The Eternal War, Session 21

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  1. Session Start: Sat Oct 13 18:33:01 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
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  12. 01[19:18] <Staffen> With the exchange of information complete, Korvakae and her men disappear into the night. Your group is now left alone in the night-time streets of Sibellus.
  13. [19:19] <Narcisa> "So, shall we see about studying and selling this equipment before we retire for the night?"
  14. 06[19:26] * Varian turns to the group "It is time I confronted my cousin and cleared my 'good' name, I will be heading to the estate Ear's mentioned. Anyone who wishes to assist me is welcome.
  15. 06[19:27] * Nyx steps forwards, brandishing her sword in a fencing position
  16. [19:27] <Nyx> "If you'll have it, my sword is yours!  For honor, my friend!"
  17. [19:27] <Nyx> "...What the hell are we going to do, actually?"
  18. [19:28] <Varian> "Break in, get a confession and then dispose of him."
  19. [19:29] <Narcisa> "Unless there is some manner of ...fancy lock you need to get around, I believe I would be more hinderance than asset."
  20. [19:29] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "... you're really going to go and kill your evil cousin? That's cold, Mister Stark." She lit up another lho-stick. "I like it."
  21. [19:31] <Varian> "There is indeed a gene-lock that I will need to circumvent to avoid leaving my blood marker in the security system. My presence in the Sark manse on the same night as my cousin's death would be extremely suspicious, even for a Malfian."
  22. 06[19:31] * Plex looks up after a brief discussion. "Petrus and I are going to attempt to track down this patsy you supposedly hired."
  23. 06[19:32] * Varian nods "My thanks Ms Pellagri, Lord Cain."
  24. 06[19:32] * Petrus nods to Varian
  25. [19:33] <Narcisa> "Ah, you do plan to bypass it? I had meant- well, I can offer my aid with that.
  26. [19:35] <Varian> "I am good with your average locks, would such a gene-lock give way to a multikey and mere skill or would it require your expertise?"
  27. [19:42] <Narcisa> "I could very well interface with the technical components the lock typically controls to open it, if it is one of the more common models."
  28. 06[19:42] * Varian replies "Very well then, that would be preferred. He turns to Nyx "And while it pains me to ask you to do this, we may require you to use your" he screws his nose up a moment "powers to disable the security equipment as we travel through the manse."
  29. 06[19:43] * Nyx gives a snide smile and holds up a well-used combi-tool
  30. [19:43] <Nyx> "Just like when I stole sweets from the house larder."
  31. 01[19:54] <Staffen> An hour later, you stand in the shadow of the Sark manse. It is a monolithic structure in the upper hive stratum which caps, of all things, an Administratum records-center of equally plain architecture. The night is young and the few windows there are on the building are lit.
  32. [19:57] <Narcisa> "So, you're going to secure the manse before seeking to bypass the genelock and your cousin?"
  33. [19:59] <Varian> "I will need to bypass the genelock to get inside, after that I would prefer to avoid the guards. I would like to find Galen and get out without anyone knowing I was here."
  34. [20:00] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "He'll most likely be on the top floor of the manse?"
  35. 01[20:01] <Staffen> Overhead you hear a lander pass. In the dark blue night sky you can make out an Aquila put down atop the manse.
  36. [20:02] <Varian> "Well I hope that is just a midnight delivery of Brontian small cakes."
  37. 06[20:03] * Varian heads for an entrance, preferably not the front door that the group could break in through.
  38. 06[20:04] * Narcisa would watch it touch down, "Yes, hopefully." She'd exit and follow after Varian, trying to keep low and stealthily, the fact that she is not actually stealthy might amuse or irritate.
  39. 06[20:04] * Nyx follows along, holding down her hat
  40. 01[20:13] <Staffen> Varian and Nyx note a side-entrance used by the guards for rapid-reinforcement.
  41. [20:14] <Nyx> "Psst! Master Sark, why are we running?  Why do you not crash down the front gates with justice in your veins and have your craven relative know your bloodright?"
  42. 06[20:14] * Nyx hisses
  43. [20:14] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Fan of Holo-reels, are you, Miss Nyx?"
  44. 06[20:15] * Nyx puts a hand on her chest proudly
  45. [20:15] <Nyx> "I star in several!"
  46. [20:16] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Mmmhmmm. Either way, I suggest we use discretion. No need to bathe the entire manse in blood."
  47. [20:16] <Varian> "I would prefer that I did not add more to the mounting evidence against me."
  48. 06[20:17] * Nyx gives a shrug, and points her thumb at the door
  49. [20:17] <Nyx> "Can you open this?  Or should I try to open it?"
  50. 06[20:17] * Nyx whispers conspiratorially
  51. 06[20:17] * Varian heads to the door, "alright, time to get inside."
  52. 06[20:19] * Narcisa would follow Varian up to the portal, hands going to her pack, withdrawing her own combi-tool from the slingbag
  53. [20:19] <Narcisa> "It's opening!" She would whisper, withdrawing away from the door "It's opening, hide!"
  54. [20:20] <Varian> "The guards are vat grown and hypo-indoctrinated so let me talk. They are totally loyal."
  55. [20:20] <Nyx> "Silence is security..."
  56. [20:20] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "To your cousin." The lho-stick would go from one corner of her mouth, to the other. She'll have her shotgun out. Just in case.
  57. 06[20:21] * Varian finds somewhere to hide just in case.
  58. [20:21] <Narcisa> "I... if you wish." She would instead scatter to hide, placing her combi-tool on the ground as she went to draw her pistol
  59. 06[20:23] * Nyx goes to a low crouch, invoking her psychic powers to blend in with the ground
  60. 06[20:24] * Vanessa_Frydborne would take cover with Varian, though.
  61. 01[20:32] <Staffen> The door opens to a man in light carapace, carrying a shotgun.
  62. 06[20:36] * Narcisa would look to Varian "Well?" She'd ask in a whisper, still thinking herself hidden
  63. 01[20:37] <Staffen> The man looks over at Narcisa, and raises his shotgun. "Intruder. Relinquish your arms and explain yourself."
  64. 06[20:38] * Varian stands from his hiding place and holds up a hand "Hold your fire, this is a guest."
  65. 01[20:38] <Staffen> The man stops, and his head snaps to Varian.
  66. 01[20:38] <Staffen> He lowers his weapon.
  67. 01[20:39] <Staffen> "Lord Varian Sark," he states. "Your living indicates a contradiction. This humble guard is at your bidding, Master."
  68. 06[20:39] * Narcisa would look up in surprise as she was addressed, remaining still in her rather awkward crouching position
  69. 06[20:41] * Nyx sidles slowly over to behind guard's back, maintaining a charge distance in case his loyalty to his master should fail
  70. 06[20:41] * Varian has some authority return to his voice, a brief return to the days when he was the master of his own home "Hold open the door for my guests and I and tell me where Galen Sark is."
  71. 06[20:42] * Narcisa would slowly holster her pistol, picking up her combi-tool again with care as she did not wish to provoke the guard, rising to her feet with the same slowness
  72. 06[20:43] * Vanessa_Frydborne would follow Nyx. Except not sneaking around. IT's not her style.
  73. [20:44] <Narcisa> Following Vanessa_Frydborne and Nyx inside, offing a curt nod with a nervous smile to the guard
  74. 01[20:45] <Staffen> "Your cousin Galen Sark is presently intruding in the House Head's chambers, Master Sark," the guard says, stepping by to allow you to pass.
  75. [20:46] <Varian> "Who landed the Aquila Lander on the roof and what house are they from?"
  76. 01[20:48] <Staffen> "Your mother," the guard answers simply, "Lady Antoinette Sark. She is presently intruding in the House Head's chambers also."
  77. [20:49] <Varian> "Very well, continue your rounds and do not announce our presence."
  78. 06[20:49] * Varian heads inside.
  79. 06[20:51] * Vanessa_Frydborne would follow. "This seems like we may have to end up rescuing your mother."
  80. [20:51] <Varian> "Or detaining her."
  81. 06[20:51] * Varian gives a savage Malfian smile.
  82. 01[20:52] <Staffen> The guard bows. "You can find a maintenance lift down that left hallway." The guard points to this hallway, and then exits into the night to continue his patrol.
  83. 06[20:52] * Vanessa_Frydborne would raise an eyebrow. "I guess it's true what they say about Malfians and 'keeping it in the family'. And here I thought it was just some Kasballica scrawl I found on Piety."
  84. 06[20:53] * Nyx nods approvingly at the retreating guard's back
  85. [20:53] <Nyx> "Excellent retainers, master Sark.  Or your cousin is completely inept at changing their loyalties.  At least this is all the easier."
  86. 06[20:53] * Narcisa would put away her tool, hand settling on her holstered sidearm "It was refreshingly easy, yes."
  87. [20:55] <Varian> "I thought my mother was in hiding to escape Galen's wrath, this will complicate things."
  88. [20:57] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Even more so then forcing your cousin to sign a confession in blood before we execute him?"
  89. [20:58] <Varian> "Nothing so brutal will be required, however be prepared the guards my mother will have are of a far higher caliber than the idle servant you just saw. Her Malfian born bodyguards are not to be underestimated."
  90. 06[21:00] * Varian heads to the maintenance lift as he unbuttons his pair of holsters and draws the pair of pistols.
  91. [21:01] <Narcisa> "Perhaps you might be able to speak her down as you did that guard rather than drag us into another little brawl?"
  92. 01[21:02] <Staffen> Thirty floors up you reach the penthouse. The door opens to an auxiliary lumen-lit hall that probably lines the exterior wall. It is empty.
  93. [21:02] <Varian> "That is my preference" Varian adds as he checks that he has fresh magazines and the chambers are loaded before he returns to weapons to their now unbuttoned holsters.
  94. [21:03] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "You don't mean to say that your mother believes you killed your kin? Oh, this is going to be a joy."
  95. 01[21:06] <Staffen> You all hear a familiar voice echo in your ears.
  96. [21:06] <Plex> <Everyone: This is Plex. Hold off on offing anyone until we return; Petrus and I have news of the plot.>
  97. [21:07] <Vanessa_Frydborne> Familiar for everyone else, maybe not Van...
  98. 01[21:08] <Staffen> Except that Frydborne was present to hear Plex at least once and needs to stop making these statements in-character...
  99. 06[21:10] * Varian winces and gives everyone else a look as the voice is projected into his mind. He activates a vox pickup device which he slips back onto his person before he heads out of the lift.
  100. 06[21:11] * Varian turns and makes his way to the penthouse door to the main House Head's chambers.
  101. 06[21:13] * Nyx follows along at Varian's side, mimicking a hanger-on
  102. 06[21:14] * Vanessa_Frydborne would follow Varian as well... looking over the interior decor if their is one.
  103. 06[21:14] * Narcisa would follow as well, looking about the halls, oogling any art she mved by
  104. 01[21:15] <Staffen> There do not appear to be any guards in the hall. The group approaches the door undetected, but can hear nothing.
  105. 06[21:16] * Varian takes a deep breath, cracks his knuckles and takes a hold of the door handles before exhaling and testing them.
  106. 01[21:17] <Staffen> Peculiarly, the door seems to have two locking systems: a traditional lock under the handle and a door panel.
  107. 06[21:19] * Varian pulls a set of burglar tools out and begins to work on the lock.
  108. 01[21:19] <Staffen> The door's lock clicks, and the handle gives.
  109. 06[21:20] * Varian attempts to open the door.
  110. 01[21:22] <Staffen> Voices pour out of the room and a vox-phonograph plays a gentle string melody.
  111. 01[21:23] <Staffen> "-- I can handle this just fine tomorrow," a man says.
  112. 01[21:24] <Staffen> "No, sincerely doubt you can," a woman snaps. "Recall that Varian is still alive. In all likelihood he'll be coming sooner or later to overturn your case. All it takes is Mortifactum to testify and your case becomes cracked."
  113. 06[21:25] * Varian tries to listen in for more information.
  114. 01[21:25] <Staffen> "Mortifactum will be dealt with," the man responds, "I just need to find him first."
  115. 01[21:26] <Staffen> The woman huffs. "You may have wanted to arrange something with him before you used him."
  116. 01[21:28] <Staffen> The two are silent for a moment. "You brought your luggage," the man notes. "I assume you'll be staying here tonight?"
  117. 01[21:29] <Staffen> "Yes," the woman answers. "But I will be going out for a short while."
  118. 01[21:29] <Staffen> "Camille?"
  119. 01[21:29] <Staffen> The woman hesitates. "Yes. She's elsewhere right now."
  120. 01[21:30] <Staffen> "Why not bring her here?" the man muses.
  121. 01[21:31] <Staffen> "Because I don't want her anywhere near you," the woman says. "You're a terrible influence -- Lord Sark."
  122. 01[21:31] <Staffen> The man laughs. "I'm going to need to get used to that."
  123. 01[21:31] <Staffen> "Don't let it go to your head. I'm leaving for tonight. Get a good rest and try not to drink yourself into a stupor."
  124. 01[21:32] <Staffen> Several sets of heavy footsteps can be heard.
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  127. 06[21:38] * Varian swings the door open, striding in purposefully.
  128. 01[21:39] <Staffen> Immediately two carapace-armored men in the room aim what appear to be boltguns at Varian.
  129. 06[21:39] * Nyx follows along, matching step, hat off and ready
  130. [21:40] <Varian> "Blessed mother, dearest cousin it has been too long."
  131. 06[21:40] * Narcisa would look at Nyx and shrug, hand slipping to the connector at her pistol, connecting it to her person and powering it
  132. 06[21:40] * Nyx grabs onto Varian's free hand, putting on her best act
  133. 01[21:41] <Staffen> Antoinette Sark and Galen Sark turn slowly. Galen's jaw drops.
  134. [21:41] <Nyx> "M-mother!  It's a pleasure to meet you!  We're getting married!"
  135. 06[21:41] * Nyx sings in a capella
  136. 01[21:42] <Staffen> Antoinette nods. "That's wonderful," she says. "Now shoot them."
  137. 06[21:42] * Varian shrugs "Whats a little assassination among family?"
  138. [21:44] <Nyx> "You're mother's miffed, dearie.  Knew we should have brought sweetcakes."
  139. [21:44] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "You want them brought in alive, Mister Sark?"
  140. [21:44] <Varian> "Kill the guards, subdue my family."
  141. 03[21:44] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  142. 03[21:45] * Staffen changes topic to 'Van, Nyx, M1, M2, Varian, Narc'
  143. 03[21:45] * Staffen changes topic to 'Van, M1, Nyx, M2, Varian, Mom, Gay-len, Narc'
  144. 06[21:48] * Vanessa_Frydborne nods and proceeds to blast her shotgun at Mook 1, sending two used cases into the air.
  145. [21:53] <Petrus> ++Plex and I have made it to the manse, how are you doing?++
  146. [21:55] <Narcisa> "That arbitrator gal is firing at their guards."
  147. 01[21:56] <Staffen> The guard shutters with the impact, and then turns and fires his boltgun into Frydborne.
  148. [21:57] <Varian> ++Get to the penthouse and help.++
  149. [21:57] <Petrus> ++What's the fastest way from street level?++
  150. 06[21:57] * Vanessa_Frydborne would dodge out of the way. "Well, this is going to be fun."
  151. [21:59] <Varian> ++back door, go inside and take the maintenance lift.++
  152. 06[22:00] * Nyx strikes twice with her sword at the guard closest to her
  153. [22:00] <Petrus> ++Alright we'll see you soon.++
  154. [22:00] <Nyx> "I AM A PIRATE AND I AM TAKING THIS SHIP!"
  155. 06[22:00] * Nyx changes her acting role
  156. 01[22:07] <Staffen> The guard drops dead.
  157. 03[22:07] * Staffen changes topic to 'Van, Nyx, M2, Varian, Mom, Gay-len, Narc'
  158. 01[22:10] <Staffen> In retaliation the remaining guard fires into Nyx's back.
  159. 06[22:14] * Varian slips his pistols out and the pair roar in defiance and he walks back to the cover of the hallways wall behind him.
  160. [22:15] <Varian> as he walks*
  161. 06[22:15] * Nyx screams, taking a bolt directly to her ankle
  162. 01[22:17] <Staffen> Varian's mother cuts and runs across the room for a bookshelf. She does something unseen, and the bookshelf opens up and she slips through - before it closes again.
  163. [22:18] <Nyx> "C-c-come back! We haven't talked dowries yet!"
  164. 06[22:18] * Nyx stutters through pain
  165. 01[22:19] <Staffen> Galen points at Varian. "You're too predicatble!" he shouts. A bright flash emits from one of his rings.
  166. 01[22:21] <Staffen> Varian is able to escape, but the burst vaporizes a solid chunk of the doorway.
  167. 06[22:23] * Varian ducks and grimaces.
  168. 06[22:24] * Narcisa would bring her pistol free of it's holster swiftly, double tapping at the guard, lasbolts impacting far above his head as she missed horrendously
  169. 06[22:24] * Vanessa_Frydborne would take a shell from her bandolier and slap it into the side loader of her shotgun and draw down on Galen. "Wasted your shot." And fires at the noble.
  170. 01[22:28] <Staffen> The usurper twists aside. "No," he mocks, lapping his lips, "you did."
  171. 06[22:30] * Nyx tears up at the corners of her eyes in manic rage, and roughly jams a Sandstone injector into her neck port
  172. [22:30] <Nyx> "Who gives a damn, you ponce?!"
  173. 06[22:36] * Nyx brings her fist down over Galen in her point of view, as if smashing a bug
  174. 01[22:37] <Staffen> Galen Sark yelps as some invisible force knocks him back, sending him toppling over his chair.
  175. [22:37] <Nyx> "I'm marrying into your family and taking all your nice things!"
  176. 06[22:38] * Nyx recovers some moxie over her pain as she has some psychic success to embolden her
  177. 01[22:39] <Staffen> The remaining guard fires his boltgun again at Nyx.
  178. 06[22:41] * Nyx flies from the ground and back onto it roughly, beaten off her feet by bolts
  179. 01[22:42] <Staffen> The guard, satisified with his work, turns his helmeted head to Frydborne.
  180. 06[22:43] * Varian fires a pair of rounds as he switches sides of the doorway to get into safe cover again.
  181. 06[22:44] * Nyx lays on the ground, bleeding profusely from perforated bruises and bolt shrapnel
  182. 01[22:50] <Staffen> Gaylen returns to his feet, and fires another one of his digi-weapons at Varian, this time casting a gout of flame at his cousin.
  183. [22:51] <Varian> "Don't burn down MY house!"
  184. 06[22:55] * Narcisa fires a pair of bolts at the same guard again, her accuracy allowing her one hit as the bolt scores across his carapace armor, the second no doubt impacting elsewhere behind him, putting a gouge mark in Varian's house.
  185. 06[22:57] * Vanessa_Frydborne has her shotgun in her offhand, carrying it by the handle as she quick draws her power maul, switching on the power field, before smashing it into the head of the guard.
  186. 03[22:59] * Staffen changes topic to 'Van,  M2, Varian, Gay-len, Narc'
  187. 01[23:03] <Staffen> The guard steps back, and then releases one hand from his boltgun. Electricity dances between his knuckles. He attempts to hammer his fist against Frydborne's helmet, but underestimates the distance between them.
  188. 06[23:05] * Varian holsters his pistols and charges straight at galen gets up, sweeping his leg and dropping Galen to the floor unconscious.
  189. [23:05] <Varian> as galen*
  190. 03[23:06] * Staffen changes topic to 'Van,  M2, Varian, Narc'
  191. 01[23:13] <Staffen> The guard once again lays into Vanessa with a pair of hard, electrified punches.
  192. 06[23:15] * Varian draws his pistols again and shoots into the back of the oversized and probably overstimmed warrior.
  193. 01[23:17] <Staffen> Varian's gunplay seems to have seriously shaken the enormous guard.
  194. 06[23:18] * Narcisa grazes the large man with another double-tapped twin lasbolts, doing no serious harm to the man, rather adding two more nice, small craters in one of Varian's walls, making a total of five pocketmarks from the Techpriestess.
  195. 06[23:22] * Vanessa_Frydborne strikes the guard again with her crackling power maul, crushing it into the side of it's meaty head.
  196. 01[23:23] <Staffen> The guard's helmet caves in, as well as that hemisphere of his head. He lets out a pained grunt, but makes no other noise. You are all now left in an otherwise quiet room.
  197. [23:23] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Do we go after your mother, Mister Sark?"
  198. 06[23:24] * Plex strides in quickly, then stops, seeing the carnage. "Well. Varian, I suggest your first order of business is to have someone fix those interminable lifts."
  199. 06[23:24] * Varian stumbles for words for once, "I, uh. Yes, if you can find her."
  200. [23:26] <Plex> "Find whom?"
  201. 06[23:26] * Varian turns to the new arrivals "My mother seems to have a hand in this, she went through a escape route behind the bookshelf. We have Galen though." he points to the unconscious man.
  202. 01[23:26] <Staffen> Galen, sure enough, stirs - as does Nyx, whose abdomen is a bloody mess.
  203. 06[23:26] * Vanessa_Frydborne would approach the bookshelf that Varian's mother escaped through, taking a shell out of her bandolier and stopping a few meters in front of it as she chambers the new round. There's a mighty blast as a gout of flame leaps from her shotgun, coating the book shelf with flame.
  204. 06[23:27] * Nyx mumbles something in pain and fatigue-induced delirium
  205. 01[23:27] <Staffen> The wood of the bookshelf blackens as it smolders.
  206. 06[23:28] * Varian holsters his pistols and begins to rummage through the main desk, Galen's pockets and any of his mothers luggage left behind.
  207. [23:28] <Plex> "Seems to have a hand, indeed." Plex folds her arms over her chest, seemingly unperturbed by the fiery death of half the room's walls.. "She's the one who took out the contract with the assassin."
  208. 06[23:28] * Narcisa would move down to Nyx's side, getting out hr medikit as she would tend to the wounded psyker
  209. [23:29] <Petrus> "Looks like we missed quite the party"
  210. 06[23:29] * Varian keeps fidgeting with the hand Nyx took a hold of, none too happy with the physical contact.
  211. 01[23:29] <Staffen> As the bookshelf's polished wood blackens, some glinting surface can be seen behind it.
  212. 06[23:30] * Nyx spits up some blood, coming back to consciousness with Narcissa's help groggily with a nosebleed
  213. 06[23:30] * Plex spots Narcisa's efforts and goes to help as she can.
  214. [23:30] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Coggie. Think you can do something about this door?"
  215. 06[23:31] * Narcisa puts away the medikit, standing as she looked at it. She would scrutinize the door
  216. 06[23:33] * Varian continues searching as he comments "She mentioned, Mortifactum. Any idea who that is?"
  217. [23:34] <Petrus> "An assassin."
  218. [23:34] <Plex> "Beyond 'the name of the assassin that was hired,'" Plex says, while tending to Nyx, "not especially."
  219. 06[23:34] * Narcisa taps at a small device on the side of her face, a display on a lense coming to life as she switched through the scanning perameters
  220. 06[23:35] * Nyx thanks the both of her healers and climbs up gently on the wall so that she stands
  221. [23:36] <Nyx> "Should we leave mummy dearest and simply extract our confession from Master Sark's cousin? It will be more than enough to clear his honor, and reclaim his birthright."
  222. 06[23:36] * Varian takes a few large files to read later and stands over Galen. "I need to know everything he knows."
  223. 06[23:36] * Nyx looks to Plex
  224. [23:36] <Petrus> "I might be able to help you with some of that."
  225. [23:36] <Nyx> "My Famulous sister is well-trained in act of knowledge extraction."
  226. [23:36] <Varian> "A written or verbal confession would be nice as well."
  227. [23:37] <Plex> "If you've a vox recorder, we can get started," she says; the smile she turns on Galen would not be out of place on some oceanic killer.
  228. [23:38] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Give me 3 minutes alone with him and he'll confess to to every crime that's happened in the last 48 hours."
  229. [23:38] <Petrus> "Your mother hired a collegue of Mortifactum's and had them kill your father."
  230. 01[23:38] <Staffen> Galen opens his eyes - and then immediately closes them again after he sees Varian standing over him. The usurper sputters to himself.
  231. [23:38] <Nyx> "Oh my, is a psych-extracted /memory/ from a Legate Investigator, with Inquisitorial permissions and access, not good enough?  Or is that necessary for your legitimacy on Malfi?"
  232. 06[23:38] * Varian nods at Plex, "Go ahead."
  233. [23:38] <Narcisa> "There is no electronic opening mechanism that I can discern, though the life-current of the machine flows through it... Might you try asking your cousin that question first of?)
  234. [23:38] <Narcisa> "*
  235. 06[23:38] * Nyx hobbles over to Galen, driving her force sword through the tip-top of his hair, into the flooring
  236. [23:39] <Nyx> "We're going to have a bit of fun.  I hope you like mindgames.  My sister is the absolute /best/."
  237. 01[23:39] <Staffen> "Merde," Galen whimpers.
  238. 01[23:40] <Staffen> Shouting and heavy footfall can be heard from the hall.
  239. [23:41] <Varian> "We should be leaving Varian adds."
  240. [23:41] <Varian> leaving" Varian*
  241. 06[23:41] * Narcisa looks to the opening of the door "Yes."
  242. 01[23:43] <Staffen> The clatter of numerous shotguns can be heard. "Come out with your hands up!"
  243. [23:43] <Varian> "Who goes there?"
  244. 01[23:44] <Staffen> The response does not come immediately. "Who is speaking?"
  245. [23:44] <Varian> "Lord Varian Sark."
  246. [23:44] <Varian> "Master of this house hold."
  247. 01[23:44] <Staffen> "Impossible," the guard calls, "Lord Sark is dead. Step out."
  248. 06[23:45] * Nyx grumbles
  249. [23:45] <Plex> "You know," Plex mumbles, "I'm not even related, and I'm getting tired of hearing that."
  250. 06[23:45] * Varian heads to the door way
  251. 06[23:45] * Plex follows Varian
  252. 06[23:45] * Vanessa_Frydborne would follow Varian. He might need back up.
  253. 01[23:45] <Staffen> The guards suddenly lower their weapons all at once.
  254. 06[23:45] * Nyx stalks after Varian on the warpath
  255. [23:45] <Petrus> "It's quite annoying."
  256. 06[23:45] * Narcisa looks back to the door.
  257. 01[23:45] <Staffen> In unison they lower to their knees.
  258. [23:45] <Varian> "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
  259. [23:46] <Nyx> "Your retainers are in need of more training, Master Sark."
  260. 06[23:46] * Nyx sheathes her sword, and wipes her nose
  261. [23:46] <Petrus> "I told you he wasn't dead when we arrived!"
  262. 01[23:46] <Staffen> "My Master," the one who had spoken, "this one apologizes for disbelieving you."
  263. 06[23:46] * Nyx stops, and does a proper curtsy
  264. [23:46] <Nyx> "Long live the man of the house, his birthright restored."
  265. 01[23:47] <Staffen> "Master Sark," another calls, "what would you have of your guards?"
  266. 06[23:47] * Petrus turns to Varian and whispers "By the way I might have killed one of your guards on the way in."
  267. [23:47] <Varian> "You response time was admirable, you may return to your posts."
  268. 06[23:47] * Varian gives Petrus a withering look.
  269. 01[23:47] <Staffen> The guards stand, but one remains. He approaches Varian.
  270. [23:47] <Petrus> "He was in the way."
  271. 06[23:48] * Nyx clicks her tongue
  272. [23:48] <Nyx> "T'is simply bad manners to destroy another Worthy's belongings, Master Cain."
  273. 06[23:48] * Varian nods to the man to speak.
  274. 01[23:49] <Staffen> "Master Sark," he says, bowing, "while your cousin deceived us, your mother used his false authority to commandeer the Queen's Room for her use. The traffic control reports her lander has left, but her numerous personal effects are still in there."
  275. 01[23:49] <Staffen> "I have the key, my Master, but I am not allowed to open it without your permission."
  276. [23:49] <Varian> "You may open it, make sure she has left not other surprises."
  277. [23:49] <Varian> no other*
  278. 01[23:50] <Staffen> The guard fidgets. "I... I would ask you accompany me, my Master."
  279. 06[23:50] * Petrus looks at Nyx "He probably would have tried to kill us either way."
  280. 06[23:50] * Varian nods in agreement and accompanies the guard.
  281. 06[23:50] * Nyx laughs, her manic-ism coming back
  282. [23:50] <Nyx> "How true, how true, Master Cain."
  283. 06[23:51] * Vanessa_Frydborne will go with Varian.
  284. [23:51] <Plex> "Varian. If I may...?" She looks like she wants to go along.
  285. 06[23:51] * Nyx opens her coat, shaking out bits of bolt shrapnel and flakes of blood, tinkling on the floor as she moves with the group
  286. [23:52] <Varian> "You may Lady Pellagri."
  287. 06[23:52] * Narcisa would stay in the room, giving a bit of a sigh as she would help look over Galen
  288. [23:52] <Nyx> "It is fitting, that my desire for glory should make me forget my noble stature, unlike yourself, Master Cain, and allow a petty guardian to get the best of me with his boltgun."
  289. 06[23:52] * Plex bows her head to him before following.
  290. 06[23:53] * Petrus raises an eyebrow
  291. [23:53] <Nyx> "Ugh...this is worse than sand.  Why won't they shake out?"
  292. 06[23:54] * Nyx motions to her dried blood and bits of shrapnel
  293. 01[23:54] <Staffen> The guard leads the group to the Queen's Room. While he initially assures them it is "just down the hall," and projects an air of confidence in his direction, the travel feels more like crawling through a labyrinth.
  294. 01[23:54] <Staffen> He eventually arrives at a door and places a key into the handle-lock.
  295. 01[23:55] <Staffen> The guard pushes the door open, hitting a light-switch inside and keeping it open for you to enter.
  296. 01[23:55] <Staffen> Within are piles of large boxes across the floor.
  297. 06[23:55] * Varian steps inside, hands behind his back while trying to appear aloof and magnanimous for once.
  298. 06[23:56] * Nyx holds her tongue, assuming the role of a proper noblewoman, despite bemusedly looking about the room
  299. 01[23:56] <Staffen> "She did not get the chance to unpack unfortunately," the guard notes. "I will comment these were extraordinarily heavy."
  300. 06[23:56] * Nyx makes a strange face, and begins to back up to the doorframe
  301. 06[23:57] * Varian heads to the closest and opens it.
  302. 06[23:59] * Varian stiffens "explosives, one hour timer."
  303. Session Time: Sun Oct 14 00:00:00 2012
  304. 06[00:00] * Plex mutters something unkind about covering up stashes of pornography with bombs. "Nyx--can you get rid of it?"
  305. [00:01] <Nyx> "Did we get rid of the last one?"
  306. 06[00:01] * Nyx asks in fearful sarcasm
  307. 06[00:01] * Nyx goes over to the bomb box, taking a look inside
  308. 01[00:01] <Staffen> Sure enough is an impressive amount of plastic explosive.
  309. 06[00:02] * Petrus goes over next to Nyx and looks at the bomb
  310. [00:02] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Is it armed?"
  311. [00:04] <Varian> "Yes and it is counting."
  312. 06[00:06] * Varian wrings his hands in worry ++We could use a bomb disposal expert right about now.++
  313. [00:07] <Nyx> ++Less than an hour and counting.++
  314. [00:10] <Petrus> "Can we move it?"
  315. 06[00:10] * Narcisa would wander into the room, eyes going wide as she saw the explosives "You.. were not being jovia- I think I might attempt it, would my skill with machines in place of training with demolitions suffice?"
  316. [00:10] <Plex> "...Either she had some nasty shipping orders to fill, or she was planning on tidying up one more loose end," Plex remarks idly.
  317. [00:11] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Like the other Mister Sark." She looks over to Varian. "Malfi is a hellhole, isn't it? And here I thought Piety was bad."
  318. [00:12] <Varian> "I leave it in your capable hands Lady Narcisa."
  319. [00:13] <Nyx> "Master Sark, if I may be so bold as to question, did you put excrement in your mother's recaff one day to deserve this?  Or shall I assume this level of familial destruction, which would make even the Quaddis family of the Kinmurders blanche, after having killed and eaten their third claimant to their bloodline, blanch, is normal on Malfi?"
  320. 06[00:13] * Narcisa gives a quirk of her head and a small, nervous chuckle "Well... with this much..."
  321. 06[00:13] * Nyx drops her coat to the floor, pulling up her sleeves, and goes over to work with Narcissa, her own combi-tool in hand
  322. 06[00:14] * Narcisa inspects the explosives laid out before her for a minute, before stepping forward, an idea forming in her head as she directed Nyx's efforts alongside her own
  323. 06[00:15] * Plex looks back to the guard. "You may want to begin an evacuation of the tower, just in case. Assuming your master agrees."
  324. 01[00:16] <Staffen> A few twists and cuts and a comparably simple variable-modification later, Narcisa invalidates that concern - although there is still a frightening quantity of explosive sitting in the room.
  325. 06[00:16] * Varian holds up his hands "No and I doubt my father and two brothers put excrement in her recaff. I am pretty sure she has just gone insane at this point." he gives Plex a stern look "We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; the do not exist."
  326. 06[00:17] * Nyx goes over and puts her hand on Varian's shoulder, hovering a couple millimeters above actually touching him
  327. [00:17] <Narcisa> "Yes. I simply reset the detonater--this is all still very, very armed."
  328. [00:18] <Nyx> "Master Sark, you're now the proud owner of many, many kilos of high explosive.  More than enough to destroy your entire manor."
  329. [00:18] <Nyx> "Have you ever considered becoming a weapons merchant?"
  330. [00:18] <Varian> "Does anyone have Vok's postal address?" Varian quips.
  331. [00:18] <Vanessa_Frydborne> "Everyone should be so lucky."
  332. 06[00:19] * Nyx looks to Plex, the Legate Investigator
  333. [00:19] <Nyx> "Would the Inquisition be wanting these?"
  334. [00:19] <Plex> "I'm sure they wouldn't mind having them at their disposal..."
  335. [00:20] <Nyx> "Well, hopefully they can figure out where the damn things came from."
  336. [00:20] <Narcisa> "I would rather we be more concerned with getting someone more trained in handling them removed from this estate first.
  337. 06[00:23] * Nyx tosses her jacket and hat into the corner, onto an ottoman
  338. [00:23] <Nyx> "Master Sark, you said this was your mother's claimed chambers, no?"
  339. 06[00:24] * Nyx opens some doors, hoping to find a room
  340. [00:24] <Varian> "This is the Queen's Room, where my mother was to stay yes."
  341. 06[00:25] * Nyx finds a bedroom, then begins to throw off her pants, and unbutton her shirt, before entering it
  342. [00:25] <Nyx> "Good day, my lords and ladies."
  343. [00:25] <Nyx> "I excuse myself of this weirdness, and shall proceed to lay down."
  344. 06[00:25] * Nyx slams the door shut
  345. [00:25] <Petrus> "Varian, I think we need to talk about the quality of your guards. Plex and I were able to sneak past them very easily."
  346. [00:26] <Narcisa> "Are there... any guest quarters?"
  347. * Varian turns to a guard, "Take my guest to suitable quarters." before he replies to Petrus, "They are loyal but not elite I know. It is just our luck that Galen was so inept with his reliance on them."
  348. <Staffen> The guard complies, bowing repeatedly.
  349. * Petrus nods "I see, there is another matter I need to speak to you about."
  350. * Narcisa gives a nod again "My thanks, Lord Sark." before following the guard
  351. <Varian> "Go ahead."
  352. <Petrus> "Well as you already know, your mother framed you for the murder of your father."
  353. <Petrus> "Well your mother also has the assassin that killed your father killed. I am to kill your mother to revenge the death of the assassin for the Mortifactum."
  354. <Varian> "Well looks like I am out one witness, not that it overly matters. Very well, thank you for coming to me with this."
  355. <Petrus> "It seems your mother does not want any witnesses. You said she mentioned the Mortifactum?"
  356. <Varian> "Indeed."
  357. <Petrus> "She must intend to kill them then."
  358. <Varian> "I have no doubt. I have a court case to be at tomorrow to solidify my claim, after that I am free to continue the hunt."
  359. <Petrus> "I think Mortifactum could be a powerful ally in taking her down. I'll set up another meeting with them to warn them."
  360. <Varian> "Very well, the more pressure the better."
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