Shadow of Mordor (P'Orc Edition, Kittens and Cake Knives)

Jan 27th, 2015
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  1. Updated: 8/8/15
  2. Starts at Line 15555
  4. (Discussing Nemeses Coming Back After You)
  6. >Walking though the wilderness hunting for herbs because you love that shit.
  8. >And the OCD, can't forget the OCD.
  10. >Crossbow bolt hits the ground next you you.
  12. >"I've -huff- got you now -huff- ranger!"
  14. >Standing above you in a tree is a small P'orc, her belly bulging with pregnancy and out of breath due to running.
  16. >"I won't -huff- lose to you this tiiiieeee!"
  18. >She over balances herself and falls out of the tree only for you to catch her.
  20. >"S-stupid manswine, it's not like I wanted you to take responsibility or anything."
  22. >You raise an eyebrow, unimpressed. She then gives you a shy peck on the cheek as a reward.
  24. [spoiler]Botha Broodmother has achieved the rank of warchief.
  27. (Discussing ending boss battles)
  29. >Bending a meaty P'orc over your knee and spanking her plush bottom, her pained squeals soon turning pleasured moans.
  31. >Grabbing one of the smaller P'orcs and lifting her up to take her first kiss.
  33. >Teasing one of the bigger P'orc's breasts while she whine's in embarrassment before her minions.
  35. Nakka the Soft has Married anon, power increased by 1.
  37. (Muscle P'orc Holds a Party)
  39. >Muscle P'orc captain is holding a party with some of her friends.
  41. >Thisisasneakingmission.jpg
  43. >Manage to finally reach the grog barrel after pretending to be a bush for ten minutes.
  45. >Put a little of knockout poison in the grog.
  47. >The P'orcs all drink heavily before passing out, making you wonder if it was really necessary to use the poison.
  49. >Find captain curled up in a ball, hugging an empty mug. Remove her bearskin panties with slightly shaking hands.
  53. >You lay down, a job well done when she rolls over and cuddles you. Eye's wide open and a dopey grin on her face.
  55. [spoiler]Gurtha's feast has been interrupted, power decreased by one.
  58. (P'Orc Goes Recruiting)
  59. >Ghost Girl who keeps following you alerts you to one of the P'orcs holding a recruitment drive.
  61. >Flat-chested Loli P'Orc is running around giving other P'Orcs cookies and asking them to play with her.
  63. >While she hopping along to another P'Orc you, gently, tackle her from out of a bush and rub her ears.
  65. >Her protests grow weaker and weaker with each passing moment as her face glows evermore red and her breath turns hot.
  67. >She finally gives a cry, straightening up before going limp, panting.
  69. >You ruffle her hair and cover her in a spare blanket before running off.
  71. [spoiler] Kitka the Swift's recruitment drive failed, power decreased by one.
  74. (Journey to the Ghûl caves)
  75. >Just another day in Mordor
  77. >Seducing Orcs, gathering herbs, laughing at slaves as they get ridden.
  79. >The usual.
  81. >Well, time for something new, Spelunking.
  83. >Walk into cave, get bored almost immediately...well...Lost, then bored.
  85. >How long has it been? Days? Weeks?
  87. >Ghost says its been an hour, screw her you are feeling dramatic.
  89. >Torch burns out, guess I need to light a new one.
  91. >Damn this flint and tinder are taking a while to lig- There we go!.....
  93. >Ghûls...EVERYWHERE...
  95. >One of the small grey skinned girls gives you a small wave.
  97. >"Hi!"
  99. >They charge as one.
  101. >You must use all your techniques, pinching erect nipples on petite breasts, tracing puffy mounds, kissing cheeks, and slapping buttocks, eliciting cute "KYAAAS" from them as you go.
  103. >When you finally struggle out of the cave you are short of breath and soaked in sticky fluids, a mountain of content Ghûls resting in a pile behind you.
  105. >May go back there sometime.
  107. (Back to the Caves!)
  109. >Another day, another orc captain successfully molested.
  111. >Ghost tells you to go back into caves for....reasons.
  113. >Hope she isn't going to try and rape you again.
  115. >First time was sad, she's got no breasts, shes got no ass. Her body just isn't there.
  117. >A few ghûls are poking around in some holes, pointing and waving at you, a few even blow you kisses.
  119. >Cute girls, although some to be putting on some weight if those bellies are anything to go by.
  121. >"Ne~ Ne~ that's him Nee-san!"
  123. >Turn around, a ghûl is pointing at you with a dopey smile on her face and...DAAAAAAMN
  125. >Standing behind her and twice her size is another ghûl whose body is all curves. Big tits, wide hips, and a pert bubble butt.
  127. >"Ara~ Ara~ So your the one who stole my imotous' hearts." She licks her lips as she says this "Let's see if you are as good as they say."
  129. >It's a harrowing battle, your fondling of her massive mammaries and plush buttocks doing nothing.
  131. >It's time for....THAT!
  133. >"Well, what do we have here boy?" she asks as your hand glows
  135. >Secret technique: "GOLDEN HAND GRASP!"
  137. >You grab her hand, eliciting a gasp from her as your fingers interlock with hers.
  139. >"N-no, not that!"
  141. >Wake up an hour later using her breasts as a pillow as more Ghûls sleep alongside you.
  143. >You should really come here more often.
  145. (Caragors)
  147. >Walking through wilderness of Mordor, shooting aphrodisiac laced arrows because you want them sweet, sweet upgrades for your bow
  149. >"Hey anon." Ghost elf whispers, still looking as flat and irate as ever. "One of your precious "wives" is getting attacked."
  153. >Sprint east as quick as lighting, leaving many a P'orc wondering what just happened.
  155. >Realize you were supposed to head west.
  159. >Arrive on the scene to see that loli archer P'orc, now with twin-tails ever since she learned fury, is hanging onto a tree limb crying.
  161. >Below her is an 8 foot tall, heavily muscled woman with a mountain lion's ears, claws, and tail.
  163. >A caragor, something your little P'orc is afraid of.
  165. >"Gravewalker! W-what are you doing h-here!" the P'orc cries in equal parts joy and terror.
  167. >No time to answer. Caragor fight!
  169. >Shoot arrows at her but she shrugs them off.
  171. >"Ara ara! come to save your little piggy have you?" She taunts, leaping back.
  173. >Yes
  175. >"Tell you what, you and the swine get down and dirty in front of me and I let you go."
  177. >YES!
  179. >"Wh-what!" Loli P'orc cries as you leap up tree and grab her, the caragor looking mildly confused as you land and rip the P'orc's panties from her.
  181. >Get down and dirty right there in the dirt, loli archer P'orc squeeling while you rail her from behind.
  183. >"More!" the caragor, pants on the ground and masturbating, screams "Harder! Faster!"
  185. >Ok.png
  187. >She makes you use each and every hole on the P'Orc's body before she decides to let the two of you go.
  189. >You and the P'orc are now fully exhausted, panting and gasping in the dirt.
  191. >Now you know why she is afraid of Caragor's.
  193. >You kind of are too now.
  195. [spoiler] Frekka Pig-eye has survived her Trial by ordeal. Strength increased by one.
  197. (Caragor 2)
  199. >Slow day today, no P'orcs a hunting you or fighting. No herbs to gather. Just a slow, easy day.
  201. >Time to change that.
  203. >It takes half a day but you find her, the Caragor that had chased your Archer P'Orc up the tree.
  205. >She's sleeping beneath a tree, ears twitching and tail thrashing in her sleep.
  207. >Stealth mode engaged
  209. >Sneak to the tree and climb it.
  211. >Many would say your plan is insane, that it would never work.
  213. >You will proved them half wrong today.
  215. >Leap from the tree and land on the Caragor's back, startling her wake with a scream.
  217. >You wrap your legs around her abs and arms around her neck as she sprints off.
  219. >The next hour is spent holding on for dear life, the caragor bowling over P'orcs and leaping up cliffs in her desperation to shake you off her.
  221. >"Get off me asshole!" She shouts, one of the many insults she hurled at you today.
  223. >This one is one to much, in revenge you begin gently nibbling on her ear, causing her to slow and moan.
  225. >You continue your assault, one hand unwrapping to scratch behind her ear. With a final shiver she falls to the ground, panting.
  227. >"Time for sword play" you shout, patting yourself on the back for your clever word play.
  229. >You then lift her tail and then get some tail. Pounding into her for the next hour as she chuffs and yowls in pleasure before the two of you collapse on the dusty ground, falling asleep as she curls around you.
  231. >Wake up in the morning to see her smiling at you, her bestial eyes warm.
  233. >"So Ranger," she says, chuffing lightly "How do you feel about kittens?"
  235. (Anon has terrible luck one day)
  237. >Today was not a good day, luck spitting on you at every opportunity.
  239. >Oh it started off fine, wandering the wilderness, shooting rats and attacking giant, non-arachne, spiders for food because you LOVE mother fucking spider cakes.
  241. >Then you decided to chase one of those P'orc hunters across the fields out of boredom. Admiring her pert butt, petite breasts, and trim tummy.
  243. >You got so caught up that you failed to notice a log, tripping over it and hitting you head on a rock. Knocking yourself unconscious just as a few of her friends walked by.
  245. >When you next awoke (tied to a pole without pants), you got to watch as the rest of the P'Orcs named the embarrassed looking P'Orc hunter a captain. Gaining the name Kala the Ranger-Stalker
  247. >This was then followed by a couple hours of vigorous snu-snu by the P'Orcs, fighting amongst each other for a taste.
  249. >It took ten hours to tire them all out, the shy hunter, now wearing a hood of black cloth, going last.
  251. >After pulling your self from that sticky mess you swore to avenge your honor, casting down that "Ranger-Stalker" and using her until she couldn't move.
  253. >So you fought her again...and again...and again.
  255. >No matter what you did, fate always screwed you over
  257. >Sneaking up on her a she went for a jog?
  259. >A horny looking Caragor decided it time to make kittens with you.
  261. >Trying to bust up her recruitment drive, the overwhelmed looking captain's minions handing out little flyers with a crude sketch of her on them?
  263. >The ruin you were lurking on broke away, sending you face first into the ground.
  265. >You even found her sleeping in the middle of her, freshly claimed, fort, unprotected and unarmored.
  267. >Then, the instant you stepped out of the shadows, a barrel of grog broke free from its ropes, rolled across three roofs before falling on top of you, knocking you out....again.
  269. >At-least she snuggled with you afterward that marathon session, clutching your arm to her small chest as she slept.
  271. >"Human," the ghost muttered in a bored tone, watching as you gathered your gear "You really are too focused on this beast, couldn't you be doing something better?"
  273. >Probably, but you don't care. There's a P'Orc out there who thinks she's better than you out there.
  275. >That needs to change.
  277. >Sneaking into Kala the Ranger-hunter's stronghold was simple, many of the P'Orcs not noticing as you hung from buildings, swung from rope to rope, and pulled yourself up walls.
  279. >It's all in the fingers baby!
  281. >There your nemesis was, now wearing over sized pauldrons and a wrack of poisoned spears on her back. Her legion of warriors feasting and drinking before her.
  283. >Oh she thought she was the shit.
  285. >She was even faking an embarrassed look as she squirmed in her giant throne.
  287. >A throne!
  289. >You didn't even have a throne!
  291. >With a roar of challenge you leapt into the P'Orcs, becoming a groping, squeezing tornado.
  293. >It was sweaty, sticky work but soon it was just you and Paska, the athletic looking captain still seated in her throne, a look of fear and awe on her face as she took in the mass of squirming warriors behind you.
  295. >"R-ranger!" she squeaked in fear "I-I thought I already cuddled you!"
  297. >"You did!" you growled, stepping forward. "And now I am going to fill you with so much seed that it's going to leak out when you wa-"
  299. >"Ok." the little P'Orc agreed, stripping her armor off.
  301. >"That's it!?" you shouted, "No climactic final fight between good and soft? Just.....yes?"
  303. >"O-of course," she replied hopping off her throne. "I-I wouldn't mind it if it was the ranger."
  305. >She was blushing, hands clasped behind her back and one foot nervously tapping the ground.
  307. >OH GOD MY HEART.
  309. >True to your word, you filled every hole on her body, drowning her mind in pleasure.
  311. >Vengeance was sweet, you even got to take the kick-ass throne!
  313. >Sure, you didn't have any home to put it in but you had it all the same.
  315. [spoiler] Anon has seduced Kala
  317. (Spooky Ghost Time)
  318. >Just another day in Mordor
  320. >"Human"
  322. >Walking the wastes, finding mushrooms.
  324. >"Huuuuuuman"
  326. >Even fondling a few P'Orcs. Maybe today is the day you finally strike that cap-
  328. >"HUMAN!"
  330. >"WHAT!?" you scream back at the ghost elf, the incorporial wraith giving you, and the squirming P'Orc on the ground, a disgusted look.
  332. >"I want you to help me get back my memories." she says with a flat tone, eye twitching.
  334. >That doesn't sound fun. Why should you do that when you could do better things like grope this P'Orc? Or grope another P'Orc. Or go and see if that one Caragor has had her cubs yet.
  336. >You explain your stance, stating that it doesn't sound like fun.
  338. >Who knows? You may need to go and follow some creepy little midget.
  340. >How crazy would that be?
  342. >She is not amused.
  344. >"One," she states, eye twitching in irritation. "Who do you think keeps having to drag your mortal hide away from the P'Orcs after you get your ass raped."
  346. >"Two," She continues, doing her best to ignore you ruffling the panting P'Orc's hair "I'm the one who keeps track of your precious little pets."
  348. >True, she is kind of not irritating like that.
  350. >"Three!" she said, poking you in the head. "I don't need air, so unless you want to hear me scream for the next four hours straight your going to help me."
  352. >You leap to your feet and run off, ready to find her memories.
  354. >Maybe some mammaries too, ghost elf's pretty flat.
  356. >Nice ass though.
  358. >After traversing the caves for about an hour, following a strange little goblin who keeps muttering about her "precious" and singing about fish, you find what you are looking for.
  360. >It's a small mallet buried in the farthest reaches of the caverns
  362. >"I can't believe it!" Ghost elf exclaims, wiggling with joy. "I finally get to learn who I am."
  364. >You are less than happy. You haven't been able to fondle anything for around fifteen minutes now.
  366. >Well.....there was the goblin but she was kinda creepy.
  368. >Still better than a half naked midget though.
  370. >"Maybe I was a warrior!" she crows in excitement, "Or a smith who made items of great power!"
  372. >She's positively giddy, dancing in mid air.
  374. >Weird, didn't know that smith hammers had little bumps on one sid-
  376. >The world shakes and twists as you touch the hammer, visions of fire, heat, and pastries flashing past your eyes.
  378. >She was.....she was.....
  380. >"A chef?..." she murmurs in shock, all joy leaving her "I was a chef....."
  382. >You'd laugh if she didn't look so heart broken.
  384. >Well, you still giggle a bit but that's besides the point.
  386. >"A chef.....I wasn't even a private or guard captain." Oh wow, she's crying now.
  388. >"I was just a baker who made cakes and pies..." she weeps, curling up in a ball on the floor. "Just a useless peddler of dough and cream."
  390. >Ok, this pity party has got to stop.
  392. >You give her a reassuring pat on the shoulder, shocking both you and her at the fact that you can touch each other.
  394. >"Don't worry about it." you tell her, giving her a reassuring pat on the head. "Not everyone needs to be something important. I mean, look at me!"
  396. >"That's not exactly reassuring," she says with a sniff, a ghost (HAH) of a smile on her face. "But thanks human...It helps."
  398. >You pick her up in a bridal carry, drawing a squeak of embarrassment from her, and stride from the cave.
  400. >"By the way," she whispers, fidgiting in your grasp "you can't pronouncing but I remember my name. Just call me.....Celes."
  402. >Celes.....a cute name. You tell her that.
  404. >"I-I know that ....stupid human.....but thanks."
  406. >You walk the wilderness a bit more, your ghostly companion in your arms.
  408. >"Hey," She quietly whispers "Can we go to one of the towers? I have something to show you."
  410. >NOPE!
  412. >"Wha-WHY!?" she shouts, taken aback at your sudden refusal.
  414. >You hate those towers. It gets all weird and spooky there.
  416. >You hate spooky.
  418. >"J-just do it!" she snaps, "I really want to show you something."
  420. >Fine.....
  422. >You find the nearest tower and climb it, grumbling as you do.
  424. >Stupid tower with its eldritch whispers and ghostly landscape.
  426. >Regardless, you manage to make it to the top, Celes standing there in a strange gown you've never seen her in before.
  428. >Most times shes just been wearing an unflattering pair of pants and a cloth shirt two sizes too big.
  430. >Now she's wearing what looks like a silken gown than hangs down to her knees. It's material thin and see-through.
  432. >It hugs her body, outlining trip thighs and hips, her modest bosom peaking through the fabric and her pale nipples peaking through the cloth.
  434. >Overall she has a thin figure that looks like a breeze could snap it but now.....she looks quite nice.
  436. >This is an unexpected, but not unwhelcome, turn of events.
  438. >"Well human, as thanks for helping me get my memories I've decided to reward you." she huskily purrs, a grey blush on her pale skin.
  440. >She strides over and strokes your chest with her hand, fiddling with the buttons on your worn leather chest.
  442. >Why?
  444. >"W-why?" she stumbles, confused about your reluctance. "W-what do you mean why?"
  446. >Well she's always mad when you have fun with P'Orcs, gets mad when you "wrestle" that one Caragor, and that one time when you had the Ghûl orgy she got so mad sh-
  448. >Realization is slow
  450. >She's jealous!
  452. >"Your Jealous!" you shout, much to the blushing ghosts embarrassment.
  454. >"Y-No....Yes..." she finally admits, hips wiggling as she pulls at the edges of her ghostly clothes.
  456. >She's been jealous this whole time, watching you get it on with all the P'Orcs, Ghûls, and Caragors without touching her.
  458. >You sweep the blushing ghostly elf off her feet and take her to a....bed?
  460. >That's new.
  462. >There's a small ~pomf~ as she lands on the bed, a pillow bouncing from the bed.
  464. >"Whaaa, what are you doing?"
  466. >HER!
  468. >You crawl over the bed to her and plant a peck on her cheek, one hand trailing to her lower lips, a see-through pair of panties hiding them.
  470. >You begin stroking her down there, drawing a pleased moan from her as you kiss, tongues dancing.
  472. >Her arms wrap around your shoulders, holding you tight as the two of you kiss, an increasingly wet sounding noise escaping as you continue petting her.
  474. >You break off first, she may not breath anymore but you sure do.
  476. >She pouts in disappointment briefly until you begin fiddling with your breeches.
  478. >It's time.
  480. >Spreading her legs and pushing her panties aside, you delve deep into her.
  482. >Despite her ethereal nature, her insides are tight, squirming and twitching as they grasp at your insides.
  484. >Its an out of life experience, her insides like soft velvet as she clutches you.
  486. >Speaking of her, she's laying on her back on the bed. Her hands balling into fists and gripping the sheets as she pants and whines with pleasure.
  488. >Your hands are resting on her thin hips, each buck bouncing her with every thrust.
  490. >"D-don't stop," she gasps, eyes glazed in pleasure "k-keep going."
  492. >You do, thrusting and piercing her her. One of your hands drifts up to her head on its own, brushing her hair from her eyes and brushing one pointed ear.
  494. >her womanhood clamps down on you with a vicelike pressure, a spike of pleasure going through you as you.
  496. >"Ah! B-be gentle h-human!" she whines as you brush her ear again, causing her insides to give your member a pleasing hug.
  498. >It seems you found her weak point.
  500. >You tweak and rub her ears as your sensual dance continues, sweet whines and mewls escaping her under your combined assault.
  503. >The end comes soon enough, your twitching member releasing inside her as she screams an echoing scream while the two of you climax.
  505. >"T-thank y-you, human..." she quietly pants, her eyes half closed. "I-I can see why all those b-beasts want you."
  507. >You don't respond, eyes closing as sleep takes you.
  509. >It's a peaceful slumber. Her memories flicking through and showing her life as a baker.
  511. >She should smile more, it looks nice on her.
  513. >When you next awaken you are fully clothed and laying on the pale, ghostly stones of the tower, Celes resting your head on her pale lap.
  515. >"S-so you are awake human," she murmers, a content smile on her face "I'm glad. One of your precious swine seems to be tied up by another one."
  517. >You leap up, re-energized and ready for action. Time to save some bacon.
  519. >She pouts a little as you leap up, murmuring something about filthy pigs under her breath.
  521. >"Don't worry," you say, giving her a smile as you get ready to leave "I think I'll have enough left over energy for you too."
  523. >Another grey blush tinted her cheeks, a hand shooting up to cover her mouth.
  525. >Not quick enough luckily.
  527. >She really does look better when she smiles.
  529. (Tragic Backstory)
  531. >It was a beautiful day over mordor.
  533. >The sun was shining slightly more than normal through the ominous black clouds, the wind blew slightly less dust than normal, and the flesh eating flies were....well....flying.
  535. >It was the kind of day perfect for relaxing, which is what exactly what you were doing.
  537. >Resting in the branches of one the many, many spindly trees you lay, a content smile on your face as you enjoyed the slightly not scorching weather.
  539. >"Is this all you plan on doing today?" a slightly irritated voice asked, your ghostly elf companion, Celese, asked. "No fondling those swine or trying to 'mount' more of those beasts?"
  541. >Nope! Today is a special day, a day of rest. Even a man with your mighty stamina must rest every now and then.
  543. >The elven spirit pouted at that last bit, before floating over and resting in your lap, a bold more for some one as uptight as her.
  545. >"Then can you at least speak with me?" she asked, squirming a little to make herself more comfortable. "It'll be oftly boring for us to just sit here, although that may be ni-"
  547. >She's right, it would be boring, even if you had a deliciously soft wraith sitting in your lap.
  549. >It was time to share with her the story of how you came to be in this blasted land.
  551. >It was time, for a flash back.
  553. > <- - - - - >
  555. >It had been a day like any other on the other side of the wall, the sky was blue, the grass was green, and the holsaurus were soft and sleepy.
  557. >And, just like every day, you had found awoken to find yourself in prison.
  559. >You believe it was for sneaking into the Ranger cadet female dorms.
  561. >"Wait, you were like this on the outside too?" Celes said, rudely interrupting your crucial world building.
  563. >You quickly admonished her with a quick reply of "yes" and "no interrupting."
  565. >Yes, the cadet dorms. Filled with young, bright eyed, and bushy tailed girls awaiting their instructors.
  567. >They also, incidentally, didn't know about you
  569. >Which brings up the current situati-
  571. >"You raped the cadets?" the specter gasped, rudely interrupting you again. "I mean, I shouldn't be surprised but really?"
  573. >You briefly educated Celes on the intricices of your seduction techniques and how you posed as an instructor before telling her to be quiet again.
  575. >You didn't interrupt her flash backs and character building, she shouldn't interrupt yours.
  577. >Anyways, apparently one of the girls in the dorm that day wasn't a cadet.
  579. >She was, infact, the daughter to a local lord, out on inspection.
  581. >She had also been, as you so eloquently described it, so thoroughly used that she would spend the rest of her life walking funny.
  583. >While your faceless friends at the bar had been impressed by your recent conquest, the ranger captain had been decidedly less impressed.
  585. >"Why do I keep having this talk with you!?" The aging man had shouted, flecks of spittle flying from his mouth. "How hard is it for you to keep your dick in your pants?!"
  587. >"Its pretty hard," you had told him, a dopey grin on his face. "Its difficult too."
  589. >At that point he had punched you, his gauntleted fist sending you to the land of dreams.
  591. >And that was why you were in prison. A nice and concise exposition.
  593. >It was at this point, that foot steps had rung out in the old prison, your jailers coming to bring you the morning slop.
  595. >It was tuesday so old smokey was working the pot. This meant your gruel would be less liquid and more mysterious meat.
  597. >Sadly, the figures that met you were not the jailer bearing smokeys slop, it was the Captain and your arch rival, Hirse.
  599. >Ah Hirse, a frigid, red haired beauty of taught muscle, and bounteous curves. One of the few, unmarried women below the age of thirty you had not yet seduced.
  601. >Not for lack of effort on your part.
  603. >"Ranger Anon," the captain stated, a look of disgust on his face "due to the pleading of the lord's kind hearted daughter, we will not be executing you."
  605. >"As much as I wish we were." Hersi grumbled, her face locked in an adorable pout.
  607. >"She doesn't like you anon." Celes quipped.
  609. >You silenced her with a shush and a ruffle of intangible hair.
  611. >She liked you, she just didn't know it yet.
  613. >Anyways, it appears that the young noble you had wooed had passionately argued that your life be spared. That death would be a waste on a man of your caliber.
  615. >Even if the words the captain had used were "He would be better off tied to a pole and given to the Orcs."
  617. >Another women whose heart you had stolen.
  619. >"So we shall be sending you into the wastes of Mordor," the Captain said, dropping a bundle containing your knife and sword. "so that you may die a warriors death."
  621. >"Not that you deserve it," the green eyed Hersi replied acidly "Personally I would have had you hung."
  623. >Such a charmer.
  625. >With that you were stripped of your rank and dropped outside the wall. Loosed upon the land of Mordor and the P'Orcs within.
  627. >"...They thought YOU would kill something?" Celes replied flatly, "At this rate the population of Mordor is going to triple within a generation or two."
  629. >Yeah, it was the best day ever.
  631. >Except it wasn't.
  633. >You expression turned serious, even wrathful. Drawing a look of worry from your transparent friend.
  635. >"What happened next?" she asked, her voice quiet. "It's OK if you do not wish to tell me."
  637. >No, what happened next, needs to be shared. It is a part of the dark and twisted past that made you the man you are.
  639. >You were so innocent back then, prancing through the wilderness, smiling at the though of what beautiful women you could find.
  641. >And find them you did.
  643. >Or at least, their hammer.
  645. >With your face.
  647. >When you next awoke, you found yourself chained to an alter in one of the many ghostly towers littering the landsca-
  649. >"They do not "litter" the landscape like some common ruin." Celese interrupted, "They stand as regal monument's to my peoples golden age."
  651. >You quickly reminded her that anything which randomly generates furniture and takes you to a land of creepy whispering is most definitely not regal.
  653. >Anyways, there you were, strapped naked to an alter.
  655. >Yep, naked, did your mention that?
  657. >"Eh? Seems like Mr. Biggs woke up!" a cheerful voice called from offscre- out of sight. Drawing your attention to the side.
  659. >Watching you from the shadows were three figures cloaked in black.
  661. >It was the smallest that had spoken, a girl half your high with a smile as bright as the sun and breasts as big as her head.
  663. >She was clad in silver armor that tightly hugged her body, practicality abandoned so it could display her bountiful cleavage.
  665. >A worthy trade off in your opinion, although the snort from your elvish companion suggested she did not share your view.
  667. >"------" The figure next to the hobgoblin said, wordlessly stating her agreeing with her companions assessment of your condition and suggesting that the ritual continues.
  669. >She was a tall girl, the shadows hugging her body tightly, a pair of tiny bat wings and a spaded tail absentmindedly wrapped around her leg. You could barely see pointed ears and red eyes, although her mouth was covered with a veil of black.
  671. >"Indeed," the final figure, a woman cloked so tightly that she looked more rag then person. "With a man of this caliber, we can finally summon 'her'"
  673. >They were three terrifying figures known by all rangers, the dark ruler of Mordor's most trusted lieutenants. The Black Ha-
  675. >"You were captured by the black hand?" the phantom asked incredulously "Don't tell me you seduced them and freed yourself."
  677. >Well, luckily for her, you won't tell her that it happened.
  679. >Because it didn't
  681. >"You should feel honored mortal," the mysterious third figure boasted, " because today you become part of a something much greater."
  683. >The figure spoke in a voice as sweet as honey. A voice you would love hear whisper sweet things to you.
  685. >"Hammer!" she ordered, drawing the attention of the big breasted hobgoblin. "Collect his essence!"
  687. >The small girl gave a small salute and skipped over to you, a hammer twice her size strapped back.
  689. >"Hold on there mister biggun!" she happily chirped, "Imma make you feel reeeeal nice in just a sec!"
  691. >The goblinoid girl hopped up on the alter, removing her helmet and armor as she went. Her eyes and hair were pure black, the latter held in a pixie cut.
  693. >Your eyes had widened in surprise as she pulled her small undershirt away, revealing her plush pillows.
  695. >"Now just hold on ranger," she had cooed, enveloping your engorged manhood in her soft mountains "It's about to get even better."
  697. >And better it got, her tiny hands squeezing the pliable meat caressing every inch it touched.
  699. >Up and down she moved it, dropping down to your base and stroking up towards the tip. Which wasn't too hard, her breasts covered nearly the entire length of your manhood in its marshmallow texture.
  701. >"Come on Mr. Stranger Ranger," she said encouragingly, still trying to squeeze your white stuff out. "Let it all out for me!"
  703. >You grunted in ref-
  705. >"Can you not do this?" Celes asked in a slightly bored tone, "Can't you just say they raped you and let your go?"
  707. >You agreed but then told her that it would be like saying that your journey so far could be summed up as "Dude fucked some P'Orcs, a ghost, and a Caragor."
  709. >"Well....it can.." she murmured before falling silent, allowing you to continue.
  711. >Anyways, despite the delicious softness stroking you, you had managed to contain yourself. Years of debauchery steeling you against the hobgoblins assault.
  713. >"It seems you will not break easily," the third figure, whom you figured was the "Voice", said looking towards the silent konouichi "Tower, aid hammer. We need to begin the ritual before its too late."
  715. >"-------" The tower agreed, disappearing in a flash before appearing next to the hammer.
  717. >The quiet succubus, removed a glove from her hand, revealing thin, delicate fingers.
  719. >"Oh! A team attack!" the hammer asked, still stroking your erection with her massive mammaries. "I like that!"
  721. >The tower only nodded in response, her crimson eyes looking into yours.
  723. >You barely felt it at first, her skilled fingers lightly touching the skin of your sack. Then her assault began for real.
  725. >With surprising gentleness she fondled your jewels, lightly rolling and rubbing them in the palm of your hand.
  727. >Her other hand was not left idle either, darting as quick as a striking snake to stroke whatever flesh of your rod was not covered by hobgoblin breasts.
  729. >They too stroked you, softly trailing a finger along the exposed skin or gently circling the tip.
  731. >With a groan you don't even bother to hide, your member begins to twitch signaling your imminent release.
  733. >"Here it comes!" Hammer crowed, head falling as she locked her lips around your blade. Catching all your juice in her mouth.
  735. >You shot out more than you ever remember doing before, nearly filling the busty babes mouth with baby batter.
  737. >The hobgoblin gave a near orgasmic coo, as she tasted your "Spirit" eyes glazed over slightly.
  739. >"Don't swallow," the tower whispered, barely heard despite being a foot away.
  741. >The black haired hobgoblin pouted, her cheeks puffed out with irritation and seed. Giving the slim konouichi an angry look before removing herself from you, returning to the voice.
  743. >The cloaked figure's hand was held out for the girl, catching your seed as it was released with a small "bleh"
  745. >"So potent..." the voice whispered, taking a mighty wiff of your mighty liquid. "We need more...much more!"
  747. >The hammer gave a small cheer before looking back at your with a devilish grin, the tower already returning to teasing your whole member to claim more of your spirit.
  749. >You don't remember how long it went on, the voice chanting as tower and hammer attacked you but eventually you blacked out, pleasure overwhelming every synapse of your brain.
  751. >And when you next awoke, you were alone but fore a sleeping ghostly elf and a sack of your clothes.
  753. >"And that's how we met." Celese stated, recalling how she had latter awoken to see you staring at her. "You did look particularly girm."
  755. >Indeed, for you had felt grim. What had been done that day was a most heinous act.
  757. >"Huh, I didn't see you as hating being a bottom," the ghost muttered, "you didn't seem to mind the last few time its happened."
  759. >That's because you aren't mad about being a bottom. Its about the fact that there was one very important thing missing from your sack of goods.
  761. >Your boots.
  763. >"Your...boots?" she said, looking at the crude leather ones you wore. "But you still have them.
  765. >NO! you corrected, the ones you were currently wearing were taken from the first slave your found. Your old ones were made of the finest goat hide, tanned and softened on the inside for you with a silver buckle keeping each boot together.
  767. >That is why you fight, that is the reason why you stalk the lands of Mordor.
  769. >One of them at least.
  771. >"I don't.....why don't we just take a nap," Celes finished, an incredulous look on her face. "I don't think I can handle this."
  773. >You stoically agreed with her, hugging her tight to you. Today you must rest for tomorrow you have....REVENGE!
  775. (In which we meet Funbags)
  777. >"Wait, what do you mean this one isn't yours?" your ghostly elf companion asks you, a look of genuine confusion on her face. "Why else would there be an Orc tied to a pole?"
  778. >You give her a flat look, letting her know that just because she's tied up to a pole in the middle of nowhere with the rope in some very "interesting" places doesn't mean you did it.
  779. >I mean, come on! Why would you even bother with rope.
  780. >"Whatever," the spirit sighs, her body vanishing but her presence remaining "do with her what you will, just don't take too long."
  781. >You let her know that you won't, popping up from the bushes and proudly striding towards the restrained P'Orc, the pink skinned monster paling as she sees you.
  782. >She's a short little thing, as small as the other loli P'Orcs and her limbs just as thin. Then again, everything about her looks thin, not a spare lump of soft on her.
  783. >Except her chest of course, two of the biggest, softest breasts you've ever laid eye's on resting there for you to grope and squish to your hearts content.
  784. >You're practically drooling as you close the distance, your groping hand itching to taste the sweet meat. And that little P'Orc could see it.
  785. >"N-now I know what you're thinkin' there Ranger!" she squeaked as you loomed over her, a lusty leer on your face "and although having a tumble with prettly little Funbags while she's tied up may seem fun, I-I can offer you something better than that!"
  786. >Funbags...heh...A clever name that one but you're not too impressed, a whole lot of promises come from P'Orcs and none of them have won you over yet.
  787. >Granted, they mostly comprise you becoming some sort of personal cuddle slut or cum pump but regardless, you won't be swayed by just any promise.
  788. >"I-if'n you cut Ol' Funbags loose and don't pump me up till I can't move, I'll do something better than give ya some kids. I'll give you a warchief! she cried as you removed the little cloth panties she wore and moved the rope to the side.
  789. >"Warchief?" you ponder as your molestation of the top heavy P'Orc stops just short of outright insertion.
  790. >Using your vast P'Orc knowledge not pertaining to their teasing, you remember how the warchief's are the equivalent of their generals, leading all the captains and serving Lord Sauron's Black Captain's.
  791. >The very captains who stole your boots.
  792. >Why if you could get one of them on your di- in your pocket then you could very well have a shot at revenge.
  793. >"Explain," you tell poor, panting Funbags, the pink P'orc having nearly been to ecstasy by your touch alone "What do you mean by giving me a warchief?"
  794. >"E-exactly what I s-said," she gasped out, looking back up at you with flushed cheeks. >"Y-you cut me loose and h-help me out then I'll become warchief. I b-become warchief and I-I'll give ya what ever you want. Beer, kids, maybe a little hand ho-"
  795. >"The black captains," you tell her, a sudden and inappropriate tone shift making you put on your serious face for a second. "I help you become warchief and you help me get them."
  796. >"W-whatever you say ranger!" she promises, the chance of freedom making her bounce and wiggle excitedly "Just cut me loose and Ol' Funbags will give ya whatever you want!"
  797. >With a swift hand you cut her loose with your dagger, catching the little P'Orc before she hit the ground.
  798. >It was time to plan, and plan you did.
  799. > - - - - - -
  800. >"This plan is stupid," a bored sounding Celes quipped as your busty little companion around, her grand assets bouncing with each step "Seriously? Make HER a warchief? She'll just stab you in the back you know?"
  801. >"Show's what you know ghosty," the short P'Orc fired back, back giving Celes an angry glare "Funbags is an Orc of her word!"
  802. >"Oh sure, and your word is worth nothing more than du- WAIT!" the ghost elf screamed, as the trio of you snuck into an old ruin "You can hear me?"
  803. >"See ya too," Funbags quipped with a smug grin "the whole horde of us can. Heard you like to watch."
  804. >Celes blushed that ghostly gray blush of her's while she sputtered out nonsense at the news that every P'Orc they'd ever met had seen her and thought she was a pervert.
  805. >"Honestly, we thought you were the one putting old ranger here up to this." she continued as she walked up to a broken stone window and tried to hop up to it, unable to see till you picked her up and sat her there, earning a small 'thank you' for your assistance "I always heard that you elves were dirty but watching him go at it with all of us? That just takes the cake!"
  806. >Watching Celes self-destruct was already making this partnership worth it.
  807. >"Anyways, for little Ol' funbags to become warchief, I'll need to become captain. And for that to happen, you need to go in there and take out Gorta..N-not that you need to kill her!" Funbag's told you, uttering that last bit as you gave her a look of shock at offing a P'Orc "I just need you to go in there and humiliate her a little bit, chase her off you now? Once she's out of the way, I'll step in and take her spot."
  808. >"Just like that?" that you asked, more than a little surprised "If it's that easy why don't you do it?"
  809. >"W-well, little ol' me is good but Gorta's got all those Caragor's with her," she responded a little too quickly, "Every time I tried something she'd just toss me in the pits and let them toy with me for a while."
  810. >You could have sworn she murmured something about them "sucking her marshmallows" but you couldn't quite catch it before she started with her next topic.
  811. >"Anyways, despite being so good with training those felines, she's deathly afraid of them herself. Free a few and she'll be running scared."
  812. >"Free some kitties, frighten her off and do what I do best?" you said, pointing at the massive ruins in the distance where your target supposedly resided "Sounds easy enough."
  813. >"True," the now composed Celes muttered, although her chilly gaze was still turned to your diminutive friend. "you should just be fine Ranger."
  814. >"Yeah! Sounds fun!" an new voice called, the trio looking to the side to see a happy, smiling P'Orc who was more than a little plump while carrying a massive spear and a shield (a yellow smiley face painted on it) standing next to them with a quartet of other P'Orcs behind her.
  815. >The fight started with Funbags shrieking in surprise and tumbling from the sill, landing chest first in the dirt while you flipped over the shield bearing P'Orc and landing amidst the followers.
  816. >The regular girls fell like wheat to a scythe as your superior groping skills touched each of there weak points, slapping asses and fondling breasts like a whirlwind of sexual harassment.
  817. >The shield and spear girl though? That was another story.
  818. >She was a bit big for you, blocking each attack with her shield and clumsily swinging her spear around with cute, little shrieks, the vigorous movement getting her plump bits a bouncing.
  819. >But you were a master ranger, at some point in time, and were an even better pervert so something as simple as a thick slab of iron wasn't going to keep you from her.
  820. >As you would always tell the cadets back at the citadel "If the front door is closed, go for the back. That'll loosen them up."
  821. >Granted they were male and you were reprimanded more than once for that little "lesson" but it was true none the less.
  822. >As she thrust again, you ran forward and leap over her, giving you access to her plump rump.
  823. >You played that butt like the bongos, slapping it with such force and speed that the soft hing rippled and bounced while she shrieked in pain and a little pleasure, dropping her equipment and slumping forward as you continued on till her rear was hoisted high and she was nice and ready for you, a little droplet of need falling from her as she awaited your insertion.
  824. >And boy would you have liked too. Sadly, you had bigger fish to fry.
  825. >Or maybe it should be pigs? Whatever, you hoisted Funbags up from where she'd fallen and set her on back on her stop
  826. >"Owwww!" she whined as she massaged her chest meat, whimpering as the sensitive flesh turned pink "That hurt! I-I think I'll need you to go on without me!"
  827. >"You'll be fine!" Celes fired back, giving the girl a knowing look "I almost think your just trying to avoid fighting."
  828. >"Nope!" the little P'Orc replied before falling sideways in her spot and laying there, listless "I'm dead. SO long. Go fight."
  829. >That didn't seem to impress your ghostly elf partner though, her frown only deepening
  830. >"Told you Anon, she's just using you to- and he's gone."
  831. >And that was true for you'd disappeared during their little exchanged, running off to the decrepit fort and your target.
  832. >Celes gave a sigh and followed after you but only after she pointed at the prone Orc and let her know that "I'll be watch you."
  833. >< - - - >
  834. >For someone who was supposed to "never leave her fort", Gorta was strangely absent. Although there were quite a few Caragor girls about, which made letting them loose on the P'Orcs extremely satisfying.
  835. >"Looks like Funbags was wrong" you murmured while watching a group of loli orcs run from an angry, muscled caragor girl and a few of her kittens, the little ones fluffy and stumbling over themselves to catch the fleeing girls. "Guess your information sucks if your tied to a post."
  836. >"I don't know why you're surprised," ghost elf chimed in, 'sitting' next to you want watching as one P'Orc got swarmed by little kittens "she's more like out at those camps out there. Although it would be quite the walk."
  837. >"Yeah," you sighed, looking out at the smoking campfires in the distance "If only I had a horse or somethi-"
  838. >"HEY! MATE!" A gruff yet feminine voice called, a very pregnant looking Caragor looking up at you as she dragged two unconscious girls behind her, one a plump shield bearer and the other a skinny, loli archer. "What are you doing here?"
  839. >You and Celes exchanged a look before turning to the Caragor you'd knocked up so many moons ago.
  840. >"That'll work."
  841. >---------
  842. >Gorta the Trainer was having a good evening.
  843. >An average sized Orc with trim hips, and a respectable bosom who was bedecked in the skins of animals she'd slain, she was happily humming to herself at the thought of sending all those freshly trained beasts away, except for those little kittens of course, she'd need to hold onto them for a little while longer.
  844. >Nothing could spoil her good mood, not even the screams and shrieks of fear that was coming her way.
  845. >....what?
  846. >There was a loud roar of outrage that chilled her bones as she turned to see a ranger clinging to the back of a very pregnant caragor.
  847. >Her heart started beating faster and faster in fear as the still muscled catgirl looked down at her with terrible, golden eyes.
  848. >"Gortha!" the ranger called as he spotted her, "Funbags sends her regards!"
  849. >Nope!
  850. >Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope!
  851. >The P'Orc dropped her axe and began to head for the hills as the Caragor launched off the ruin at her.
  852. >"Not again!" She shouted as memories of being bullied by all those Caragors in her youth, the massive cats toying with her like a normal cat would a mouse. "Not again!"
  853. >There was a great impact as the Caragor slammed into her and knocked her to the ground, stunning the master trainer as the Ranger and his mount padded back to her.
  854. >"YES!" the bestial girl throatily growled as you stepped off of her. "AGAIN!"
  855. >So caught up in her fear was Gortha that the trembling girl did nothing to prevent the muscled cat from pinning her to the ground, the overgrown feline's tail slowly wagging as she turned back to her mate.
  856. >"Well?" the cat asked you, a smirk on her face as she displayed her dripping neathers to you before resting them atop the pinned Orc's, although the latter's were still covered. "Don't you have a little captain to beat?"
  857. >That got you up and ready, the smile never having left your face as you undid your breaches and walked over to them.
  858. >A quick yank was all it had taken to remove Gortha's little, animal print panties, displaying her womanhood ripe and ready for the taking.
  859. >The poor thing was so terrified of the Caragor above her, resting her pregnant belly on the Orc's own trim one, that she was utterly surprised by your insertion.
  860. >She gave a squeak of surprise as you took her first time, her insides tight as you plunged in.
  861. >Her eye's went wide when you impacted upon her deepest part and a moan of pleasure, not pain, slipped out as you withdrew, her mind not quite comprehending what exactly was going on.
  862. >Another impact came as you slammed your hips into hers, causing her to bounce in the dirt. Her bouncing bosom's erect nipples rubbing against the Caragor's larger, swaying ones.
  863. >"Look at you!" your feline accomplice purred, raising her rear as she pressed even closer against your prey, "Those little pink cheeks, that half open mouth and lolling tongue. You're loving this aren't you? The feeling of my mate having his way with you? Come on, let it all out!"
  864. >"N-noooOooo!" the helpless P'Orc whined as you continued to ravish her, squirming helplessly as she tried to cover her face "D-dooon't look at m-meeeee!"
  865. >That wasn't happening though, the Caragor simply moving to the side so she could show you the blushing P'Orc's face, as lewd as ever.
  866. >Her brown eyes were lidded and she was a brilliant crimson from lust and embarrassment. Her breathing heavy and hot from your teasing.
  867. >"Isn't she adorable?" that cat continued, toying with the girl without realizing one very important thing.
  868. >She was just as exposed as Gortha.
  869. >Your next impalement was not into the sweet, tight flesh of the P'Orc, but the familiar, soft insides of the Caragor.
  870. >Her domineering expression as lewd as the pinned prey as you hammered into her, the greedy cat's womanhood clutching at you like an old lover.
  871. >You soon with drew though and next went back to the P'Orc, before hammering back into the catgirl.
  872. >You alternated between the two, plunging into one then the other as they moaned and squirmed from your touch.
  873. >It was the poor P'Orc Gortha who reached her climax first, her senses overhwelmed by you and launching into a full blown pleasure cascade until her eyes rolled back and the only words that leaked out were those of wordless pleasure.
  874. >The Caragor wasn't that long behind though, her tail fwipping back and forth until her cat snatch closed upon you and milked you for all its worth before, a loud scream of "Ranger" echoing out before she collapsed on the smaller monster.
  875. >Spent, you pulled your self free and found a spot to cuddle with the two of them, a pregnant, muscled Caragor at your back and a lithe, beautiful P'Orc panting on your front.
  876. >You also had ten watching, red faced other P'Orcs and a blushing ghost who was dealing with her own excitement in the bushes.
  877. >You didn't see any of them though so that made it ok.
  878. > - - - - - - -
  879. >"Oy! What are you two doing?" an angry voice called, the two, plump shield orcs (one with a side tail pointing left and the other with a side tail pointing right) awakening from their slumber to see an angry Funbags looking up at them. "I'm your leader now! So that means no more slacking!"
  880. >"B-but Gortha's the leader!" Righty said, giving a cute little yawn while left chimed in.
  881. >"Yeah! Funbags was supposed to be on the post of shame!" she called, walking up to, and towering over, the diminutive, but busty, P'Orc "So you ain't the leader!"
  882. >Funbag's wasn't going to be cowed though, smugly smiling as she grabbed lefty's head and turned it over to see a pregnant Caragor carrying a squirming and squealing Gortha off into the hills.
  883. >"That cat says I am," the chesty P'Orc said in her most menacing tone (see: Not very) "so get ready girls! FunBags is captain now!"
  885. (Gimmy the Slaver)
  887. >It was just another evening in Mordor, the moon was shining through the smokey clouds of ash and campfire's were burning as P'Orcs cooked meat, drank something that vaguely resembled beer, and spent some 'quality time' with their slaves, something you really wish you could have been doing.
  888. >With the P'Orcs, not the slaves, as far as you were concerned the slaves were nothing more than rivals, weak, twiggy rivals that mewled for help whenever you walked past.
  889. >Seriously, just wait till the initial rape frenzy is done and then walk out, it's not that hard.
  890. >"You really aren't one for pity are you?" Celes asked as the pair of you sat in the scraggly branches of a tree, awaiting your new "contact" in the P'Orc horde of Mordor "Not everyone has a mithril pelvis and a libido that 'unnatural' barely begins to describe."
  891. >You felt moderately offended at that, your libido wasn't unnatural, it's just that everyone else's were too small.
  892. >The elf ghost gave you a flat look at that, pointed ears twitching in something that was most likely annoyance.
  893. >"I will never understand you ranger," the undead sighed, as she rested her translucent chin in her hand, "anyways, your new 'associate' has arrived, don't do anything too rash."
  894. <You told her that she needn't worry, when had you done anything like that?
  895. >She ignored that comment, most likely because she knew you'd be here all day if she did.
  896. >That and she didn't want you to be late for your meeting.
  897. >In the distance you'd long since spotted your associate, a short, thin specimen of their species who was doing her best to remain hidden behind a tree, a few leafy fronds from some plant sticking out of her hair as improvised camouflage and her face painted gray with soot.
  898. >Unfortunately for her, said tree had no greenery and it's bark was black, not gray, making her attempts at stealth quite useless, especially considering the two mountains sprouting from her chest.
  899. >It was Funbags, warchief in the making and your newest comrade.
  900. >She wasn't all that skilled combat wise and her wits were a little...lacking...but she had two things you were looking for, an inside source of information on the P'Orcs and a way to strike at the Black Captains.
  901. >She also had a chest you wanted to motor boat the hell out of, something fate had denied you so far.
  902. >Without a sound you leap from the tree and landed without a sound on the hard packed earth, confidently striding towards your hidden ally.
  903. >"Who sings in the night?" the call came as you drew close, the P'Orc dropping down to the earth as if to make herself less noticeable.
  904. >You ignored the call phrase and asked Funbags what she wanted, staring down at the P'Orc as her breasts stopped her from getting as low as she wanted.
  905. >"Awwww, it's not gonna work if you ignore the reply phrase, what if someone hears us?" she asked, still laying on the ground as she eye'd a nearby bush suspiciously, the only nearby bush on the barren hill.
  906. >You let her know that you'd be able to deal with whoever was listening before asking her how the captain business was treating her, picking the top heavy P'Orc up by the waist so she could stand.
  907. >"It's going great! I think the girl's are really starting to like life under good ol' Funbags," she said in her most triumphant tone, a big grin on her face "I've got them trainin' harder and forging more weapons than ever before, they'll be beggin' for me to be warchief soon."
  908. >You doubted that, you'd seen her 'training' firsthand, it involved a lot of bored P'Orcs watching her flail about with a sword MUCH too big for her and the 'forging' was just them snagging some leftover scraps from the foundries of larger hordes. Her hold on power was tenuous at best, and everyone seemed to know it but her.
  909. >Didn't stop her from bragging though, you'd lost count of how many P'Orcs you'd needed take down (to bed) after she'd run her mouth one too many times.
  910. >Still the information she gave you was top notch, making it well worth the additional bedding you had to do
  911. >Besides, look at that big grin of hers, she was so happy to help that she could barely contain herself, although Celes still didn't approve of the arrangement, she only tolerated the busty little P'Orc's involvement at best
  912. >Anyways, it was time for your little rendezvous with the captain, asking her for what news she had today
  913. >"Not much I'm afraid," she said in an embarrassed tone, "girls have been a little less talkative than normal, must be a little bored."
  914. >"Or they just don't like you," the melodic, and annoyed, voice of Celes said, appearing next to you and giving the chesty girl a look of disdain, "I doubt your subordinate's would follow you if they didn't think you'd defeated their old captain."
  915. >The thought of being disliked seemed to be an alien concept for Funbags, a small pout forming on her face
  916. >"Nah, couldn't be! The girl's love me!" the chesty captain told the spirit, eyes locking and the air heating between them "You're just jealous that the ranger needs my help and not yours knife ears. Along with something else."
  917. >The way Funbags puffed her chest up a little bit left no doubt about what she was insinuating, Celes visibly straightened at that little accusation
  918. >"I'll have you know that I've been here MUCH longer than you have and have been MUCH more useful than you!" the elf said quite sharply, "Besides, elves are supposed to be lithe and fair, we don't need those mounds of FAT on our chests."
  919. >Funbags only responded by smiling, stepping closer to you so her softness was pressing against you
  920. >As much as you enjoyed the feeling, you had a mission to do, forcing the P'Orc and growling elf ghost apart so you could find out what Funbags had learned
  921. >"Well, you know those Black Captains you're going after?" she said in a slow voice.
  922. >Yeah
  923. >"Well, I know someone who may have fought the Black Hand."
  924. >Someone who had fought the black hand? You were almost drooling at the though of the information you could get from them.
  925. >Soon those leather boots would be back where they belong.
  926. >With a shout of joy you lifted Funbags into the air and gave her a bone crushing hug. This was the best news you'd heard all day! All week! All mo- no, that was learning that the kittens would be coming soon.
  927. >They would be getting so many belly rubs.
  928. >Lost in thoughts of boots and kittens, you could barely notice that Funbags was having a little difficultly breathing as she attempted to tell you the obligatory catch that came with this information.
  929. >"T-too tight! Too tight!" She gasped as you came to your senses, setting the poor creature down so she could suck in great breaths of life giving air, the little movements making her chest rise in a pretty nice way.
  930. >"A-as I was -cough- sayin', there's a little snag I hit Ranger," she coughed, her cheeks red "see, the person's currently seein' as a -cough- slave owned by nasty ol' Gimmy the Slaver."
  931. >You replied with a "so" and an arched eyebrow, you'd fought a lot of slave owning P'Orcs before, most of them were too busy doting on their slaves or riding them into the dirt to notice you.
  932. >"'So' you better hurray up Ranger, Gimmy likes to break her slaves before tossin' them out." Funbags told you with a little impatience in her voice "They last about a week before the chains and whips get to them....Actually it's pretty interestin' to watch, especially when she takes her whip an-"
  933. >You interrupted Funbugs little description by asking her how long the slave had been held.
  934. >"About seven days since she got captured ," the short girl told you, the words making your heart drop into your stomach like a stone "so you may want to -"
  935. >Hurry! You had to hurry!
  936. >With rushed thanks and a ruffle of your informants black hair you were off like a bolt of lightning, sprinting towards your next target as fast as your legs could carry you.
  937. >Although your hair targeted assault had scrambled poor little Funbags's brain, a blush on her cheeks from your touch, she's still had enough sense of mind to call out to your rapidly shrinking form."
  938. >"R-Ranger! Come back!" she shouted, cupping her hands about mouth like a megaphone "I haven't even told you where to go yet!"
  939. >It was pointless though for you were too caught up in the moment to listen, much less hear, the short girls shout.
  940. >"Typical," Celes sighed, walking (floating) towards Funbags as she watched you go "so eager to rush off that he always misses the part he needs."
  941. >The diminutive leapt in surprise at the phantom's return, bosom bouncing as she did.
  942. >"W-well, nothing I can do about it now," Funbags said as she fought to control her thundering heart "at the speed he's going I'll never catch up."
  943. >"No, but I will." The ghost elf said with superiority dripping from each word "Some of us aren't weighed down by useless meat after all."
  944. >"Least I have them," the shortest of shortstacks returned, eyes narrowing as she tried (and failed) to make herself look taller "did I ever tell you how everyone though you were a boy?"
  945. >It was Celes's turn to look angry this time, smile flipping to a sneer in the blink of an eye.
  946. >"Just tell me what he needs to know so I can leave," the undead elf said in her most polite growl "he may tolerate your stink but I won't."
  947. >"I'll have you know that I washed yesterday," Funbags said defensively, although not before taking a small sniff of herself "so any stink you smell is your own!"
  948. >The two locked gazes again, neither one willing to give ground in the face of the other.
  949. >It was Funbags who spoke first, her voice cool, although dislike bubbled below the surface .
  950. >"You'll find your slave North towards the wall," she told the elf, still watching for any funny business "That's where Gimmy's holding her."
  951. >"Wait? Her?" Celes asked Funbags in confusion as the latter began to leave "What do you mean her?"
  953. --------
  955. >It had take four P'Orc fondlings and a Caragor ride to get there but you'd finally found your way to the slaver's location. That was the good news.
  956. >The bad news? Archers, four of them patrolling crudely contstructed walkways below which a gang of P'Orc warriors patrolled, arguing amongst themselves and giving nearby slaves the occasional grope, if not just dragging them somewhere private for some more intense touching (Namely of the 'pen0s in vag00' variety)
  957. >On top of it all, Celes was nowhere in sight, the ghostly elf seemingly gone from the face of middle earth.
  958. >Not that you needed her, you just wanted the company is all.
  959. >Staring at elf butt always makes things better.
  960. >Right now with you hiding behind a barrel being the perfect example.
  961. >Foot steps crunched and, after a quick look, you ran to a stack of crates where you waited again before sprinting to a conveniently placed boulder where you were faced with a difficult situation.
  962. >The dilemma was a bored tiny P'Orc archer who was staring off into the distance. Normly this would have been fine but your hiding place had the misfortune of being located in said distance.
  963. >Problem B was that a swarm of other P'Orcs had decided to rest at your last hiding place, leaving you stranded.
  964. >This left you with two choices, wait till someone leaves and risk the slave breaking, if they hadn't already, or make a mad rush and get swarmed before you even found your target.
  965. >it was frustrating and your head hurt from compiling all the risks and going over the options.
  966. >Luckily, option three happened.
  967. >Deus Ex Machina
  968. >"Anon," the hushed voice of Celes whispered as the ghostly elf appeared next to you, thank the heavens I found you. I'd figured you'd gotten lost."
  969. >You had but you decided to leave that bit out, instead asking Celes where she'd been.
  970. >"Hunting a fool through the wastes after he'd run off," she quietly hissed, peeking over your rock slightly to see the P'Orc archer staring at your hill, the loli's legs swinging over the edge as she did "I didn't expect you to find your way here, although I should have guessed so from your victims."
  971. >What can you say, your a persuasive guy with some magic hands. You knew this, what you didn't know was why she'd stayed.
  972. >"To find out what this slave looks like," she huffed, sitting back down next to you "some of us don't just assume someone with the name of "The Slaver" has only one slave.
  973. >You mumbled a noncommittal argument of nonsense in response, unwilling to admit you were wrong while knowing you were.
  974. >Luckily the elven spirit seemed content to not rub it in, although you knew she was saving it for later, instead she explained what she'd learned.
  975. >"First of all we are looking for a human woman," The apparition explained as motes of soft blue light began to gather in her hand "second we know that she has red hair and a bad attitude, beyond that your 'informant' was useless."
  976. >A woman with red hair and a bad attitude, your surprised look became a dirty grin as a special someone came to mind.
  977. >This mission had gone from important to super important, you were saving her and you were saving her now.
  978. >"Ok Anon," Celes said as a translucent bow appeared in her hand, "I'm going to shoot an arrow to distract that guard. Everything
  979. after that is up to yo-"
  980. >You asked why she had a bow, almost containing on to ask if it's because she was an elf.
  981. >"Because I am a spirit there is a certain...fluidity about me. Ever since you found that heirloom of mine I can-"
  982. >You interrupted the elf to ask if this fluidity could give her bigger breasts.
  983. >To her credit, she limited her annoyance to a cross glare and continued on as if you hadn't spoken.
  984. >"Summon items dear to me in life such as a bow, a sword or-"
  985. >You asked if this included muffins.
  986. >The twitchy eye was an indication that you should probably stop, along with indicating that you hadn't found a limitless source of pastries.
  987. >"or anything else I may have had a connection with, any questions?" that last comment was said through gritted teeth and with a tight smile, a hint at her fraying nerves.
  988. >You debated on asking if she'd summoned a bow because she was an elf but decided against it, you'd pushed enough of her buttons already. Instead you simply asked how she'd be distracting the P'Orcs.
  989. >"I'll just shoot it past her and startle her, throw the pig off so you can close the distance." she said with a smirk, a ghostly arrow appearing in her hand "Nothing too special."
  990. >You gave her a nod, and gave her the go ahead as she nocked the arrow and drew back the string.
  991. >What could go wrong?
  993. ----- - - -
  995. >Gimmy the Slaver was having a wonderful day as she strode amidst her underlings, her treasured, leather whip gripped tightly in her hand.
  996. >She was a real beauty, even by human standards, with wide hips, a toned stomach, and a pert bubble butt that one could bounce a coin off of on top of a bust that would make any other orc grumble with envy.
  997. >Except for that weakling Funbags, but that pathetic creature didn't have her hips or strength so it was still a win.
  998. >The P'Orc shivered with anger briefly in her tight leather armor, although armor was a term that could only be used lightly seeing as it was nothing more than a tight, black leather corset and high pair of boots.
  999. >Even thinking of that worm brought her blood to a boil and made her lash out, the corded leather whip lashing out and striking an unfortunate slave, his cry a mix of pain and pleasure from her strike but even that wasn't enough to calm her down.
  1000. >"Perhaps I should pay my new toy a visit~" the captain thought as she patrolled the camp, trembling a little at the thought "She's lasted so much longer than all the rest and is so feisty! I'll enjoy watching her bre-"
  1001. >There was an explosion in the distance as a few barrels of her prize swill detonated, causing everyone to stop and stare at the smoke cloud that bloomed.
  1002. >"What in the name of Sauron?" Gimmy murmured to herself as her underlings began to whisper in confusion and fear, although it took a quick crack of the whip to get them back to work.
  1003. >"Liven up you lot!" she shouted as she lashed out again, smacking one of her shield bearing girls on her particularly plump behind "Somethings going on and I want you all at the ready...unless you want some quality time with me~"
  1004. >That put some pep in their step, the girls running to their posts while a few of the more "trained" slaves actually moved closer towards her.
  1005. >"Such naughty boys!" she laughed as she pushed one to the ground, her booted foot resting on his chest "You can't even hold back can you? Ahn~ I can hear the screams already!"
  1006. >And she could...although it was more of a yell.
  1007. >Actually, is it getting louder?
  1008. >From atop one of the towers, a figure in dirty, worn leather and wearing a green cloak appeared, a loud, unending shout ringing as he plunged to the earth, three screaming, loli archer P'Orcs gripping him as he leapt.
  1009. >"Well now," Gimmy thought as the human landed with a thump, licking her plump lips in excitement "I'm looking forward adding the Ranger to my pens!"
  1011. - - - - - - - - -
  1013. >"H-how was I supposed to know the barrel would explode!?" Celes shouted as you rose from the dirt, shaking off the panicking loli P'Orcs clinging to you after you'd sprinted through them. "S-seriously, how am I supposed to know their swill would do that?"
  1014. >You told her that it was nothing to worry about, although she grumbled the empty comfort, as you would've had to break stealth eventually anyways.
  1015. >A loud snap brought you back to reality as the thick leather of the whip flew towards your face, just barely letting it whiz by your cheek instead of striking it full on.
  1016. >"Such a nice toy~" a seductive voice sang as a voluptuous P'Orc in tight leather pulled the whip back, a hungry looking smile on her face "I hope you don't break like all the rest~"
  1017. >Well, that saves you the trouble of finding the captain, although you wouldn't have minded watching her a little longer.
  1018. >Damn that ass put even Cele's to shame.
  1019. >What was also a shame was the fact that a few outsider's had joined the fray, the captain's soldiers lining up to beside her.
  1020. >"Well, this is troubling," your ethereal companion murmured as she watched the horde gather "but I imagine you've got this."
  1021. >A quick check behind you showed even more girl's had lined up behind you, enclosing you in a ring of P'Orc flesh.
  1022. >Yeah...you got this.
  1023. >With a roar the girls ran towards you as one, only their captain remaining behind to watch the fray.
  1024. >So, surrounded on all sides by beautiful women who were rushing towards you, you did the only thing you could.
  1025. >Run towards them.
  1026. >The first P'Orc soldier who met you could only curse her luck as you ran towards her and flipped over the unfortunate monster girl, launching yourself into the air.
  1027. >The charge faltered as the entire contingent stopped to watch you flight with mouths wide open.
  1028. >It also meant that they were able to watch you crash onto the ground as Gimmy wrapped your leg up in her whip and pulled you down to earth, giggling as she did.
  1029. >"So athletic," cooed as a boot was placed on your chest, "I'll need to keep that in mind when I have my way with you."
  1030. >Her haughty laugh was cut short was you swept the leg and brought her down to your level. A shame there was no time to make use of it though, as the rest of her girls were making their way to you.
  1031. >A crude blade hacked at you but missed as you rolled to the side, giving you the time needed to leap up and give her bottom a spank, sending her squealing to the ground.
  1032. >Anon girl tried with a spear but was only able to watch as you dodged and gave her breast a squeeze
  1033. >The flow was building as you groped and teased your way through the girls, squeezing bottoms, groping breasts, and sneaking in kisses that caused the girl's to overheat and faint. This was your home, a battle field where you could tempt and harass to your heart's content.
  1034. >You heard the crack and leapt over a P'Orc archer who's ears where getting rubbed, flying out of the way as Gimmy's weapon lashed out again, striking the poor creature in the chest and leaving a red mark across her breasts.
  1035. >There was a squeal and a twitch as the sensation of pain and pleasure overloaded the poor creature, sending her down as a sopping mess.
  1036. >"Stand still Ranger~" that call came again, another lash coming your way, barely dodged by a roll "It'll be so much better if you do."
  1037. >You doubted that and sprinted towards her with a hand at the ready.
  1038. >It was at this point Gimmy realized something, whips, while nice when the enemy is a ways away, are functionally useless in close range.
  1039. >Her sweeping fist was clumsy and inaccurate, making it a trivial thing for you to block and counter, your hand giving her chest a smack that was hard enough to leave a pink hand print.
  1040. >It was also hard enough to let you know that the girl enjoyed receiving pain as much as she loved to give it.
  1041. >"A-ahn~ T-trying to tease me Ranger?" she replied as one of her soldiers charged in with another sword, a strike that was easily dodged and answered with a deep kiss that caused her to run away with cheeks as red as a cherry "It'll just make your punishment that much harder!"
  1042. >She tried to strike again but you were so close that it didn't matter, your hand's grabbing the leather cord, palms stinging, and yanking it forward pulling her off balance so that she landed chest down.
  1043. >This was the moment you were waiting for, charging forward, after giving another soldier a hair ruffle that made her blush, and pouncing upon the fallen captain's back.
  1045. >"W-what are you doing pet?" she called at you, her voice as certain as ever "G-getting a peak at the perfect behind I'll be having you worship?"
  1046. >Oh, you were going to enjoy this.
  1047. >Both arms rose as one before coming down to slap that bouncy behind of her's. Each impact causing a loud 'smack' to sound out and causing an angry red hand print to be left in its wake.
  1048. >Each slap, each smack, each spank left a physical mark of your attention, along with those passionate moans of Gimmy's
  1049. >They were primal, ecstatic moans she let slip as her wire's registered the pain as the greatest of pleasures. Moan's so happy, so magnificent that her underlings couldn't bring themselves to approach.
  1050. >"D-do you think this is a-all I can take?" the voluptuous slaver said, stammering every time you struck, "I-I doubt someone like y-you could e-even come a tenth to p-pleasing me."
  1051. >Those moans said otherwise but the challenge was raised. Luckily for you, there happened to be just such a thing to help you in this endeavor.
  1052. >Grabbing the whip, you began to tie the poor P'Orc's arms and legs together, binding her up as her girls watched, too enthralled to act.
  1053. >Her arms were bent back and her legs up towards her spine so that she rested upon her belly, the whip tied up like a christmas bow, enough to be uncomfortable but not enough to cause outright pain.
  1054. >"W-what are you doing you brute?" Gimmy's reply came, her voice more eager than fearful "Tying me up so you can have your way with me? How savage~"
  1055. >Dammit, she was still taunting you, well...lets see her taunt this!
  1056. >You almost ripped those letter bottoms from her, the garments coming away drenched in her want and need, a sweltering heat coming off of the slaver's entrance.
  1057. >Well, no need to keep her waiting is there?
  1058. >With a singe thrust you entered her, causing her to moan in pleasure and try to separate her arms and legs, limbs bound so tightly that they barely moved.
  1059. >Your thrusts were savage and fierce while your hands gripped her bottom as tight as you could to give you a grip and give her that pain she so wanted.
  1060. >Not that her rear wasn't stinging already, you'd been slapping them so hard and so often that the skin had become a brilliant scarlet.
  1061. >All of this combined to drive the sadomasochist into a pleasure the likes of which she'd never experienced before, her hips bucking, her tongue lolling out, and her eyes rolling back as your assault fried her.
  1062. >"K-keep going Ranger!" she screamed, muscles twitching and her insides clutching at you as she tried to milk you for all you're worth. "Harder! Faster! Make me SQUEAAAAAL!"
  1063. >She hungered for the pain, lusted for each impact, and loved every sensation and wet sound that came with your thrusts.
  1064. >Her walls wiggled and clutched at you as they began to spasm erratically, a sign of her coming end. Not that yours wasn't too far behind, your hard member twitching as it begged to fill her up..
  1065. >"G-go on pet," she called as her womanhood clamped down on you, "let go, give in!"
  1066. >Even at the end she wanted to be in charge, commanding you to empty just as her climax came with a rippling inside her.
  1067. >It was almost enough to push you over the edge there, her velvet voice begging, pleading, commanding, and demanding you to give in and fill her to the brim with your essence.
  1068. >But you are made of far sterner stuff than that, if something as little as her telling you to cum made you...well...cum then you wouldn't have lasted as long as you have.
  1069. >Instead you were the one who commanded her, leaning forward so her legs bent further and your breath tickled her ears, insidious whispers slipping out from your lips as you told her to just give in and scream, letting out all that pleasure she had.
  1070. >It worked, her rapid panting ending in an earsplitting scream of joy as her orgasm took hold, body tightening as pleasure coursed through her.
  1071. >You weren't farther behind, exploding into her with a shudder as white stained her insides, giving the P'Orc's womb the seed it craved.
  1072. >The warmth of you only drove her further into an electric dance of ecstasy that gnawed at her until it could take no more, Gimmy slumping forward into unconsciousness as it all proved too much.
  1073. >Tired and sticky, you rose from the fallen captain to give her frightened looking minions a happy leer, asking them who was next.
  1074. >Never have you seen a P'Orc run that quickly.
  1076. -----------
  1078. >The slave waited in the dark, the sack cloth hood stifling as she awaited her tormenters.
  1079. >It had been a long week since she been captured by the beasts, and since her 'owner' had taken to trying to break her, the whip striking and chains binding her in an attempt to crush her will.
  1080. >Still, she'd held on, her will and pride as a ranger letting her hold on in the hopes that rescue came, although the time it took may be too late.
  1081. >A door thumped shut and awoke her from her thoughts, hot anger filling her as her tormenters returned.
  1082. >"Don't you ever tire of these games?" she spat with all the anger and bile she could manage, which was quite a bit "You beasts will never break me so just do me in before I break out and do you in."
  1083. >"I dunno," a new yet familiar voice answered, the deeper tone picking it out as male "I think it would be a waste if I did that."
  1084. >"Oh no," she groaned as she felt the sack cloth's bindings were worked at, rough hands undoing the knots "not you...Anyone but you!"
  1085. >This crushed her will far more than any of the other tortures had, the prisoner dreading the face that lay beyond that mask.
  1086. >And as it fell away, the captured ranger was greeted by the wide, happy grin of Anon, the ex-ranger who she'd seen exiled into this land all those months ago.
  1087. >"Hello Hirse," he greeted, acting as if he was meeting an old friend instead of someone who had thrown him to the wolves "enjoying your stay in Mordor?"
  1089. <The Outcasts: A Lesson in Botany>
  1091. >"No"
  1092. >"Come oooooon! Say it!"
  1093. >"I am not saying it."
  1094. >"You know you want to."
  1095. >Hirse knew many things, she knew the many, scraggly plants of Mordor by heart and how to evade a ghul swarm, she knew how to wield seventeen weapons ranging from axes to bows to halberds and she knew how to even create the rare, and deadly, blasting powder which could level fortress walls with a single barrel.
  1096. >But above all else, she knew that she would never...NEVER thank you for anything.
  1097. >Still bound in rope deep within the slaver stronghold, Hirse was trying to figure out what was worse, being tortured by the P'Orcs or seeing your smug grin again.
  1098. >"Just let me out before I gut you!" the incensed, redheaded ranger growled, muscles straining against the rope the held her.
  1099. >You wagged a finger at her at let out a little tutting noise, this most certainly wasn't how one repays their savior is it?
  1100. >Oh wow, you could hear her teeth grinding from here.
  1101. >"Look," she growled, still fighting the ropes "I know you are just going to let me go and you know you're going to let me go so just do it already."
  1102. >Oh! Is that what she thinks?
  1103. >Your smile turned devilish as you took a step back towards the crude wooden door which served as the rooms only entrance.
  1104. >The woman's expression turned confused as you did, her concern deepening as you took another step back.
  1105. >"W-what are you doing?" Hirse asked, that angry tone vanishing in an instant "Come on and untie me!"
  1106. >"Indeed Ranger, what are you doing?"the soothing voice of Celes questioned, the ethereal elf remaining invisible so as not to agitate the woman, something you handily had covered.
  1107. >You whispered for her to just watch as you took another step back towards the door, shoulders slumping and your expression turning sorrowful as you told Hirse that you knew when you weren't wanted, guess you'd just have to leave...sure hope some P'Orcs don't walk in and find her helpless.
  1108. >Anger flashed again as the trapped ranger in her ruined armor sneered at you, sharp, lovely features turning ugly.
  1109. >"I know what your doing," she hissed, rocking forward in her bindings "and I am telling you that I am NOT buying it, you wouldn't dare leave me here."
  1110. >A true statement, but her increasing agitation showed that there was a hint of doubt, just enough for you to mess with her.
  1111. >"No no," you told her, taking a final step back and opening the door with a creak "it's fine, I guess we can just wait for that OTHER ranger who's survived these past couple months to save you."
  1112. >"YOU SON OF A Bi-"
  1113. >The door slamming shut cut off the furious woman, her ravings now muffled.
  1114. >"Ok, you've made her angry," the waifish spirit chimed in as you waited outside the room, a dopey grin on your face. "What now?"
  1115. >Easy dear spirit, now you just need a P'Orc.
  1116. >Her cocked eyebrow showed that she had failed to grasp the genius of your plan as you scanned the area for one of the porcine creatures, eventually seeing a tiny one with a cross bow cowering behind a barrel, frightened by the sleeping, sticky remains your earlier battle.
  1117. >The poor thing was so frightened that she couldn't even bring herself to run as you stalked over, merely cowering behind her barrel more and more as you strode over, whistling as you walked.
  1118. >She, like the rest of the archers, was a tiny, scrawny thing, her leather rag covered body flat as a board and her black haired head mostly hidden behind a helmet too sizes too big.
  1119. >The girl gave a yelp and pulled out her crossbow, most likely just remembering she had it, and panic fired, the quarrel whiffing past your ear and flying off into the distance.
  1120. >Your grin remained unchanged, a terrifyingly cheerful grin that made the P'Orc's brown eyes widen in fear, her body freezing up as you pick her up and slung her over your shoulder, striding back towards the room where your raging ex-companion was held.
  1121. >As the little, flat-chested girl gave the whip a final test swing, Hirse launched into her most fearsome tirade yet, one that even caused your spirit to waver a little bit.
  1122. >"GET IN HERE AND FREE ME YOU HONORLESS, SHAMELESS, PERVERTED, WHORESON!" she raged, your elven companion wincing at the typhoon of terrible cursing "IF YOU DON'T CUT ME LOOSE I SWEAR THAT I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND -"
  1123. >The whip cracked and there was a smack as the heavy leather smacked against bare flesh, drawing a cry from your vitriolic friend.
  1124. >Although it wasn't the cry your were expecting.
  1125. >"-AHN!-" the noise came, the musclebound red head letting slip a pleased sounding noise as a thigh was struck by the whip, leaving an angry red mark.
  1126. >You, the ghost elf, and even the little archer were caught off guard by that lewd moan, the red head's face turning the same color as her hair.
  1127. >"W-What are you looking at?" the girl recovered, trying to put on the best front she could "Y-you think you can b-break me? I'm the Ranger Captain's right hand ma-aaaan!"
  1128. >Another snap, across the chest this time, caused her back to arc and eyes to roll slightly as pleasure and pain intermingled, nearly overwhelming her nervous system.
  1129. >"She's a masochist?" Cele's pondered as another crack, this time across the buttocks, her white cheeks pink "Did you know this?"
  1130. >No, if you did then you would've taken advantage of it long, long ago.
  1131. >Your grin widened as the whip struck again, already thinking of ways you could make use of this.
  1132. >"Y-You listen-ngh!-ing Anon!?" she shouted again, her diminutive torturer licking her lips as she struck "Y-you've hear w--wha-aaaah-at you wanted! Get in he-eeek!-re and get me out you ba-ahn-bastard!"
  1133. >"I can't hear you!" you called in a sing-song voice, the smug practically filling your voice "Did some one want to say thank you?"
  1134. >There was another snarly of fury, which quickly devolved into an orgasmic cry before she could tell you to "EAT A DICK!"
  1135. >"I can't heeeeaaaar youuuuuu!" you called again, grinning as you continued poking fun at her.
  1136. >More wordless fury and another pleased cry.
  1137. >"You're just making her angrier," the ancient, elven chef said in with a hand over her mouth, no doubt trying to stop the little snickers slipping out "she's going to kill you after this."
  1138. >She can try.
  1139. >"F-FINE YOU FUCK!" the roar came, Hirse almost screaming, although you couldn't tell if it was more in ecstasy or anger "THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
  1140. >With those magic words you leapt into action, kicking the door of it's hinges and, faster than greased lightning, closing in the distance with the loli P'Orc, pulling the crude, beaten metal helmet from her head in a single movement before molesting her ears, the whip falling from nerveless fingers under your assault.
  1141. >"You're welcome," you said with an innocent smile, the monster turning to moaning goo beneath your touch "I'll cut you loose in a second."
  1142. >You only got a grunt in reply, your compatriot looking almost as bad as the P'Orc, her cheeks a heavy red and her legs weak and shaking.
  1143. >Why, if you looked close enough, which you were, you almost swore that some thing was dr-
  1144. >"I think that's enough," the red head growled, her legs closing and denying you a peek "can you just cut me loose?"
  1145. >You told her to wait a moment as the little girl squealed beneath you, your teasing of her ears taking the little P'Orc over the edge just through touch.
  1146. >In less than a minute the flat chested monster was snuggled in the corner, a pleasure drunk look on her face as she slumbered while Hirse was freed from her bindings, hands rubbing the red marks her binding shad left.
  1147. >"Should've just killed her," the woman grumbled, a disgusted look on her face as you put a stray blanket on the girl "they wouldn't give you the light of day if you'd been in their shoes."
  1148. >You scoffed at that, they are good girls! She just got on their bad side is all.
  1149. >On one hand she did owe you, as much as she detested the thought, and helping you take out the black captains would go a long way towards helping her own cause.
  1150. >On the other hand it would mean she'd need be around you and your touchy fingers, the mere thought of which made her skin crawl.
  1151. >The mental debate raged for a full minute before she came to a conclusion with a sigh.
  1152. >"Fine, I'll help you but ONLY if you help me," Hirse grumbled, arms crossing "It'll take a LOT of doing to get the black captains' attention and as much as I hate to say it, your our best shot at crippling the orc forces."
  1153. >Be still your beating heart! A compliment from Hirse! Is this what they call....dere?
  1154. >"But! You can't touch me or ANY of the slaves we free," she continued, that iron tone of her's coming back "it's bad enough that you did it at the academy, no way in hell am I letting you do it here."
  1155. >You told her it wasn't a problem, you wouldn't touch anyone you rescued.
  1156. >They'd be touching you soon enough anyways.
  1157. >You kept that last bit to yourself though, you didn't want to spoil what you had going after she'd just started opening her heart to you.
  1158. >"Good," your irritable ranger said with a nod, sealing your eternal cooperation, now get out of the way and I can show you to our hide out....no touching..."
  1159. >You didn't care, you and Hirse were on the same side again! Oh happy day!
  1160. >You were so caught up in the moment that you skipped from the room, leaving the ghost and ranger together.
  1162. >- - - - - - - -
  1164. >Cele's let out a sigh as her mortal compatriot ran off, a truly happy grin on his face.
  1165. >"I still don't get what he see's in her," the spirit wondered as she looked at his self proclaimed "soulmate".
  1166. >Sure, the woman was pretty and her body was not displeasing, her abs tight and limbs covered in wiry muscle, but her attitude was bad, no, beyond bad!
  1167. >The ranger didn't miss the elf's gaze, her lips pulling up in a sneer again.
  1168. >"What do you want spirit?" the woman asked, her tone caustic as she left the room "Don't you have a walking semen dispenser to follow?"
  1169. >Anger, that's what Celes felt at those words, the woman mocking the man who'd come to save her.
  1170. >"Watch your tongue mortal," the elf hissed as she followed the woman, floating above the ground with a serious expression "he may have the misguided notion that you like him but I am under no such illusion, try to hurt him and I'll make you suffer for it."
  1171. >"Oh? And what could you do to stop m-"
  1172. >A lithe leg shot between Hirse's legs and sent her sprawling to the ground, tripped up by the specter.
  1173. >"You can't touch me and but I sure as hell can touch you..." the elf hissed before vanishing, her words hanging heavily in the air. "You would do well to remember that...."
  1174. >The tripped woman glared at the space where the ghost had been, an icy look which could have chilled the heart of the ring wraiths themselves had they been under it.
  1175. >"Oh...I'll remember it..." she growled,brushing herself off "But it won't change a damn thing."
  1177. --------
  1179. >Are we there yet?
  1180. >"No."
  1181. >Are we there yet?
  1182. >"No, you just asked that."
  1183. >Are we the-
  1184. >"NO! We are not there and won't BE there if you don't shut up!" Hirse screamed, her shrill shriek echoing off the walls of the crag she'd been dragging you through, leading you ever closer to this mysterious hideout of hers.
  1185. >This, unfortunately, meant that you needed to travel through the winding crags and canyons where not a single P'Orc lived. Even the few Ghuls you saw peeking from the darkened caves wouldn't approach you, the stern glare of your redheaded companion frightening them off.
  1186. >The meant that you were bored.
  1187. >Very bored.
  1188. >This had resulted in you taking your boredom out on Hirse getting whatever entertainment you could at the expense of her fraying nerves.
  1189. >She was not taking it well.
  1190. >"If anyone asks me "Are were there yet?" one more time, I'm going to stab them with this dagger," she threatened, one fist clenched tight "are we CLEAR?"
  1191. >You let out a sigh, rolling your eyes before agreeing with your irritable friend.
  1192. >Although she may disagree with that "friend" bit.
  1193. >"Good," Hirse replied with a smile, visibly relaxing at your answer "maybe now we can get some peace and qui-"
  1194. >"Excuse me Hirse," the melodic voice of Celes rang, the elven spirit appearing next to you "but are we there yet?"
  1195. >The look the woman gave the ghost elf could have chilled the blood of any man, although Celes seemed to not care one bit, a wry smile on her face as the redhead fumed.
  1196. >Huh, guess being dead has it's benefits.
  1197. >Another half hour of squeezing between narrow pathways and over fallen rubble before you descended into, surprise surprise, a cave!
  1198. >"Now, I'm only going to say this once and ONLY once, watch your step." you were instructed as Hirse lit a torch, bathing the inky black cave in a warm orange light. "The men are twitchy and one wrong move will make them deem you a threat and 'remove' you."
  1199. >Whatever, you had Hirse there to back you up, surely she'd stand up for for you!
  1200. >An uncomfortable silence followed as she lead you deeper into the caves until the lot of you stood before a simple, wooden door hidden in an alcove.
  1201. >Raising one fist, Hirse knocked the door twice, waited two seconds, knocked thrice, and waited four more seconds before knocking a final time.
  1202. >Evidently there was a password system in place as the door opened to reveal a burly, muscled man with a patchy black beard and clad in a suit of ragged animal leathers.
  1203. >"Hirse," the man rumbled, unsurprised at the woman's return "I figured you would be back soon....who's the new meat?"
  1204. >You gave a nod of acknowledgement, letting the man know that you were Anon the ranger, savior of the ever lovely Hirse, although you didn't say anything beyond that. You had a feeling that letting them know your preferences regarding P'Orcs, Ghuls, and Caragors wouldn't go over well.
  1205. >The man grunted and asked the amazonian woman if this was true, the question putting her on edge.
  1206. >"Yes," she said through gritted teeth, her fist tightening "although I hate to admit it, he did rescue me. He can come in IF he behaves himself."
  1207. >You laid her worries to rest, you'd be on your best behavior, a perfect gentle men.
  1208. >That didn't put her at ease but she had no choice, waving you in as the large man stood to the side.
  1209. >For a bunch of freedom fighter's in the middle of Mordor, you had to admit that the slaves were doing well for themselves. The walls were lined with weaponry and armor that was only slightly rusted while the larders were half filled with food that could quite possibly be considered edible.
  1210. >"I'm glad you think so," Hirse, who seemed to be the leader, said, a smile on her face for the first time "it's taken a lot of work to get the metal and hides from the P'Orcs but we've managed, we even get recruits from freed slaves every now and then."
  1211. >You also noted that, other than Hirse, you'd yet to spot a single woman, a grand failing in your eyes but you kept that to yourself.
  1212. >No need to take away that rare smile just yet.
  1213. >"Give us a couple month's and we could probably take a fort," she said, voice full of pride "that would show those SWINE we mean business, a real blow against the dark forces."
  1214. >"Until the fist of Sauron crashes down upon you," Cele's whispered as the three of you entered a room filled with maps, their command center "the only reason you exist is because they have not deemed you anything more than an annoyance, an insect bite at best."
  1215. >That smile disappeared in an instant, the lovely features returning towards that foul scowl of hers.
  1216. >"You say that now but once we get our blasting powder back the filth won't stand a chance." the red head returned at the ghost, her pride smarting "Not even the black gate could hold us if we got it all back."
  1217. >Back?
  1218. >You cocked an eyebrow and asked what she meant by 'back', didn't they have it stored somewhere?
  1219. >"We did," she growled, stabbing a finger at the map, a small fort circled in red "but one of our liberated brother's decided the chains fit him better, said something about going home and being a family man before he betrayed us."
  1220. >You knew where this was going, the man had let the P'Orc's know where the powder was stored and they'd raided it.
  1221. >A nod confirmed it, and a further questioning regarding the fort confirmed that it had to be where the powder was stored.
  1222. >"So what will you be doing about it?" the ethereal elf asked, walking (floating) around the table "The fort's occupants outnumber you and your rebellion three to one at least."
  1223. >"They do," the woman conceded with a nod of her head, "but if you can't go big."
  1224. >You go small.
  1225. >You knew that saying well, it was the old man at the ranger fortress's favorite sayings and it usually meant one thing.
  1226. >Sabotage.
  1227. >"Exactly," Hirse said with a nod, giving Celes a smug look "You and me are going to sneak in and poison the orcs' grog, a small addition of Hithlis will -"
  1228. >Kill them.
  1229. >You refused then and there, taking Hirse aback as if you'd slapped her across the face.
  1230. >"W-what do you mean you want no part in this?" she said in that weird whisper yell that accomplished neither quiet or volume, "We can't fight them so we poison them."
  1231. >You still refused, Hirse tensing and one hand stealthily moving towards one of her sheathed daggers.
  1232. >"Don't tell me you side more THEM than your own kind," she hissed in accusation, leaning over the table "I knew you were filthy, perverted trash but I never figured you for a traitor on top of that."
  1233. >That...that made you mad actually, your brain kicking in and losing the lovestruck fog that had been filling it.
  1234. >Calmly you explained that you were no traitor, you'd take out that fort but you weren't going to poison P'Orcs, you'd never harm a girl if you could help it.
  1235. >"Then what do you plan on doing?" the furious red head asked, hand still on the hilt of a dagger "We will need to free my men if we want to figure out if the orcs know the secrets of our blasting powder yet and none of them will be in any condition to sneak out. So what do you prepo-"
  1236. >"Scarlet Bloom," Celes interrupted with a look of realization, earning a nod from you "you intend to drug them."
  1237. >"Scarlet Bloom?" the rebel slave leader asked, anger melting into confusion "Isn't that just an aphrodisiac?"
  1238. >Not just any aphrodisiac, THE aphrodisiac, a fast acting plant that could turn even the most chaste paladin into a beast in heat, not that you'd ever needed it yet.
  1239. >If you could spike the grog the P'Orcs drank with it then the fortress would devolve into a gasping, panting mess. They'd be too busy trying to deal with a more immediate problem than a few missing slaves and some blasting powder.
  1240. >"Of course you'd think of something like that..." the woman sighed, one hand coming to her forehead as she shook it "I really shouldn't be surprised."
  1241. >You crossed your arms over your chest and leaned back against the hard rock of the cave wall, a smirk on your face.
  1242. >That was your offer, she either took it and got your help or you were on your way.
  1243. >Hirse thought and thought, weighing the need for the Ranger's skill versus the lack of damage they'd deal to the orcs.You just stood there, a smile on your face as you waited for the answer, one eye on the doorway in case one of the rebels decided to try and make a move on you.
  1244. >It was a sigh of resignation that announced Hirse's decision, a grumbled "fine" signifying that your plan was good to go.
  1245. >"Just don't do anything until we're done," she continued, grabbing a few spare weapons for the trip, namely a heavy axe and a bow "and remember. Don't. Touch. Anyone."
  1246. >You nodded and told her that you'd keep your promise, you wouldn't touch anyone.
  1247. >Maybe it was the grin you wore but she didn't seem to believe you.
  1249. >- - - -
  1251. >Identifying Scarlet Bloom is a surprisingly easy task, it is a bright red mass of petals that almost look like a pine cone, the aphrodisiac giving the flower its trademark coloration.
  1252. >Finding it though....well....that's a different matter altogether. It's properties are well known to many an alchemist and every P'Orc will grab it when they can, crushing the juices from the delicate petals before mixing it with a drink for a favorite and/or rowdy slave.
  1253. >A drop of the stuff got the heart pounding and caused skin to become sensitive to the touch, a perfect, organic marital aid.
  1254. >Sadly, it was almost always picked by enterprising men and women looking to make an easy coin so the search may take a while.
  1255. >This meant one thing.
  1256. >Awkward small talk.
  1257. >Now, Hirse wasn't the one to initiate it, like always, so it fell upon you to start it all, beginning with how she's gotten the blasting powder. Last you'd heard it was only the dwarves who could make the stuff.
  1258. >"They are," she replied in a terse tone, watching a nearby gaggle of the tiny, flat chested archers walk past, giggling as they pointed at a slave hammering at some rocks "we got it from one in the hills."
  1259. >"Interesting, I've not known dwarves to part with something as precious as this "blasting powder" lightly," the undead elf whispered as one of the porcine humanoids broke from her fellows, wandering towards the trio's hiding place behind a ruin "you must have left them something quite precious to get it."
  1260. >"We did," the redhead whispered as the orc drew up to the crumbling building, one hand drawing a dagger from its shethe "we left footprints"
  1261. >Before she could even react, you whipped around the corner and wrapped your arms around the little P'Orc, one hand over her mouth so she couldn't shriek as you pulled her behind your cover.
  1262. >Stealing? You tutted in disappointment as the arm wrapped around the struggling monster's waist slipped down, and inside, her breeches.
  1263. >"Oh, excuse me! Let me pull out the piles of gold we have!" Hirse snarled, her nose wrinkling as the squelching noise grew louder "Perhaps I could have left her with some mithril blade or some spare rubies we have lying around!"
  1264. >"There's no need to be rude," Celes said as you finished off the P'Orc, the girl collapsing into a satisfied heap after a shake of pleasure "and besides, what of the dwarf you stole this from? It besmirches the honor of your order if you steal from those you wish to protect."
  1265. >Hirse turned as red as her hair, a finger jabbing at the lithe elven spirit.
  1266. >"Our honor? OUR HONOR? Stealing to help drive back the hordes is too much but letting...HIM do nothing but work his way into the pants of anything female is fine?" she hissed, barely keeping her voice low lest the other P'Orcs hear you "Do you know what its like for HIM to be one of our best? To know that this SLACKER is the best ranger we ever had?"
  1267. >You cocked an eyebrow at that, telling her that flattery wasn't going to get her everywhere, especially when she could just buy you dinn-
  1268. >"Shut it!" she growled, getting nose to nose with you, the loli P'Orc snoozing happily on the ground "Every day I got to wake up and hear how you were squandering your talents. During infiltration training you were the loudest of us all but as soon as a pair of tits was involved? You'd be in and out without leaving a strand of hair. Archery? You have LITERALLY failed to hit the broadside of a barn but when you wanted to get with that elven ambassador? (Celes's pointed ears perked up at this) You shot an apple off the head of an initiate without even aiming."
  1269. >Her voice was cracking now, years of emotion boiling over in a single instant.
  1270. >Combat? Lost to a cripple without a weapon while you had an axe but HERE you've cut through hordes with just your hands! Smithing? You couldn't make a simple shield but could make that necklace for the werecat scout in fifth company!"
  1271. >Ah Ninya, you wonder how she was doing. The ass on that cat just wouldn't quit. That and she was a great napping partner.
  1272. >Further thoughts were interrupted by the rant continuing.
  1273. >"Accounting, history, alchemy, it's the same story time and time again, you never do anything until a woman's involved. If we had ten, no, FIVE rangers with your skill we'd be sitting on Mount Doom itself. Instead we get to look out and watch as you treat what was supposed to be a punishment, one last chance to redeem yourself, as a damned vacation! Do you know what I'd give to have your skill? To finally end this all? To never have to compare myself to YOU!?"
  1274. >She was panting now, trembling with a flurry of emotions as she glared at you,her fists clenched and the edges of her eyes wet with dew.
  1275. >For once, you didn't know what to say, you didn't know what magic words would make this all go away.
  1276. >You tried to say you were sorry.
  1277. >It didn't work.
  1278. >"Oh shove it," Hirse growled, wiping her eyes clear with the back of her hand "I bet the only reason your doing this is because you think you'll get to bed me or someone after this is all done isn't it?"
  1279. >Your silence was the only answer she needed.
  1280. >"Figures," she snorted, turning towards the sleeping monster on the ground, "go get your damn flowers."
  1281. >You wanted to say something but you kept quiet, anything you said would just make things worse.
  1282. >Without a sound you slipped from the ruins, moving through the brush towards a lone P'orc.
  1283. >She was sipping from a mug of the foul stuff they called grog, a pungent drink that was probably pure alcohol.
  1284. >A twig snapped under your foot but it was too late for the girl her face turning around just in time for you to pounce.
  1285. >Her shout of warning was silenced by your lips closing on hers, tongues dancing as you pulled her back into the bushes, hands already getting to work tugging her curly tail and giving that plump rump a squeeze.
  1286. >She melted like butter beneath your assault, all those years of training allowing you to find her weak spots in seconds, causing the porcine girl to melt in your arms until her glazed eyes struggled to focus.
  1287. >She was done in seconds, laying back in the leaves so you could go back to looking, your keen eyes spotting the familiar bloom next to another girl who stared into the fields, a bored look on her face.
  1288. >She too fell as you silently crossed the empty field, unaware up until your fingers plunged into her and your teeth nibbled her ears.
  1289. >It was easy, the other girl's falling with nary a sound other than a orgasmic cry of bliss. it made you feel uneasy, Hirse's words coming back to you.
  1290. >Were you really just doing this all for a simple lay in the sack?
  1291. >We're you really just driven by the need for sex?
  1292. >"You're thinking," a calming voice whispered to you as the final monster was face down in the dirt, snoring happily as you prepared to harvest a second plant "did that woman's words get to you?"
  1293. >You nodded as Celes materialized next to you, crouching in the dirt without needing to worry about dirtying her silken, ghostly dress.
  1294. >You confided that you were conflicted, wondering if you really were prioritizing sex over duty, you had sworn the ranger's oath to protect the world from the P'Orc hordes but...well....were you really staying true to that oath.
  1295. >The elf was taken aback.
  1296. >"An existential crisis? That's awfully deep."
  1297. >You try.
  1298. >"Well, I will admit that you are a much more...carnal fighter than the others I've know," the spirit admitted, watching you carefully cut the petals from the flower "but I won't say that you're driven purely by sex, you are, and I can't believe I'm saying this, waging a one man war against the forces of darkness just so you can get your boots back."
  1299. >True, you still thirsted to avenge the loss of your boots so you had something other than sex which drove you.
  1300. >But still, it did seem like you onl-
  1301. >A pair of soft, petite somethings pressed against your back as two lithe limbs wrapped around your neck, the elf pulling you close while her chin rested atop your head.
  1302. >"Just stop it Anon, it doesn't fit for you to be the serious one," she said, her tone light, "that is supposed to be me. You are...how would you put it? Messing with the dynamics of our team? I'm supposed to be the serious one, not you."
  1303. >But-
  1304. >"But nothing!" she chided as she rocked you slightly, her tone comforting "Yes you may be a little more 'active' than anyone else but you fight the way you do because you don't want to hurt anyone."
  1305. >Well yeah, you can't get any if they're dead and...well...it just seems so unnecessary to kill them. Sure they raided, looted, and stole but the P'Orcs' just wanted a guy all their own. Even during your days as a ranger you'd yet to find a single incident where they'd slain a person on purpose. They'd always take slaves and nurse them back to health if they'd been wounded.
  1306. >Even here in the heart of darkness you'd see a P'Orc slipping an exhausted slave some water, although it was 50/50 regarding if it was spiked or not. They'd even carry those too tired to move back to their tents so they could rest, after some loving of course.
  1307. >If they didn't kill us, why should you kill them?
  1308. >"And there's your answer," your partner said with, what you imagined was, a smile, hugging you closer against her "all those things you do are just so you don't have to kill, not just because you want to 'get some'."
  1309. >You remained silent for a while, just enjoying the light touch of the ghost before thanking her with a smile. Although she was right about you getting all serious, the group really doesn't work without any comic relief."
  1310. >Unless she wanted to take over for you of course.
  1311. >"I'm afraid I'll have to turn down that offer," Celes giggled, a sound similar to the twinkling of bells "I don't think I'd be able to fill those shoes of yours. That and I'm not into women."
  1312. >So threesomes are out?
  1313. >You earned a playful smack on the back of the head for that comment, the elf telling you to hurry back to the angry Hirse.
  1314. >"I believe you have some drinks to drug and talking here with me is just wasting time."
  1315. >You stood but not before letting her know that time with her was never wasted, the corny line earning you a purple blush from the ghost.
  1316. >"My, with line's like that it's no wonder you have to settle for P'Orcs."
  1317. >You ruffled her hair and ran back to Hirse, the muscled woman watching the still sleeping monster girl.
  1318. >"Got what you needed?" she asked, sounding quite tired. "I don't want to spend all night sitting here in the dirt."
  1319. >Well luckily for her, you'd found all the plants you needed, one hand patting the pouch at your waist containing the crushed petals.
  1320. >"Good," The woman nodded and stood up, her gear rattling as she walked "we've got to hurry. The more time we spend letting you have your way with these beasts the more time they have to try and figure out the blasting powder."
  1321. >For the first time you really didn't care what Hirse said, the ruby red hair shining less bright then it used to and the slight wiggle in her butt looking less distracting than normal.
  1322. >Huh, weird.
  1323. >"The camp is just over the next hill," the woman continued, not noticing how you'd yet to respond, "Once we get there I'll need you to -"
  1324. >A roar rang through the night and Hirse was knocked to the earth by a tawny furred cat woman, a yelp of pained pleasure slipping from the ranger's lips as the caragor knocked her down.
  1325. >It was an unfamiliar specimen, her body a little leaner than the one who was carrying your kittens but it still carried more muscle than most women.
  1326. >Oh crap.
  1327. >You ran forward but a stray spear flew your way, burying itself into the dirt before you as a P'Orc clad in fur lined leathers which showed off her trim stomach leapt down from a rocky outcropping, a rack of spears strapped to her back.
  1328. >"The ranger, a woman-thing, AND a caragor?" the little girl laughed, a bright smile on her face, "Today's my lucky day! I'm going to enjoy ridding you into the dirt."
  1329. >Ah crap, you knew this one, Ishmaz the Swift, one the hunter captain's of the P'Orc horde, skilled at throwing spears and ambushes, he'd planned on turning the tables and hitting her from stealth but it looked like that wasn't going to be an option. It was going to have to be a head on fight and he was going to get Hirse out of this.
  1330. >Perfect....Just perfect....
  1332. > -------
  1334. >P’Orc captain? Check! Hirse pinned under a caragor? Double check!
  1335. >A less confident man would’ve been worried about taking on this pair but you? This was nothing more than a warm up!
  1336. >The corner of your mouth curled up into an eager smile that was matched by Ishmaz and feline, the trio of you eager for what was about to come.
  1337. >In fact, the only one who didn’t seem to be smiling was your redheaded ally, although the moans she was letting out contained something other than pain.
  1338. >Ah masochism, you’ll need to take advantage of that later.
  1339. >True to her title, Ishmaz “the swift” was the first to act, hurling a spear at you so quickly that it’s blade almost nicked you, the tip of the spear burying itself deep into the hard packed earth.
  1340. >The second attempt was just as quick, the masterful P’Orc leading your dodge and letting another spear fly, missing you by mere inches as you suddenly rolled backwards to avoid the weapon, making note of the glistening liquid along the blades edge.
  1341. >”I’m going to LOVE breaking you!” the girl giggled as you recovered, sprint towards the side, “You’ll make a fine sire for our kids!”
  1342. >Your reply was cutoff as a shouted “Look out!” from Hirse drew your attention back to the tawny Caragor, the muscled cat woman ripping up chunks of dirt as she sprinted at you on all fours.
  1343. >The cat pounced at the last moment, leaving you barely enough time to duck under her as another spear flew your way, the masterful huntress capitalizing on the interruption.
  1344. >Unfortunately for her, this was nothing more than a night back at the bar for you, bottles flying and large men trying to tackle you for trying/succeeding to lay with the barmaid or ranger they’d had their eye on.
  1345. >Given this would’ve been a particularly bad night back in town but it still wasn’t anything you needed to worry about.
  1346. >Well, other than the poison. That may make things a little interesting.
  1347. >In a single, graceful movement, the caragor rolled and flipped till she was facing you, her green eyes locked onto you as she readied for another assault, Ishmaz drawing another weapon from the bundle strapped to her back as she waited for another opening.
  1348. >”Seems difficult,” your ghostly compatriot, Celes, whispered as the feral beast woman charged, this time swiping low at your legs with her claws, hoping to drag you down to her “need help?”
  1349. >You almost said “no” but another thrown javelin from the captain, its blade almost kissing your skin, was enough to change your mind.
  1350. >You gave her the go ahead for whatever she was going to do but she MUSN’T kill or harm anyone, a tall order but one that would need to be followed.
  1351. >Celes scoffed as you landed, her ethereal body fading into view with an elegant, oaken bow clutched in her hands.
  1352. >”Please,” she smiled, a ghostly blue arrow appearing in her hand as she knocked it on the bow string “you underestimate the skill of an elf.”
  1353. >With a twang the arrow flew at the P’Orc captain, the projectile whistling towards the monster’s head and sending her diving towards the ground. It was a near miss, so close that even you could barely make it out.
  1354. >For a baker, Celes is a pretty good shot. Must be those elven genes, stupid cheating genetics.
  1355. >You weren’t the only one to notice the elf spirit’s skill though, the caragor rolling back in caution, if not fear, pointed ears laying flat against her head and eyes narrowing at this new threat.
  1356. >Ishmaz wasn’t too pleased either.
  1357. >”The hell’s that?!” the girl snarled as another shot flew at her, barely dodged as she rolled out of the way “I didn’t think the peeper could actually fight!”
  1358. >The twitching of Celes’s ears was all the warning the P’Orc got before another elfshot was loosed at her, striking the dirt where her head had been not a moment before.
  1359. >”Who are you calling ‘peeper’ you little runt?” the spirit screamed as she fired again and again, quite peeved at the continuing P’Orc belief that she liked to watch you get it on with the others. “Say that to my face!”
  1360. >Ishmaz screamed "PEEPER!" as she ducked behind the cover of a shattered tree, a spear hastily tossed at your comrade.
  1361. >Well, that solved that problem.
  1362. >You turned back just in time for to see caragor leap at you with a growl, your hands rising just quick enough so that her claws dug into the worn leather armor you wore instead of your shoulders.
  1363. >"C'MON manling!" the feral girl growled as she tried to force you down, a fanged grin smiling down at you "You aren't ignore THIS for a scrawny little thing like that are you?"
  1364. >Two soft, c-cup breasts were pressed against your chest, dropping to one knee as the cat girl forced you back.
  1365. >This was bad, both your hands were occupied and Celes was too preoccupied by the swift captain, now hurling insults as she dodged and weaved through the volley of arrows.
  1366. >Luckily for you, fate, and the plot, remembered something that the cat had forgotten.
  1367. >A certain, redheaded ranger.
  1368. >"Heads up you cat bitch!" she screamed, axe swung with one hand at the cat's exposed side, "This is -"
  1369. >One of the caragor's legs shot out and slammed a paw into the stomach of Hirse, a pleasured gasp of sweet pain slipping out and the axe falling to the ground from a limp hand.
  1370. >Overconfidence, the one reason Hirse, despite the higher rank, had never been able to outdo you.
  1371. >Still, a distraction was a distraction and with one foot stuck out in the air, the lithe cat woman off balance for you to strike.
  1372. >With a roar you pulled down, taking the feline to the ground where you quickly straddled her.
  1373. >Her eyes widened in surprise and her arms were forced back, your mouth dropping to one of her heaving breasts, lips closing around the rosey bud atop it.
  1374. >"What are yo-" was all the Caragor could say before her words devolved into a chorus of rapturous moans and cries as you suckled and teased her nipple.
  1375. >She bucked up, trying to shake you loose but you remained strong and rode it out, giving her sensitive teat a light nibble that caused her eyelids to flutter.
  1376. >"N-n-aahh-othing is going to come out y-you know?"
  1377. >You did know but that wasn't going to stop you, especially as her hips increased their desperate wiggling, knees knocking together and tail thrashing.
  1378. >You sucked hard and one hand slipped from a limp paw to grope and knead her other breast, causing the cat woman to pant harder and give one particularly loud yowl before collapsing on the ground, drunk on pleasure.
  1379. >Caragor defeated! Thought, standing up and brushing some dust from your clothes as you turned to Hirse.
  1380. >You asked if the ranger was alright and earned an unabashed sigh of joy, the new-found masochism running deep into Hirse.
  1381. >Ok, so she's good, now for the cap...tain....
  1382. >Arrows, arrows where everywhere, blanketing the ground and turning every boulder and tree into a pincushion and alone amidst them, Celes, no captain in sight.
  1383. >"Stupid little pipsqueak," the elf was growling, a look of fury on her pale features "thinks she can just RUN because she ran out of spears."
  1384. >She kicked the ground in anger, although her foot passed through the ground...while her other one remained solid....yeah.....
  1385. >You decided against thinking too hard about it, instead asking the wraith what had happened.
  1386. >"The little swine fled!" she snapped pointing at a figure in the distance, the P'Orc captain's feet carrying her as fast as she could back to the fortress. "She ran out of spears trying to hit me and RAN!"
  1387. >That..that was a first...
  1388. >You needed to think about this one.
  1389. >A groan behind you alerted you to Hirse's recovery, shakily rising to her feet, knees bowed together a little bit.
  1390. >You asked if she was OK, earning a weak snarl in return.
  1391. >"Of course I'm fine," she growled, shaking some dirt from her "it'll take more than a boot to the gut to take me down."
  1392. >That wasn't what you meant, giving her a wink at noting the flushed cheek, knocking knees, and how you that that her pants even looked like they had a damp sp-
  1393. >"SHUT IT!" she shouted, a fist clenching tight and the dazed caragor stirring slightly. "We've got a fortress to storm."
  1394. >You asked if she was sure, it would only take an ho-
  1395. >The glare she gave you answered that question, urging you towards the fortress.
  1396. >There was work to be done and quite a few P'Orcs awaiting your attention.
  1397. >You told Celes that it was time to go, waving her and Hirse forward, it was time to go to work.
  1399. > - - - -
  1401. >As Ishmaz wandered throughout her fortress she couldn't help but be consumed with a feeling she'd never felt before....defeat.
  1402. >She'd chased off hordes of ghuls and fought off the most fearsome of caragors.
  1403. >She'd even beaten a Gruag and taken her fang, a mighty endeavor that had seen her ascendance to captain but today...today she'd chased off by that peeping, elf spirit.
  1404. >Even now it made her face burn with shame, her underlings were none the wiser but even that didn't help things along.
  1405. >Frustrated beyond belief at the memory of being chased off by an elf, she'd turned to the tried and true method of the P'Orcs for dealing with ill feelings (besides sex).
  1406. >Bullying the underlings.
  1407. >"WATCH THE SKIES!" she shrieked at an archer dozing in her tower, the girl dropping her crossbow with a yelp and sending a bolt into the distance. "You don't want to be snatched up by a passing fell beast do you?"
  1408. >The girl nodded so hard that it almost looked like her head would fly off.
  1409. >"SLEEPING?!" she screamed at a tall, tubby P'Orc wielding a great shield and spear. "What're ya going to do if the ranger sneaks up on you?"
  1410. >The girl blinked lazily, covering a cute yawn with her hand before answering.
  1411. >"I'd take 'im to bed cap'in" she said innocently, her big, brown eyes looking down at her superior (who was fuming at the answer) "I'm thinkin' he'd be a great dad for my youngin's"
  1412. >Ishmaz's teeth ground at the answer, the taller orc staring at her without any worry.
  1413. >This did not sit well with the porky p'orc, they were in the fort! Everyone should be happy with in the fort!
  1414. >"Come on boss," the girl said, grabbing her half full mug of grog, offering it with such force that it splashed on the ground "'ave a drink!' It'll make ya feel good!"
  1415. >"I'll 'ave a drink' when I'm good and ready!" the petite hunter snarled, stomping off towards the gate guards, her minion shrugging and taking a great swig of the foul liquid.
  1416. >She hated this feeling, her eye's searching the walls and shadows for the ranger that probably wasn't there, he had been getting mauled, or doing the mauling, when she'd had to run.
  1417. >Yeah, it wasn't like he'd run here so fast. He was just a man after all...a man who'd reduced more than a score of P'Orcs to an ahegoing mess...
  1418. >A board squeaked and the orc squealed in panic, drawing her knife and looking up to see...nothing..
  1419. >"It's just the fort settling," she murmured to herself, laughing awkwardly as she sheathed the weapon "he's not here, there's now way he could be here."
  1420. >Yeah, he was gone and if he wasn't then she'd just need to break out some of that blasting powder they'd found. That would scare him off real quick
  1421. >Yup, there was nothing to be afraid of, just gotta check the guards and it'll all be good.
  1422. >Everything was not good, in fact it was the opposite of all good, it was all bad.
  1423. >It wasn't missing guards that tipped her off to the wrongness, in fact, the absence of the guards would've been better than what she saw.
  1424. >The four guards where at their posts but three of them lay on the floor, the fourth hunch over and laying against the gate.
  1425. >"W-whats going on!?" she shouted, running over to her minions "what's wrong!?"
  1426. >A hot moans and loud, wet squelching noises were all that replied, the guard's eye's fogged with lust as their hands delved deeply into their greedy, hungry womanhoods.
  1427. >"C-come on guys! Stop it!" Ishmaz shouted, her voice almost hoarse "Pick up your weapons and get back on duty!"
  1428. >She was ignored, the girls caring more about relieving their own lust than the shouting of their diminutive commander.
  1429. >"Come on girls! Quit it! Why are you doing thi-" she stopped, a familiar, sweet scent teasing her nose.
  1430. >Scarlet Bloom, the love drug she tipped her spears with, she knew that scent better than anyone. But where was it coming from?
  1431. >Her hunter's eye couldn't spy any discarded darts or arrows, or any other weapons or wounds for that matter. That meant they had to have ingested it, but again there was no food, only spilled grog....
  1432. >Her blood froze in an instant.
  1433. >He'd hit the grog! None of the other girls would be able to smell it over the alcohol!
  1434. >Heck, even she could barely make it out and she hunted it out every day!
  1435. >Ishmaz lived up to her title "the swift" and spun on her heel, running back to the others as fast as she could, hoping she could warn them before it was too late.
  1436. >"'E-ey cap'in," a cheerful voice called, that soft defender orc swaying a little bit, her legs rubbing together as the aphrodisiac got to work. "t-the grogs great today! B-but I'm feeling funny..."
  1437. >The flushed cheeks were enough of a hint to let the captain know that they were done for, the aphrodisiac already getting to work in their system.
  1438. >She left without a word, abandoning the big girl as her hands worked themselves below her panties to ease the building tension.
  1439. >She flew as swiftly as she could but at every turn she was met by moans and orcs exploring themselves, lazy smiles on their faces while their bodies burned with need.
  1440. >The archers? Weapons cast aside as their light gasps slipped out.
  1441. >The warriors? Down on their side, armor ripped off for easier access.
  1442. >Even her fellow hunters had fallen, the group huddled together and one particularly brave, or foolish, orc making ample use of the 'modification' she'd made to the butt of her spears.
  1443. >It was just her now, Ishmaz the Swift, alone in a fortress of iron and surrounded by the sounds of her minions working off the ranger's poison.
  1444. >She was breathing quickly now, her eyes darting from side to side as she grabbed a spear from the ground, unwilling to fall without a fight.
  1445. >"Come on out Ranger!" she shouted, her tone unyielding "I know you're there!"
  1446. >"F----- -o-" the whisper came, the captain spinning on to launch a spear which embedded itself in the wall, a miss.
  1447. >"C-come on! I'm not afraid of you!" she continued, a small stutter hinging at her growing fear.
  1448. >"Fo-l-d -ou" the rasping, familiar whisper came, causing the girl to spin around and throw her dagger into an empty barrel.
  1449. >Her heart was hammering now, her vision blurry as she fought keep some semblance of control.
  1450. >He was here, somewhere amidst the moans and supple flesh the Ranger was watching her, toying with her....and now she had no weapons.
  1451. >As a shadow loomed over her, the whisper came in clear, the smug, melodic tone of the ghost elf ringing in her ears.
  1452. >"Fooled you..."
  1453. >Ishmaz turned around only to be greeted by the smiling ranger and a face full of grog as he emptied a mug at her.
  1455. >------
  1457. >Scarlet Bloom is a very fast acting aphrodisiac, especially when one gets a face full of it. Why, even now you could see the little P'Orcs body begin to tremble and the panting whines slipping out, her small body being overcome by the leaves.
  1458. >Ironically, the trim P'Orc could've lasted a second or two longer if she had more meat on her instead of the near instantaneous effects she was suffering now.
  1459. >"Well, that's the last of them," Hirse said as she stepped from shadows, an obvious look of disgust on her face as the horde collapsed into a lustful, masturbating horde. "Let's get the blasting powder and go, I don't think my stomach can handle much more of this."
  1460. >You let her know that you'd be here a moment more, there were things you had to take care of.
  1461. >Lewd things.
  1462. >P'Orc things.
  1463. >Hirse was not impressed, giving an exasperated sigh and shaking her head at your announcement.
  1464. >"I should've figured you'd say something like that," she groaned, emerald eyes rolling "shouldn't surprise me anymore."
  1465. >She's right, it shouldn't.
  1466. >"So, while you're having fun with these...things..I'll free the prisoners and grab the blasting powder." Hirse continued, walking away and giving a wave of dismissal "Come back whenever you're interested in fighting the good fight."
  1467. >You gave a grunt of acknowledgement as you hefted the tiny, trim P'Orc over your shoulder, already looking for a bit of privacy.
  1468. >The redhead sighed and shrugged, giving up on getting any response from you. She walked a few more feet before coming to an uncertain stop, looking over her shoulder at you as you walked away.
  1469. >"Hey Anon...." she called, the bile and bitterness gone "Thanks the help."
  1470. >You spun on your heel, an unabashed look of surprise on your face.
  1471. >Hirse? Thanking you? Truely the age of darkness has descended upon the land. Next thing you know Sauron will be walking the lands and overthrowing the mortal kings!
  1472. >She did not take kindly to this, Hirse's expression screwing up in irritation again.
  1473. >"Screw off!" she angrily growled at you, stomping off in a huff.
  1474. >Ah, normality was restored to the world!
  1475. >Now, what should you do with the captain? Ishmaz wasn't even fighting anymore, simply shaking atop your shoulder with eyes glazed from lust and necter dripping on your shoulder.
  1476. >"Actually Ranger," the soothing voice of Celes whispered, your ghostly compatriot reappearing next to you from where she'd been tricking the P'Orc. "I think I have something else in mind, if you would indulge me."
  1477. >Oh? A suggestion from Celes? You had to see this.
  1478. >"Then follow me Anon,"she giggled, a mischievous smile on he face "I think you'll love what I've got planned."
  1480. > - - - - - - -
  1482. >It seems that the elven wraith's plan required that you, her, and the P'Orc captain go somewhere secretive, in this case an old, ruined hut on a hill, where the needy, sopping monster was tied to a chair so tightly that escape was an impossibility.
  1483. >This displeased you as the chair and rope would've made getting in the little captain difficult.
  1484. >Celes making her clothes vanish more than made up for it though, the elegant, silken robes turning to mist and giving you another look at her lovely, lithe body.
  1485. >It had been quite a while since the ghostly elf was bare before you, her palmable, b-cup breasts on full display and her waspish hips curving pleasantly, although she hid her entrance behind a hand for some measure of modesty.
  1486. >Her tummy was trim without an ounce of fat, damn elven genetics, but unlike your watching prisoner, there wasn't really any muscle there, keeping it nice and smooth.
  1487. >Her behind was quite nice too, a tight rear one could bounce a coin off of, making you wonder why you hadn't made more use of her.
  1488. >"Now Anon," She smiled, hips rolling from side to side "isn't it a poor show for you to leave a lady like this? We can't have our little PEEPER over there just taking in my body can we?"
  1489. >The captain moaned in rebuttal, her gaze heated from anger and overwhelming, unending lust.
  1490. >Looks like the shoes on the other foot now.
  1491. >With a few simple movements you were bare and ready, your member gazed at hungrily by the elf and p'orc with equal intensity. Although she probably didn't want to admit it, Celes and the girls of Mordor probably shared more in common than they thought.
  1492. >"Now, let me go to work Ranger, I want this little SWINE to watch for once."
  1493. >It started with a lick, the pale elf kneeling down sticking out her tongue and tasting the side of your shaft like one would a popsicle.
  1494. >Despite being little more than vapor and aether, the elf's tongue still left wet trails along you, her head nodding slightly with every lap, as she licked the underside, the top, and the tip.
  1495. >And she wasn't quiet either, the spirit moan and slurping loudly so that your prisoner could do little more than watch with eyes wide and mouth open, so caught of guard that the poor captain didn't know how to react.
  1496. >Well, other than to futilely struggle at the bindings in an attempt to, if not escape, 'deal' with the passion burning within her.
  1497. >This hadn't passed unnoticed, gone unnoticed by Celes, whose plump lips turned up in a smug smile. The elf shifted so that she was before you now, the red tip of your rod brushing against her lips briefly before she pressed forward, taking all of you in one movement as deep as she you.
  1498. >Being undead, Celes had no need to breathe nor any gag reflex, meaning that she could keep taking deeper than any other monster girl time and time again, all while her azure eyes glimmered up at you.
  1499. >Despite the pale appearance, her insides were warm, her spirit making up for the beating heart she lacked.
  1500. >Her head pulled back and free you came, slick with spit or ectoplasm, you weren't sure which, but either way it warmed you up just enough so that the air gave you a cool kiss when freed.
  1501. >She'd bob forward again soon after, swallowing you whole with another exaggerated moan, the hand that kept her modest moving to 'ease' her mind as she pleasured you.
  1502. >So it went, her ivory hair dancing with every movement and her moans ringing clearly as the captured P'Orc could only watch and whine, her body burning with need.
  1503. >You gave Celes little warning before you fired but the twitching of your member must have been enough, the elven spirit swallowing you to the base as your hot seed was fired down her throat, your essence making her moan with a fire that made her previous ones seem innocent by comparison.
  1504. >You figured there was something deep about this whole situation, maybe about the dead hungering for a taste of life or something but you really couldn't bring yourself yourself to think too much about it.
  1505. >If someone wanted deep, introspective thoughts then they should've sent a poet because you were too busy enjoying the end of a blowjob from a ghost elf.
  1506. >You know what poets don't get? Blowjobs.
  1507. >After a dainty kiss to your softening member, Celes looked up to you with her best bedroom eyes, a smile on her face.
  1508. >"So Ranger, how was it?" she asked, her voice low and sultry while a grey/black blush colored her face "Far better than any base orc could manage I bet."
  1509. >Far better? I was the best damn blowjob you'd had, even better than that lamia waitress back in civilization! She'd do this thing with her tongue where she'd wrap around you and-
  1510. >A sudden call of "BULLSHIT!" drew your attention back to the bound audiance, the little Ishmaz bouncing and fidgeting in her chair as she struggled to find some form of release.
  1511. >"I bet I could do FAR Better than knife eared PEEPER like you!" the huntress shouted, seemingly forgetting what had gotten her in this position. "Come on! Untie me! I'll show you how a REAL woman does it!"
  1512. >You started to move to free the girl but the firm arm of the elven spirit stopped you, you smile sharp.
  1513. >"I'm sorry Ranger but did you hear something?" she said in a tone of feigned ignorance, slowly pushing you back and down. until you lay beneath her, her thin fingers teasing you gain "Because I thought we may have had someone WATCHING but I may be wrong."
  1514. >Oh, so that's how she was going to play it.
  1515. >This declaration was noticed by the trapped captain, her cursing and struggling growing so loud and so fierce that she toppled to her side, not that Celes cared.
  1516. >She was too busy stroking you back to full strength for her to notice.
  1517. >Her touch was light and soft, a gentle pressure that built you up until you stood proud and tall.
  1518. >One of her fingers brushed your underside, a short, sharp shock running through you as she discovered a weak point of yours, the feeling causing you to thrust forward a little bit, a motion that didn't pass unnoticed.
  1519. >Ooooh! What was that?" the wraith cooed, trailing the underside of your rigid rod so that more ecstatic pleasure danced through you "Something I'll need to remember, that's for sure but for now..."
  1520. >She rose and line her entrance up with your member, fingers opening her lips for the main even.
  1521. >"Lets move on to the main event!"
  1522. >In a single motion she dropped, your insertion smooth as her silken insides began to grasp and cling to you, moving as if to pull you ever deeper inside the elf.
  1523. >It was a quick journey though, the tip of your shaft kissing her deepest parts with a good fifth of you still outside her.
  1524. >The impact was hard and caused the elf's petite breasts to bounce, an ecstatic moan slipping out as she felt your warmth within her.
  1525. >It flipped a switch, the presence of your flesh within her causing Celes's hips to rise as high as they could before she crashed back down, a surprisingly hard impact from the light elf.
  1526. >Up and down she went, rising until you were almost completely free and the cool air kissed you before she descended swiftly, her slickened insides rushing past until you bounced against her deepest parts again.
  1527. >"M-more," she panted as she leaned forward a bit, drawing a little closer to you as her insides quivered from a small orgasm "m-more!"
  1528. >She was clutching you tight and the swift up and down motions became rolling, grinding motions as she rested on her arms now, nearly chest to chest with you.
  1529. >It was by no means the technique of an expert, her motions sharp and rigid instead of slow and flowing but even that was enough to draw you to the brink, the soft sounds of her moans and the sights of her small, warm smile and bouncing, ivory hair more than made up for the skill she lacked.
  1530. >Celes wasn't doing this just for revenge now, her eyes no longer looking back towards the bound P'Orc, who was nearly in tears from the utter absence of any form of relief, and chuckling at her captive's endless whining and squirming, she'd place her heart into it now.
  1531. >The pale blue eyes were now locked solely on yours, their gaze unwavering while her ears now only listened for your grunts and groans, not those of the nearly forgotten Ishmaz.
  1532. >All that existed in this pointed eared woman's world was you and only you, her tie to the mortal realm and companion.
  1533. >And she was doing all the work.
  1534. >This simply would not do.
  1535. >Slowly your arms rose, fingers wrapping around the woman's pointed ears, eliciting a sudden, surprised gasp from Celes as you began to tenderly stroke her ears, each stroke of the tender points making her voice grow all the sweeter.
  1536. >"K-keep going Ranger!" she called as a quake of pleasure rocked her walls, the two of your at the fear limits of your endurance "Fill me u-up! Give m-me your spirit! G-give me i-it ALL!"
  1537. >That final cry was the signal as her body bucked, her womanhood sealing tightly around you to keep your white stuff inside her, a spot of warmth within her body.
  1538. >She shook and screamed as she achieved bliss, tightening all over before collapsing on your chest, spent.
  1539. >Her eyes were unfocused now, staring blankly about the room as you slowly stroked her long, snowy white hair, a shiver of pleasure coursing through her every time you accidentally brushed her ears.
  1540. >The two of you lay on the dirt floor of the hut for a long, long while, your arms holding her tight as the pair of you enjoyed the simple happiness of another touch.
  1541. >Eventually she broke from you, planting a kiss on your forehead before fading away, reappearing next to you, fully clothed.
  1542. >You asked her what was wrong, rising til you were supported by your elbows with a small hint of worry in your voice.
  1543. >"I'm fine Ranger but I think that we should move to a more...secure location," she meekly murmured, hands wringing "Who knows what will stumble across us if we remain here."
  1544. >True, it's not like this location was out of the way, a patrol of P'Orcs was bound to stumble across you if you weren't careful.
  1545. >Your eyes widened and you quickly turned to look at the bound and forgotten captain, the lithe girl laying spent on the floor.
  1546. >At some point it seems that she'd worked on of her hands free, quickly going to work on herself until she'd passed out.
  1547. >A spot of good luck, were she in a more stable state she may have leapt on you and the elf, a wry grin on your lips as you let Celes know.
  1548. >"I-I wouldn't worry about it," she defensively stammered, reaching down and tossing you your beaten leather armor "i-it was a one time thing."
  1549. >You let out a chuckle and told her how much of a shame that was, you wouldn't mind her being more aggressive every now and then.
  1550. >That little comment turned her face black with a blush, the elf telling you to be quiet as she stamped from the room.
  1551. >It was only the small smile she wore that showed her true feelings, the spirit content for another day.
  1552. >As you threw on your armor, you wondered if you should tell her that her reputation as a "peeper" was probably gone, although she probably was going to get one saying she was an exhibitionist now.
  1553. >Whatever, you could tell her later, for now you would just let her be happy.
  1555. (Here There Be Kittens)
  1557. >Ah! Evening in Mordor, the most peaceful time of the day, other than maybe the morning after.
  1558. >The P'Orcs had returned to their hovels, a slave in tow, and torches burned in their camps as they drank, ate, and told tales of what, or who, they'd done that day.
  1559. >Truly it was a time of true peace....other than the ghul swarms and the occasional Caragor of course.
  1560. >That's why you'd decided to spend the evening asleep atop on of those weird, creepy towers that popped up whenever you climbed the ancient, elven ruins which dotted the landscape.
  1561. >Sure, you had to deal with whispers which scratched at the corners of your mind and everything had that weird glowy light which made it hard to look at.
  1562. >Whatever, regardless of the strain on your sanity, it beat sleeping on the ground or in bushes, you'd had enough of that crap back in the rangers.
  1563. >Yep, time for you slip into the creep bed an-
  1564. >"Ranger," the call came, Celes slowly materializing next to you next to you "there's something I'd like to ask you."
  1565. >You weren't going to be sleeping tonight were you?
  1566. >"You see human, recently I've been going through my memories and I've found that pieces are still missing..."
  1567. >Yep, your definitely not getting any sleep tonight.
  1568. >"And I've recently felt a...tugging sensation out there recently, somthing that feels like its a part m-"
  1569. >Looks like its time to help the elf with something, no sleep for you.
  1570. >You knew that you had no right to be irritated at her, you certainly would want your memories back if they just up and vanished but right now you wanted to sit down and sleep after a long day of P'Orc molestation and flower hunting.
  1571. >As the elf continued her impassioned plea about the "Gaping void where my memories once were," you grumpily stumbled from the bleached blankets of the bed and drunkenly snagged your pants and boots, throwing them on as the girl became too wrapped up in her twelve point speech on the benefits of regaining her memories to notice.
  1572. >"Furthermore, the return of my memories will have many tangible effects beyond a simple morale boost," your pointy companion lectured, eyes closed as her speech continued "it'll allow me to remember whatever techniques I knew in life to better assist you in your trave-"
  1573. >You interrupted her speech by stating that you were ready, or as ready as a half dressed, sleep deprived ranger could be in a land of lusty P'Orcs and beasts.
  1574. >"R-ready? But I haven't even finished my speech!" the elf shouted in shock, seemingly ignoring the fact that you didn't have a shirt "Don't you want to hear about how it'll allow me to potentially serve as a diplomat should we ever run into elves?"
  1575. >No. You want bed, and the chances of you finding another elf in this place are slim. Very, very slim.
  1576. >Besides you had your own method of diplomacy.
  1577. >"Please tell me its not yo-'
  1578. >Your dick.
  1579. >"I-I really should've seen that coming shouldn't I?" she asked, her head slowly shaking from side to side.
  1580. >Yes, she should've.
  1581. >"A-any way, thank you for helping me and..." the elf paused as it finally clicked that you were standing shirtless before her, your jacket and undershirt still where you'd tossed them. "aren't you going to get dressed?"
  1582. >You are dressed, shirt would take too long. In fact, this whole conversation is taking too long.
  1583. >Not wanting to waste any more time on this tower talking, you strode forward and hoisted the elven wraith up and onto your shoulder, the pointy eared woman giving a small squeal of surprise as you did.
  1584. >"O-Ok Ranger," she stammered as you continued forward, walking towards the edge of the tower with a tired look of determination "thank you for your help. Now, the pull is to the no-"
  1585. >North, right.
  1586. >You leapt from the tower without any warning, the undead's instructions becoming a shriek of fear as the ground came hurtling up towards you.
  1587. >Despite what the laws of physics would suggest, you did not land with a splat or a solid thump.
  1588. >Instead there was only a soft pat as your landing turned into a well practiced roll, Celes moved from shoulder to chest so that she wasn't injured by the fall....Except she was intangible sometimes so this probably wouldn't have even phased her.
  1589. >Whatever, it's the thought that counts.
  1590. >Without missing a beat, your roll ended with you crouching in a modified sprinters stance, taking off towards the north with the elf clutched tight against your chest.
  1591. >"Warn me next time!" the spirit shrieked as you leapt over large rock, the gravel crunching beneath your worn, and stolen, shoes. "Do you not know how terrifying that is?"
  1592. >Probably not considering how often you do it and, again, she's dead so it wouldn't hurt her.
  1593. >"T-that still doesn't mean it's scary!" The girl shouted as you continued on your way, weaving your way through the darkness by the light of the moon. "S-seriously! You could get hurt on one of those things!"
  1594. >Oh? Afraid of heights was she? That'll be some teasing material you need to save for later, although it must've sucked to have lived in those big ol' towers the elves are so fond of.
  1595. >"Y-you have no idea," she grumbled, giving a little shudder of fear before vanishing into vapor "a-and I'm not afraid of heights! Just cautious is all..."
  1596. >"Sure she isn't" you said with a smile, newly freed arms pumping as you continued your search, "Sure she isn't."
  1597. >The ghost decided to ignore your less than genuine statement and instead directed you a little to the east and towards a small camp the P'Orcs had set up.
  1599. >-------
  1601. >The journey wasn't too terribly long, taking only fifteen minutes, but after a hard day of work it was enough to leave you winded, muscles burning and what meager reserves of energy you'd had burnt off by the run.
  1602. >To make matters worse, it seemed that not all the P'Orcs had turned in for the evening, a few of the porcine monster's grumbling as they patrolled through the shabby camp.
  1603. >Because, you know, you can't have anything nice and easy.
  1604. >It's never, "Here's the item!" or "Here's the captive!" its always a horde of P'Orcs or something else keeping you from your goal.
  1605. >"This isn't good," you heard the spirit whisper, remaining invisible lest her unearthly glow attract the patrols attention "I'd have figured that most of the orcs would've been asleep, not out patrolling."
  1606. >That makes two of you, there was no way they'd have been up this late if someone wasn't keeping them there. Some captain must be getting paranoid.
  1607. >Wonder who's fault that is.
  1608. >"What's worse is we're getting close," Celes continued, her weight noticeable despite not being visible "I can feel the item's presence pulling at me, the memories at the edges of my mi-"
  1609. >Yeah, yeah. memories at the edges of you mind, ages long past. She can worry about those kind of things one you don't have to worry about a patrol stumbling across you.
  1610. >See, despite the camp having been built amidst some ruins, you, in your sleep deprived state, had decided that a bush would've been a much better place to hide.
  1611. >The nice....leafy...bu.....
  1612. >You jerked awake just as sleep was about to take you, leg kicking out and snapping some branches as it did.
  1613. >"Are you alright ranger?" the elf whispered, a note of concern in her voice "You seem less energetic today."
  1614. >You responded that you were fine, although you much would've much preferred to sleep.
  1615. >"Well...don't push yourself," Celes said before falling silent, a small tap on your keep a parting gift from her "I'd rather wait a day than have you get caught."
  1616. >Wish she'd told you that when you were back at the tower.
  1617. >Whatever, you're here and you won't be coming back.
  1618. >Time to find the thing that does the stuff....yeah...
  1619. >Stealth mission is go!
  1620. >Slowly you rose from the knot of leaves and branches, earning a couple scratches for your effort, and pressed up against a nearby stack of crate, listening watching a patrol of two P'Orc warriors pass by, grumbling, as soldiers are known to do, about their superiors having them wander in the dark.
  1621. >"Seriously," on with twin tails scoffed as she walked, kicking a rock into the darkness "why's she havin' us patrol this late? Nothin' out her but beasts and bats..."
  1622. >"Aren't bats also beasts?" her partner, slightly shorter and with a bob cut, asked, one finger resting on her bottom lip as she thought "In fact, aren't we also technically beasts?"
  1623. >The twin tailed one halted with a sigh and turned on her compatriot, a scowl on her face.
  1624. >"No we aren't! We're monsters!" she adamantly stated, her foot stomping the ground for emphasis "Completely different things from beasts."
  1625. >The other girl didn't seem convinced, her brow furrowing in thought.
  1626. >"But aren't some monsters beasts? Wouldn't that mean were beasts too?"
  1627. >Oh god, the two guards you could've gotten and they're philosophers, it's too late for this shit.
  1628. >As they delved deeper and deeper into the intricacies of the classifications of monsters and animals, you stepped from behind the wall and rolled across the dirt road into another waiting bush, the leaves rustling as you entered it.
  1629. >So it went as you picked your way across the camp, inch by muddy in as you crawled across the ground, slunk through the bushes, and, after remembering that you could just go above them, clambering up the crumbling walls as you worked your way ever closer towards whatever was calling to Celes.
  1630. >And speaking of Celes.
  1631. >"Are you sure you're alright Anon?" the whisper came, Celes briefly appearing beside you as you waited on a roof for two P'Orcs, who were snacking, to be on their way. "You're looking a little....rough."
  1632. >You gave a wordless grunt in reply, letting her know that despite, the mud that covering your chest, the twig sticking from your hair, and the haunted, sleepless look in you eyes, you were perfectly fine.
  1633. >Strangely enough, your response didn't seem to inspire confidence in her, the spirit elf's ears falling slightly and a frown forming.
  1634. >Come on, you weren't hallucinating yet so you're good.
  1635. >"Ok, obviously I was a little bit to eager to get you here," the elf sighed, almost standing before she realized where the two of you were. "Come on, we can come back after you've slept."
  1636. >She gave you a little tug but you resisted, tired, stubborn pride keeping you going.
  1637. >Besides, all you needed to do was leap down, find the thing, and you'd be good.
  1638. >"But what about caragors?" a confused voice rang from under you, delaying your victory for a moment more "Are they beast or monster?"
  1639. >Oh god, not again.
  1640. >"Totally beasts," the another voice said as the twin tailed P'orc and her bobcut companion walked back into view, still locked in discussion "they live in caves and you can ride them."
  1641. >"But can't they talk?" bobcut retorted, a tiny pout forming "beasts can't talk."
  1642. >"Parrots can!" twin tails shot back, bring them, once again, to a stop "and you don't see people calling them...well...people."
  1643. >"But that's cause you can teach a parrot," bobcut responded, unwilling to let it slide "you don't need to teach caragors! They can learn on their own!"
  1644. >You are not listening to P'Orcs discuss parrots when you could be sleeping.
  1646. >Celes could only manage "An-" before you dropped from the overlook with a heavy 'thump', left eye twitching as you approached the two girls.
  1647. >They'd expected a great many things to happen that night but seeing the feared Ghostwalker stalking towards them, a furious look in his eye and no shirt on was most definitely not one of them.
  1648. >The poor philosiP'orcs couldn't even react as you closed the distance in what felt like a single step, your hands grabbing on breast on each girl and giving them a squeeze.
  1649. >Despite how much they'd argued against each other, it seemed that they were both sensative in the same spots, their moans mixing before you mashed your lips against those of bobcut, roughly kissing her as you continued to tease her breast.
  1650. >Surprise and pleasure overwhelmed the poor P'Orc and she fell limp with a squeak, letting you turn your ministrations to the trembling twintails.
  1651. >She, to her credit, lasted a little while longer than her friend, remaining conscious just long enough for you to bring the other hand into play, easily sending her to the floor covered in a panting, gasping mess.
  1652. >As you watched your handy work, a snapping twig caught your ear, a small, horrified gasp accompanying it.
  1653. >Behind you was yet another P'Orc, this one even shorter than bobcut (coming up to your lower chest at most) and with her hair wrapped up in a pony tail, her eyes wide and mouth hanging open as she saw you standing over your fallen foes, a crazed look in your eye.
  1654. >"I-I-I'm gonna go." was all the little p'orc stuttered before she turned around and ran back the way she'd come, a little wail following her as she went.
  1655. >Good, it was running long enough as it was, now to look for the th-
  1656. >"Found it!" the ghost elf called as she re-appeared behind you, crouching over something in the ground, an eager smile on her face "Come on! Pick it up! Pick it up!"
  1657. >Someone was eager, then again, you'd be eager too if it meant that you could remember your past life.
  1658. >Especially if it involved a cute girls.
  1659. >With another grunt you stalked over to where Celes was kneeling, a small hilt of silver sticking from the ground.
  1660. >"What do you think it is?" she asked, almost squealing with excitement "Maybe its a dagger or sword! Maybe I really was a warrior and not just a baker!"
  1661. >Don't care! NEED SLEEP!
  1662. >The world seemed to freeze as your fingers wrapped around the silver hilt, ripping it from the ground in a single, powerful pull.
  1663. >Lightning flashed and the world went white, the wasteland and ruins vanishing as white marble and elegant shades took its place.
  1664. >It was the bakery, the one you'd seen before, and the air was alive with the smell of baking cakes and bread .
  1665. >The sun shone through the windows and a happy Celes clad in a pink apron danced through the kitchen, her hands hidden inside of white oven mitts as she carried a fresh tray of cookies, chocolate chip if anyone wondered.
  1666. >The elf's white hair had returned back to the gold it had been in life, although it was now bound tightly in a bun. The old Celes's smile was brilliant and she was singing a song in ancient elvish, beautiful sounding despite you not knowing a single bit of it.
  1667. >Well, other than how to find the library.
  1668. >Still, it was an interesting sight to see, the waif you knew so happy, setting the tray down as another elf waited for her.
  1669. >The pointy eared newcomer was a hair taller than Celes and her long hair was the same shade of gold, most likely making her your companion's mother.
  1670. >It was a safe guess as everything from the shape of her jaw to the size of her eyes were the same as the younger elf, only the confident way she carried herself marking her out as the older of the two...other than a certain area being a bit larger on the elder elf.
  1671. >The two talked for a moment, happy smiles all around, before the door swung open, a slim hooded figure entered the bakery.
  1672. >The candles in the shop flickered and Celes exchanged a confused look with her mother, the other elf shrugging as the new arrival pulled out a case of old oak.
  1673. >Briefly the cloaked figure kneeled before opening the box, revealing an elegant, silver c-
  1674. >"A CAKE KNIFE?" the scream came, shattering the memory and leaving you with the final image of Celes calling the knife "Such a beautiful gift," while two eyes of crimson burned within the cloak. "We came all this way to see me get a CAKE KNIFE?!"
  1675. >It wasn't even that, unfortunately, the silver hilt in your hand connected to the mesh of metal that made up a whisk.
  1676. >The correction didn't help the matter, Celes visibly deflating as she sank to the ground with a tired sounding groan.
  1677. >You weren't to terribly excited either, letting Celes know that you'd much rather be in bed, but at least she'd gotten some of her memories back.
  1678. >"Memories of cake baking and cookies," she grumbled, the wraith curling up in a ball on the ground with her eyes shut tight, "not much help out here."
  1679. >Oh come on, that wasn't all she remembered was it? Surely there was something else that had come with it, memories of some things involving that big breasted e-
  1680. >"That's my mom," the growl came, Celes giving a disgusted little shiver "please don't talk about her tits."
  1681. >......That big boo-
  1682. >"Or her rear."
  1683. >Damn.
  1684. >"But you're right on one account," she sighed, a smile crossing Celes's lips "I'm certainly glad to have those memories back, although I'm a little worried about the hooded figure."
  1685. >Yeah, that person had you worried as well, you'd never met an elf with the burning eyes that the figure had had. It was a little frightening to be honest, you couldn't help but wonder who it was.
  1686. >"Yeah," the ghost elf sighed as her eyes slowly opened, "it's a little wor-....Anon, we have company."
  1687. >Oh it must've been that P'Orc from earlier, probably back with reinforceme-.....
  1688. >....
  1689. >That's a lot of ghuls.
  1690. >That...is a LOT...of ghuls...
  1691. >Surrounding you and your pointy eared companion was a veritable sea of tiny, glowy eyed girls, every member of the flat chested horde hungrily watching you.
  1692. >This may be a problem.
  1693. >You and the horde sized each other up for the briefest of seconds before the fight officially began, your hoarse warcry swallowed up by the higher pitched ones of the many ghul girls.
  1694. >I was not a battle you were going to win, that much even you, with all your bravado, could piece together.
  1695. >For every one you sent to the ground with a tweaked nipple, the attack electrifying them with ecstasy, two more wrapped themselves around you legs, nuzzling against you while another member clutched at your chest.
  1696. >Every time you stole the breath from one with a kiss, another was pulling your arm down with a wide smile as one more clambered up your back.
  1697. >Were you in a more rested state then you'd have a fighting chance but right now? It was only a matter of time until they buried you under their numbers.
  1698. >Which, to be honest, wasn't the worst fate you'd ever faced but you didn't want to spend the next week trying to break free from the loli cuddle pile these girls would make.
  1699. >Fate had other plans for you though, for as your shaking arms and trembling legs were finally pinned by the girls, a deep, throaty growl rang out, one which seemed to grip your heart itself with terror.
  1700. >Caragor....
  1701. >The growl was soon followed by another and yet one more after that, the victorious feeling those little ghuls had replaced by an fearful uncertainty as 'Caragor' quickly became 'Caragors'.
  1702. >From the shadows they struck, muscled forms plowing into the gray skinned horde and scattering the little ones, sending them to the ground with little shouts.
  1703. >Three of the muscled feline women had decided to make you their prey today, surprise and power making up for their few numbers.
  1704. >The ambush distracted the girls atop you just long enough for you to free yourself with two slapped bottoms, and a nibbled nipple, the girls letting out little "Kyaas" as they fell.
  1705. >Ok, plus side was that you didn't have to worry about being buried beneath ghuls.
  1706. >Down side, you're going to be dragged to a caragor den which is going to be a LOT more difficult to escape from. Nothing less than a full creme-pie or three would satisfy these girls and you did not have the energy to deal with this today.
  1707. >So it was that, while surrounded by panicking ghouls and with three determined caragors barreling after you, you decided to break out a secret technique you'd saved for just such an occasion.
  1708. >Running away.
  1709. >You spun on you heel and sprinted as fast as your tired limbs could managed, weaving through the panicking horde as they tried to figure out where their new attackers were coming from, the caragor trio homing in on you.
  1710. >"DUCK!" the cry came, Celes coalescing before you, bow in hand and arrow knocked.
  1711. >You gasped at her not to kill and dove to the ground, sliding through the spirits legs, literally in this case, so she could have a clear line of fire.
  1712. >"Of course I won't," she smirked as her finger let go of the string, letting the arrow fly "who do you take me for?"
  1713. >Straight and true the arrow flew, striking the caragor full in the face and...vanishing?
  1714. >Although it didn't seem to do any real damage, the arrow had done something to the caragor as her cheeks turned bright pink and eyes burned hot with passion.
  1715. >The cat could barely catch herself, as she landed, one great, auburn paw going southward and...well....the squelching noises made it pretty obvious what she was doing.
  1716. >Thank you! Celes!
  1717. >You rose from the slide and took off running, Celes firing more of her arrows into the crowd, a wide, almost frightening, grin on her face as she did so.
  1718. >Hell, you swore that she was laughing as she unleashed the onslaught, sending more than a few ghuls down with lewd moans.
  1719. >Ok, elf can shoot lust arrows, you know that now. Now you just need to keep running and why is the ground getting closer?
  1720. >Ok, legs are done but that's Ok, you can just crawl away.
  1721. >Yeah...crawling away from the caragors.
  1722. >Except now your arms seemed to have joined in on the revolt, telling your brain to suck it and just hang limply at yours sides.
  1723. >This may be a problem.
  1724. >"Is that all you have prey?" a low, furious growl came from behind you, one of the caragor trio, a tall specimen with lots of lean muscle like that of a sprinter, having gotten passed Celes who, from the sounds of it, was lost shooting arrows into the ghuls.
  1725. >Maybe you should teach her target priority, that may be important in the future.
  1726. >"Prey? Did you hit your head on a rock?" the caragor asked again, lightly poking you with her foot "Hello?"
  1727. >Maybe you can play dead and they'll leave. Yeah, that'll work, just pretend to be dead and they'll leave you alone....in the middle of a P'Orc camp.
  1728. >"He's faking it sister," a lower, rougher voice said as the second caragor, a squatter, more heavily muscled specimen, shot down your plot, looking down at you with a single, golden eye, a blind, white orb occupying the other spot. "Kara warned he'd try something like this, though she'd also say he'd be a bit more trouble to find."
  1729. >Ouch, your pride.
  1730. >"Whatever, grab him and take him to the cave, I'll get Sara after that spirit vanishes," the first caragor commanded, looking back at the hysterical elf spirit "She'll likely come after you so you'll need to move fast."
  1731. >The second cat woman gave a grunt of acknowledgement and hefted you over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes, growling "Hang on" before taking off in a sprint, leaving the melee long, long behind you.
  1733. >-------
  1735. >As far as most caragor rides went, this one was particularly rough, the woman caring not for how comfortable you felt as she bounded up cliff faces and leapt over crags.
  1736. >What's worse is the caragor currently carrying you wouldn't speak more than a sentence or two at a time.
  1737. >"Nice weather?"
  1738. >"eh"
  1739. >"Where are you taking me?"
  1740. >"Cave"
  1741. >"Let me go?"
  1742. >"No"
  1743. >Not even asking about herself got more than a single word (Her favorite food is strawberries apparently, the muscled woman blushing a bit as she admitted it), so you eventually just opted to enjoy watching the wasteland pass you by so that you could find your way out of this place.
  1744. >"We're here," the gruff woman finally said as you arrived in front of a deep, ominous cave "hope you're ready manthing, if you aren't then too bad."
  1745. >Well, that isn't ominous, not like you're in any position to stop it from happening.
  1746. >The cave was, unsurprisingly, dark and cool, the winding tunnel going deeper and deeper into the dark until, oddly enough, it began to brighten up, a warm, orange light glowing from the darkest depths filling the tunnel until you found yourself carried into a huge cavern.
  1747. >The source of the light was easy enough to find, a small fire in the center of the cave showing off the great bear pelts which lined the walls, the massive pile of animal bones in the back, and the muscled caragor resting atop a furred blanket with...
  1748. >Are those kittens?
  1749. >"Hello prey," a tired, but familiar, voice called as the caragor's golden eyes flicking open and a warm smile splitting her face, showing off those sharp canines of hers "it's been a while, come to pay your daughters a visit?"
  1750. >D-daughters?
  1751. >Your Caragor, Kara if the discussion from earlier was anything to go by, moved her arm slightly to show a trio of miniature caragors curled up against her, now considerably smaller, stomach.
  1752. >They were tiny little things that were about the size of a football, the fur on their arms, legs, and head was a deep, tawny color that matched their mothers, fast asleep from a day of, well, existing.
  1753. >Even were you able to actually move you don't know if you would've been able to, the shock locking your brain.
  1754. >Luckily you had a squat, brick house of a caragor to carry you over towards the mother and newborns.
  1755. >"Found him playing with some ghuls," the one eyed cat girl said, setting you down next to your...wife? Mate? "fool seems to have run himself ragged before going out at night."
  1756. >That earned a chuckle from the cat, the movements making her breasts bounce a little bit and causing the sleeping kittens to squirm a little bit, their triangle ears flattening a little bit.
  1757. >"That sounds like my mate," she sighed, arm pulling you tightly too her as a deep, rumbling purr echoed from her chest. "always going on when most others would've stopped....Thanks Lara, I can take it from here."
  1758. >"Lara' gave a small nod before stalking back up to the cave's entrance, her expression still that same, bored look she's had the whole time, leaving the two, well...five...of you alone.
  1759. >It just...there was no really way to describe how you felt, the closest description was if something was stuck in your brain, trying to turn but failing every time.
  1760. >Those three little cat girls with their tiny bob tails were you daughters, things brought into this world by you.
  1761. >I kind of made you think...and not just because you were now wondering how many P'Orcs now had your kids..
  1762. >The content smile Kara was wearing wavered for a second, becoming thin as she noticed the complex look you were wearing.
  1763. >"Is something wrong Mate?" she whispered, confused at why you'd fallen so quiet "You look...strange."
  1764. >No, you let her know that nothing was wrong you just...really didn't know how to react....In fact, how old were they?
  1765. >"Seven days," she whispered as one of the young turned in her sleep, exposing her little belly as she lay on her back "they're eyes should be opening any day now."
  1766. >O-oh.... Cool...
  1767. >You were content to just stare that at the sleeping babes but their mother would have none of that, gently scooping up the sleeping girl nearest you, the smallest of the trio, and setting you in her lap, the little kitten whining as she was moved.
  1768. >She a bit more than you expected as the kitten lay in your lap, paws kneading your stomach as she slowly roused herself, tiny claws trailing against your skin.
  1769. >You looked at Kara in confusion, wondering what to do when she told you to "Go for it, scratch her ears and let her know that father's here."
  1770. >Yeah...let your daughter know your here..
  1771. >Slowly, mostly because of how tired it was, you moved your right arm to the tiny caragor's hair and awkwardly began to scratch it, fingers awkwardly moving as the fatigue still plagued them.
  1772. >The runt of the litter didn't seem to mind though, her head slowly rising to press against you hand, searching for the source of scratching and begging for more.
  1773. >Oh lord...
  1774. >You worked your hand down so that it was below her chin, causing her to expose her neck as she leaned more into it.
  1775. >You asked Kara what you daughters names were, continuing to pamper the one in your lap as you returned to scratching the top of her head just behind her pointed ears.
  1776. >"Vera," she whispered, a warm, tired smile on her face as she pointed at the runt in your lap.
  1777. >"Hera," she told you again as the paw moved to point at a chubby one curled up in a ball between the two of you, the kitten a solid sleeper who was unaware of your presence.
  1778. >"Cera" she finished as she pointed at the last one who was resting on her back, the little one's chest rising and falling slowly as she slept "Named after my mother and aunts."
  1779. >Vera, Hera, and Cera? Guess there's a naming convention in play.
  1780. >"Oh? You didn't notice My name and Lara's?" the matron whispered, one paw moving towards Cera's exposed belly and rubbing it, "Kara, Sara, Lara, and Yara, our mother felt it was cute."
  1781. >Naming conventions as a family tradition eh? Maybe you cou-
  1782. >You stopped speaking as the kitten in your lap moved her lids, struggling to open them, little, curious mows slipping out as she did.
  1783. >Neither you nor the elder caragor spoke as the kittens fight to see continued, waiting with bated breath until Vera opened her eyes for the first time.
  1784. >They were your eyes, the color was at least, the pupil at the center of it narrow and thin in the bright light of the fire.
  1785. >"She's got your eye's mate," the mother whispered as the little cat in your lap looked around the room for the first time, little, curious cries slipping past her lips as she took in her surroundings "they're lovely."
  1786. >They were...all of them.
  1787. >Whatever energy the caragor kitten had soon faded and Vera drifted back to sleep, a small vibration in her chest marking out her silent purrs.
  1788. >Hera was the next one to become the center of your attention, hoisting her up in your arms and scratching behind her ears as she slept, the girl staying dead asleep but nuzzling into your chest as you scratched her, the purr she had louder than Vera's.
  1789. >Your arms, already drained beyond belief, soon grew weary and the kitten was moved next to her sister lest you drop her, the bigger sister latching onto the runt and hugging her tightly for warmth.
  1790. >Cera, due to the rapidly diminishing space on you lap, was held up by her mother so you could rub her belly.
  1791. >She awoke quickly with a startled mewl and grabbed your hand with her paws, keeping you tight as her rear legs kicked at you.
  1792. >"A playful one here," Kara smiled as the little one rubbed her face against your hand, "I expect her to be the pack leader much like Yara was for us, she'll grow up big and strong."
  1793. >You didn't even know what to say to that so you didn't, just smiling and tickling the kitten's belly as she lightly nibbled at your hand, licking it every so often her curiosity getting at her.
  1794. >As much as you wanted to stay awake and fawn on them more, your body simply could go no farther, you eye lids drooping and head nodding.
  1795. >It didn't go unnoticed by Kara though, the new mother shiftly slowly until she was pressed up against you, the kitten still clutching your hand and sisters still asleep in your lap.
  1796. >"Rest now mate," Kara yawned, pulling your head against her chest and next to her heart "you've probably had a long day. You can play with them more tomorrow."
  1797. >Yeah....you yawned, darkness rapidly coming, tomorrow....
  1798. >The loud, rumbling purr of the mother and he- YOUR daughters sent you to sleep faster than any lullaby ever had, a smile pulling at your lips.
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