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  1. Josue: Hi Octavio. How are you?
  2. Octavio: So far, so good and you?
  3. Josue: Well, hey, as soon as possible can you go to the mall?
  4. Octavio: I think so.
  5. Josue: What do you mean? You can't?
  6. Octavio: Yes, but in a few days I will take vacations.
  7. Josue: And then?
  8. Octavio: I would be able to go out.
  9. Josue: For that reason you refer to go to the mall?
  10. Octavio: As a matter of fact.
  11. Josue: Ok. Can we go watch a movie on the mall?
  12. Octavio: What movie?
  13. Josue: Logan. My cousin saw it a little while ago.
  14. Octavio: I don't think so. Unfortunately I already watched that movie.
  15. Josue: Really?
  16. Octavio: Yes. The best part of the movie was seeing Wolverine fighting and the bad part was the end of the movie.
  17. Josue: Ok. Can we watch Cars 3?
  18. Octavio: I watched the trailer. How awful!
  19. Josue: Are you talking about the accident of Lightning McQueen? What a pity!
  20. Octavio: Yes, but it does not matter. He'll be fine.
  21. Josue: Without a doubt.
  22. Octavio: I need to go. Goodbye.
  23. Josue: Goodbye
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