Krauss' Spirit Bomb

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  1. [00:59:23] <`Krauss> I got this
  2. [00:59:27] <`Krauss> I must channel the anime within me
  3. [01:15:19] <Vena> shit, he's going to be here for several episodes
  4. [01:15:26] <Giantree> he's charging
  5. [01:15:31] <Giantree> his spirit bomb
  6. [01:15:38] <`Krauss> "Man, I can't believe Jones didn't want to come train with me, I don't know why, but the guy looked pretty down about something...must be a dead person thing."
  7. [01:15:39] <`Krauss> Wandering into the trees while dragging his sword along the snow, came a rather tired looking Krauss. He began moving around aimlessly before settling up against a nearby tree, falling back onto it and slowly sliding down till he reached the snow below. "Guess that's about all I've got in me..." He'd let out a sigh before staring out into the blank darkness between the trees. "A good swordsman always knows his limits...and
  8. [01:15:39] <`Krauss> I'm just about at mine it seems." Sitting in silence for a moment it seemed the usually cheerful Krauss was putting on a bit more of a worn look for once.  "I've made the trip..and I'm finally back. It's been a few years, but it feels nice to sit in the snow like this..." He spoke out loud, to nobody in particular. Perhaps he just wanted to hear his own voice for a bit. "I already checked back home...and I guess those two
  9. [01:15:42] <`Krauss> went out to look for me...can't say I'm surprised." Moving into a more comfortable position as he began to lie down in the snow directly, Krauss kept up this small talk of his with the trees. "I've been around the world...and I haven't found any answers yet. I'd call it quits now...but I know 'he'd' get mad at me for it so..." He paused for a moment, seating himself up to look around for a second....odd, he felt a
  10. [01:15:43] <Giantree> spirit bomb fired
  11. [01:15:47] <`Krauss> particularly strong presence for a brief moment. It was the instincts man, the sword-sense. "Well, since it's just me and trees here, I guess I don't mind admitting it..." He took a deep breath, feeling the cold wind pass over him. "My search turned up empty handed, and all I got for my troubles was a load of worries....damnit. I hope Lucas is doing alright, that kid has a tendency to get himself into way more trouble than
  12. [01:15:52] <`Krauss> he can manage...if he's out there right now, I hope he's got some good companions with him..." Reaching into his pocket, Krauss pulled out a small white envelope, sealed off with some sort of red seal. "Something like's pointless now I guess. Maybe if I thought about it sooner...." He'd tear up the envelope (Just in half), before sending it off with the wind behind him. Whatever was contained inside would be lost
  13. [01:15:57] <`Krauss> by the morning, assuming it didn't fly into someone's hands. Not that it mattered. "Maybe I'll sleep out here's pretty easy to think about stuff out here...and I can't say I'm usually that good at thinking."
  14. [01:16:04] <`Krauss> Finished
  15. [01:17:16] <Giantree> Krauss and the woods achieved a support rank of C!
  17. [01:17:31] <`Krauss> Nice
  18. [01:17:36] <Giantree> man can you imagine
  19. [01:18:13] <`Krauss> I was about to type something
  20. [01:18:19] <`Krauss> And I immediately stopped myself
  21. [01:18:26] <Giantree> no keep going, I'm just teasing you
  22. [01:18:27] <`Krauss> The world was not meant to read something like that
  23. [01:18:38] <Giantree> you made the mistake of mentioning it
  24. [01:18:41] <Giantree> now you're not allowed not to say it
  25. [01:18:57] <`Krauss> I was going to say, "and I S-ranked a tree"
  26. [01:19:03] <`Krauss> And I couldn't help but cringe a little bit.
  27. [01:19:03] <Giantree> But even then, all that responds are the creatures of the woods andasldkj lkajdsljsalkd j
  28. [01:19:08] <Giantree> okay that is physically painful
  29. [01:19:15] <Giantree> i'm gonna go shoot myself yeah
  30. [01:19:52] <`Krauss> Well, I don't have much to add to it really.
  31. [01:20:05] <`Krauss> Unless you wanna say something from the stalker's perspective.
  32. [01:20:35] <Giantree> Oh no, but the camera does pan to her behind a tree snuggling the torn papers and smiling.
  33. [01:21:01] <`Krauss> Neat
  34. [01:21:59] <Giantree> I was also going to go into detail about the sounds of owls and... basically describe every forest wildlife creature in extreme detail, and then probably mention some wyverns flying overhead, and UFOs firing lasers at civilians, and other unimportant shit.
  35. [01:22:24] <`Krauss> I feel I should question a bti of that
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