ClaymoreAnon (Update Sept 12th)

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  1. ClaymoreAnon 1 (Femanon story)
  3. >Your claymore slices through another yoma and it shatters into dust.
  4. >To your right, number 7 calls out to you. "16! we need you to use your earthsense, we are getting nowhere breaking these fakes."
  5. "Alright, but you two have to cover me." you call out, before shoving the tip of your blade into the ground.
  6. >Releasing your yoki into it, images start assaulting your mind.
  7. >Your earthsense, as they called it, allowed you to probe the earth in a fair sized radius. It also brings up images of recent happenings in and above the earth. As your yoki spreads out, you sense not one but two blips.
  8. "Damn it, there's two of them, one's just west of you 13, and the other is about ten feet behind me. Both are about five feet underground.".
  9. >Pulling out your blade, you see 7 shove her blade all the way to the hilt into the ground where you indicated the first was, and it comes up with the tip covered in purple blood.
  10. >"One down now for the oth..." 7's thought is interupted as she see's you. "16! Behind you!".
  11. >Turning, you catch a glimpse of the Yoma before everything goes red, as its claws shoot through you, blood spraying everywhere.
  12. >In the next instant 13 has decapitated it, but its too late, the damage is done.
  13. >The edges of your vision close in and you feel your limbs getting numb.
  14. >You collapse to your knees, pain lacing your body.
  15. >You can barely make out number 7 calling out to you. "16 stay with us.  13 get a medic crew in here.".
  16. >Blackness begins to overwhelm your senses, and the pain slowly vanishes.
  17. >For a moment everything is gone, and then you feel a single drop of water strike your forehead.
  18. >*Drip.
  19. >*Drip.
  20. >*Drip.
  21. "I'm awake just quit it already."
  22. >*Drip.
  23. >*Drip.
  24. >*Drip.
  25. "13, quit it"
  26. >*Drip.
  27. >*Drip.
  28. >*Drip.
  29. "Fuck it I'm up"
  30. >Setting up the first thing you notice is you are not in your own body.
  31. >Your new form is a quadruped and it has hooves.
  32. >The cave now find yourself in his dark with, the only light coming from the entrance up ahead.
  33. >You can feel the familiar weight of your claymore across your back though in your current form it feels far heavier than it was.
  34. >As you step into the sunlight you look back over your form, noticing that your claymore is almost twice the length of your new body.
  35. >You are some sort of small horse, pony maybe. Your coat is a pure white and your main and tail, a pale gold.
  36. >Your body is still covered by your clothes, along with a shoulder pads and back brace that is used to hold your claymore.
  37. >A loud roar draws your attention away from a new form, and out of the bushes jumps a large lion like creature.
  38. >Its orange body and red mane are accented by its large dragon-like wings and scorpion tail.
  39. >A voice from above yells for you to watch out, and to look up to see of blue and rainbow thing flying above you.
  40. >Before you can respond to it zooms off leaving a rainbow trail behind it.
  41. >Turning your head you grab the handle of your claymore and swing in around sliding it off your back.
  42. >Rising up to your rear hooves, you drop the sword from your mouth, and somehow grab it with your forehooves.
  43. >The sword is to heavy for your new size to be wielded easy, so you release your yoki up to 20%, veins in your face and limbs bulging, your eyes changing from their normal silver to a yellowish gold color.
  44. >The lion thing swipes at you, and you slice its paw off, before reversing the stroke and bisecting the things face and upper body. Blood sprays everywhere, coating you and most of the area behind you.
  45. >A quick flick, and the blood is cleared off your blade, and you slide it back into your back clasp, before stopping your yoki flow.
  46. >Moving to a clean patch, you lay down and wait for the blue thing to come back.
  47. >After a few minutes, you hear her frantic calls, and you rise from your spot beside the dead beast.
  48. >After a moment you see the the blue thing appear overhead.
  49. >"Girls she's over here." The blue thing comes in and lands beside you, looking over the corpse. "Wow... Just wow. Did you do that?".
  50. >You simply nod looking over at her.
  51. >It turns out she is a pegasus, proven by the small wings on her back.
  52. >Soon the number of other small horses or ponies enter the clearing.  Two of them seem to have small horns on their foreheads, and another has wings just like the blue one.
  53. >Two others don't seem to have anything, though one is wearing a hat.
  54. >The six ponys are all speechless, save the pink one who bears neither a horn nor wings.
  55. >She just bounces over to you and start speaking an extremely rapid fire voice.
  57. >A number of the other ponys shake their head.
  58. >The one wearing the hat, who has an orange coat and a blond mane, speaks up." Ah cant rightly say I trust ya, but mah names Applejack. Its nice tah meet ya I guess."
  59. >You simply nod replying "Anonymous, or 16 whichever you prefer."
  60. >One of the ones with horns, a white mare with a purple mane, looks over you and shakes her head. "We simply must do something to get you cleaned up. Your pristine white coat is being ruined by the blood."
  61. >You shrug, looking good has never really been of much importance to you.
  62. >Her horn start slowing and she says "Here let me help".
  63. >Your blade is immediately in your hooves, and you are pointing the tip at her face, 20% yoki flowing through you.
  64. "What are you trying? Explain, or you will die here."
  65. >The five ponys back away, warily eyeing your blade.
  66. >The white ones horn stops glowing, and the purple one speaks.
  67. >"You've never seen unicorn magic before?" You shake your head, your blade still at the ready. "Don't worry she was just to remove the blood from you and your clothes, she didn't mean any harm."
  68. >You slide you blade back into its holder as you lower yourself to four legs, and let you yoki drop down to zero.
  69. "I will deal with it later. For now could you direct me to the nearest town?"
  70. >The five of them cluster together and have a discussion in tones that you cannot make out.
  71. >After some apparently heated argument the purple one nods, and motions you to follow the group.
  72. >The lead you down a path in the forest and you take this time to examine them.
  73. >There are five of them, there's the blue pegasus, the two unicorns one purple and the other white, there's the orange one Applejack, and there's a small yellow pegasus who hasn't said a word yet.
  74. "Since all we have to do is walk, perhaps I could get your names?" You say, trudging behind the group.
  75. >The white one with a purple mane speaks up "Oh my how rude of me, my name is Rarity, Ponyvilles number one fashionista."
  76. >"I'm Rainbow Dash the fastest flier in Equestria" the blue one says striking a pose in midair.
  77. >The purple unicorn replies "My name is Twilight Sparkle, disciple to princess Celestia ruler of this land."
  78. >"As ya'll already know, mah names Applejack, and ah run the local apple farm." She says with a tip of her hat.
  79. >You turn expectantly to the yellow Pegasus who only makes of weird squeaking noise.
  80. >"She's Fluttershy and, well as her name suggests, she's a little shy."
  81. You nod before speaking."I'm number 16 in the organization, or as you would know them a Claymore or a Silver eyed Witch. If you wish to use a name you can call me Anonymous."
  82. >"That's a rather unusual name anonymous, the name itself would imply you don't have a name." Twilight says, pausing to look back at you for a moment."Are you saying you don't have a name?"
  83. "That's correct."
  84. >She opens her mouth to say something, but decides against it, and closes her mouth. The rest of the walk happens in relative silence, until you reach the edge of the woods.
  85. >Fluttershy squeaks out something before flying off, leaving you with Applejack, Rarity Twilight and Rainbow Dash.
  86. >Applejack looks up at the sky, before asking "Anonymous do you have anywhere to stay?  If not we have a guest room that you could use."
  87. Shaking your head, you reply "Thank you but that will be unnecessary Applejack. I have no trouble sleeping in the open, considering my occupation. In fact most claymores find they can't sleep normally, and instead opt to sleep outside of towns instead of at inns."
  88. >"Well if you ever reconsider, the offer stands. Ah gotta get back to the farm, to be ready for harvesting tomorrow. I'll see ya all later."
  89. >And with that, she heads off down the path, before turning off towards a farm visible in the distance.
  90. >Dash chimes up "I gotta go as well.  Tomorrow you should show me some of your moves Anonymous, you seem pretty cool if you can take down a manticore alone." And she flies off towards the town.
  91. >"I guess that just leaves the three of us. I would not mind asking you some questions tomorrow, if you want stop by the library.  It's the big tree building in the middle of town. It's hard to miss" Twilight says, looking over you.
  92. You remove your claymore from your back, and shove it point first into the ground so it stands of vertical. Sitting back and leaning against it you say "We still have some time before it gets too dark out.  Why not us some of the questions now?"
  93. >"OK I guess." Twilight says sitting down "first things first, what were you doing in the middle of the Everfree forest?"
  94. "I'm not entirely sure, and the information about what happened prior to that is classified."
  95. >"Well that doesn't help much. Can you tell me what claymore is?"
  96. Reaching back you tap your sword. "This style of sword is called a claymore, and because of them the numbers have picked up the nickname Claymore."
  97. >"That makes sense. So you said you were number 16, I think it was? Is that you rank or something?"
  98. "Yes. Each Claymore is given our rank based on our capabilities.  In total there are 46 claymores, one for each region of our own country."
  99. >"Interesting, so that means you are fairly highly ranked. I'm not to bother asking what country you are from.  This should be enough for now, though I hope to see you tomorrow as there are many more questions I want to ask."
  100. >Rarity speaks up, standing"I really must be going. If you haven't gotten clean by tomorrow you should stop by my boutique, and you can have a shower." As she starts leaving Twilight gets up and joins her.
  101. >"We'll see you tomorrow anonymous. Bye." As the two of them leave sight, you close your eyes, relax, and fall asleep.
  105. ClaymoreAnon 2
  108. >Your sleep is disturbed by the soft sound of approaching hooves.
  109. >Cracking an eye open, you see the yellow pegasus Fluttershy approaching, a blanket on her back.
  110. "What are you doing out here Fluttershy?"
  111. >"EEEP!" She cries, and runs away as fast as she can.
  112. >Shrugging your withers, you quickly fall back asleep.
  114. ~~
  116. >As the first rays of the sun brush across your face, you rise and stow your claymore across your back.
  117. >Trotting into town, Ponyville you think it was called, you head towards the libray.
  118. >Market stands being set up by other ponys start appearing, and you get many curious or fearful glances.
  119. "Just like every other town." You mutter to yourself.
  120. >Soon, you find yourself in the town center standing in front of a tree with doors and windows on it.
  121. >Raising a hoof, you knock on the door.
  122. >It opens, revealing a bleary eyed purple and green lizard.
  123. >"Sorry, the library isn't open until nine."
  124. >Twilights voice calls out from the back. "Who is it Spike?"
  125. >*Yawn* "I dunno, a white mare with pale gold mane, covered in blood. Ring any bells?"
  126. >Twilight's head peeks out from around a corner, and she gasps.
  127. >"Anonymous! What brings you by so early?"
  128. "Not much, nothing to do, figured I'd get your questions out of the way."
  129. >"Come in, we can have breakfast then get to the questions"
  130. >You nod, and enter after Spike heads back in.
  131. >On the way to the table, you set your claymore aside, but within easy access.
  132. >Breakfast, as it turns out, consists of toasted bread, jellys and tea.
  133. >"Please, help yourself." Twilight says while setting toast on her own plate.
  134. "No thank you, I don't need to eat for a day or so."
  135. >The lizard, Spike, keeps glancing at you while eating, though you pay no heed.
  136. >"Perhaps you should get cleaned up while we eat. The bathroom is just over there." Twilight says and she indicates a door.
  137. >With a nod, you rise and move to the indicated room.
  138. >The white of the room reminds you of your new coat, and you start investigating the unusual sink.
  139. >With no source of water visible, you start poking things, until turning a handle starts water flowing from a nozzle.
  140. >Further experimentation teaches you that one makes hot water, the other cold.
  141. >There are similar nobs on the wall in a bathtub, and you step into the tub to reach them.
  142. >The moment you turn the first one, ice cold water comes spraying from above you and you get soaked.
  143. >Quickly turning it off, you turn the other more slowly, and hot water starts coming out.
  144. >After a few moments of testing, you finaly get a temperature that is pleasant.
  145. >The beast's blood quickly washes off, and you turn off the water and step out.
  146. >"Excuse me, Anonymous?" Twilights voice calls from outside.
  147. "Yes?"
  148. >"I forget that there are no towels in there, so I'm leaving one beside the door."
  149. >You open the door, and take the towel, unconcerned about Twilights strange look.
  150. >With some work, and thanks to the suits zipper being on the inside, you manage to get it off, and start drying yourself.
  151. >Trying to rub the towel against yourself is to difficult and inneficient to work, so you improvise by setting it on the ground and rub yourself on it.
  152. >Suitably dry, you set the towel to dry along with your suit, and step out.
  153. >"My, its certainly an improvement from being covered in blood, isnt it." Twilight states and you shrug.
  154. "Appearences are irrelevant in my line of work, and besides we all share the same basic characteristics anyways."
  155. >"Still, it would be best to try and look normal. Here, let me brush out your mane."
  156. >Sitting down, you allow Twilight ro run a brush through your mane, and when she finishes, you rise again.
  157. >"There, thats much better."
  158. >It's at this time that Spike steps back in, and his jaw drops.
  159. >"Wow... You're almost as beautiful as Rarity." He says.
  160. >With a light flip of your mane, resulting in a partly covered face, a blush forms and you reply
  161. "Why thank you, thats realy sweet."
  162. >His scales flush a light red, and he starts stuttering before running out of the room.
  163. >"Wow, thats the first time I've seen you express anything but anger."
  164. >When she looks at your face, and sees it as impasive as ever, she goes "Huh?"
  165. "Its part of training. Being able to interpret situations and how to react for the most effective result."
  166. >*Sigh* "More of your secret training stuff. Did you even have a life outside the organization?"
  167. >Moving over to your claymore, you stand it in the floor and sit against it.
  168. "No, but then, I wouldn't have a life if not for them."
  169. "You see, most Claymores are orphans, so there is no-one to care for them."
  170. >"How? There's no place in Equestria with an abandonment rate anywhere near enough to provide more than one or two a year."
  171. "Because I'm not from Equestria."
  172. >"But that makes even less sense, I mean..."
  173. >Stray hairs start poking out of her mane, and you stand, pulling out your claymore.
  174. >Going to the bathroom, you detach the scabbard piece from your suit, and put it on.
  175. >Back in the main room, you slide your claymore into place while Twilight runs around digging through books.
  176. >Stepping outside, you are immediately greeted by the bright sun reflecting off a hyperactive pink blob.
  177. >The blob charges you before being distinguished as Pinkie Pie.
  178. >"There you are Anonymous, I was looking everywhere for you. Here."
  179. >She passes you a pink envelope, before running off.
  180. >Sticking the envelope in your scabbard, you continue through town.
  181. >Several ponys, males by the looks of them, are in a group off to one side, and they are sharing hushed whispers.
  182. >One of them steps forward, nudged by the others.
  183. >The large red stallion approaches you, and says "Are ya new in town?"
  184. "Yeah, though I'm not sure how long I'll be here."
  185. >He nods stoicly, moving to walk along side you.
  186. >"Thats a mighty big sword yer totin there, are you a soldier?"
  187. "Not quite."
  188. >"Mah names Big Macintosh, if ya were curious, its nice ta meet ya."
  189. "Anonymous, likewise."
  190. >"Well, Ah gotta get back ta the guys. It was nice talkin to ya."
  191. >You simply nod and he walks back to the group.
  193. ~~~~~~~
  195. >"So, did'ja get shot down?" Thunderlane asks, nudging your shoulder.
  196. "Nope."
  197. >"So she said yes?"
  198. "Nope."
  199. >Time Turner speaks up "So I assume you just made simple conversation, correct."
  200. "Eeyup."
  201. >"Did'ja at least get her name?"
  202. "Eeyup."
  203. >"So? What is it?" The guys ask, leaning in.
  204. "Anonymous."
  205. >"Strange name, but damn if that isn't a nice flank." Thunderlane says, staring after her.
  206. >"I agree, it is a rather unusual name, mysterious, and yet, it fits her perfectly."
  207. "Eeyup."
  208. >Hey, Big Mac, stop slacking and get your lazy flank over here, its your day to watch the stand." Your sister calls, and you walk over.
  209. >"Wonder if she's single, cuz I'd love to get a piece of that." You hear Thunderlane say, and you shake your head slightly.
  211. ~~~~~~~
  213. >Shaking your golden mane, you step out of your royal carrige and start walking into Ponyville.
  214. >After a few minutes of walking, you find yourself approaching the richer part of town.
  215. >While not overly fancy, there are several larger houses and a small mansion or two.
  216. "Ugh, and I expected to find a worthwhile mare here..."
  217. "Ah well, I still have a job, and hopefully a whorse, to do."
  218. >Trudging towards the address you were given, you prepare to subjugate yourself in order to appologize to that white slut from the Gala.
  219. >Of course, if you play your cards right, she will be another easy conquest for your mighty rod.
  220. >Around you, you get many looks of jealousy and the occasional lusty look, but none of the mares are anything to speak about.
  221. >Bored of the 'rich' ponys, you turn to the direct path to...
  222. "What was her name, Oddity? No... Rarity, thats what it was."
  224. ~~~~~~~
  226. >A few minutes after meeting Big Macintosh, you reach Rarity's house thing, and step inside.
  227. >Above your head, a bell rings and Rarity's voice calls out "I'll be there in a moment."
  228. >Stepping down the stairs she says "Welcome to the Carousel Boutique, where each article is Chiq, Unique and Magnifique."
  229. "Good morning Rarity."
  230. >"Ah, Anonymous, you look fabulous all cleaned up."
  231. >She levitates up some measuring tapes, and approaches you.
  232. >"Please, allow me to take some measurements so I may make you something to wear other than that coat-tight suit."
  233. >With no proper response, you simply shrug.
  234. >Soon, the measuring tapes are gently wrapping around your body, and Rarity starts floating fabrics around.
  235. >As the tapes finish, Rarity's magics focus on needles and an expensive looking metalic silver fabric.
  236. >In the meantime, you gaze around at her house/workplace.
  237. >Pony shaped statues litter the room, several covered in outfits, both male and female.
  238. >A large pedastle with mirrors around half of it stands against a wall, and there is a work desk, but besides that, the room is relatively plain.
  239. >"Done!" Rarity exclaims, levitating over a simple dress.
  240. "How am I supposed to put this on?"
  241. >Rarity magics off your blade and scabbard, and sets them aside.
  242. >"Its quite simple, just step up in front of those mirrors and I will help."
  243. >Listening to her, you soon find yourself being awkwardly moved around as the dress is slid over your head and forelimbs.
  244. >As it slides over your tail, you turn and look at yourself in the mirror.
  245. >Short cut, stopping just above the knee joint, the dress almost gives the impression of molten silver running over your body.
  246. >Each movement sends a new wave over it, mesmerizing to look at.
  247. >"You look fabulous darling, to think under that blood covered exterior, lay such a beautiful mare."
  248. >The door bell rings again, and you turn to see a white male enter, before his jaw drops and he immediately runs off.
  249. >"I wonder who that was?" Rarity muses, and you shrug.
  251. ~~~~~~~
  253. "To think such a jewel lay in this rural mud-pit, I must re-evaluate immediately."
  254. >Pacing back and forth in your hotel room, best in Ponyville of course, you can't shake the image of the mare from your mind.
  255. "Even if she was homeless, that body, those colors, she would be a perfect match to my noble blood."
  256. "And even with such a c class dress, she looks like royalty."
  257. "I must have her, no matter the cost."
  261. ClaymoreAnon 3
  263. >"Now isn't this wonderful" Rarity sighs, and you let out a sigh.
  264. "I don't see why you brought me here, I don't need anything like this."
  265. >"Nonsense Darling, everyp0ny deserves to be pampered every once in a while.
  266. >One of the spa ponys approaches, a blue mare with a pink mane.
  267. >"Please, follow me miss Anonymous."
  268. >She leads you into an attached room where several strange tables stand.
  269. >Indicating one, she says "Climb up here and lay down please."
  270. >doing so, you find it unusualy comfortable, and the mare climbs a stool next to it.
  271. >"Now, just relax" She says, and her hooves start massaging your back.
  272. >You instinctually tense, but after a moment, you manage to relax, and let her do her work.
  273. >"You have a wonderful coat and mane, how do you keep them so soft?" She asks as she works.
  274. "You don't want to know." You say, before letting out an airy breath as she releases a rather tight group of muscles.
  275. >"Oh but I do. I'm sure many of our customers would love to have manes and coats as soft as yours.
  276. >She stops and steps around "Or is it some kind of secret that you can't tell?"
  277. >Seeing her excited look, you sit up a bit, feeling the looseness of your muscles.
  278. "The blood of some lion scorpion thing most recently, but before that, the blood of yoma's and even some of my own."
  279. >Her face slowly changes to one of disgust, before she steps out of the room, gagging.
  280. >After a moment, she returns and says "I appologize, I never realized you were an adventurer, and that it was incidental."
  281. "Its no problem." You say, hopping down "Thank you for the massage, it felt excellent."
  282. >"You are quite welcome, but the treatment isn't over. You are to meet Rarity in the hot tub next."
  283. >As you are escorted there, the mare introduces herself as Lotus, one of the spa sisters.
  284. >There is a waft of steam as the door is opened, and you step into the room.
  285. >Just like the rest of the spa, its relatively simple in design, but with a large tub in the middle.
  286. >Rarity motions you over, her mane and coat glistening in the steam.
  287. >"This is one of my favourite parts, just getting to relax." She says, before slipping into the water.
  288. >You follow suit, the warm water wrapping around you like a cloak.
  289. >Rarity supresses a small gasp, and you look over at her, confused.
  290. "What's wrong?" You ask, tilting your head slightly.
  291. >She points at your stomach with a hoof, before gagging slightly.
  292. "My appologies, I should have thought of that. It's an old injury, but I wear my suit so often, I tend to forget its there.
  293. >"That is certainly... Different. Out of curiosity, how come you havn't visited a doctor to have it repaired?"
  294. "Hmn?"
  295. >"A good unicorn doctor would be able to fix and remove that scar with their magic."
  296. >You shrug, slipping lower into the water.
  297. >In the front room, you hear the faint voices of the spa ponys greeting another guest.
  298. >"I'm sorry, but the hot tub is currently in use. If you would be willing to wait a few moments, it will be open soon."
  299. >Another, male voice, says "Nonsense, I'm sure you can move them along now. I can make it worth your while."
  300. >"Ugh, what an impertinant stallion." Rarity groans, hearing the voices too.
  301. >A large jingle is heard, and there is silence for a second.
  302. >The other spa pony, a pink mare with a blue mane, almost the opposite of Lotus steps in.
  303. >"We appologize for the inconvenience, but a customer has bought out our services for the time."
  304. >Rarity nods "That's quite alright, I understand how some rich stallions are."
  305. >The mare smiles, and shows you to the room where your things are stored, and you and Rarity get re-dressed.
  306. >Rarity in her sundress and hat, and you in your scabbard and blade, you walk out into the main room.
  307. >The two of you head straight for the door, ignoring the stallion waiting by the counter.
  309. ~~~~~
  311. >'Ugh... I'm such an idiot.' you think to yourself, soaking in the hot tub.
  312. >'Why did I have to act like that in front of her...'
  313. >Just the thought of her perfect body and gorgeous hair is enough to get a rise out of you.
  314. >"Sir, we are ready for the next part." One of the spa ponys calls through the door to the room.
  315. "I shall be there in a moment." You say, stretching and rising from the water.
  316. >Taking a towel, you run the water out of your pure white coat and golden mane, before tossing it aside.
  317. >By sheer force of will, you force your erection to stop, and you step through to the other room.
  318. "Just a standard massage please." You say, lying on the massage table.
  319. >One goes to work and the other gathers some tools to tend to your hooves.
  320. "Out of curiosity, would you be able to tell me the names of the mares I... Well, kicked out? I wan't to appologize, but I'm currently a bit short for time."
  321. >They look at eachother a moment, before they nod. "Their names are Rarity and Anonymous."
  322. >"Rarity is a regular here, but Anonymous is new in town."
  323. "I see. Thank you, I will be sure to appologize."
  324. >As they finish, with no extras, which is unusual for you, you step out into the mid-day sun.
  325. "Now, if I was a low class who wants to be fancy, where would I live..."
  327. ~~~~~
  329. "This was, different, Rarity, but enjoyable."
  330. >"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." Rarity replies with a genuine smile.
  331. >A blue blur comes shooting straight towards you and instincts kick in, your claymore angled to block its path in an instant.
  332. >The blur bounces off, straigt up before slowing to a stop.
  333. >"You're so quick..." Rainbow Dash says with a hint of envy.
  334. "You realize, if you keep attacking me like that you may not survive one of these times." you say, pulling your blade from the ground and setting it back in place.
  335. >"Anyways, I was wondering if you are busy right now Anonymous?" Dash says, cutting between you and Rarity.
  336. >You simply shrug, an increasingly common gesture you have found use for in this form.
  337. >"Well, if you're free, lets hit the bar. There's never many ponys there around this time."
  338. >Dash starts pulling on you, and you follow, nothing better to do with your day.
  339. >She takes you to a squat, wooden building.
  340. >Inside are a dozen or so small tables, a series of booths along the wall and a bar, behind which sits a shelf of bottles.
  341. >Numerous ponys are scattered about, and Dash drags you straight up to the bar.
  342. >The barkeep, a slightly weathered looking blue Unicorn looks over at you and Dash.
  343. >"You aren't allowed things like that in here miss." He says, gesturing to your claymore.
  344. >Removing it from its holder, you lay it on the counter.
  345. "Set it somewhere safe, but I still have to be able to see it."
  346. >He nods, and with visible effort, he sets it on the shelf behind him.
  347. >"So, the usual Rainbow? And for your friend?"
  348. "I'm fine as is."
  349. >*Pffffft* Rainbow Dash makes a strange sound, before saying to the barkeep "Get her a shot of Applejack Daniels to start."
  350. >"Coming right up." He says, before moving back and floating some bottles around.
  351. >Soon, he returns with a pair of small glasses, barely an inch tall.
  352. >The one set in front of you is a orangeish yellow, while the one set in front of Rainbow matches her namesake.
  353. >In a single quick motion, she lifts the drink and downs the whole thing, a faint grimace on her face before she lets out a slow breath.
  354. >"Ahh, that hits the spot, come on, its your turn."
  355. >Picking up the glass between your hooves, you manage to pour it all in without incident, and swallow the liquid, a faint burning sensation following it down.
  356. >It quickly settles and fades, and you shrug again.
  357. >"Howdy there Anonymous." A deep voice from behind you says.
  358. >Big Macintosh takes a seat on the stool next to you, it making soft groans as his large form settles.
  359. "Big Macintosh." You say with a faint nod.
  360. >"What brings you around here?" He asks, waving the barkeep over.
  361. >He makes his order and turns back to you.
  362. "Rainbow Dash decided to bring me along." You say simply, and he nods.
  363. >The barkeep comes over with a pair of small glasses containing more Applejack Daniels, and he sets one in front of you and one in front of Big Macintosh.
  364. >Big Macintosh lifts his drink to you, and you do the same to him. "To new friends." He says, and you nod, clanking the glasses together before you both down your respective drinks.
  365. >"Ya know, me 'n mah little sister made this drink." He says as another is set in front of him.
  366. "Hmnnn."
  367. >"Yep." Leaning back, he downs the second drink and sets it on the table.
  368. >"Hey, you trying to steal her?" Rainbow says, leaning over you and poking him.
  369. >Big Macintosh looks at her then you, before replying "Ah don't think she's yers in the first place."
  370. >Dash recoils a bit, before letting off a *Hmfff* and crossing her hooves.
  371. >A black pegasus and a brown normal pony come up to the bar, taking seats next to Big Mac.
  372. >The black pegasus leans over, looking at you. "And who is this pretty little thing?" He asks, the smell of alchohol wafting across on his breath.
  373. >Dash's hoof shoves him back, before she gives a defensive snort. "Back off buddy, she's with me."
  374. >The brown stallion hops off the stool and steps over to you. "I appologize for my friends crude behaviour, he has had a bit too much to drink."
  375. "Thats quite alright." You say, shaking his profered hoof.
  376. >"You've got a great voice, but it would sound better screaming my name." The pegasus say, making crude pelvic thrusts.
  377. >Both Big Mac and the brown stallion shake their hads slowly, and Rainbow Dash sighs.
  378. >"Thunderlane, you should probably head home before you embarass yourself" Rainbow says, looking at the black stallion.
  379. >He ignores her, and steps over to you. "I like your eyes, but I'd love to see them rolled back in your head."
  380. >Big Mac hops off his stool and grabs Thunderlane before dragging him out the door.
  381. >He returns moments later, and takes his seat again.
  382. >The brown stallion takes a seat again and says 'My name is Time Turner by the way, Its a pleasure to meet you."
  383. "Anonymous, likewise."
  384. >"Again, I appologize for my friends crude behaviour. There are a fraction as many males in Equestria as there are females, and as such, many can get away with acting like that."
  385. >"But you will also find gentlecolts, like Big Mac and I, though we are a rarity, I'm afraid."
  386. >You nod silently, and Dash rolls her eyes.
  387. >"There aren't any stallions worth my time." Dash says, puffing out her chest.
  388. >Turner gives a faint sigh. "You just havn't realy looked."
  389. >Dash rolls her eyes again, before ordering another drink.
  391. ~~~~
  393. >Knocking on the door to Rarity's house, you adjust your mane a final time, making sure you look as proper as possible.
  394. >The door opens, revealing the white mooch from the Gala, and you lower your head.
  395. "Miss Rarity, I have come to appologize, not only for the way I acted at the Gala, but for forcing your spa treatment to end early."
  396. "You see, I was on a tight schedule, and I didn't expect anyp0ny to be there."
  397. >She holds up a hoof to silence you, and it takes effort to keep from snapping at her. "I understand, and I am glad you came to appologize."
  398. >"I too must appologize, my behaviour was a little uncouth at the Gala as well and I must have been annoying you."
  399. >Seeing this gap, you start your play.
  400. "Oh no, your company was marvelous, I was simply stressed at the time and I reacted badly."
  401. >She smiles, and steps back. "Would you like to come inside? If you have time, I can prepare us some tea so we may talk.
  402. "That would be excellent." You say, stepping inside her tacky little shop.
  403. >She motions you to a seat, likely the only one in this shoddy little house that is fit for your royal posterior.
  404. >"So, what kind of tea would you like?" Rarity calls from the kitchen.
  405. >Exactly where a mare like her belongs.
  406. "Anything you have will be fine." You say, a small roll of your eyes not visible to her in the other room.
  407. >She comes back soon with a kettle and glasses.
  408. >Setting them on the table, she leaves for sugar and cream.
  409. >"I hope it is to your taste, Its some of the best I have."
  410. >Pouring a glass, you take a small sip and hold back your gag.
  411. >Adding a scoop of sugar and some cream to the Discord-awful tea.
  412. "Thank you, this is good." You say, lying through your teeth.
  413. >She lets out this ear grating tittering laugh, and you smile along with it.
  414. "So, who was that other mare with you when I erm... Ended your spa date."
  415. >"Ah, you mean Anonymous. She's new in town." Rarity says, setting her glass down.
  416. "That's quite an interesting name, don't you think?"
  417. >"Yes, but enough about her, how have you been since the Gala?"
  418. >You sigh out of exasparation, which she takes as a sigh of sadness.
  419. >"That bad huh?"
  420. "No, just tiring. I don't get much time to myself, or to look for a good mare."
  421. >Rarity nods. "I know what you mean. I'm sure you'll find somep0ny special eventually."
  422. >You look up, but seeing the slightly unconcerned look, you sigh again.
  423. "Yeah." You say with a fake smile " You're right."
  424. "Well, this was fun, but I have to go."
  425. >As you stand and leave, Rarity follows you to the door.
  426. >"It was a pleasure Blueblood. Take care."
  427. >'worthless whorse' You think 'I think I would rather save myself for my perfect mare.'
  429. ~~~~
  431. "Finaly, he's gone." you sigh, closing the door behind you.
  432. >Flipping your mane, you pour out the awful swill you filled your pot with and set it to be cleaned.
  433. "I wonder why he was interested in Anonymous..?"
  434. >A sudden realisation hits you, and you grab your coat to go find Anonymous.
  437. Chapter 4
  439. "Are you done Rainbow?"
  440. >Rainbow is on drink number eight, apparently trying to outdrink you.
  441. >"No, I'm... I'm not going to..."
  442. >Dash crashes against the bar, and the barkeep shakes his head.
  443. >With an exasparated sigh, you shift her onto your back.
  444. "I will be back soon. If anything happens to my sword, you may not live to see the sun set."
  445. >Carrying Dash out, you run across a white stallion, just outside.
  446. >"Excuse me miss, might you be Anonymous?"
  447. >Still carrying Dash towards Twilight's house, you nod.
  448. >"My name is Prince Blueblood. Earlier, I was responsible for you being forced out of the spa, and I wish to appologize."
  449. >"You see, I was on a strict schedule, and I had no time to wait."
  450. >"So, to put it simply, I'm sorry."
  451. >With little more than a nod, you push open the door to the library, step inside and deposit Rainbow Dash on the ground.
  452. >Stepping out again, Blueblood is still there, calmly waiting.
  453. >"If you aren't busy, would you like to go for lunch? My treat."
  454. "I must reclaim my blade. Then we can talk."
  455. >He has a look of confusion, which is quickly replaced by a smile.
  456. >"Then let us go." He says, falling in behind you.
  458. ~~~~~
  460. >Following behind Anonymous, to "reclaim her blade" or whatever, you take the time to admire her perfectly formed flank.
  461. >her trip takes you to a rather low class bar, which you wait outside of while she enters.
  462. >'It simply wouldn't do for me to be seen in such a peasant's place.'
  463. >After barely a minute, Anonymous steps back out, a shockingly large sword strapped across her back.
  464. "Thats quite a sword Anonymous, are you an adventurer?"
  465. >She shakes her head.
  466. "A guard perhaps?"
  467. >"No."
  468. >'Ah, her voice is like honey to my ears'
  469. "Then, if I may ask, what is your job?"
  470. >She looks up at you with perfect silver eyes, and says "Yoma Slayer."
  471. >This confuses you, as you have never heard of a yoma before.
  472. "Well, how would you like to go for lunch? As I said before, my treat."
  473. >"I'm fine for a few days still."
  474. "I see... If you aren't busy, I would love some company though."
  475. >She shrugs, and taking this as a sign of agreement, you head towards the better side of Ponyville.
  476. "What brings you to this ah... Rural town?" You ask, looking over your shoulder at her.
  477. >She barely shrugs, saying "First place I found."
  478. "I... See..."
  479. >'That hardly makes any sense, but hopefully she will open more over lunch.'
  480. >Taking the lead, you head towards the nearest cafe, and you can hear her soft hoofsteps behind you.
  481. >The thought of having the mare of your dreams eyeing your flank brings a smile to your face.
  482. >Arriving at the cafe, you take a seat in a semi-private booth, and she sits across from you.
  483. >A frumpy looking waitress with a bit to much junk in the flank comes over to take your order, and you chose the fancyest drink on the menu.
  484. >Leaning against the table, you look deep into her endlessly perfect silver eyes.
  485. "I hope you don't think it ignorant of me, but what is a Yoma?"
  486. >Those perfect orbs stare back at you, and she says "You might call them demons or maybe hellspawn."
  487. >You can't hide your shock, but you quickly snap back to mormal.
  488. "That is certainly a dangerous job, but it must pay well."
  489. >"I do not recieve the payment, it goes to the organization, who cover any costs I may need."
  490. >'So, she isn't rich, but perhaps, if I can get her to leave this "organization" and marry me, all those funds will go directly to us.'
  491. "How much does it cost, to hire you for a job, that is?"
  492. >"I don't know the exact number, and it varies based on the Yoma, but usualy enough to require an entire village to contribute to deal with a single one."
  493. >Fighting hard to keep from having your jaw drop, you consider the ammount.
  494. >'An entire village, at maybe thirty bits a head, would come out to just about a thousand bits!'
  495. "I must say, thats quite a sum, are the Yoma that dangerous?"
  496. >"Very. While a well trained soldier would be able to fight a low level one, one on one, that is not the whole problem. They disguise themselves as normal humans, and take their victims when they are alone."
  497. >"They almost exclusively eat organs, stomachs and intestines being the favourites. Their first disguise is always their first victim."
  498. >You gag a bit but quickly smooth your composure as the waitress returns.
  499. >She tries to give you a wink and a wave of the tail, but your attention in focused on the perfect mare in front of you.
  500. >Sipping the drink, it's not bad, but it hardly measures up to the drinks prepared by your personal staff.
  501. "Tell me, have you ever had somep0ny special in your life?" You ask, flipping your luxurious mane aside and giving your perfect smile.
  502. >"No. From childhood I have been raised as a warrior to fight and kill Yoma."
  503. >Your boner is now at full size, imagining popping her cherry as you ride her virgin plot.
  504. >'No, calm down, you can't screw up now.'
  505. >Slowly, you feel your erection shrink, and you calmly drink.
  506. "I've asked all these questions about you, but I've hardly told you anything about myself."
  507. "As I said, My name is Blueblood, and I am a prince, directly descended from the Platinum line, the first princess of Equestria."
  508. >She shows no signs of anything on her features, her face a perfect mask.
  509. "Of course, none of that means much to you, does it?"
  510. >She shrugs, and you nod slowly.
  511. "Well, nevertheless, it was enjoyable speaking to you. Perhaps we can talk again some time."
  512. >Standing, you pay for your drink and rise to exit the cafe, a smile on your lips, before somep0ny steps in front of you.
  514. ~~~~~
  516. (Five minutes earlier)
  517. >'Now where could Anonymous have gone?' You think to yourself, heading towards Twilight's house.
  518. >Reaching the library, you see a pair of Royal guards standing outside.
  519. >They let you pass, and you find Twilight and Rainbow Dash inside talking with Celestia.
  520. >"Ah, Generosity, we were just talking about you."
  521. >Twilight motions you over, and asks "Do you have any idea where Anonymous is? Celestia came to meet her. She is an intriguingly unique individual."
  522. "Thats the problem. After Rainbow took her, wherever they went, I was visited by Blueblood."
  523. >Celestia leans in, intrigued.
  524. "He appologized for his behaviour at the Gala, though I wouldn't call him entirely sincire. But along with that, he asked a bit about Anonymous."
  525. >"So you think she might be with Blueblood?"
  526. "I'm quite certain he is at least near her."
  527. >"If so, I have a way to track him." Celestia's horn lights up, and a small ball of light forms, before slowly changing into an arrow.
  528. >"You see, all members of the royal family have a spell put on them that allows another member to find them."
  529. >Following the arrow, Celestia, Twilight, Rainbow and you all head out of the library, the guards taking their posts on either side of Celestia.
  530. >Ponys bow as your group passes, and you find yourself heading to the high end cafe just off your street.
  531. >Celestia takes the lead, and you see Blueblood walking out with a smile, just as Celestia reaches the entrance to the patio.
  532. >"Au... Aunt Celestia, It's good to see you out and about." He says, kneeling slightly.
  533. >"Rise Nephew, I have recieved word you have finished your job here adequately, so you have no futher need to remain, correct?"
  534. >Blueblood shakes his head "I have been so busy recently, I have decided to take a short vacation here. It's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of Canterlot life."
  535. >You let out a quiet, ladylike snort, and move past them into the cafe.
  536. >At the back in a semi-private booth, you see Anonymous, and head over.
  537. "Anonymous, I hope he wasn't a bother." You say, and she shrugs.
  538. >"Without the Organization, I have little to do with my time."
  539. >You nod, and take a seat next to her.
  540. "There's somep0ny here to see you, and they may be able to help with that."
  541. >Celestia trots up, before her guards spot Anonymous's sword and take up positions in front of her.
  542. >"Hold, she isn't going to harm me." Celestia says, and they lower their guard.
  543. >Taking a seat across from Anonymous, She leans onto the table a bit.
  544. >"So, my little ponys tell me you are quite the figter."
  545. >Anonymous shrugs, unconcerned about the fact that the princess who raises the sun is the one who asked the question.
  546. >"As a stranger, I must make sure you are not a threat to my ponys, and so I will have to search your mind." Celestia says.
  547. >"No." Anonymous replies simply, before standing to leave.
  548. >Twilight stands in front of her and says "You can't just say no to the princess."
  549. >With no effort, she pushes Twilight aside and walks out.
  550. >The guards look to Celestia, but she shakes her head.
  551. >"Lets just let her be for now."
  553. ~~~~~
  555. >Walking through town, you observe the ponys as they go about their every day business.
  556. >Everyone with a direction, everyone having something to do.
  557. >You draw the occasional strange look, but you soon find a central park, and you stop.
  558. >Planting the end of your blade in the ground, you sit against it and close your eyes.
  559. >Releasing yoki, you feel the ground in an ever increasing circle till you've sensed most of town.
  560. >Images start filtering in, friends meeting eachother, lovers sharing a quick kiss, shoppers purchasing food.
  561. >A runaway cart plowing though a cabbage stall, and the owner making an exclamation [spoiler]My Cabbages![/spoiler].
  562. >Celestia approaching the cafe, the whole happening there.
  563. >Relaxing, you just let the images wash over you.
  565. ~~~~~
  567. >After that rather embarasing first meeting with Anonymous, you and your guards head to the library to take the chariot back, when you feel a pusle of demonic energy pass underhoof.
  568. >You immediately freeze, before looking for its source.
  569. >After some tracking, you pinpoint the source as the center of town, and you and your guards move out.
  570. "Twilight, fetch the rest of the elements, there is a demon in Ponyville."
  571. >Blueblood, hearing this steps over next to you. "Aunt, perhaps we should request Anonymous's aid? She told me her profession was a demonslayer."
  572. "Even if that is true, this level of demon is far to high for any normal pony to take care of."
  573. >He opens his mouth, before closing it and letting out a huff.
  574. >Carefully, you and your guards approach the park, but there is no signs of a demonic presence.
  575. >Several ponys and familys are out, and near the middle, you can see Anonymous relaxing against her sword.
  576. "Spread out and look, but don't alert anyp0ny."
  577. >The guards begin searching, and you head towards Anonymous.
  578. >As you approach, one eye opens and she looks up at you.
  579. "Blueblood tells me you are a profesional demonslayer. Would I be able to emply your sevices? We have a demon in the park."
  580. >She looks around, smelling the air, before saying "There is no demon here."
  581. >Sensing again, you feel nothing, and you give a confused *hmnnn*
  582. "It seems you are right. If I need your help again, I will be sure to contact you."
  583. >She nods, before lowering her head again and apparently drifting to sleep.
  584. >Calling the guards back, you inform them of the change and head back to the castle.
  586. ~~~~~
  588. "Anonymous, there you are Darling, I was worried when you went and left that something might have happened."
  589. >She shrugs, and you sigh.
  590. "You must realy be more open. Shruging is hardly expressive."
  591. >She shrugs again, and you let out another sigh.
  592. "Come, I have arranged to get that scar of yours taken care of."
  593. >Another shrug, and you start getting a bit annoyed.
  594. "Really now. A lady like yourself can't go around with a scar like that, its uncouth."
  595. >Nudging her from behind, she finaly gets up and starts moving.
  596. >The two of you head to the hospital, where Nurse Redheart greets the two of you.
  597. >"Ah, we have been expecting you two. If you would please um... Leave your sword with our front staff, we will be happy to take care of if for the duration of the procedure.
  598. >With some reluctance, Anonymous takes off her sword and lays it on the counter.
  599. >A pony on the other side trys to move it, and struggles greatly.
  600. >'Just how heavy is that sword?'
  601. >Redheart leads you and Anonymous down the halls to a private room.
  602. >After a few moments wait, a unicorn doctor enters.
  603. >"Now, this is a standard procedure, but pretty painful. Because of this, we are going to put you under with anesthesia."
  604. >"No." She replies simply, and the Doctor's jaw drops.
  605. >"Are you sure? You are perfectly safe here."
  606. >Anonymous nods, and you feel yourself shudder.
  607. >"If you wish." The doctor says, and his horn starts charging.
  608. >As the magic courses over Anonymous, you see her flesh start to quiver, and yet, she doesn't even flinch.
  609. >After running its course, the doctor has been made speechless.
  610. "How does it look Anonymous?"
  611. >She turns around to you and rears up, revealing her now perfectly smooth belly.
  612. "Much better."
  613. >The doctor shakes his head "You are impossibly tough, Anonymous. Even the strongest stallions can barely stand having this cast on them without being under."
  614. >Anonymous simply shrugs, before saying "It is much less painful than having to regenerate an arm in the middle of combat."
  615. >If it was possible for the doctor's jaw to drop any lower, it would have.
  616. "Are you telling the truth Anonymous?"
  617. >She nods, offering no further explanation.
  618. "You certainly have an interesting background Anonymous."
  619. >She shrugs, the simple motion aggravating you.
  620. >With an exasparated sigh, you start pushing her along and out of the room.
  621. "Come now, lets get back to my boutique for the day."
  622. >She follows you as you go, and you have a nagging feeling that you are forgetting something.
  624. ~~~~~
  626. "Dudes, have you checked your calenders recently?"
  627. >"Eenope."
  628. >"I can't say I have."
  629. "Guess what begins next week."
  630. >"You can't mean."
  631. "Yep, Estrus. What do you say, first stallion to get her gets all future claim?"
  632. >"Thats hardly polite." Time Turner says, and you laugh a bit.
  633. "Are you scared I'm gonna get that flank first, and you are gonna be stuck with sloppy seconds, if you get anything at all."
  634. >Big Mac sits there silently, before rising and leaving.
  635. "You not interested? Whatever, your loss."
  636. >Time Turner shakes his head and leaves as well.
  637. "Well buck you too, I guess I get her all to myself."
  638. >Heading home, you prepare it for a week long rut-fest.
  641. Chapter 5
  643. >Digging into your chest of gems, you find THE WORST, POSSIBLE, THING!
  644. >You're out of emeralds, and you need several dozen for an order you have to do.
  645. >With no time to order more, you opt to gather some yourself.
  646. >Grabbing your gem wagon, you head out to Twilight's library to get your usual gem-hunting assistant.
  647. >Halfway there, a thought strikes you, halting your trip.
  648. "Perhaps I should invite Anonymous as well. She is quite strong, and should be able to help dig and keep those accursed Diamond Dogs away."
  649. >Your mind set, you continue on to Twilight's, where, much to your annoyance, you find Blueblood leaving.
  650. >"Ah, Rarity, how do you do on this fine day?" he asks, a smile, almost forced on his lips.
  651. "Not as well as I hope, but that will soon be rectified. And yourself?"
  652. >"I am relaxed, life in this rural a location allows me free time, so I felt inclined to do some reading."
  653. "Well, I am currently a bit short for time, so good day to you," you say, giving a curt nod of your head.
  654. >"And to you as well," he replies, before continuing on his way.
  655. >Entering the library, you get a nose full of the scent of old paper, and a quick look around can tell you why.
  656. >Half the shelves are empty, books scattered everywhere, and a hyperactive Twilight is just short of flying around the room.
  657. "Ahem, excuse me Twilight, but would I be able to borrow little Spikey Wikey for part of the day? I am in need of more gems, and he is always so helpful."
  658. >"Hmmm, yeah, sure, did you know Anonymous calls herself a human? And that she hunts demons that eat intestines? I've been looking through all the books, but there have been..." and Twilights voice becomes muffled as she moves into another stack of books.
  659. "Yes, very interesting..." You mutter, more as a pleasantry than anything else, "SPIKEY, ARE YOU HERE?"
  660. >From up the stairs you hear a small clatter, before Spike comes running down, stopping next to you.
  661. >"Rarity! What are you doing here? Do you need help finding anything?" he asks, always polite.
  662. "Actually, I was wondering if you would like to join me and possibly Anonymous for part of the day? I need to gather some emeralds, and I would be more than willing to let you have some of the extra other gems."
  663. >A big smile forms, and he replies, "Of course I'll help. When are we going?"
  664. "Now, if you are ready."
  665. >He jumps up beside you, eager to go and the two of you leave the library and its over-excited book keeper behind.
  666. "If I were Anonymous, where would I be...?”
  667. >Asking around town proves fruitless, nop0ny has seen her since yesterday, and you fear she may have left town.
  668. >Resigned to the assumed fact, you and Spike head out to the quarry where you do your gem finding, when you see a familiar shape.
  669. "Anonymous!" you call out as you make your way over.
  670. >She looks up from her sleeping or whatever it was she was doing.
  671. >"Rarity, what brings you out here?"
  672. "I was hoping you could assist me, since you said you have little to do."
  673. >A nod is your response, and she rises before pulling her sword from the ground and setting it across her back.
  674. >"What do you need help with?"
  675. >Spike comes up, and he says, "We're going gem hunting."
  676. "It's as he says, and we've had prior... problems, with slavers there, so you're presence may help."
  677. >She nods in consent, and the three of you make your way out into the sandy edge of the badlands.
  679. ~~~~~
  681. "What a useless librarian, no information whatsoever..."
  682. >Stuffing the book into your saddlebag, you look out in the direction Rarity left, and likely the direction to Anonymous.
  683. >Ignoring all the seductive glances and crude calls of the mares of this backwater town, you head out in hopes of meeting the one mare you do want to spend time with next week.
  684. "Ah, fate must be on my side, to have me meet my perfect mare, and a week before the most romantic time of the year."
  685. >You get a couple catcalls, but pay them no heed, and instead focus on the love of your life.
  686. >In the distance, you catch sight of two ponys, and what looks like the librarian's assistant.
  687. >The sight of Anonymous's massive sword is unmistakable, and the three of them; Anonymous, the other pony, and the assistant head away from town.
  688. >Following from a distance, they move further and further from town, eventually reaching a dusty, wasteland looking place.
  689. "What could they be doing here?"
  690. >Observing from a safe distance, you settle down in hopes of learning something about Anonymous.
  692. ~~~~~
  694. >"All I need you to do is dig up the pockets of gems along with Spike, alright Anonymous?"
  695. "Okay."
  696. >You sit back and watch as Rarity's horn glows, before she walks around, seemingly randomly before stopping.
  697. >"Right here is a patch."
  698. >Spike scrambles over and claws into the ground, quickly digging a hole.
  699. >He comes up with an armload of gems, which he dumps into the wagon.
  700. >A short time later and several gem pockets, the ground gives a small tremor, and Rarity and Spike come rushing over to you with their gem wagon.
  702. >Sliding your claymore from its sheath, you shift into a defensive stance.
  703. >From the ground, a number of armored dog-faced things climb up and out.
  704. >"Give us the gems!" one of them says, the others advancing aggressively.
  705. >Rarity and Spike are too scared to reply, simply move behind you.
  706. >"If you won’t give the gems, we will take them."
  707. >Two larger one charge, but are quickly brought down by a single swing of your blade.
  708. >Only 10% yoki runs through you, and nop0ny notices the change in your eyes.
  709. >Half the remaining dog things run at you, trying to come from multiple directions, but one after another, they are cut down.
  710. >Only six dogs remain, and they retreat, not willing to face death at your hands or as it stands, hooves.
  712. ~~~~~
  714. "What do I do!" you say, mind in a panic as you watch more than a dozen diamond dogs come up after Anonymous and the others.
  715. >Panic overrides logic which is trying to remind you that Anonymous is a Demonslayer, and she should be fine.
  716. >As the first two dogs charge her, your eyes clench, fearing for the safety of the mare you wish to marry.
  717. >Peeking out, instead of Anonymous being dragged away as you thought you would see, instead there is a pair of small red geysers.
  718. >They last only a short time, and you see that they were in fact the bisected bodies of the two dogs.
  719. >Six more charge, splitting up to assault from multiple sides, but Anonymous cuts them down with ease.
  720. >Her fluid movements remind you of dancing, and at the same time, the bipedal stance she is in does not make it seem wrong.
  721. >In fact, you could swear she moved as if she was bipedal.
  722. >As the remaining dogs flee from Anonymous's giant sword, you feel the urge to head back to Ponyville, something telling you to search more books.
  724. ~~~~~
  726. >Both Rarity and Spike seem a little gore shocked after your massacre of the dogs, and you take the time of silence to clean your blade and gather what armor isn't damaged.
  727. >Most of it is scrap metal, hardly worth looking at, but under many of the plates you find pockets filled with gems.
  728. >Filling the wagon with the gems, you turn to Rarity and Spike.
  729. "How many do we need? Do we still have to dig?"
  730. >Snapped out of her shock by your question, Rarity starts sifting through the gems.
  731. >"No, it looks like we have enough here. Thank you, though your methods were..."
  732. >With a nod, you turn to leave, but something grabs your tail.
  733. >Looking back, you see Spike with a small blush.
  734. >"Ummm, thanks Anonymous, for saving us, that is."
  735. >Nodding again, you turn and leave, wandering back to your resting place.
  736. >Reaching a small hill, you spend a moment to clean your sword, before erecting it and resting against it.
  738. ~~~~~
  740. >On your way back to town, you and Spike stop a moment to quickly clean yourselves in the creek near Fluttershy's house.
  741. >Spike, the little gentlecolt he is, offered to stand guard while you bathe, and you took him up on his offer.
  742. >Humming to yourself, you wash the blood from your coat and mane, the sticky liquid coming out without any problem.
  743. "How can Anonymous stand to feel so... dirty?"
  744. >From up on the bank, Spike replies, "When Twilight was asking her questions, a lot of her answers were about some sort of training."
  745. >"She was trained from really young, and it was her whole life, as far as she told us."
  746. "That's... deplorable. Who would raise children to become cold, emotionless killers like her? No offence meant, of course."
  747. >Flicking your mane out, you step from the creek and start magically drying your soft purple tresses.
  748. >"I don't know. I think it's some sort of shell, and she's really nice underneath."
  749. "It's possible. Also, I'm done bathing Spike, so you can clean up if you wish."
  750. >He steps into your field of vision, and he makes small flexes.
  751. >"Nah, I think it makes me look tough, don't you?"
  752. "That it does," you giggle, before taking a more serious tone, "but I think Twilight might have a fit if you walked into the library, all covered in blood. She might even force you to take a bath."
  753. >"I suppose you're right," he groans, before trudging down into the creek.
  754. >While he cleans himself, you focus on cleaning the gems, since the bloody ones Anonymous added have leaked onto the others.
  755. >Many of the gems Anonymous took from the dead dogs are of high quality, and you start sorting them into three piles.
  756. >Emeralds, ones for yourself, and ones for Spike.
  757. >Logically, the first two piles are larger, but you leave plenty for Spike.
  758. "Anonymous deserves something as well, but I fear gems may not be to her taste..."
  759. >"How about you make something for her? I'm sure she would enjoy a dress, she is a girl after all."
  760. "Yes, that may well work Spike, thank you. I must go on ahead and get started, but thank you for your assistance. Your gems are in a pile right here."
  761. >Scooping up your emeralds and other gems, you load them into the wagon, and head off for home.
  763. ~~~~~
  765. "Human... Biped... Organization... how do they all relate, besides Anonymous..."
  766. >In a corner of the library, you skim books on ancient history, rather than the biology books the librarian is reading.
  767. >There are countless mentions of different organizations, but none that are just "Organization".
  768. >"I wonder if Celestia is having any more luck with the royal library..." the librarian mutters
  769. >Letting out a snort at her pointless comment, you set aside your current book and reach for the next.
  770. >Pausing, a thought hits you and you run out of the library.
  771. "Of course! I should just ask her myself!"
  772. >This thought is cut short though, as you realize you have no idea where she went after the diamond dog incident.
  773. >Slowing to a walk, you turn to the center of town, stopping on a bench for a break.
  774. >After a few moments thought, you smell an alcohol laden breath wash over you.
  775. >"Hey Anonymous, how about I take you out for dinner as an apology for my behavior at the bar?"
  776. >Indignantly, you rise and turn to face the offending pony, a black pegasus with a hideous manestyle.
  777. "Back off, you crude fool. Not only am I not Anonymous, to make such an offer while so inebriated would be an insult to a mare such as her."
  778. >"Well Buck you too buddy. I was just being a gentlecolt, apologizing for my mistakes."
  779. "A real gentlecolt wouldn't have made a mistake in the first place."
  780. >'Although I did so, but in my case, it was accidental...'
  781. "And furthermore, Anonymous would never consider pairing with such a low class stallion as you, considering her lineage."
  782. >The stallion steps back, shocked by your response, before pushing again.
  783. >"Then you would know all about her, don’t you?"
  784. "I know more than you, that's for sure."
  785. >"Oh yeah?! Prove it. What's her job?"
  786. "Demon slayer previously, though currently unemployed."
  787. >"Hometown?"
  788. "She doesn't have one. She was raised by a secret organization, who's headquarters location is not known to any but members."
  789. >"Age?"
  790. "Impolite to ask, fool."
  791. >"Why is she in Ponyville?"
  792. "It's where she wound up while wandering."
  793. >By this point, you can see both rage and embarrassment boiling under his surface, and he blurts out his last question.
  794. >"Virginity?"
  795. "Intact, not even a first kiss, which I intend to earn myself."
  796. >Trumped by your superior mind, he storms off, and you look out at the small crowd that had gathered.
  797. "Go on, you must have better things to do with your day."
  798. >They disperse, and you leave as well, mildly disturbed by your encounter with that stallion.
  799. "I suppose I will see how things go, leading up to next week, and I must do everything in my power to protect my love from these brutish oafs."
  802. ClaymoreAnon 6
  804. >Water courses over you in Rarity's shower, washing the blood from your coat.
  805. >It seems fairly pointless, since you will just get more blood on you with your next job, but you were trained to adapt to local customs, and theirs match human ones.
  806. >At least in most respects.
  807. >Stepping out of the water, you grab a white towel and dry off.
  808. >Rarity insisted on washing your suit again, but you kept your claymore and sheathe.
  809. >Sliding everything into place, you exit the bathroom and head for the main room.
  810. >Reds and pinks come in through the windows as the sun sets in the distance.
  811. >Your hooves leave small clouds of dust as you slowly trot down the street.
  812. >These ponies have been friendly, but years of experience have taught you never to trust appearances.
  813. >To do so means an early death.
  814. "But still, I don't sense any ill intent from them, perhaps they are truly friendly..."
  815. >"Your guess is correct," a voice speaks from behind you.
  816. >Instincts kicking into full gear, your blade leaves its place and is pointed at the throat of the pony behind you.
  817. "Speak your name and purpose."
  818. >They bow slightly and step back.
  819. >"My apologies, it wasn't our intention to sneak up on you. Our name is Luna, ruler of the night and sister to Celestia."
  820. >Letting your yoki drop to normal, you retract your blade and drop down to all fours again.
  821. "You speak as if there are more than one of you here. If there is, why have they yet to show themselves?"
  822. >"Tis... an old habit we are trying to break. Are we to assume you are the one known as Anonymous?"
  823. "Yes, though you may also call my by my number, 16."
  824. >Luna sits down, looking up at the deep blue sky.
  825. >"Your comment earlier, it sounds like you distrust our ponies."
  826. "I do," you answer her unspoken question, sitting as well, "Many years of experience has taught me to trust few, and open to fewer."
  827. >"We are much the same. After an... incident, we were banished to the moon for a thousand years, and we only recently came back."
  828. >Letting out a sigh, she looks over at you, "It has been... difficult, becoming accustom to all the changes, but the ponies have been naught but helpful and friendly."
  829. "You are one of their kind. I am not. I am of a kind that should not be around others unguarded and yet, they act as if I am no different from any of them."
  830. "Truly, yours is a strange species."
  831. >Luna looks you over, as if searching for something, but she shakes her head.
  832. >"If you are not a pony, may I ask what you are? You appear to be one of us, and I can sense nothing different from one of us..."
  833. "I'm a human who carries within themselves the flesh of a demon."
  834. >She shifts back, hearing your comment and you don't even flinch.
  835. >"What manner of curse has inflicted this upon you? Why would any wish for a beautiful mare like you to bear a demon child."
  836. >Shaking your head, you rise and lift your claymore.
  837. "I wished it upon myself, though it's no curse, nor is it a demon child."
  838. >Letting your yoki levels rise up to thirty percent, you hear your muscles and tendons cracking as they strengthen beyond normal limits.
  839. >Your face contorts and stretches, teeth sharpening and veins bulging in your face and forelimbs.
  840. "My flesh is mixed with that of a demon, and grants me it's powers."
  841. >To prove your point, you swing your blade in a downward arc, ripping through soil and sending it flying.
  842. "Strength, speed, regeneration, all my senses, everything is enhanced beyond normal limits, but it has it's risks."
  843. >Pulling your sword from the massive gash it created, you set it on your back before lowering your yoki.
  844. >Veins and muscles retract to normal, your mouth retracts from the extra protrusion it developed, teeth flattening to normal.
  845. >Letting your yoki linger at 10% a while, you stare at Luna with evil, yellow eyes, before letting them revert as well.
  846. "To use it too long or too strongly is to invite it to take over, and to become what is known as an..."
  847. >Pausing a moment, you question why you are telling all this to her.
  848. "Never mind. It is nothing you need to worry about."
  849. >For a moment, Luna simply stares at you, before her gaze returns to the night's sky.
  850. >"We too have a monster inside us, but ours is different from yours. Ours is a monster of the mind, who seeks any weakness to get out and corrupt my body into their vessel."
  851. >"It was they that caused me to be banished a thousand years ago, and since my return, I have fought hard to retain control."
  852. >Looking for any sort of reaction from you, she finds none and rises to her hooves.
  853. >"It is time for us to depart. If you ever need somep0ny to talk to, we are always willing. Good night, Anonymous."
  854. >Without a sound, she takes off on massive wings and flies off into the night, leaving you alone.
  855. >Setting your blade vertically in the ground, you lie against it, slipping of into another dreamless sleep.
  857. ~~~~~
  859. >From your hotel window, you see Aunt Luna flying off in the distance, her destination the castle.
  860. >Her reason for being there though...
  861. "Perhaps she was visiting Anonymous. I can't see any other reason for her to be here at this time."
  862. >Mind abuzz with possibilities, you debate risking entering the night without protection, just to see if Anonymous is out there.
  863. "She will be there in the morning, I can visit then."
  864. >Blowing a kiss out the window at her, you smile and head to bed.
  865. "Stay safe, dear Anonymous. I will be there to greet you as the sun rises."
  866. >Setting a quick alarm and slipping into the velvety comfort of the bed, you wish for Anonymous to be here with you, bodies warming each other.
  867. >Your dreams are filled with images of the lovely mare, and at the same time, mixed with thoughts about her past.
  868. >The dreams stray to the fight and the way she moved.
  869. >Perfectly fluid motions, despite wielding a massive sword and standing on only two hooves.
  870. >Images of her dressed in that silver dress, dancing with you in the royal palace, your aunts watching on approvingly.
  871. >The jealous glares of all the stallions, including that drunken black one.
  872. >As the song comes to an end, you lean over, gazing deep into her perfect silver eyes and...
  874. >The sound of your alarm rips you from your dream, much to your annoyance, but after a quick glance outside, you see the sun has yet to rise.
  875. "Time to rouse my sleeping princess," you say, hopping from bed and rushing over to your mirror.
  876. >Brushing everything into place, you trot from your room, past a half asleep front desk pony, and out into the pre-morning town.
  877. >While life in Canterlot never truly stops, you can appreciate how hard some of these ponies work, living their meagre lives out here.
  878. >Rising before dawn and working till dusk, it's not a life for you, nor should it be a life for Anonymous.
  879. "A mare like her deserves only the best, but I would not see her removed from her job."
  880. "Such a thing must do wonders for her figure and beauty, while the pay is a pleasant bonus."
  881. >You quickly reach the edge of town, the hotel being near the edge anyways.
  882. >The moment you step off the path, you feel an unsettling tremor pass under your hooves, and Anonymous rises in the distance.
  883. >Her hoof grabs the handle of her massive blade, and something else passes under you.
  884. >Something that is unlike any sort of magic you have seen or felt, but that you can only assume is magic.
  885. >Anonymous starts moving, and your attention is drawn back to her, as she starts walking towards you.
  886. >Strangely, she is dragging her sword behind her, a line being drawn in the ground.
  887. "Good morning, Anonymous," you say as she approaches, but she pays you no heed.
  888. >She walks into town, sword still in the dirt, even while on the path.
  889. "Might I ask what you are doing?"
  890. >"Something is going to happen," she answers, but offers not further explanation as she continues to draw her line.
  891. >Meanwhile...
  893. ~~~~~
  895. >There's a rapid pounding on your door as you prep morning tea, so you call out for your assistant.
  896. "SPIKE! There's somep0ny at the door."
  897. >You can hear him come down the stairs, and the moment the door opens, pink fills your vision.
  899. >Stuffing a hoof into Pinkie's mouth, you sigh.
  900. "Alright Pinkie. What kind of doozie is coming?"
  901. >"I dunno. Everything was a twitching, just like when you believed in my Pinkie sense."
  902. >Walking towards the front door, you look back at Pinkie.
  903. "Alright, well lets get the girls together, just in case some..."
  904. >Your thought is cut short as you see Anonymous walking down the road, her giant sword cutting a line in the ground.
  905. "Pinkie, is this," you indicate Anonymous, "your doozie?"
  906. >She hops out the door and around Anonymous a bit, before bouncing back.
  907. >"Nope. I'm not getting anything."
  908. "Well, we should stop her anyways, it's against the rules to intentionally damage public property."
  909. >Stepping outside, you walk over to her, but she doesn't acknowledge you.
  910. >Blueblood, who appears to be following her, does.
  911. >"What do you want, miss librarian?" he asks, his tone only slightly snarky.
  912. "Anonymous needs to stop whatever it is she is doing, as it's illegal to damage public property."
  913. >"I wouldn't stop her," he replies, picking up his pace to catch up to Anonymous, "She said something was going to happen, and I think this line may be important."
  914. >Turning back to Pinkie, you see her step onto the line, before beginning to shake violently.
  915. >"OOooOOooOOohHH! THe dOOziE'S goNNa hAPpeN SooN!" She exclaims, her voice oscilating with the vibrations.
  916. "Alright..." you say, shaking your head at the thought of doing this, "We have to get everyp0ny away from this line. It has something to do with the doozie."
  917. "That means you as well, Blueblood."
  918. >He stops in his tracks, and his vision flickers between you and Anonymous, before he nods.
  919. >"Fine, if only to prove Anonymous means well with this."
  920. >With him following Anonymous and warning others away, you and Pinkie rush down along the line away from her.
  921. "Everypony, get away from the line. Pinkie says a doozie is coming, and this line has something to do with it!"
  922. >At the mention of Pinkie and her Pinkie sense, everyp0ny runs away from the line as if it were lava.
  923. >As you reach the edge of town, you feel a tremor pass under you, making you jump.
  924. >Looking back at Pinkie, you open your mouth to say something before another, far more massive tremor knocks you off your hooves.
  925. "Earthquake!"
  926. >You barely get back on your hooves before another tremor sends you flying, and a cracking sound carries throught the air.
  927. >All along the line, the earth starts splitting, but it never strays from it.
  928. >From your position on the ground, you can only watch as it carves its path through town.
  930. ~~~~~
  932. >A deep rumble passes under your hooves as you warn everyp0ny away from the line, sending you stumbling.
  933. >The air is filled with the sound of things flying everywhere and under it all, the sound of cracking.
  934. >Pulling apart like a poorly made coat, the ground around Anonymous's line starts splitting.
  935. >Anonymous walks on, seemingly unnafected by the quake, her sword still marking the path of the split.
  936. "Watch out Anonymous!" you call, yet she doesn't deviate from her path.
  937. >Fighting the shaking earth, you rise to your hooves, unwilling to see Anonymous harmed.
  938. >With each running step you nearly fall over, but you manage to catch up to her before the crack does.
  939. >The tip of her blade lifts as you jump and tackle her aside, both of you tumbling away from where the earth is splitting.
  940. "Anonymous, are you alright? You were almost swallowed by the crack."
  941. >"Your concern is noted, but I would not have been affected."
  942. >Looking back, you see the crack petered out, just before where Anonymous was standing.
  943. "Oh, I'm such a fool..." you sigh, laying down and covering your head with a hoof.
  944. >Something soft presses against your forehead, leaving a small damp spot behind as it moves away.
  945. >"While unessesary, the gesture was kind, and I thank you."
  946. >Opening an eye, you see a small smile gracing Anonymous's lips, before she turns and starts walking away.
  947. >Sitting up, you watch her walk away, one hoof touching the spot she kissed.
  948. "You... you're welcome."
  949. >Sitting there in a daze, you don't notice the ponies coming out, checking everything for damage.
  950. >Your eyes are solely focused on the retreating flank of that perfect, pretty pony.
  953. Chapter 7
  955. >Repairs on the crack started almost immediately after the quake ended, but they were put on hold as Estrus began.
  956. >While most mares stayed indoors with their stallions, or enjoying the "company" of friends, you stayed in your workshop, mind focused on creating your gift for Anonymous.
  957. >After she saved you from the dogs, you promised to create a dress for her as thanks.
  958. >The hum of the needle passing through the fabric masks the heat in your core, and the wetness between your legs.
  959. "I do hope Anonymous likes this," you say to yourself in the midst of whistling a tune.
  960. >As you work, your mind wanders to wonder where Anonymous may be at this time.
  962. ~~~~~
  964. >*Estrus Day 1.*
  965. >*Today, I must find Anonymous before any other stallion decides to try anything.*
  966. >*Even if it means I don't get a chance to woo her, I will protect her perfect, virgin body with everything I have.*
  967. >Closing your notepad, you slide it into a saddlebag, along with a few "necessities"
  968. >Musks, a mirror and comb, condoms by the dozen and a book titled "Secrets to make your mare love you".
  969. >Setting out into the early morning town, its activity has dropped drastically compared to yesterday.
  970. >Still, a few stalls are setting up, almost exclusively run by mares.
  971. >Constantly on the lookout, you search for Anonymous while also watching for any stallions that seem to be searching for a mare.
  972. "Especially that idiotic black pegasus."
  973. >In the market, your first encounter with one such stallion happens, though he hardly seems like the type to try anything.
  974. >Standing behind an apple stand, A large red stallion stands, watching every p0ny that passes by.
  975. >As you walk over, his attention becomes focused on you.
  976. >"Mornin’. Lookin’ to buy some apples?"
  977. "Yes," you say, trying to determine his meaning, "How much are they?"
  978. >"Four bits a dozen."
  979. >'He's obviously not trying to sell himself or anything, four bits is far too little, even for a country bumpkin like him.'
  980. "I'll take half a dozen, please," you reply, passing over two bits.
  981. >He loads a bag with six delicious looking apples, and passes it to you before collecting the coins, and nodding.
  982. >"Have a nice day."
  983. "And you as well," you say, taking your bag and walking away.
  984. >Just out of sight of the stand, you immediately duck into the space between two shops.
  985. "There must be something, a stallion is rarely alone during Estrus, and more than that, to be out and alone so publicly... Very suspicious."
  986. >Sneaking across the street, you disappear behind the stores there, before searching for a vantage point.
  987. >A bush between two shops provides the perfect, albeit dirty, cover.
  988. >After creating two holes for you to see from, you settle down and watch the red stallion.
  989. >Just like with you, he eyes every pony that passes by, and gives the same greeting information to any who ask.
  990. >The sun travels across the sky, but you don't move an inch, until near dinner time, he gives a different greeting.
  991. >"Evenin' sweetie, can I getcha anythin'?" he asks a cerise mare with smiley flowers cutie mark.
  992. >"I'm looking for something special to go with dinner tonight; something big, red and definitely sweet."
  993. >The big stallion ducks behind the cart, looking around, before popping back up empty hoofed.
  994. >"Ah only got one, but I can give ya the special somepony discount on it."
  995. >'Special somepony discount?'
  996. >She smiles, before saying, "I'll take it. You can bring it by once you're done closing down."
  997. >Before you know it, he's closed down, and steps beside the mare.
  998. >"How's about I escort ya there, it's the right gentlecoltly thing ta do."
  999. >Shoulder to shoulder, the pair walk down the street, and you groan.
  1000. "Of course he could be out alone, he was already taken."
  1001. >Looking at the sky, you let out another groan.
  1002. >It's nearing sundown, and you have left Anonymous alone all this time.
  1003. >Rushing from your hiding place, you run to the edge of town, where you see what looks like a solitary figure resting against a large sword.
  1004. >Making your way out, you stop as you hear a voice carrying from the figure.
  1005. >"Ahhh! Anonymous, you're ass is so soft!"
  1006. >Three things hit you at once.
  1007. >One, the distinctive smell of a stallion's musk.
  1008. >Two, the fact the voice belongs to that obnoxious ass of a pegasus.
  1009. >And Three, he may have just defiled the plot of the mare you love.
  1010. >Picking up speed, you start up the hill, until you see something that makes you wish you hadn't.
  1011. >Lying against a big stick, that black stallion is jacking himself off with his wings, muttering Anonymous's name.
  1012. "Ugh..." you groan, looking away before calling out loud, "If you are going to do something so vulgar, do it where normal ponies won't have to look at your sad excuse for a penis."
  1013. >You get a little satisfaction as you hear him squeak and moan at the same time, likely getting off by surprise, before shooting to his hooves.
  1014. >"What the buck man, nop0ny comes out here this late, so why are you here? Oh, let me guess, you are trying to get Anonymous all to yourself. Too bad she's been gone practically all day."
  1015. "And you would know this how?"
  1016. >"I saw her leave. She got a job or something from those spa ponies, since they were the last ones to talk to her before she left."
  1017. >Raising a hoof to your chin, you sit down and consider your options.
  1018. >You could make an educated guess as to what they wanted her to do, but if you are wrong, you could be walking into a dangerous territory.
  1019. >On the other hoof, it's too late to ask them personally, and besides, they'd probably want "something" in return; and with their job, they're probably as loose as it comes.
  1020. *Sigh* "Anonymous, where have you gone to...?
  1021. >"If I knew that, I wouldn't be here, I'd be wherever she was, tapping that fine, white ass."
  1022. >Letting out a groan, you rise and turn back to town, headed for your hotel room.
  1023. >Once there, you pull out your notepad and continue writing.
  1024. >*I encountered a big red stallion, but he is already claimed, so I needn't worry about him.*
  1025. >*No sign of Anonymous, but I heard she may be off on a job, hired by the spa ponies.*
  1026. >*I will check with them tomorrow.*
  1028. ~~~~~Anonymous PoV that morning~~~~~
  1030. >Sunlight courses over your shimmering white coat as you swing your blade.
  1031. >Swing after swing, you feel your body's muscles strain with the weight of the sword.
  1032. >Thin streams of sweat drip down your back, testament to how weak this body is compared to your old one.
  1033. >Letting the tip of the sword drop, you lean against it, dropping down onto four hooves.
  1034. >From town, you see a pair of ponies approaching, both a mix of blue and pink.
  1035. >"Ah, Miss Anonymous, there you are. We have a..." Aloe startes, before becoming nervous and stepping a bit behind Lotus.
  1036. >"We have a request," Lotus finishes, stepping forward, "You mentioned before that you often were covered in blood, and..."
  1037. "You wish for me to hunt another of those beasts and gather its blood?"
  1038. >"To umm... to put it lightly, yes. You don't need to kill it, we only need a bottle full for testing."
  1039. >She pulls out a bottle with a flip closed lid, and passes it to you.
  1040. >As you examine it, Aloe says, "It's echanted to prevent the blood from clotting, so even if it takes you a day or more to get back, the sample will still be good."
  1041. >Attaching the bottle to your scabbard clip, you lift your sword and set it back into place.
  1042. >When you start for the forest, Lotus calls out, "Wait! What about your payment?"
  1043. "A man wearing all black... mo, nevermind. We can deal with it when I get back."
  1044. >Looking to the woods, you quickly leave town, and the two ponies, behind.
  1046. ~~~~~
  1048. >*Estrus, Day 2.*
  1049. >*With the information that Anonymous is likely away from town for a time, I have little to fear in terms of her being taken.*
  1050. >*I do plan on asking what their job for her is, since knowing where she went will increase my chances of being the first to meet her as she comes back.*
  1051. >Closing your notebook, you slide it into your saddlebag again, before heading out towards the spa.
  1052. >Like every Estrus, single mares roam the streets, and many make passes at you, but your mind is locked on.
  1053. >The spa sign says closed, but you can see one of them behind the door.
  1054. "Excuse me?" you ask, rapping gently on the door.
  1055. >"I'm sorry, we're closed for the week," she replies, and you nod.
  1056. "I know that, I had something unrelated as a question."
  1057. >"No we're not interested in stallions right now."
  1058. "Also not my question, but we are alike in that respect. I was wondering if you knew where Anonymous went?"
  1059. >This causes the pony to pause, before opening the door.
  1060. >"Why do you want to know that?" she asks, leaning out but not letting you in.
  1061. "I'm concerned for her welfare. I heard she went off on some job from you, and that was it."
  1062. >She nods, and steps outside.
  1063. >"Her job is taking her into the Everfree, but that's all I can tell you."
  1064. "Thank you, though it wasn't very helpful. Till I next see you, have a good day."
  1065. >"And you as well."
  1066. >The door closes behind her as she heads back inside, while you turn to the edge of town, towards the Everfree.
  1067. >Your heart rises in your chest slightly, a faint pulse sounding in your ears.
  1068. "Such a dangerous place... Will she realy be alright?"
  1069. >Almost unwillingly, you head back to your hotel room, where you pull out your journal.
  1070. >*Anonymous went into the Everfree.*
  1071. >*While I do fear for her safety, I also know she can handle herself quite well.*
  1072. >*It is my sole hope that I am the first to see her as she returns, for her own safety, and for our hopeful future.*
  1074. ~~~~~
  1076. >For four more days, you watch and wait, and on the fifth day, the last day of Estrus, you catch a glint of light from her massive sword as she exits the forest.
  1077. >Practically falling over your own hooves, you rush out of your room and out into town.
  1078. >The moment you come into view of her, however, you find yourself skidding to a stop.
  1079. >Following behind her, seemingly as tame as a kitty cat, is a full grown manticore.
  1080. "Ah... Anonymous, are you alright?"
  1081. >She looks up at you, with those perfect silver eyes, and you can see her answer, even before she says it.
  1082. >"Yes, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"
  1083. "It's just... there's a manticore following you, and that's usualy a bad thing."
  1084. >"Indeed, but they seem to mean no harm, so I have no reason to do harm to it. Now, I must be on my way."
  1085. >Steping aside, you watch her pass, and you notice a bottle of viscous red liquid dangling from beside her sword.
  1086. "I wonder what that could be...?"
  1087. >Considering following her for a moment, the manticore passes by, and you immediately dispel that thought.
  1088. >No stallion would be foolish enough to even approach her with that nearby.
  1089. >Heading instead for the main park, you contemplate how to continue.
  1090. "With that beast there, I won't be able to approach, and my time here is swiftly coming to an end as well."
  1091. >Taking out your journal, you catalog todays event.
  1092. >*Estrus, Day 7.*
  1093. >*Anonymous returned, in the presence of a manticore, no less.*
  1094. >*The circumstances behind this are as of yet unknown, but learning them may be the key to courting her.*
  1095. >*I only have four days left before I must return to Canterlot, and I plan on making the most of them.*
  1096. >Raising your attention from your journal, you see a pink blur of activity zooming around.
  1097. >It turns out to be a mare, as she stops right in front of you.
  1098. >"Excuse me, but have you seen a white pony with a golden mane like yours around? I need to findherbecauseIneedtofigureoutwhatkindofpartywouldbebestforherwelcometoponyvillepartybutIgotsodistractedthislastwhileIhaven'tbeenabletoshemustthinkI'mtheworsthostess..."
  1099. "Would you by any chance be looking for Anonymous?"
  1100. >"Yeah, how'd you guess?" she replies, tilting her head.
  1101. "She's a very... unique individual, don't you agree?"
  1102. >"Yuppers, and I need to find her so I can ask her what kind of surprise party to throw her."
  1103. >'Asking the party guest about a surprise party... This mare has a few screws loose, but...'
  1104. "Maybe I can make a suggestion? Perhaps throwing a party at the bar, since I've seen her there. You could bring in a karaoke machine, and a dance floor and what not. I'm sure she'd enjoy it."
  1105. >"Hmnnn..."
  1106. >She takes a look of intense concentration, and you silently pray for her to accept the idea.
  1107. >"That's a great idea!" she exclaims, before passing you a piece of paper, "Here's an invitation for you, I hope you can make it!"
  1108. >In the time it takes you to look down and take the piece of paper, she dissapears, leaving you alone in the park.
  1109. "Strange mare, but this is the perfect opportunity to court Anonymous. With my vocal talents, I will woo her with the power of music and love."
  1110. >Putting the invitation away carefully, you hurry back to your hotel room and start getting everything ready.
  1114. Chapter 8
  1116. >It may be low class, but that pink pony can sure throw one big party.
  1117. >Sitting at a table on the edge of the party, you watch as the peasants cavort and play.
  1118. "And yet, still no sign of Anonymous," you say with a sigh.
  1119. >There is a bustle at the entrance, and the partymaker pulls Anonymous in, despite Anonymous's massive strength.
  1120. >With the guest of honour and the final piece to your plan here, you make your way to the stage, where a pony is just finishing their song.
  1121. >Taking the stage as they make their bows, you clear your throat then approach the mic.
  1122. "I'm singing this song for a special mare out there, who lit a spark in my heart."
  1124. "I thought love was only true in fairy tales,"
  1125. "Meant for someone else but not for me,"
  1126. "Love was out to get to me, that's the way it seems,"
  1127. "Disappointment haunted All my dreams,"
  1128. >As the first chorus is about to start, somep0ny pushes you aside and the music stops.
  1129. >"Ugh, can you be any more cheezy? Here, let me show you how a REAL stallion seduces a mare."
  1131. >Before he can get a word out, he's yanked offstage and the music is killed.
  1132. "Ahem," you say, clearing your throat and reclaiming the mic, "maybe we should have the guest of honour sing a song?"
  1133. >Spotlight's focus on her, making her stand out even further in the crowd of low class ponies.
  1134. >"I suppose, if it's custom."
  1135. >Pinkie nudges her towards the stage, and the crowds part for her.
  1136. >As Anonymous steps on stage, everything quiets, the lights dim and a spotlight focuses on her.
  1137. >Her pure white coat and silver dress make her glow like the moon; her beauty unrivaled by any.
  1139. >The music starts up slow, and her voice, soft.
  1140. >"Where have all good men gone,"
  1141. >"And where are all the gods?"
  1142. >"Where’s the street-wise Hercules,"
  1143. >"To fight the rising odds?"
  1144. >"Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?" you feel your heart soar at this, and Anonymous trots across the stage, leaning against the piano there.
  1145. >Swinging herself onto it, she lays down, her perfect plot angled towards the crowd, "Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need,"
  1146. >Yours along with every stallions eyes bug out as you watch her plot wiggle and wave, always perfectly covered by her tail.
  1147. >Suddenly picking up, the music and lights carry through the bar with ease, and Anonymous, shoots upright, hopping off the piano, spectral voices joining in the song.
  1148. >"I need a hero."
  1149. >"I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the end of the night,"
  1150. >"He’s gotta be strong,"
  1151. >"And he’s gotta be fast,"
  1152. >"And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight."
  1153. >"I need a hero."
  1154. >"I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the morning light,"
  1155. >"He’s gotta be sure,"
  1156. >"And it’s gotta be soon,"
  1157. >"And he’s gotta be larger than life."
  1158. >The music dies down a touch, lights fading leaving her in the spotlight
  1159. >"Somewhere after midnight"
  1160. >"In my wildest fantasy,"
  1161. >"Somewhere just beyond my reach," her hoof stretches out to the crowd.
  1162. >"There’s someone reaching back for me," you and just about every other single stallion reaches out to her.
  1163. >"Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat,"
  1164. >"It’s gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet,"
  1165. >The music flares and the tempo rises and spectral backgrounds form behind her.
  1166. >"Up Where the mountains meet the heavens above"
  1167. >"Out where the lightning splits the sea"
  1168. >"I would swear that there’s someone somewhere"
  1169. >"Watching me"
  1170. >"Through the wind and the chill and the rain"
  1171. >"And the storm and the flood"
  1172. >"I can feel his approach"
  1173. >"Like a fire in my blood."
  1174. >Her voice dies out for a time and only the spectral voices and the fast paced music fills the room.
  1175. >"I need a hero."
  1176. >"I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the morning light"
  1177. >"He’s gotta be sure"
  1178. >"And it’s gotta be soon"
  1179. >"And he’s gotta be larger than life."
  1180. >The music dies down a moment, before flaring back into life.
  1181. >"He’s gotta be strong"
  1182. >"And he’s gotta be fast"
  1183. >"And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight.
  1184. >"I need a hero."
  1185. >The moment these last words slip from her lips, the music and lights die, and for a moment, the room is silent.
  1186. >And just as suddenly as the song had ended, the entire bar erupts into cheering and applause.
  1187. >With a small bow, she steps off the stage, where she is mobbed by mares and stallions alike, blocking you out.
  1188. >By the time the crowd clears, she's gone and nowhere to be found.
  1189. >Searching out the party host reveals nothing as well, and with a sigh, you hit the bar for a few drinks before heading back to your room.
  1190. >*After the party
  1191. >*This party plan bombed. That asshole pegasus interupted my song, and after hearing my angel sing, she vanished.
  1192. >*It's quite possible she went back to her usual spot, but at this time, it's best...
  1193. >A commotion outside draws your attention, and you see a pair of royal guards running past with the element mares behind them.
  1194. >They're heading in the direction of Anonymous, and you shoot to your hooves.
  1195. "I can't miss this, whatever it is. Fear not, Anonymous, I'm coming."
  1196. >Rushing out the door, you stumble and fall down the stairs, rolling to your hooves at the bottom.
  1197. >After a quick glance to ensure nop0ny saw your failure, you rush out the door and towards your love.
  1198. >Through a couple shortcuts, you arrive there just as the guards do.
  1199. >"Anonymous, we need you to come with us to Canterlot. Princess Celestia has a job for you."
  1200. "Excuse me, I don't mean to pry, but what has happened?"
  1201. >"Prince Blueblood! I didn't expect to see you here. There has been a major problem with one of the leylines, and there has been a strane occurence."
  1202. "I will return to Canterlot with you then. As a prince I must be there for everypony when a problem arrises."
  1203. >A large chariot lands, and everyone climbs in, and luckily you manage to get a seat next to Anonymous.
  1204. >It was the greatest, and yet the shortest chariot ride you've ever had, and as the carriage lands, you can see the problem on the horizon.
  1206. Chapter 9
  1208. >Looming up over the horizon, a massive shape takes slow steps towards Canterlot.
  1209. "An Ursa Major! But they never get that large."
  1210. >"Indeed, nephew, not under any normal circumstances, but this isn't normal. A leyline ruptured, and the released magical energies have amplified it's size and ferocity."
  1211. >A strange feeling washes over you, and you can see everyone else in the carriage notice it too, save Anonymous.
  1212. >"Are we going to be able to stop it?" Twilight asks, her friends clustering together.
  1213. >"I do not know, but we must try," Celestia replies uncertainly.
  1214. >For the first time on the trip, Anonymous opens her mouth.
  1215. >"Get me close to it. I will halt it's progress as best I can. You figure out a way to stop it."
  1216. >The pegasii pulling the carriage look back to Celestia, who nods, and they bank towards it.
  1217. >"We won't be able to land, but the unicorns can lower you," one says as the carriage angles towards the ground.
  1218. >She doesn't reply, instead stepping onto the edge of the carriage and looking down.
  1219. >"I'll stop it as long as possible," she says, and with that, she jumps off.
  1220. >Instinctively, you lunge to the edge only to see her slowing her descent through the trees with her blade.
  1221. "She's one incredible pony, in every way."
  1222. >"Very much so, but we must hurry, no matter how strong a pony she may be, few can stand against an Ursa Major, let alone this alone for long," Celestia says before urging the guards onwards to Canterlot.
  1223. ~
  1224. >Resting on the ground a moment, you examine your target, searching for any visible weak points.
  1225. >Despite it's titanic size, it's movements reveal no weak point, it's entire body formed of the strange night sky like material.
  1226. >Your only concern is wether your weapon can harm it or not.
  1227. >Yoma are beings of flesh and blood, just like humans or claymores, and you can slay them all.
  1228. >Not that you have, though, as humans are forbidden to be slain.
  1229. >Gripping your claymore tight in your hooves, you rear up, ready to fight.
  1230. >Yoki flaring to life, you tense up before springing at the beast.
  1231. ~
  1232. >With all the speed they can muster, the chariot pullers fly you to Canterlot, it's doom falling further behind you.
  1233. >Swooping in to land, the chariots wheels just touch down when their is a massive, glass rattling roar from the distance.
  1234. >The great beast has lowered to the ground, it's attention held by something else, and it's progress halted.
  1235. "Stay alive, Anonymous," you whisper, following your aunt hurriedly off the carriage and into the castle.
  1236. >Inside the war chamber, you find Aunt Luna and the Higher ups of the Canterlot military already there, waiting.
  1237. >"All are gathered, excellent, though we do not see the need for Blueblood, sister," Luna says as everyone takes a seat.
  1238. >"Convenience, somewhat, but the more minds we have on this, the better," is Celestia's reply.
  1239. "We don't have much time to discuss this, Anonymous is risking her life to buy us time as we speak," you say, somewhat impatiently.
  1240. >"Very much so," Rarity says, "I don't believe we can use the elements on it, or we would have done that already, correct?"
  1241. >"Yes. The elements, while powerful, also have limitations, and the main one is the target must be evil or have a desire to cause willful harm."
  1242. >"But it's coming for Canterlot, how could it not desire to cause harm?" Twilight asks.
  1243. >"It wants something else then, but what?"
  1244. >"If we can figure it out, we can lead it away."
  1245. >"Food," Luna says, silencing the room, "It's a magical beast, and it's quite likely the leyline it fed upon was the one that ruptured and caused its growth, therefore, it seeks the nearest, largest one to feed upon, and that would be the crossing under Canterlot."
  1246. "Can we divert it? There are numerous leylines that it could feed on, can we get it to go to one of them instead?"
  1247. >"Possibly, but not likely. Such a change likely drained most energy reserves it had, and it wants food now, so it will go for the closest one unfailingly."
  1248. >With a tap of her hoof, Celestia silences everyone, drawing attention to herself.
  1249. >"As it stands, we don't have a way to stop it, so for the immediate time, we shall evacuate the city, and focus on how we can deal with it after."
  1250. >Everyone nods, and splits off, yourself included, to spread the evacuation word.
  1251. >Still, your thoughts wander to your crush, who's risking her life to buy everpony this time.
  1252. ~
  1253. >Staring up at the beast, you look at what little damage you have done.
  1254. >Minor nicks and cuts, but if it bleeds, you can kill it.
  1255. "I just need more power," you mutter while regulating your breathing.
  1256. >Bit by bit, you amplify your yoki output, drawing closer and closer to your turning point.
  1257. >The beast's paw comes down, and you divert it to the side, the edge of your blade ripping a fresh cut in its flesh.
  1258. >It's still just a surface wound though, and you leap onto it's arm, aiming for its head.
  1259. >Under you, the arm shakes and flails, trying to knock you off, but insanely heightened reflexes and strength make it easy to stay on and make your way up to its face.
  1260. >Bringing your blade back, you prepare to strike as you reach its face.
  1261. >Your body twists like a screw, using every muscles enchanced strength to cut deep into it's face, just shy of cutting up an eye.
  1262. >An eardrum shattering roar of pain sends you flying to the ground, blood dripping from your destroyed ears.
  1263. >Before you can recover from the fall, it's paw smashes down onto your chest, shattering ribs and slicing an arm clean off with a claw.
  1264. >Blood pours openly and your breath comes in ragged gasps as it lifts its paw, staring down to see if you are dead.
  1265. >If you were normal, you would be, but thanks to the enhanced powers of Yoki, and being a defensive type, your body is clinging to life.
  1266. >Through blurred eyes, you see it's paw coming back down, and with a rattling sigh, you let go.
  1267. ~
  1268. >A roar louder than the others echoes across the fields to the city, and everyone looks up, worried.
  1269. "Please, continue on, we must evacuate soon, bring only what you need. This is only precautionary, but if it is needed, I know that I, as a Prince, will be glad, knowing that everypony is safe."
  1270. >Slowly the lines start moving again, and you calmly usher them along.
  1271. >In the distance you can see the evacuations from the other places is coming along as well.
  1272. >A sudden wave of something washes over the city, and everyone freezes, their blood running cold in fear.
  1273. >Celestia's voice suddenly rings out over the city, snapping the fear.
  1275. >The prevously calm line stirs, ready to devolve into chaos.
  1276. "Please, Everypony, remain calm and evacuate in a hurried fashion. Stampeding will only slow the process and cause harm to you."
  1277. >The line starts moving again, quicker than before, and you continue to say comforting things.
  1278. "Don't worry, we are not in any immediate danger, and if you evacuate in a proper fashion, you will be safe."
  1279. 'We will, but she won't be...' you think, your mind drifting away again.
  1280. ~
  1281. "So warm, so good... so... hungry..." you quietly say, your body squirming in pleasure as Yoki courses through your veins.
  1282. >Every cell feels alive, your ribs are fine, and all your limbs are there and working.
  1283. >Rising, you look up at the Ursa, feeling like it seemed bigger before.
  1284. >Shrugging, your roll your shoulders, everything feeling loose and free.
  1285. >One of the Ursa's paws swings down at you, and almost lazily, you look up at it before swatting it aside.
  1286. >Though rather than it getting knocked away, it got knocked off, ripping free of it's shoulder.
  1287. >For a moment, both you and the beast stare at the bloodied and destroyed arm, before it lets out a loud roar again.
  1288. >With a slight jump, you find yourself with your hand around it's throat, nope, make that through it's throat, and it collapses with a mighty crash.
  1289. >You look at your hand a moment, shrugging again, before laying back on the creature, basking in the orgasmic bliss that is the full release.
  1290. "Why didn't I do this sooner?" you say to nothing in particular.
  1291. >Your stomach growls, and licking your razor sharp teeth, you dig into the giant bear's stomach with your talons.
  1292. >Pulling back, it comes out with a nice, tasty, bloody chunk of quivering flesh.
  1293. ~
  1294. >The last of your line leaves, and with all your noble body's speed, you run to the south-east gate, where you can hopefully find answers.
  1295. >Why the Ursa was no longer visible, why everypony froze in fear, what could have happened to Anonymous...
  1296. >Rounding a corner, you see Celestia with the six elements, all of them with their piece.
  1297. "Aunt, what has happened?" you gasp out as you near, skidding to a halt.
  1298. >"I'm not sure myself, but that wave of energy was pure demonic energy, so I fear the worst."
  1299. >"How," Twilight asks, "there's been no sign of Tartarus opening, how could there be a demon here?"
  1300. >"It's not a whole demon," Luna's voice says as she walks out of a shadow, "Or at least, it wasn't."
  1301. >Everyone looks at her, and you can see her head hanging a little low.
  1302. "Wasn't? I don't understand?"
  1303. >"Only a few nights prior, we visited Anonymous, and we learned of her and her past, somewhat. She is not a pony, despite her appearance, and akin to our Nightmare Moon, she carries a dark secret."
  1304. >None speak, everypony understanding the gravity of what she implied.
  1305. "You... you mean she is part demon?"
  1306. >"Was. It has taken over now, and we must stop it with the Elements."
  1307. >The six of them and yourself all gulp, before nodding.
  1308. >"Hold tight, we'll teleport us close, but it's up to you six to save Equestria."
  1309. >"Come on, girls, it's no different from stopping Discord," Twilight says, trying to raise morale, "and we did that, we can do this too."
  1310. >You say nothing, your mind racing with the thoughts of your dream mare being turned into a statue for a thousand years or worse.
  1311. >So wrapped up in your thoughts, you don't even notice your aunts charging for the spell until a bright flash dazes you for a second.
  1312. >Looking up, what you see makes your blood freeze in your veins.
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