Surprise from the Goat Lady

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  1. >In the Ruins for hours
  2. >Feeling kind of bored, a little horny
  3. >Try to clandestinely find a quiet place to get off at
  4. >Find a small passage to a room with a small alcove
  5. >Get into place, undo your pants
  6. >Slowly begin to jerk off
  7. >Repeatedly keep looking for Toriel or anything coming
  8. >Nothing
  9. >You let your guard down to quickly get it over with
  10. >You feel a presence behind you
  11. >Instinctively you try to put your penis away
  12. >You are grasped around the waist
  13. >You let out a surprised yelp
  14. >"What do you think you're doing?"
  15. >It's Toriel
  16. >You stammer trying to explain yourself, lost for words
  17. >"Shhhh, it's alright, I understand. You're a young man"
  18. >She inhales your scent
  19. >"Very much a man"
  20. >You remark that this weirding you out a little
  21. >She laughs
  22. >Edges her hand to your fly
  23. >Lays her head on your shoulder, now making direct eye contact with you.
  24. >"Do you want this?"
  25. >Still stifling your heavy breathing
  26. >You stare at her directly in her eyes and nod your head
  27. >She gives you a kiss on the lips and reaches in your pants
  28. >She starts playing with your member, lightly stroking it while feeling up your shirt, caressing you.
  29. >Your body is really starting to heat up, you surrender a moan
  30. >Toriel laughs and sets her head on your shoulder again "You are incredibly cute"
  31. >She begins to firm up her grip and goes faster, removes her other hand from under your shirt and brings it to your mouth
  32. >You wet her two fingers and she brings it down underneath her robe.
  33. >She starts to rub her clit
  34. >Her breaths become measured as they start to sync with yours, letting out short moans
  35. >She breaks off a kiss and stares at you intently, each stroke getting increasingly meaningful and intense.
  36. >Wrapped in the moment she starts to kiss down your neck
  37. >She strokes you even faster, angling it up and back down
  38. >She lets out broken moans in your ear as she's starting to get close
  39. >Just as her affectionate handjob is getting you to the edge
  40. >She nibbles at your neck, lightly piercing your skin with her fangs
  41. >It starts to hurt but it enhances to the experience, you don't dare tell her to stop.
  42. >You're starting to lose it
  43. >She whispers in your ear in huffed breaths
  44. >"I want to see it explode, I know you can do it. I am here for you. Let it all out."
  45. >The stroking, the affectionate playing, the cheering. It's all too much, you're about to pop
  46. >You let out a suppressed yell as you release
  47. > You feel Toriel uncontrollably thrusting her pelvis, frantically rubbing herself letting out a moan of her own
  48. >She slows down looking at your spurting member, still tugging on it
  49. >Beginning to get unbearable you tell her to stop as you are trying to catch your breath.
  50. >She starts to giggle and pulls you to the ground with her
  51. >She kisses your head and holds you in her frame.
  52. >You both rest in the afterglow, cuddling against the alcove
  53. >After one last kiss you both fall asleep in each other's company
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