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  1. •I am not smart
  2. •I don't know much about assetto corsa
  3. •I am not a fast driver
  4. •I am simply stating my own findings and opinions
  5. •I don't recommend you to take my advice but you're always welcome too.
  6. •I meme around a lot, don't take anything too serious.
  8. •I would like to have a discussion with you (in a reasonable / mannered way). We might both come out smarter. Or you could convince me that I'm wrong.
  10. •I'm not looking to create or participate in arguments that end up in a fight. Yes I might've said something stupid, I apologize. Keep in mind the above stated things: I am not smart, etc, etc...
  13. Lemme explain where it comes from.
  14. Basically I don't like smartasses and don't want to come off as one myself.
  15. I do like to report my findings tho as I find making them very interesting. I like to learn and I like sharing what I find. So basically I wrote this as a "hey I'm not trying to be a smartass eventhough it might seem like I am".
  17. If that makes sense?...
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