Honey at her Parents' Place

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  1. Honey had been blushing the entire meal. First, her Owner had said she was taking Honey out of her [s]dungeon cell[/s] closet for a nice home-cooked meal. The bimbo slave was more than a little curious why Victoria had made her wear one of her [url=]slutty bartending outfits[/url] to a nice meal, but Honey was relieved to at least she was being allowed clothes. It was only when the Uber pulled up to her parents home - where she still had been living until she got enslaved a few weeks previously - that the bimbo began to panic. "N-No please, not here, Daddy!" she begged, but went silent as the blonde gave an authoritative snap of her fingers and showed the girl's own confiscated phone which displayed a string of text messages Victoria had faked being her to arrange the dinner with the girl's mom. Honey whimpered and nodded obsequiously, following the [url=]elegantly-dressed[/url] bull, feeling ridiculous in her slutty attire.
  3. Honey's parents were no stranger to their daughter's club-heavy lifestyle, but were still a little shocked by the contrast between the tall blonde and the short bimbo. "Kon'nichiwa, Otousan!" she said to her father, earning a glare from Victoria for speaking her "Gook Tongue". Blushing, the teen went on, "Hello, Mother!" and they made small talk about missing her since the move as everyone settled down to the meal. Her parents were first-generation immigrants, but went out of their way to make guests welcome, preparing beef filet and lobster tails for the meal. Honey waited patiently, getting strange looks as she sat quietly while the others began eating. Victoria made a show of taking slow, deliberate bites of the steak, lobster, and both sides. Only when she smiled and complimented the cooking, did she turn and nod to Honey. The bimbo had been fed on mostly cum, piss, and a healthy smoothie diet meant to make her pukejobs "colorful and messy!", so she dug into the fine meal with ravenous hunger. Before she had taken more than a few bites, Honey was stopped by Victoria leaning close to pull the teen's hair hard, bending her head back. The slave yelped, but obediently looked up and opened wide as the White Bull leaned over and drooled a mouthful of white wine past the girl's lips. Honey gulped it down before she saw the expression on her parents' faces, and felt like she was going to die of shame.
  5. Before there was any time to speak, Victoria stood and asked where the nearest restroom was. Her father told her just down the short hallway, and the blonde snapped her fingers for Honey to follow. The bimbo gave an apologetic shrug to her parents and hurried after. A minute later, the Asian teen was fully-nude and bent over the toilet with her head in the bowl. Victoria's massive white cock was colonizing her ass with extreme prejudice while the teen slave whimpered and squealed. To keep from drowning, Honey had to keep flushing the toilet to drain the bowl that continuously refilled to submerge her face. The open door let the sound of ass-rape full the small home, but not once did the girl's parents try to interrupt. For half an hour, the tall blonde wrecked her GookSlave's guts, then made the bimbo shove her fingers down her throat to retch up the meal. "No people food, Gook." was all Victoria had said, miming the action. After emptying her stomach into the toilet, the bimbo found herself kneeling on the floor as Victoria showered her in the massive cumload that only a colossally-hung domme like her could produce. Satisfied, the White Bull cleaned herself and slid her dress back on, looking elegant as ever. She shook her head when Honey tried to put her slutty outfit back on, and the Asian Slave began to sob quietly. That was how they said goodbye to her parents, with the blonde being a courteous and appreciative guest, and their own daughter a naked, ass-gaped, cum-drenched subhuman mess.
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