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Kvothepdx808 May 10th, 2019 124 Never
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  1. Anniversary
  3. [F4M][DD/lg][fsub][public sex][spanking][edging][assplay][rough sex]
  5. You're such a romantic, I can't believe you wanted to come here.... Are you kidding, as soon as you said we're going to the mall I got so horny. Yes really, it's our anniversary and its the same store where we met and you look very good right now, honestly just thinking about how we met is enough to get me horny.
  7. I still remember seeing you for the first time, I was looking at a top and you were over there by the suits and we saw each other and you just came right up and started talking to me. I can't remember a word you said though, I was so nervous, as soon as our eyes met, I just wanted you.... Just certain things I liked: some were little things like your height and clothes and some were bigger like how you looked at me and that you were older, I know your not that old, just old enough to know what you're doing, to have the experience to treat me like you know I need to be treated. Come on, let's go into the changing rooms, I know that's why we came here and I can't wait any longer.
  9. (door closing)
  11. (quieter) Ssssshhh. Look, I'm wearing the same little white panties I was when we met, my lucky panties. I was so nervous when you lead me in here, but I still get wet thinking about that first time.... Mmmm, you were so commanding. Oh, I remember everything, your breath against my neck as your hands ran down the side of my body, teasing at the edge of my dress, I was breathing so hard, biting my lip to stop myself from moaning. How you slowly lifted my skirt while you stared into my eyes, testing me, daring me to stop you. And then you pulled down my panties and kissed my inner thigh and then you kissed a little higher, mmmmm, the first time I felt your tongue open up my pussy and play with my clit, I couldn't help it, I moaned so loudly, so loudly you had to punish me for the first time.
  13. (Spanking, trying to keep it quiet)
  15. Mmmmm, I still get wet when I think about it. That first time you pulled me down over your knees. I'd fantasized about it but never knew how to make it happen. The guys I used to date didn't know what they were doing, but you, you knew exactly what I needed. I needed to be punished like the bad little girl I was, spank me harder Daddy, please punish me like the bad girl I am. I want to be Daddies good little girl.
  17. (Spanking with muffled moans)
  19. Please Daddy, do it like you did when we met. Spank my ass, bend me over and spank me, spank me and let your fingers find my wet little pussy, feel how wet I am. I still remember how it felt when you spanked me and gripped my ass, dipping your fingertips into my dripping pussy and then slowly sliding your fingers up my ass, waiting to see if I'd stop you. But I would never stop you, you can do anything you want to me Daddy.
  21. (more spanking)
  23. Do you want me to pleasure your cock Daddy, please let me. I want to taste you deep in my throat, Please Face fuck me Daddy, grab my hair and just fuck my mouth. Fuck me until I gag on your hard cock, Please use my mouth Daddy, please use me. Please use your little slut, Fuck my mouth Daddy please.
  25. (sucking on Dildo)
  27. Please Daddy, please fuck my needy little pussy. Please fuck me, Stretch out my little pussy Daddy, I need you in me, please just bend me up agains the wall and fuck me Daddy. Use all my holes, fill me up, use me as your little fuck toy, Please Daddy, Please fuck me, fuck all my tight holes Daddy. I just want to be your little fuck toy Daddy.
  28. Please just fuck me. Fuck me rough on all fours, punish your little girl. Punish my pussy with your cock Daddy.
  30. (lightly rub Dildo around pussy)
  32. Mmmmm, Please don't tease me Daddy, please fuck me. You know it's too much for me when you rub the tip of your cock against my pussy. I know I have to be good girl before you fuck me, but please Daddy, I need to feel your cock inside me, please fuck me, please fuck me hard Daddy. Pretty please, pretty please fuck me.
  34. (insert Dildo slowly)
  36. Yes, just like that Daddy, fill up my aching little pussy. Fuck me, grab my ass and fuck me like you know I need to be. Punish my pussy with your cock Daddy, punish your little girls pussy. Spank my little ass while you fuck your little fuck toy Daddy.
  38. (spanking while masturbating, edge if you get close to cuming)
  40. Yes Daddy, Fuck your cock deep into my wet little pussy. I know Daddy loves my tight wet little pussy wrapped around his cock. squeeing you as you ram into me. Pounding my little pussy. Please fuck me harder Daddy, I need it Daddy, please I'm begging you, please fuck me harder. Slam your cock into me, I want you deeper in my pussy. I know I'm not allowed to cum yet but I'm getting so close Daddy.
  42. (assplay while masterbating)
  44. Please play with my ass while you fuck me Daddy. explore my tight little ass with your fingers, yes, tease my ass. Please Daddy, just like when I became your little fuck doll for the first time. Play with my needy ass Daddy while your cock is inside me. I remember how close I was to cuming the first time, before you told me I wasn't allowed to cum, not until you told me I could. Spanking me, playing with my ass and my pussy, I wanted to cum so badly, but I wanted to be a good girl for you. Tell me I've been a good girl for you Daddy, Tell me I've been Daddies' good little girl and I'm allowed to cum, please let me cum Daddy.
  46. (edging ramblefap :*)
  49. (ramblefap towards climax)
  51. Please let me cum Daddy, please let me cum on your hard cock. Please let me suck my cum off your cock. Please let me cum, I need your permission Daddy, I want to be a good girl for you Daddy, please let me cum. Please let me cum on your cock Daddy as it fills my tight little whole. I've been such a good girl for you Daddy, please let me cum.
  53. (masturbate to climax)
  55. Thank you Daddy, your so sweet to think of me like this on our anniversary, I'll have to do something special for you tonight....
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