A Very Public 'First Time' (AJ x RD)

Jan 24th, 2019
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  1. >With a slightly muffled *bang*, the door to Applejack’s farmstead home was kicked open
  2. >”Yooo, ‘Jackie!” an excited, slightly raspy voice called, echoing all the way up the plywood stairs to Applejack’s room. “You in here?”
  3. “Course I’m here!” Applejack shouted back. “Y’all texted me like five minutes ago!”
  4. >”Yeah, I just wanted to make sure!” Rainbow replied
  5. >Applejack hear the shuffling of her girlfriend’s footsteps on the floorboards, then her bedroom door was thrown open
  6. >Rainbow Dash practically sprinted across the room and threw herself onto Applejack’s bed
  7. >Her light frame bounced high off the mattress with an impressive yelping of bedsprings, and she landed neatly next to Applejack, just close enough for both girls’ shoulders to rest against each other
  8. >”Whatcha reading?” Rainbow asked, kicking off her shoes in the process
  9. “Nothin’ you’d be interested in. Just somethin’ Twilight lent me. It’s about tanks in World War II. Apparently Equestria’s weren’t all that great. Not sure why we had to have ‘em all pulled by horses…”
  10. >”Do you ever read anything besides WWII books?”
  11. “Not much else interestin’, is there?”
  12. >”You could at least check out one of the Daring Do’s. They’re great!”
  13. “I know they are. But there ain’t tanks in ‘em.”
  14. >Rainbow let out an exasperated sigh, then flopped onto her back
  15. >Applejack chuckled as she rolled onto her side, then nudged the slender girl next to her in the ribs
  16. “So what’s got y’all sprinting over here? You didn’t even pause to raid th’ fridge.”
  17. >”Oh, right!” Dash said, brightening as she remembered the reason she’d come. “Fluttershy wants us to do a camping trip tonight. Out by Everfree Lake. Apparently it’s some save-the-rabbits fundraiser or whatever.“
  18. “Wait, wait. Tonight? As in, like three or four hours from now tonight?”
  19. >”Uh, yeah.”
  20. “An’ she didn’t tell us about this sooner?”
  21. >”She was too nervous. Thought we’d make fun of her or something.”
  22. >Applejack sighed
  23. “Typical ‘Shy. Always bein’ all… well, shy. Shoot, I’m always down for a bit of outdoors time. But I ain’t prepared a bit. My tent an’ everything are all still out in the barn.”
  24. >”We can get them. She didn’t want us to meet until, like, an hour from now.”
  25. “An hour!? Girl’s not cuttin’ us a lot of slack.”
  26. >”We’re lucky she managed to tell us at all.”
  27. “Guess yer right. Here, I’ll head down and start packing stuff up. You, uh… stay here and do whatever it is you do while I’m not around.”
  28. >”That’s probably not something you wanna see,” Rainbow said with a wink
  29. >Applejack flashed her girlfriend an annoyed glance, though as she exited the room she found herself stifling a laugh
  30. >As much of a handful as Dash could make of herself, that girl sure was fun to have around
  32. >Out in the barn, Applejack busied herself digging through piles of her family’s junk
  33. >She pushed aside a cracked plastic kayak, several crates of dusty applesauce jars, a palette worth of plastic signs advertising what species were in season, and nearly a century’s worth of collected newspaper before she finally started to unearth her camping gear
  34. >Just as she was pulling out a pair of sleeping bags, she felt an adroit little hand smack against her ample rear
  35. “Hey!”
  36. >Rainbow cackled
  37. >”You just make it too easy!”
  38. “Dash, I swear…”
  39. >”Want me to kiss it and make it better?”
  40. >Applejack stood up, and both girls just stared at each other
  41. >A slight blush crept into Rainbow’s cheeks
  42. >”S-sorry. Did I make it weird?”
  43. “Nah. Just, uh… I did wanna ask you about something.”
  44. >”About what?”
  45. “Well, y’know, we’ve been together for almost two months now. Do you think we should tell our friends?”
  46. >Rainbow chewed her bottom lip
  47. >”I dunno, Jackie.”
  48. “We gotta tell them eventually.”
  49. >”Yeah, but… it’s gonna make things really weird. You know it will.”
  50. “Maybe a bit. But we can’t keep this a secret forever. Especially tonight. They’re gonna suspect something eventually.”
  51. >”I mean, it’s not like we’re *that* serious.”
  52. >Applejack raised an eyebrow
  53. “What do y’all mean by that?”
  54. >”Like, y’know… we haven’t even ‘done it’ or anything yet.”
  55. >Dash’s words had plenty of time to settle in the silent barn
  56. >Both girls glanced away from each other, each thinking something very similar
  57. >Applejack, for the last two or so weeks, had privately brutalized herself every time the desire to go further with Rainbow came up; she already felt enough guilt over the fact that she loved another girl, but to push for premarital sex so quickly was something that heaped even more remorse upon her, the kind of fist-clenching shame that washed over one only in the latest hours of the night
  58. >Rainbow Dash really wanted to get laid but didn’t know how to actually make that happen, and was terrified of admitting to being a nervous virgin
  59. >Okay, maybe their thoughts weren’t exactly similar, but neither had really been willing to broach the topic of sex
  60. >And now that Dash had let it loose, her words seemed to drift down around them amidst the barn’s own dusty air
  61. “So you… you think it’s not worth tellin’ the rest of them?”
  62. >”N-no, that’s not what I meant at all!” Rainbow blurted, hastily waving her hands in front of her face. “I just, maybe… I’m nervous. What if they’re not cool with it?”
  63. >Applejack sighed
  64. “That’s… not far off from what I’ve been worryin’ about.”
  65. >She took a seat on a hay bale, and Rainbow sat next to her
  66. >The smaller girl rested her head on Applejack’s sturdy shoulder, nuzzling up against her girlfriend’s sweaty, earthy scented neck
  67. >”You know what?”
  68. “What?”
  69. >”Let’s just do it.”
  70. “W-what ‘it’ are you referring to?”
  71. >”What one do you want it to be?” Dash asked with a wink
  72. >Applejack huffed, unable to hide the fact that she was blushing
  73. “We should let ‘em know. You’re right. All this secrecy is just killin’ me.”
  74. >”Yeah!”
  75. >Dash perked up
  76. >”You’re totally right. Just own it, no shame! We could even kiss in front of them. You know, just to make sure they know we’re not joking around.”
  77. “You sound way too into that idea.”
  78. >”I just wanna go all-in! Make sure nothing’s weird.”
  79. >Applejack shook her head
  80. ”You’re too much for me, Dash. But, if you’re hoping for some kissin’, I wouldn’t mind a few smooches out in the woods…”
  81. >”Oh, you’re on!” Dash replied
  82. >She jumped to her feet, giddy, and helped Applejack unearth and pack the rest of the camping gear
  84. >The camping trip, as each of the girl’s expected, was an insane amount of fun
  85. >Rarity had packed a tent that unfolded to be the size of a small apartment, complete with inflatable luxury furnishings inside
  86. >”A lady must travel in luxury! My skin is far to delicate for sleeping in sand, I’m sure you can imagine,” Rarity explained as she lounged atop an inflatable couch
  87. >The girls spent the night playing cards, laughing hysterically at Pinkie’s anecdotes (seriously, that girl had some humorous dirt on *everyone* at CHS, including more than a few teachers), and mostly just lounging around Rarity’s plush room, enjoying each other’s company
  88. >Applejack found that, over the course of the night, her and Dash found themselves drawn closer together, until they were practically in each other’s lap
  89. >If any of their friends noticed, they didn’t care
  90. >Mostly because they were too focused on the “surprises” Pinkie had brought along
  91. >”Whooooo wants Coco Locos?” she asked the room, whipping six coconuts out of… somewhere
  92. >Dash grabbed for one immediately, and guzzled the creamy liquid down, groaning in pleasure
  93. >Applejack sipped at hers a bit more carefully
  94. >The rum overpowered the rest of the ingredients, and burned viciously as it dribbled down her throat
  95. >Across from her, Fluttershy and Twilight set theirs aside, unable to stomach them
  96. >Dash was happy to help them finish
  98. ***
  100. >The night was slowly beginning to turn fuzzy, warm, and slightly burry for Applejack
  101. >She’d finished most of her drink, then she set the coconut aside, letting out a contented burp
  102. >Rainbow laughed hysterically at that
  103. >She was rolling around the floor now, kicking her feet up in the air in excitement
  104. >The drink had left a bright red blush on her cheeks
  105. >Applejack reached out to steady the smaller girl, and leaned in to whisper in her ear
  106. “Ah think you’ve had enough, young lady.”
  107. >”Oh, yeah?”
  108. >Dash curled up beneath Applejack’s palm
  109. >”What are you gonna do to stop me?”
  110. “Well, I think I’ll have t’ take ya outside.”
  111. >”C-come at me bro.”
  112. >Applejack grabbed Rainbow by the arm and hauled the girl up, until both of them were standing
  113. >Rainbow leaned heavily against Applejack, her face coming to rest right against the taller girl’s full breasts
  114. “I, uh… I’m gonna take Rainbow outside, to, uh…”
  115. >Applejack froze
  116. >As always, she couldn’t come up with anything resembling a convincing lie
  117. >”We’re heading back to the tent to pass out,” Dash covered
  118. >Clearly, she wasn’t quite as drunk as she looked, though she had definitely still had a decent amount
  119. >Applejack gave her friends an awkward grin
  120. >”Aww, but we were planning to go for a midnight swim!” Twilight complains, showing off her heavily detailed itinerary
  121. “Sorry Twi. It’s been a long day and, uh… we’re both real beat!”
  122. >With that, she held Dash close and ran for the exit
  123. >Maybe she was just imagining it, but she could swear she just saw Pinkie wink at her…
  125. >Together, Applejack and Rainbow Dash stumbled out of the tent
  126. >They emerged into a clearing in the Everfree Forest, with packed earth and wild grass beneath their feet and tall, darkness-shrouded trees stretching above them
  127. >Dash was laughing against, and Applejack couldn’t help but join in
  128. >”They totally know! Did you see their faces!?”
  129. “They do not! They think we’re just heading back to the tent to—“
  130. >”To what, have a cute little nap together. They know, dude.”
  131. “Aaaagh.”
  132. >Applejack hung her head, flushed with embarrassment and alcohol
  133. “You’re probably right.”
  134. >”I always am.”
  135. >Dash pulled away, and performed some awkward spin maneuver on the grass
  136. >”Tell ya what. We’re fucked on secrecy. How about we have somma that kissy-kissy you were talking about?” she asks, smacking her lips at you
  137. “Ha! You’re terrible!”
  138. >Rainbow pressed up against her
  139. >”C’mon. I know you like smooching me outside…”
  140. “Ack. Well, you’re right…”
  141. >Applejack didn’t have a chance to say anything more before Dash’s mouth was against hers
  142. >As always, Applejack’s girlfriend kissed her with gusto, greedily mashing both their lips together
  143. >The rum sloshing through both of their heads only made the kiss deeper, and both Applejack and Rainbow stumbled as they lurched into the woods, clinging tightly to each other as their tongues wrestled together
  144. >Dash’s mouth tasted heavily of rum and cream, and her saliva was sticky and sweet when it dribbled into Applejack’s mouth
  145. >The kiss felt like it would never end, and it might not have, if Rainbow hadn’t tripped over a protruding root in the forest floor
  146. >Both girls went sprawling with a yelp, tumbling right onto the edge of a small cliff
  147. >It was nothing extreme, just a ten-foot drop down to the beach
  148. >And beyond that, the dark, glittering mass of Everfree Lake shone beneath the moonlight
  149. >”Whoa,” Rainbow whispered
  150. “That’s absolutely gorgeous.”
  151. >Applejack sat up and wrapped an arm around Rainbow
  152. “I can’t think of a better place to kiss ya.”
  153. >Once again, the girls’ mouths met in a soft, wet embrace of tongues
  154. >Aside from a few small shrubs, the cliff on which they sat was devoid of plantlife, leaving them exposed to the moonlight and the gentle lakeshore breeze
  155. >Applejack’s skin tingled; something about the heat of Dash’s body contrasted with the vast openness of nature sent tantalizing currents running through her body
  156. >Feeling a bit braver than usual, she placed a hand on Rainbow’s bare thigh; as usual, her girl was wearing short-cut athletic shorts
  157. >Rainbow froze, and pulled away
  158. >”Uh, ‘Jackie?”
  159. “What?” Applejack gasped, surprised at how out of breath she was
  160. >”Do you, uh… I mean, we’ve got plenty of privacy here… do you want to maybe take some clothes off?”
  161. “Out here? Dash that’s a bit—“
  162. >”We don’t have to go all the way! Just, you know, I’ve never gotten to see you naked. And I’d really, really like to. Maybe we could just… keep kissing, but, yeah. Without anything else.”
  163. >Applejack swallowed
  164. >Her tongue felt thick and heavy in her mouth, and the fuzzy sensation often associated with nervousness was forming in the back of her throat
  165. >She wanted to say no, to keep things safe, maybe even go back to the tent
  166. >But the idea of being totally bare, exposed and shivering to the entire forest…
  167. >Applejack couldn’t force herself to resist
  168. “I guess we could.”
  169. >”Oh. Oh! Awesome!”
  170. >Rainbow immediately started fidgeting with her shoes, unlacing them and kicking them off, followed by peeling away her socks
  171. >Applejack got the vague feeling her girlfriend had practiced this routine a lot
  172. >Barefoot, Rainbow hooked her hands into her shorts and slid them down, along with her panties, tossing both aside
  173. >Instinctively, Applejack averted her eyes
  174. >But then she heard the rustling of fabric as Rainbow shed her tanktop, and Applejack’s own lusty curiosity overcame her sense of decency
  175. >She turned her head and beheld the nude figure of Rainbow Dash
  176. >Her girlfriend was, as Rainbow knew already from plenty of trips to the pool, short, lithe, and deceptively muscular, with gentle coils of strength beneath her skin highlighted by the flattering moonlight
  177. >Rainbow’s breasts were small, barely A-cup, a fact that didn’t embarrass the athletic girl in the slightest
  178. >Her butt was round and perky, with the same shapely, muscular form as the rest of her
  179. >And her vagina, which Applejack stared at with abject, humiliating curiosity, with a delicate, smooth little crease of flesh, with a tiny tuft of hair around it
  180. >Her carpet matched her drapes too, which enticed Applejack way more than she could have thought it would
  181. >Dimly, Applejack was aware of Rainbow laughing
  182. >The girl struck a pose, jutting out her hips
  183. >”I didn’t think you’d be drooling this hard over me. Go ahead, take a look.”
  184. “I’m not drooling over you! I told ya I thought you were cute, and I still think that.”
  185. >”Oh please. Puppies are cute. You think I’m totally bangin’! C’mon, just admit it.”
  186. “Y’all are really pretty. That’s not news, Rainbow.”
  187. >”You’re damn right it's not.”
  188. >Dash spun 180 degrees and bent over, giving Applejack a full, scandalous view of her butt
  189. >Applejack really thought she should look away, but she couldn’t
  190. >For a brief moment, a truly reprehensible desire to shover her face between those smooth, supple cheeks jumped up in her mind
  191. >She pushed it away
  192. >Rainbow bent even lower, until her head was between her own knees
  193. >”Now show me what ya got, Jackie!” she called out
  194. >The excitement on Dash’s face was undeniable, and Applejack couldn’t disappoint her
  195. >So she closed her eyes, stood up, and tried her best to push down the guilt that bubbled up from her core: “Dirty, shameless, sinful, unnatural…”
  196. >She stripped quickly and methodically for Rainbow, then dropped her clothes neatly to the side
  197. >”Whoa.”
  198. >Applejack forced one eye open
  199. >Dash was standing before her, gazing intently at Applejack’s body
  200. >Her eyes were focused mostly on the farmgirl’s chest, but they gradually drifted lower down Applejack’s body, to her crotch, then her muscular thighs, then finally down to her feet
  201. >”You’re… you’re just fuckin’ hot.”
  202. “Heh.”
  203. >In spite of herself, Applejack laughed
  204. >This wasn’t so bad, it turned out
  205. >She even felt a little flattered by Dash’s compliment; it made her feel desirable, complete, and maybe even a bit… sexy?
  206. >It was a weird way to think of herself
  207. >But beneath Rainbow’s lewd, unabashed gaze, Applejack felt totally exposed, naked in a sense beyond skin-deep, and she felt pretty all the way down
  208. >She slowly sank down next to Rainbow, and the two girls embraced before falling backwards onto the grass
  209. >The night air enveloped Applejack as Rainbow’s tender, warm body pressed against hers
  210. >And the moonlight bathed both their naked figures as they writhed together, straining to feel each and every inch of each other as they kissed long and greedily
  211. >Applejack didn’t even pay attention to her hands as they ran down Rainbow’s back, gradually finding their way to her partner’s firm, adorable ass
  212. >Her fingers squeezed deep into her partner’s buttocks, and Dash yelped
  213. “Ah! Sorry,” Applejack frantically apologize
  214. >”No, don’t be sorry! That was amazing!”
  215. >Dash was breathing heavily now, and she adjusted herself so that she was laying flat in Applejack’s lap, her butt exposed
  216. >”Could you, uh… do something like that again? Be as rough as you want, seriously.”
  217. “Y-yeah, I could try. Just lemme know if I hurt you or somethin’.”
  218. >”Right, sure.”
  219. >Applejack licked her lips, then dug her hand into Rainbow’s rear again, grabbing as much of the supple flesh as she could
  220. >Rainbow hung her head, groaning
  221. >”That feels so good… agh…”
  222. >She wriggled her hips a little
  223. >”Maybe, uh, slap me a little.”
  224. “Yeah, okay…” Applejack replied, surprised how much her voice was quivering
  225. >She raised her hand and brought it down, hard, against Dash’s petite ass
  226. >A sharp *smack!* rang out through the forest
  227. >And down below, just maybe a few dozen feet from the cliff, Applejack heard Sunset Shimmer’s voice
  228. >”Uh, guys? Did anyone else here that?” Sunset asked, somewhere down below them
  229. >Immediately, Applejack froze
  230. “They’re gonna see us!” she whispered to Rainbow
  231. >A strange, sly look crossed Dash’s face
  232. >”So?”
  233. “Whaddaya mean, ‘so?’ In case ya forgot, we’re buck naked!”
  234. >”Yeah. They’ll totally see everything, won’t they~…”
  235. “That’s exactly the prob— mmf!”
  236. >Applejack didn’t have time to respond
  237. >Rainbow threw her arms around her girlfriend’s neck and tackled her back onto the ground, then she showered the farmgirl’s face with loud, wet kisses
  238. “Rainbow, you… nngh… nutcase! They’re gonna see us!”
  239. >”Applejack?” she heard Sunset calling out. “Is that you?”
  240. >Dash groaned in delight
  241. >Her back flexed, and she pressed her hips firmly against Applejack’s bare thigh
  242. >”Rainbow!?”
  243. >Sunset’s voice was growing louder as she approached
  244. >”Are you two okay?”
  245. >”Oh God, yes…” Dash muttered into Applejack’s ear
  246. >She shuddered in pleasure and, almost unconsciously, began grinding herself against Applejack’s leg
  247. >Applejack was just about to shove her off when she felt Dash’s pussy connect with her skin
  248. >It was red-hot and dripping wet, and Rainbow smeared a thin trail of her juices along Applejack’s upper thigh as she rubbed her delicate crotch against the girl beneath her
  249. “Rainbow…” Applejack muttered as she wrapped her arms around the slender girl, bracing to throw her off. “We need to hide…”
  250. >But even as she said it, Applejack found herself unable to push Rainbow away
  251. >The raw lust that she’d stored deep in the back of her mind, beneath years of careful denial, was bubbling up like a hot, sticky geyser and pouring from beneath her thighs
  252. >The heat pouring from Applejack’s loins was checked by the night’s reassuring embrace, which only drove Applejack further into her desire for Rainbow
  253. >Applejack clamped her hands around Rainbow’s hips and maneuvered the other girl’s crotch closer to hers, opening her legs wide
  254. >The two girls’ pussies met in a wet, tantalizing kiss
  255. >Rainbow threw her head back, moaning in delight as Applejack’s thighs clamped around her slender form
  256. >”Hey! Don’t worry, I’m coming!” Sunset shouted
  257. >She was sprinting toward them now; Applejack could hear Sunset’s footsteps even over Rainbow’s squeals of pleasure
  258. >A low moan escaped Applejack’s own lips
  259. >She didn’t care who saw them now
  260. >Shame, humiliation, none of that mattered
  261. >She just wanted to keep slamming herself against Rainbow’s gushing pussy
  262. >Sunset’s footsteps stopped short, and Applejack heard her friend gasp
  263. >Rainbow’s eyes fluttered open just long enough to lock with Applejack’s
  264. >Her tongue was lolling out between her lips, but she managed to mouth the words: “Let them watch”
  265. >”Sunset, darling,” came Rarity’s voice. “What’s the matter? What are you staring— oh, good heavens!”
  266. >”Woohoo!” Pinkie cried. “Go Dashie!”
  267. >”Oh my…” Fluttershy squealed
  268. >”I knew it!” Twilight chimed in. “Their chemistry was, just, *too* perfect!”
  269. >All five of the girls' friends were gathered around the cliff now
  270. >For a moment, shocked as they were, all they could do was stare
  271. >Both Applejack and Dash could feel their friends eyes on them, almost like a leering physical presence spread across their bodies as they writhed against each other
  272. >”They’re all watching… my first time… they’re all gonna see me… c-cum… oh, yes… yes!” Rainbow coos
  273. >Hot, fresh torrents of juices spilled from her pussy and onto Applejack’s, and Rainbow’s body twitched and shuddered as her orgasm rocked through her
  274. >Applejack felt her own overtaking her as well, flooding through her in waves of hot, white sensation
  275. >She collapsed as her powerful body melted into raw, gushing bliss, awash in the gentle embrace of nature and the shocked, leering eyes of her friends
  276. >When she finally managed to sit up, she didn’t bother looking over at them
  277. >She simply took Rainbow in her arms, and the two girls kissed, daring all of them to look on
  279. End
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