A Rainy Day (HE23T)

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  1. >Lemy walks towards his bedroom and slam the door shut as he tried calm down what have happen to him for the last 10 minutes
  2. >10 minutes ago Everyone was having dinner and they all chatted on how was their day going, Lemy was silent throughout as he was deep in thought
  3. >"So Lemy how was you day going" Lincoln said
  4. >Reality hits hard on Lemy as he was stammering
  5. >"I.....ah.... I'm good"
  6. >"Yeah apparently Lemy like you ever try to talk to a girl for one" Leia sneered as the rest of the table chuckled on the joke
  7. >"You hardly make sentence when you to a talk to a girl. It's like trying to decipher stupidity" Lupa comments
  8. >"I can confirm this, he tried to hit on Gwen at school and sadly it's a train wreck" Lyle said as he was eating his dinner
  9. >Everyone at the table was laughing while Lincoln was speechless while Lemy sunk down to his chair covering his head with embarrassment
  10. >"OK THAT'S ENOUGH" Lincoln said raising his voice for everyone to hear
  11. >"Aw daddy where just having a fun, I mean it's not like it's new but it still hilarious" Leia said as she was holding back the giggle, and she's not the only one
  12. >The rest of the daughters/sons and all the parents *except Lincoln, Lyra, Leina, Bobby, Luna, Luan, Lana and Leni stay silent
  13. >Lemy can't take it anymore and excuse himself went straight to his bedroom.
  14. >Present Lemy needs to clear his head so he went to pick a guitar of the side of his bed and left his room.
  15. >As he was walking down the stairs he is met with his dad.
  16. >"You going somewhere Lem? Lincoln said
  17. >"Just...going out... I need to clear my head" Lemy stated as walk past him.
  18. >"Okay stay sa-" Lincoln was caught off as Lemy slams the door as he walks outside.
  19. >Lina was walking home after she finish hanging out with her friends she see's Lemy walking towards the Town Waste-Yard with a Guitar on his back
  20. >She follows him towards the abandoned car they used to hang out. Lemy was climbing and sitting atop the roof of the car while strumming some notes on the guitar
  21. >Lina moves closer towards closer to the car while keeping silent
  22. >Lemy then sigh as he plays a song that he can remember
  23. >Kurt Cobain's "And I Love Her"
  24. >Lemy finish playing as he stares down on the puddle while a stray water droplet splashes. He then she's a girl was sitting right next to him.
  25. >He turns around and was meet face to face with his best friend Lina.
  26. >"Hey Lemy that was a wonderful song you were singing" Lina said as she scoots over to Lemy as he tries to hide the blush on his cheeks.
  27. >"Hi Lina I... " A sudden water droplet hits his head as a downpour of rain starts.
  28. >They scramble towards the abandoned car and went inside the driver seat.
  29. >The rain continues as they are both cramped inside the car.
  30. >"So were comfortable right?" Lemy said as he trying to lighten the mood.
  31. >"Yep!" Lina chuckled as she wraps her arms around Lemy's torso as he blushed deeply.
  32. >"Look I want to say is tha-" Lemy said as Lina cut him off
  33. >"Lemy, I know that you have problems with sisters at home, and I'm going to guess is that how you tried to make a move on Gwen and how you crashed and burn" Lina stated as Lemy groans in despair
  34. >"Yeah... I just want someone to know who I am... and be someone who truly understands me...I guess I was fooling myself" Lemy said bitterly
  35. >Lina then slowly dips her head on Lemy's shoulder
  36. >"Maybe there someone who might be closer than you think" Lina said as she smiled
  37. >Lemy was shock but came to realize as he wraps his arm around Lina.
  38. >They enjoyed to complete tranquil rhythm of the pouring rain outside and the warmth they have for each other.
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