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  1. Legacy War
  3. Introduction to Legacy War
  5. What is Legacy War?
  7. Welcome to Legacy War, a role-playing game, where you play as a 10 – 14 years old ninja. You, as a player, need to help your small village out before a war breaks out. You will be going to other villages, temples, caves, and enemy camps and villages. You will be gaining levels, improve your skills, and be the master of your elements. Overall, you will complete missions or your task to help your village to get a name for themselves and getting out of the dark ages.
  9. What do you need to play?
  11. Legacy War runs on a D20 system and a point system. So you need the following items to play this role-playing game:
  12. •     Character Sheet
  13. •     Player’s Rulebook
  14. •     Pencil
  15. •     Eraser
  16. •     Dice
  17. o       D4 (four-sided dice)
  18. o       D6 (six-sided dice)
  19. o       D8 (eight-sided dice)
  20. o       D10 (ten-sided dice)
  21. o       D12 (12-sided dice)
  22. o       D20 (20-sided dice)
  24. Rules of the village
  26. There is any honor code of your village. Doing wrong things or helping the enemy out, the village will make you as a rogue ninja and your character will be force out of village and it would become a NPC, or non-player character. Doing the right things and helping your village out of trouble and guiding your village to a new era of light and improvements.  
  29. Making your Character
  31. Assigning Stats to your Character
  33. Welcome to making your character. You can build your character with Hit Points, Chakra, Strength, Toughness, and Willpower. You have 12 points total to divide into your Strength, Toughness, and Willpower and each must have at least a stat of 1.
  35. Strength
  36. Strength is the measure of how much physical and non-weapon damage a character can deal to an enemy. Strength also accounts for how much a character can carry. See the chart under items for the Strength per weight.
  38. Toughness
  39. Toughness is a character’s resistance to taking physical and non-weapon damage.
  41. Willpower
  42. Willpower is measure of how much damage a character can deal with their ability. Also is a character’s resistance to taking ability damage.
  44. Hit Points
  45. Hit Points represent a character’s life. Your Hit Point score is by adding your Toughness stat and your specific class. When a character reaches zero Hit Points, you go unconscious. When you are unconscious, you cannot perform any action. Also each turn go by, you will get a negative one counter. When you reach negative five counters, without any support items, your character dies permanently. When combat is over, any characters that is unconscious goes back to zero and gets a wound counter. The wound counter affects your weapon and element ability. To remove a wound counter, you need your water user or a support item that would remove your wound counter. When you have both zero Hit Points and your wound counter, you can be healed by ability or potion.
  47. Class   At level 1
  48. Tank    Toughness + 2
  49. Fighter Toughness + 3
  50. Monk    Toughness + 4
  52. Chakra
  53. Chakra can be used for your abilities. Your Chakra score is by adding your Willpower and your specific class. Once you hit zero in your Chakra score, you cannot use any abilities except abilities that have no use for Chakra at all.
  55. Class   At level 1
  56. Tank    Willpower + 3
  57. Fighter Willpower + 4
  58. Monk    Willpower + 2
  62. Choosing your Class
  64. You can choose from three classes to your character the right look: Tank, Fighter and Monk. Each one has their own Strengths and they can support each other in battle.
  66. Tank:
  67. •     Detail: Defend the group. Tanks have a lot of Hit Points with a great deal of armor to take lot damage from the enemies.
  68. •     Key Stat: Toughness
  69. •     Key Element: Earth
  70. •     Hit Points: Progression per level: 3
  71. •     Chakra: Progression per level: 2
  72. •     Starting Items: Shield, Ninja Suit, 2 health potion, 5 bandages
  74. Fighter:
  75. •     Detail: Deals damage to the enemies. Fighters have a lot of Strength with a great deal of Hit Points to do damage to the enemy.
  76. •     Key Stat: Strength
  77. •     Key Element: Taijustu
  78. •     Hit Points: Progression per level: 4
  79. •     Charka: Progression per level: 1
  80. •     Starting Items: Dagger, Ninja Suit, 2 health potion, 5 bandages
  82. Monk:
  83. •     Detail: Deals element ability damage to the enemies and helping the group. Monks have a lot of Willpower with a lot of Chakra.
  84. •     Key Stat: Willpower
  85. •     Key Element: Water
  86. •     Hit Points: Progression per level: 2
  87. •     Chakra: Progression per level: 3
  88. •     Starting Items: Kunai, Ninja suit, 2 heath potion, 5 bandages
  90. Choosing your Element
  92. After choosing your class, you can choose your element that you want to learn. You can only learn one element: Fire, Wind, Earth, Lighting, or Taijustu.
  94. Element Lv 1    Lv 3    Lv 5    Lv 10   Lv 15
  95. Fire    Fireball        Fire Sword              Fire bomb      
  96. Wind    Wind Blade              Wind bullets            Wind Tornado
  97. Water   Water Shark     Heal            Refresh
  98. Earth   Boulder         Earth Wall              Earth Defender
  99. Lighting        Lighting Blade          Lightning Bolt  Lighting Ball  
  100. Taijustu        Dragon Fist             Four Palms              Bloody Knee
  104. Fire
  105. Fire users can deal burn effect to their enemies. But you need to watch where the fire goes because you can control your fire, but may catch something on fire and burn the forest or burn place down.
  106. •     Fireball
  107. o       Cost: 5 chakra
  108. o       Effect: Burn effect of a 1d12
  109. o       Distance: Ranged
  110. o       Damage: 1d6
  111. o       Critical Hit: rolled 5 or greater.  Bounces off from the one enemy and hitting the other enemy with a damage of 3.
  112. •     Fire Sword
  113. o       Cost: 10 chakra
  114. o       Effect Increase one member’s Strength by +2 for 2 turns
  115. o       Distance: 1 square from the Fire user
  116. o       Damage: No damage
  117. •     Fire bomb
  118. o       Cost: 10 chakra
  119. o       Effect: Burn effect of a d12 and recoil of a d4
  120. o       Distance: Ranged
  121. o       Damage: 1d10
  123. Wind
  124. Wind users can deal bleed damage to their enemies. You can cut though enemies and see their insides.
  125. •     Wind Blade
  126. o       Cost: 5 chakra
  127. o       Effect: Bleed effect of a 2d6
  128. o       Distance: Melee
  129. o       Damage: 2d4
  130. •     Wind Bullets
  131. o       Cost: 5 chakra
  132. o       Effect: No effect
  133. o       Distance: Ranged
  134. o       Damage: 2d6
  135. o       Critical Hit: rolled 10 or greater. Damage the first enemy and hits the other enemy that is nearby first enemy with a damage of 4.
  136. •     Wind Tornado
  137. o       Cost: 15 chakra
  138. o       Effect: Bleed effect of a 1d10
  139. o       Distance: Ranged
  140. o       Damage: 2d10
  141. o       Critical Hit: rolled 19 or greater. Bounces off from one enemy to the next two enemies that are nearby the first enemy with a damage of 5.
  144. Water
  145. Water users can heal and restore Hit Points and Chakra to your team.
  146. •     Water Shark
  147. o       Cost: 5 charka
  148. o       Effect: No effect
  149. o       Distance: Ranged
  150. o       Damage: 1d6
  151. o       Critical Hit: rolled 5 or greater. Damage the first enemy and hits next two enemies with normal damage.
  152. •     Heal
  153. o       Costs: 10 Chakra
  154. o       Effect 1: Can restore one member in the group including the user by 10 times the user level.
  155. o       Effect 2: Heals from burn and bleed damage. (Note: It will not help a character who is unconscious at all.)
  156. o       Distance: 1 square from the Water user
  157. o       Damage: No damage
  158. •     Refresh
  159. o       Costs: no charka
  160. o       Effect 1: Has a cool down of 3 turns
  161. o       Effect 2: Can restore the groups chakra to full
  162. o       Distance: 1 square from the Water user
  163. o       Damage: No damage
  165. Earth
  166. Earth users can defend from heavy damage from your enemy. You protect yourself or the other characters in your group.
  167. •     Boulder
  168. o       Cost: 5 chakra
  169. o       Effect: Cause stun for 2 turns
  170. o       Distance: Ranged
  171. o       Damage: 2d6
  172. o       Critical Hit: rolled 10 or greater. Damage the first enemy and bounces off to the next enemy with a damage of 4.
  173. •     Earth Wall
  174. o       Cost: 5 chakra
  175. o       Effect 1: The user can deflect on coming attacks to himself
  176. o       Effect 2: On the user only
  177. o       Distance: 1 square wide and 3 square tall
  178. o       Damage: No damage
  179. •     Earth Defender
  180. o       Cost: 10 chakra
  181. o       Effect: Increase one member’s toughness by +2 for 2 turns
  182. o       Distance: 1 square from the Earth user
  183. o       Damage: No damage
  185. Lighting
  186. Lighting users can critical hit enemies with one hit and bounce the remaining damage to other enemies in the same range.
  187. •     Lighting Blade
  188. o       Cost: 5 chakra
  189. o       Effect: No effect
  190. o       Distance: Melee
  191. o       Damage: 2d4
  192. o       Critical Hit: rolled 6 or greater. Damage the first enemy and hits the other enemy that is nearby the first enemy with a damage of 4.
  193. •     Lighting Ball
  194. o       Cost: 5 chakra
  195. o       Effect: Cause stun for 2 turn
  196. o       Distance: Ranged
  197. o       Damage: 1d10
  198. •     Lightning Bolt
  199. o       Cost: 10 chakra
  200. o       Effect : Burn effect of a 2d4
  201. o       Distance: Ranged
  202. o       Damage: 2d6
  204. Taijustu
  205.         Taijustu is a hand-to-hand combat where the user pays his or her Hit Points to deal damage to enemies. Taijustu is not Willpower, but it’s a form of showing your Strength in combat.
  206. •     Dragon Fist
  207. o       Cost: 3 Hit Points
  208. o       Effect: No effect
  209. o       Distance: Melee
  210. o       Damage: 1d4 + 3
  211. •     Four Palms
  212. o       Cost: 5 Hit Points
  213. o       Effect: No effect
  214. o       Distance: Melee
  215. o       Damage: 1d6 + 5
  216. •     Bloody Knee
  217. o       Cost: 7 Hit Points
  218. o       Effect: Bleed effect of a d12
  219. o       Distance: Melee
  220. o       Damage: 1d8 + 7
  222. Example:
  223. The player, Dirk, made a character named, RickyBubbaKun. RickyBubbaKun is a Taijustu, as his element, and his class is a tank. He has 12 points to divide into his Strength, Toughness, and Willpower. This is before item bonus takes place. He puts in his Strength 5 points, Toughness 6 points, and Willpower 1 points. So his Hit Point is 8 and his Chakra is 4.
  225. Gaining Experience Points
  226. You gain experience by killing creatures, completing missions, and doing task for your village. For each level, not including level 1, you will get a level bonus, weapon, armor, back item, consumable item, crafting item, or money that depends on what you will get by your Game Master, or GM. Below is the chart for each level and the bonus that you will be getting to help your character out:
  228. Level   XP      Bonus   Level   XP      Bonus   Level   XP      Bonus
  229. 1       0 XP    Level : +0      8       680 XP  Off-hand        15      1320 XP -
  230. 2       20 XP   20 Silver Coins 9       700 XP  Back Item       16      1440 XP Level: +9
  231. 3       140 XP  Blue Flower     10      820 XP  Consumable      17      1560 XP -
  232. 4       260 XP  Wolf tooth      11      940XP   Level: +6       18      1680 XP -
  233. 5       320 XP  Consumable      12      1060 XP 4 Gold Coins    19      1700 XP -
  234. 6       440XP   Level : +3      13      1180 XP Weapon  20      1820 XP -
  235. 7       560XP   40 Copper Coins 14      1200 XP Armor   21      1940 XP Level: +12
  237. *For the item that have Off-hand, Back Item, Consumable, Weapon, and Armor, it’s up to the GM on what you get from a common item to a uncommon item.
  239. Example:
  241. RickyBubbaKun just leveled up to level 2, so earn Silver Coins for his new level. After 3 nights of a campaign, he will reach level 6, where he gains level bonus of three points to any stats, like Strength, Toughness, or Willpower.  
  246. How to move your character
  248. The different action you can take
  250. There are three actions that you can take: Movement, Battle, and Search. The movement is where both the Game Master, who is going to be controlling the enemy, and the players must roll a 1d20 and the highest goes first and then it goes numerical order. Now, you can move your character with a 1d10, as it shows below in the chart. The movement happens only once per your turn.
  251. There are two options that are during combat: attacking or defending. Attacking is based on either Strength or Willpower. Defending is based on Toughness or Willpower. The combat only happen once per your turn, so you need to choose your enemy careful. During combat, you roll a 1d20 to see if your attack hits your enemy. If your roll is higher than your enemy’s toughness or willpower, your attack hits and then you roll your damage to see how much damage you deal.
  252. The last action is a search. Search action happens only once per your turn and you need to be at least 2 square away and you will get one reward. During your turn, you can perform your search action at the beginning or the end of your turn. You need to roll a 1d12 to search anything that you are close by.
  254. Roll    Spaces
  255. Roll 1  3 square
  256. Roll 2  6 square
  257. Roll 3  9 square
  258. Roll 4  12 square
  259. Roll 5  15 square
  260. Roll 6  18 square
  261. Roll 7  21 square
  262. Roll 8  24 square
  263. Roll 9  27 square
  264. Roll 10 30 square
  266. Example:
  267.         RickyBubbaKun is fighting two level 10 wolves. Both wolves have 5 Strength, 5 Toughness, and 2 Willpower each. RickyBubbaKun have Strength of 6, Toughness of 7, and Willpower of 2 with the item bonus of a Dagger, + 1 in Strength,  and Ninja Suit, +2 Toughness. Now his Hit Point is 16 and his Chakra is 11.
  268.         First, Dirk and the Game Master roll a 1d20 to see who goes first. Dirk rolls a 16 and the GM rolls a 15. So RickyBubbaKun is goes first. He uses his strength first. (Note: You will be comparing strength to toughness and willpower to willpower.) So he hits the first wolf will a killing blow of his Dagger. Now it’s the wolf turn. It attacks RickyBubbaKun with no damage. Because RickyBubbaKun’s Toughness is greater than the wolf‘s strength, so Ricky just laughed at the wolf. Now its Ricky’s turn and he use Dragon Fist. First, he must take away 5 Hit Points before using the move. Then, he rolls a 2 plus he adds 3 to that, so the damage is 5 and the wolf’s Hit Point is 5 with its toughness is 5 too. So that wolf is died.
  269.         After battling the wolves, Ricky can search only one wolf (means one search action during each turn) at a time. Now, he rolls a 4 on a 1d12 and he gets fur for crafting a new weapon.
  272. Items
  274. Money
  276. Money can be earned by completing missions, killing enemies, and capturing rogue ninjas. The currency that the players can acquire is: Copper, Silver, and Gold coins. The chart below tells you the trading rate from Copper to Silver to Gold:
  278.         The Trading Rates
  279.         cc      sc      gc
  280. Copper Coins (cc)       1       1/50    1/100
  281. Silver Coins (sc)       50      1       1/50
  282. Gold Coins (gc) 100     50      1
  284. Weapons
  286. Weapons can be used in and out of combat. There are two types of weapons: Ranged and Melee. You can only hold one weapon. There is also item bonus for your character for each weapon.  Here is a chart of each item and the item bonus that you will be given:
  288. Name    Distance        Strength Bonus  Cost    Damage  Weight
  289. Dagger  Melee   +1 Strength     1 cc    1d4     12 oz.
  290. Sword   Melee   +3 Strength     5 cc    1d6     2 lb. 3 oz.
  291. Axe     Melee   +5 Strength     10 sc   2d10    1 lb. 2 oz.
  292. Kunai   Ranged  +1 Strength     1 cc    1d4     4 oz.
  293. Fire Kunai      Ranged  +1 Strength     5 cc    1d4 + Burn effect (d4)  4 oz.
  295. *16 oz. = 1 lb.
  296. *Melee = one square
  297. *Ranged = need to be two squares or greater
  299. Armor
  301. Armor is here to protect you from damage, if you take any. There are two types of armor: Normal Armor and Off-Hand. Normal armor is where you can wear and protect from oncoming attacks. Off-hand is what you can deflect or protect oncoming attack that you may get. See the chart below for which Armor is Normal and Off-hand Armor:
  303. Name    Toughness Bonus Weight  Cost
  304. Ninja Suit      +2 Toughness    1 lb. 2 oz.     1 cc
  305. Battle Suit     +4 Toughness    4 lb. 6 oz.     20 sc
  306. Shield (Off-hand)       +3 Toughness    2 lb. 3 oz.     10 cc
  307. Heavy Shield (Off-hand) +5 Toughness    4 lb. 6 oz.     15 sc
  309.         * 16 oz. = 1 lb.
  312. Back Items
  314. Back items can be useful during the non-combat turn. Each back item has a stat increase and a special bonus. You can only carry one back item at a time.
  316. Name    Special Bonus   Cost    Weight
  317. Torch   + 1 to Toughness; Allows the group to see in dark places        10 cc   1 lb. 2 oz.
  318. Sage Scroll     + 1 to Willpower; Gain additional Search action 50 sc   3 lb. 1 oz.
  319. Huge Sword      + 1 to Strength; Gain additional Attack action  100 gc  4 lb. 6 oz.
  321. Consumable Items
  323. Consumable Items can be only use during battle turn. In addition to that, if you take a health potion, you cannot attack at all. There are three restores that a ninja will need during his or her quest: Health Potion, Chakra Potion, and Health/Chakra Potion. The
  325. Name    Effect  Cost    Weight
  326. Health Potion   Restore 10 HP   5 cc    2 oz.
  327. Bandages        Stops the bleeding      10 cc   5 oz.
  328. Chakra Potion   Restore 10 Chakra       5 cc    2 oz.
  329. Health/Chakra Potion    Restore 15 HP and 20 Chakra     30 cc   2 oz.
  331. Other Items
  333. Other items are items that a ninja can hold and use to craft weapons. They can’t be used in battle. They can only be used in the craft center located in the shop area. Here are some of the items that can be crafted into new weapons:
  335. Wolf fur        Wolf tooth      Squirrels fur   Squirrel tooth  Blue Flower
  337. Weight
  339. The weight to carry items is by how much your Strength is with your weapon bonus added to your basic Strength. The rate to keep your balance is in the chart below. If you can over your weight limit, your movement will be getting a negative one time the weight you are over.
  341. Strength Stat   Weight
  342. 1 - 5   10 lbs or less
  343. 6 - 10  10 lbs.  to 15 lbs.
  344. 11 – 15       16 lbs. to 20 lbs.
  345. 16 - 20 21 lbs. to 25 lbs.
  349. Crafting
  351.         By making new weapons and armors, your old weapons and armors would be destroyed and new ones will take their place with that said, you will gain new bonus and effects. You will need outside sources to make your new weapons and armors. Here are some of the crafting weapons and armors you can make:
  353. Items Needed    New Items Name  Bonus   Distance        Damage  Effect  Weight
  354. 1 Dagger, 2 wolves furs, 1 wolf tooth   Wolf Dagger     +3 Strength     Melee   1d6     Bleed Effect (1d4)      1 lb. 3 oz.
  355. 2 Kunai, 3 furs(of any kind), 2 wolf tooth      Wolf twin kunai +3 Strength     Melee   2d6     Bleed Effect (1d4)      1 lb. 2 oz.
  356. 1 Ninja Suit, 3 wolves furs, 4 wolf tooth       Wolf suit       +4 Toughness    Armor   -       Reduce willpower damage by 2    2 lb. 4 oz.
  360. Definitions
  362. •     Bleed effect:  The bleed effect hit your enemy by the damage of the move you use. It last for 5 turns and the enemy has to roll for the bleed damage.
  363. •     Burn effect: The burn effect hit your enemy by the damage of the move you use. It last for 5 turns and the enemy has to roll for the burn damage.
  364. •     Deflect: It stops the move hitting you for that turn. It will not redirect the move back at the enemy at all.
  365. •     Recoil: After doing damage to your enemy, there is recoil damage to yourself by reduces damage.  
  366. •     Stun: Stun happens when you hit your enemy with a move with this effect. It last up to two turn, where they
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