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  1. The requested renderer, D3D11, doesn't seem to be available. Trying the default, OpenGL.
  2. The OpenGL renderer doesn't seem to be available. Trying the GFXNulDevice.
  3. Attempting to create GFX device: GFX Null Device []
  4. Initializing GFXCardProfiler (GFX Null Device Renderer)
  5.    o Chipset : 'NULL Device'
  6.    o Card    : 'GFX Null Device Card'
  7.    o Version : '0'
  8.    o VRAM    : 0 MB
  9.    - Scanning card capabilities...
  10.    - Loading card profiles...
  11.       - No card profile core/profile/GFXNullDeviceRenderer.cs exists
  12.       - No card profile core/profile/GFXNullDeviceRenderer.NULLDevice.cs exists
  13.       - No card profile core/profile/GFXNullDeviceRenderer.NULLDevice.GFXNullDeviceCard.cs exists
  14.       - No card profile core/profile/GFXNullDeviceRenderer.NULLDevice.GFXNullDeviceCard.0.cs exists
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