku-gun ga kokkyo shisutemu no hitotsu de, sore o mitsuketa to omoimasu. Watashitachi no dansei wa THER tenani o shite ita ka mattaku wakarimasen. Subete wa himitsudesu."
  273. [22:09] <Shinzi> J : Border System, give me more ingrate.
  274. [22:09] <Gamesmaster> Shitsumon ni kieru kotodesu
  275. [22:09] <Stephan> They are a group of dark caste freeborth Surats. Do they call their tents an empire.
  276. [22:09] * Stephan laughs
  277. [22:16] <Gamesmaster> "Watashi wa kuso watashi no pairotto kono fune no yo ni mieru n!"
  278. [22:17] * Shinzi slaps the prisoner with the back of his hand
  279. [22:17] <Shinzi> J : Disrespect me again and you will lose a leg
  280. [22:18] <^Vane^> Hey! Damage Dierson's property and you'll find yourself with problems.
  281. [22:18] <^Vane^> Do not touch that man again.
  282. [22:18] <Stephan> Is he not cooperating? I can help with that.
  283. [22:19] <Stephan> To vane Without hurting the property.
  284. [22:19] <Gamesmaster> *the mans face turns to rage for a second, but then returns to normal as he fixes shinzi eye on*
  285. [22:20] <Shinzi> E : Yes Vane. Bitterly.
  286. [22:20] <Gamesmaster> "Watashi anata ga sukina subete no bito, watashi wa shiranai dono anata ni sore o tsutaeru koto wa dekimasen"
  287. [22:20] <Shinzi> (he says bitterly :P )
  288. [22:20] <Shinzi> J : You get hit for disrespect. Not for ignorance.
  289. [22:22] <Gamesmaster> "Anata no yona watashi no wakusei ni kite, watashi no min o dorei, burei ni tsuite watashi ni kogi shimasen"
  290. [22:23] <Shinzi> J : Your ignorance is tolerable, but we have not been enslaving you.
  291. [22:23] <Shinzi> J : Now, what the coordinates of the drop-off point for the transports.
  292. [22:24] <Gamesmaster> Anata wa, karera ga okonau no to onaji-goe o shite iru kono onaji ijike gengo de hanashimasu
  293. [22:24] <Gamesmaster> Sore wa watashi to watashi no kodomo-tachi ni kyosei atta to watashi wa byoki ni narimasu
  294. [22:25] * Shinzi Grabs prisoner by the back of the head
  295. [22:25] <Shinzi> J : Say that again, and the potato will eat you.
  296. [22:25] <Shinzi> J : Answer. The. Question.
  297. [22:26] * ^Vane^ places hand on combat knife.
  298. [22:26] <^Vane^> Do not. Touch. The man.
  299. [22:27] <Gamesmaster> "Sore wa watashi to watashi no kodomo-tachi ni kyosei atta to watashi wa byoki ni narimasu"
  300. [22:27] <Shinzi> E : I will not let the prisoner think it is suitable to insult any member of Clan Jade Wolf.
  301. [22:27] * Stephan seeing prisoner apparently isnt compyint steps forward and attempts scare the shit out of prisoner
  302. [22:28] <Shinzi> Sighing. J : Do you have ANYTHING useful, or should I just recommend you are thrown into space?
  303. [22:29] <Gamesmaster> "Ittai nani shite mo, sono hen'i-taidesu!"
  304. [22:30] <Gamesmaster> *he stares open eyed finally noticing Stephan*
  305. [22:30] <Shinzi> Sternly J : Do I need to repeat myself prisoner
  306. [22:31] <Gamesmaster> "Watashi wa nani mo shirimasen! Anata wa, watashi wa anata o oshiete suka, matawa teikoku dansei ni tsuite shiritaidesu. Nan, nan, anata ga shitaidesu ka?"
  307. [22:31] <Shinzi> J : Everything.
  308. [22:32] <Shinzi> E : He is much more compliant now
  309. [22:32] <Shinzi> E : Thank you Stephan
  310. [22:32] <Stephan> You are welcome.
  311. [22:32] <Shinzi> E : He says that he doesn't know where the drop off is, other than it should be in the ships logs
  312. [22:32] <Shinzi> E : I will happily get back to them if needed
  313. [22:32] <Gamesmaster> "Kizuato wa.. Kizuato wa, watashitachi no wakuseidesu. Korera no ta no mono wa sunenmae, watashi ga shonendatta toki ni, kimashita. Karera wa, watashi no min o seifuku watashitachi no hokori o yaburimashita."
  314. [22:33] <^Vane^> Ok. Does he know where they found the ship?
  315. [22:33] <Shinzi> E : Some border system, nothing else.
  316. [22:33] <Gamesmaster> "Karera wa densetsu ni katara mono no yona, kyodaina mashin to kite, karera no tame ni jimen o saikutsu suru tame ni watashitachi o kyosei shimasu"
  317. [22:33] <Shinzi> J : Considering your pride is broken, you at least have spirit, if misapplied.
  318. [22:34] <Gamesmaster> "Kiriage to korosareta shinakatta hito. Junshu hito wa mukuwa remashita"
  319. [22:34] <Shinzi> J : Empire Men? What symbols do they use?
  320. [22:35] <Gamesmaster> "Sorera no nan hyaku mo no yo ni omoeta mono ga arimashita"
  321. [22:35] <Gamesmaster> "Oku. Shiruba to burakku, shiruba, papuru to Shinsei sankakkei no doragon"
  322. [22:35] <Shinzi> E : It appears these "Empire Men" came in Giant Machines, I would assume Mechs, and enslaved this world - they call it Scar.
  323. [22:36] <^Vane^> I see. What was his function on board the drop ship?
  324. [22:36] <Stephan> What mechs?
  325. [22:36] <Gamesmaster> Karera wa mayonaka no hoshi o nanorimasu. Watashitachi no hitobito, uragirimono no ikutsu ka wa, koko de sorera no yona kishidesu.
  326. [22:37] <Stephan> I am assuming we will be attacking that planet. Knowledge of enemy force composition would be bery benefitial.
  327. [22:37] <Shinzi> E : Apparently there were hundreds. But they call themselves midnight star?
  328. [22:38] <^Vane^> Is Scar the planet below?
  329. [22:38] <Gamesmaster> Karera wa subete no ima, norowareta gin no ryu no tame ni tatakaimasu
  330. [22:38] <Shinzi> E : Yes.
  331. [22:38] <Shinzi> E : Apparently many of their people were conscripted
  332. [22:38] <Gamesmaster> Karera no omo no gyomei ni yotte dare karera wa shin no kotei o yobimasu
  333. [22:39] <Shinzi> E : In the name of their emperor
  334. [22:39] <^Vane^> How grand.
  335. [22:39] <^Vane^> And his function aboard the ship?
  336. [22:40] <Shinzi> E : One second. J : I will ask you more of this Emperor later, now, what was your function aboard the ship?
  337. [22:40] <Gamesmaster> Watashi no hitobito wa zutto mae ni watashitachi ga koko de ashidome sa remashita.. Enjiniadesu. Wareware wa cherised ita gijutsu wa, soreha sabaku de, watashitachi ga iki tsudzukemashita.
  338. [22:41] <Gamesmaster> Karera wa, watashi ga nozonde ita mono o puroguramu suru koto ga deki, soreha hyomen-jo no tosha dokuji no gijutsu to doyodeatta, konpyuta ni tsuite no watashi o oshiemashita. Karera wa.. Rogu no yona nabigeshon nanika o miru tame ni watashitachi o nozonde imashita
  339. [22:41] <Shinzi> E : Apparently his people are engineers, whose "cherished technology" kept them alive in the desert
  340. [22:42] <Shinzi> E : He was essentially a computer expert.
  341. [22:42] <^Vane^> I see, he can be an asset to the Clan then. Excellent.
  342. [22:42] <Shinzi> E : It sounds like his entire people could be of use. They may be forced into service, could be of use.
  343. [22:43] <Stephan> He gets to live for now, than.
  344. [22:43] <Stephan> finally relaxes his scary posture.
  345. [22:43] <^Vane^> True.
  346. [22:43] <Shinzi> E : It sounds like they were all being forced to find some thing in computer logs.
  347. [22:43] <Shinzi> J : Regarding what?
  348. [22:44] <Shinzi> J : They can't have you look for something without some sort of clue
  349. [22:44] <Gamesmaster> Watashitachi wa chokusetsu, ittaga, soreha zahyo no yo ni mieta wernt. Karera wa tabun anata no fune no oku o mitsuketaidesu
  350. [22:44] <^Vane^> Stephan, you had a point earlier. Can you requistion a map of the planet? He might be able to point out enemy strongholds.
  351. [22:44] <Stephan> Aff.
  352. [22:44] <Shinzi> E : It sounds like this Emperor was looking for more of our ships.
  353. [22:44] * Stephan looks gor the map of hte planez
  354. [22:45] <Shinzi> J : From what? What data would have this information?
  355. [22:46] <Gamesmaster> Anata no fune no nabigeshonrogu, ruto wa karera ga, sono yona koto o ido shimasu. Akuma no otoko wa inai kanzen ni, sonochi no hitotsu no mokuteki no tokuideshita.
  356. [22:47] <Shinzi> J : Would you be willing to provide any information you know?
  357. [22:47] <Gamesmaster> Watashi wa sudeni, kore wa watashi ga shitte iru subetedearu, gozen
  358. [22:47] <Gamesmaster> Watashi wa watashi ga karera ni nani mo karite inai usowotsuku riyu ga arimasen
  359. [22:48] <Shinzi> J : Would you continue your work for us?
  360. [22:48] <Shinzi> E : I am seeing if he wishes to continue this research for ship coordinates for us.
  361. [22:48] <Gamesmaster> Anata ga suru koto ga dekimasu yo ni sorera no oku o korosu koto o nozomu baai
  362. [22:48] <Gamesmaster> shindeiru
  363. [22:48] <Gamesmaster> shindeiru
  364. [22:48] <Shinzi> E : I'll ask him for stronghold locations when I have a map.
  365. [22:49] <^Vane^> Excellent. Inform him that all valuable assets of the Clan are treated fairly.
  366. [22:50] <Shinzi> E : I shall.
  367. [22:50] <Stephan> I cannot access the map now. I will go to ops
  368. [22:50] * Stephan leaves for ops
  369. [22:51] <Shinzi> J : Serve us well, and you shall be treated with fairness and respect.
  370. [22:52] <Gamesmaster> * he nods*
  371. [22:52] <Shinzi> J : Do you know where any major strongholds are?
  372. [22:52] * Shinzi stands up, assisting the prisoner to his feet.
  373. [22:53] <Gamesmaster> "Karera wa subete no watashitachi no toshi no chikaku ni tsujo haichi sa rete imasu"
  374. [22:54] <Shinzi> J : Any others?
  375. [22:54] <Gamesmaster> Karera wa amarini mo toku ni yaka rete irukaradearu yo ni, watashitachi shimin ga kanjiru koto no yo ni karera wa ikemasen. Kinzoku dansei wa hangeki katamukeru watashitachi no hitobito no chikaku ni afurete imasu. Wareware ga motte iru subete wa watashitachi no Aguri no mashindearimasu
  376. [22:55] <Shinzi> J : This is useful, but where else are they based?
  377. [22:55] <Shinzi> J : We can assume all cities, but other locations are important
  378. [22:56] <Gamesmaster> Sabaku de. Karera wa.. Hikoki no randingusutorippu o motte imasu. Sora kara kuru fune no
  379. [22:56] <Shinzi> E : It appears that they have at least a stronghold in every city
  380. [22:56] <Shinzi> E : And landing strips in the deserts for spaceships.
  381. [22:57] <^Vane^> Aff
  382. [22:59] <Stephan> **Shinzi, Vane , the maps I can access are very low resolution. We may also take the prisoner to the bridge, do an active scan and have him show the strngholds on that**
  383. [22:59] <Stephan> ** If Captain agrees**
  384. [22:59] <^Vane^> **If the captain agrees.**
  385. [23:00] <Shinzi> E : I would agree, and happily escort the prisoner, or whatever his status will be, once given permission.
  386. [23:01] <Shinzi> E : Is there anything else you wish for me to ask him Vane?
  387. [23:02] * Stephan grabs the map and returns to brig
  388. [23:03] <^Vane^> No. I think we have a good basis for now. If we can get some locations on the planet.
  389. [23:04] <Shinzi> E : Shall I officially invite him to join, or are we leaving him here till we have the locations?
  390. [23:04] * Stephan pulls up a map on his PDA
  391. [23:04] <Stephan> I have the map
  392. [23:04] <Stephan> Tell me what the prisoner is ready
  393. [23:05] <^Vane^> Stephan, bringing him to the bridge was out of the question?
  394. [23:05] <Stephan> We are not done interrigatng him yet
  395. [23:05] <Stephan> But I would avoid movin the prisoner if possible
  396. [23:06] <Stephan> especially to such a delicate klocations as the bridge.
  397. [23:06] <^Vane^> Yes. It was you who claimed the maps available were not good enough.
  398. [23:07] <Shinzi> E : I could take him to a terminal if required.
  399. [23:07] <Stephan> Let us try with this for now
  400. [23:07] <Shinzi> E : It doesn't need to be operations.
  401. [23:07] <Stephan> /me shows the map
  402. [23:07] <Stephan>
  403. [23:08] <^Vane^> Alright. Shinzi, ask if he reocognises his planet and if he can mark enemy stronholds, main seats of power, interesting things.
  404. [23:09] * Shinzi Takes PDA. Shows the map to the prisoner - J : Is this familiar to you? Can you show us where the cities and landing strips are? Any major landmarks?
  405. [23:10] *** Gout quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  406. [23:10] <Gamesmaster> Byoki tameshi, dono yo ni hairaito hyoji shimasu ka?
  407. [23:10] <Shinzi> J : I'll handle the PDA. The potato gets protective
  408. [23:10] <Shinzi> J : Just point out the locations, and I'll mark them.
  409. [23:17] <Shinzi> E : This red area here in the centre is the a significant population centre. There is significant local support there.
  410. [23:18] <Gamesmaster> *The prisoner points to the locations, and in japanese begins speaking, as Shinzi draws on the map with the inbuilt tools*
  411. [23:18] <Shinzi> E: This western red area in these lowlands is the most densely populated, near the major water sources on the planet.
  412. [23:18] <Shinzi> E : It is the capital.
  413. [23:18] <Shinzi> E : Akkad.
  414. [23:18] <Shinzi> E : The lesser city is called Eridu. These yellow areas are the major mining operations on the planet
  415. [23:19] * Shinzi shows map to Vane and Stephan -
  416. [23:20] <^Vane^> And the enemy has control over the red areas? Where did they first land?
  417. [23:22] <Shinzi> E : It appears so. J : Where did they first land?
  418. [23:23] <Gamesmaster> Doko demo, karera wa ue kara fune de watashitachi no machi ni orite kimashita. Watashitachi no gun wa sore ni taiko shiyou to shimashitaga, watashitachi no tanku wa su-byo de hakai sa remashita. Wareware wa dokuji no kinzoku dansei de sorera o tatakatte mimashitaga, karera wa furuideari, mei no tame ni nomi sobi shimasu
  419. [23:24] <Shinzi> E : Apparently they just landed everywhere, wiped out the tanks in seconds, and their mining mechs were.... uh... fucking uselss
  420. [23:25] <^Vane^> They would be.
  421. [23:28] <^Vane^> Alright. This will do for now. Inform him we will analyze his information, and make sure he is fed in the mean time.
  422. [23:28] <Shinzi> E : Anything else you wish to find out? Otherwise I could put him to work assisting me in translating the data we recovered.
  423. [23:29] <^Vane^> I think it is presumptious to put him to such work at this point in time. But we will try to make him an asset to our investigation.
  424. [23:29] <Stephan> And relay to him, that if at any point he decides not to cooperate I will be waiting for him.
  425. [23:30] <Shinzi> J : We shall investigate the information you have given us, and assuming it is accurate, we will likely put you to work.
  426. [23:30] <Shinzi> J : Also, the potato is rather eager to impress upon you that he will be waiting if you are uncooperative.
  427. [23:31] <Gamesmaster> *He nods, and looks away from stephans menacingly ugly face*
  428. [23:32] <^Vane^> Yes yes, now we go.
  429. [23:33] * ^Vane^ ushers the other two out of the cell, closes and secures the door.
  430. [23:34] <Gamesmaster> *Meanwhile, in the mech bay*
  431. [23:34] <Shinzi> J : Sayonara
  432. [23:37] * Remus is hanging off the hip of the Urbanmech, grumbling loudly.
  433. [23:38] <Remus> I managed to end up in the one place in the universe without real Urbie parts.
  434. [23:39] <Gamesmaster> "You having trouble up there?" shouts Kveta "How the hell did you manage that in the first place"
  435. [23:39] * Jacob_Dorn looks up a systems status for teh Cobra and tests the weapons systems and targeting computer data.
  436. [23:39] <Ridian> Im sure the next scrap heap we roll by will have some for you
  437. [23:40] <Gamesmaster> "Seems pretty difficult to snap the legs off that thing"
  438. [23:40] <Gamesmaster> "Its nothing but a walking turret"
  439. [23:40] <Gamesmaster> "And thats being kind"
  440. [23:40] <Ridian> Well atleast its still a turret
  441. [23:41] <Gamesmaster> "True enough" she replies over comms "At least itll make a good orbit to surface missile if nothing else"
  442. [23:41] <Remus> You say that now, but it is my turret, and a wonderful one at that. As for how I got up here, it just takes a little bit of limberness and some dexterity.
  443. [23:42] <Ridian> Or, you know, a ladder
  444. [23:43] <Remus> That would be too easy.
  445. [23:43] <Ridian> Dont worry, we will get yoiu your wheelchair for when you fuck up the dismount, you can be wheels again
  446. [23:44] <Gamesmaster> "Well, it suits him dont you think" she replies
  447. [23:44] <Remus> Let's see, I managed to make it through the heat-mines without trouble, I'm a bit hazy...I think it was one of the spheroid mechs, or a turret.
  448. [23:45] <Ridian> Yes well, I could very much imagine remuis asking for a wheelchair with urban mech legs
  449. [23:45] <Gamesmaster> "Im a tech remember, not a fucking magician"
  450. [23:45] <Remus> The wheelchair is reserved for intense combat injury from when I do something fantastic again.
  451. [23:48] <Gamesmaster> "Afraid i cant reattach those if they come off. Try not to get yourself killed Remus"
  452. [23:49] <Ridian> Anywho, fair as I can tell, Jenner is fine besides maybe a calibration or two, wasnt hurt much. Want me to look at anything else or just shunt things around for a bit
  453. [23:50] <Gamesmaster> "Anything, maybe work on weapon calibration. From what Svetomir said, sounds like you guys are going someplace reaaal dusty"
  454. [23:51] <Remus> I do my best not to, who else will keep things interesting for our dear potato and the techs?
  455. [23:51] <Ridian> Oh really? I will pack my short shorts and my bermuda then
  456. [23:51] <Remus> Dusty? Sounds like home.
  457. [23:52] <Gamesmaster> "Might need more than shorts. Here the natives take a liking to you guys"
  458. [23:53] <Gamesmaster> "Never been a fan of the Grimadi system, everything seems to want to kill you"
  459. [23:53] <Ridian> A liking as in "here is some of our fruit" or a liking as in "grab your kives and poitchforks"
  460. [23:53] <Gamesmaster> "More worms than snow"
  461. [23:53] <Gamesmaster> "More, tasty moving four limbed morsel"
  462. [23:53] <Ridian> Oh Worms we can deal with. right Remus ?
  463. [23:53] <Remus> They do what they can to survive, much like ourselves.
  464. [23:54] * Remus cracks a grin.
  465. [23:54] <Remus> Of course, this time I'll avoid the knife though.
  466. [23:54] * Remus rubs his wrists, grimacing.
  467. [23:54] <Ridian> Oh come on, the frrazzled look suited you, Im sure our lead tech would agree
  468. [23:55] <Gamesmaster> **At that, the comms channel bursts into life** "This is Dierson. Me and the command star have updated Star Captain Jerrold. You are to report to the bridge immediately. Bring anything you have found, it appears we are to proceed with our trial.*
  469. [23:56] <Remus> That doesn't bother me, holes in my chest do. You have to give them credit for being so hardy-and that looks like our cue.
  470. [23:56] <Gamesmaster> "He seems fine as he is." she frowns "No rest for any of you it seems"
  471. [23:56] <Ridian> Oh dear, the no fun patrol have called
  472. [23:56] * Remus fluffs his jumpsuit, dusting off and clambering down off the oversized trashcan.
  473. [23:57] <Gamesmaster> Kveta chuckles "Got to admit, as much as Dierson is a trueborn, he certainly knows how to get shit done*
  474. [23:57] * Ridian To Dorn "Hey, you coming? Or are you wanting to deal with Diersans turbo wang"
  475. [23:57] <Remus> Trueborn through and through.
  476. [23:57] <Ridian> Not saying much
  477. [23:57] <Gamesmaster> ""And not bad looking in a neurohelment either" she jokes
  478. [23:57] <Ridian> Nevermind, you going to be ok getting down from their?
  479. [23:58] * Remus has already gotten down safely.
  480. [23:58] <Ridian> Least he doesnt look like lunch left too long in the microwave I guess?
  481. [23:59] <Remus> I might need help, you think? And I suppose there's something to said for that hulking look.
  482. [00:00] <Ridian> Come on then, gunna get bitched at either way
  483. [00:01] <Remus> True enough, I'm ready to go. Unless the techs need anything on our way out?
  484. [00:01] <Gamesmaster> **Claw One and Two, that was not a request** his voice comes through again **The pilot says we are preparing for gravity burn, we are moving out**
  485. [00:02] <Ridian> He really needs to take that stick out of his ass, though he might just crumple if he did that at this point
  486. [00:02] <Remus> **What about Claw Three, did they gain exemption paperwork? If so, I request a transfer**
  487. [00:04] <Gamesmaster> **No time for stupid games Remus, just get up here**
  488. [00:05] <Jacob_Dorn> **I will be there in a moment I am currently in the middle of something.**
  489. [00:06] <Remus> **I'm en route, and it's not a stupid game, [a faint snicker can be heard] unless you take lightly to commanding the command star**
  490. [00:06] <Jacob_Dorn> **That something being part of the Cobra**
  491. [00:09] <Gamesmaster> **End of Session 26**
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