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  1. NOTE: if it isnt obvious misty is dirac
  2. [10:04 AM] Jen the Jen: Death
  3. [12:07 PM] MistyDracat: hi
  4. [12:09 PM] MistyDracat: Can I have the title of crazy aunt?
  5. [12:17 PM] Thanatos VA: Can I have the title of loony uncle it's what my nephew calls me
  6. [12:17 PM] chain: OwO never thought misty would join ever.....
  7. [12:17 PM] MistyDracat: Idk why everyone's so surprised
  8. [12:18 PM] chain: I just never knew you had discord
  9. [12:19 PM] MistyDracat: Is it because you think I'm too old to game?  haha no
  10. [12:19 PM] MistyDracat: Excuse you but I've been playing video games since 1981
  11. [12:19 PM] Kayla: Well, firstly, I didn't know you had discord
  12. [12:20 PM] MistyDracat: I do
  13. [12:20 PM] Kayla: Obviously lol
  14. [12:20 PM] Dissy: helo stranger
  15. [12:20 PM] MistyDracat: Also Telegram and Skype
  16. [12:21 PM] MistyDracat: and Facebook
  17. [12:21 PM] MistyDracat: I don't do Instagram or Snapchat tho
  18. [12:21 PM] Dissy: didnt telegrams go out of fashion in the 70s?
  19. [12:22 PM] Kayla: No. Telegram
  20. [12:22 PM] Dissy: yeah yeah i know of the app
  21. [12:22 PM] Dissy: it was a joke
  22. [12:22 PM] MistyDracat: I was just coming into fashion in the 70s
  23. [12:22 PM] Kayla: It was joke
  24. [12:22 PM] Kayla: What
  25. [12:22 PM] MistyDracat: It's a joke.
  26. [12:23 PM] Dissy: like the little boy that ran around town carrying paper thats a telegraph but theres an instant messaging app called telegram
  27. [12:23 PM] MistyDracat: Being a boy is overrated
  28. [12:24 PM] Dissy: nah its rated about what anyone would expect from it
  29. [12:24 PM] Dissy: boys are generally treated like garbage in todays society but id rather not get into all that rn
  30. [12:25 PM] Dissy: busy making that dank gp
  31. [12:25 PM] MistyDracat: Try living as a woman for a couple years and get back to me on that one
  32. [12:26 PM] Jen the Jen: how about both genders have hard times? xddd
  33. [12:26 PM] Dissy: like i said im not getting into why men and boys have a much higher suicide rate than females
  34. [12:26 PM] Kayla: As a trans woman it's even more difficult, right?
  35. [12:26 PM] MistyDracat: Yes Kayla
  36. [12:27 PM] Kayla: I.. Wouldn't know yet in real life cuz I'm not fully out to anyone but my parents yet
  37. [12:27 PM] MistyDracat: It's okay.  You'll get there
  38. [12:27 PM] MistyDracat: Btw, I recommend spearmint tea
  39. [12:27 PM] MistyDracat: Every day actually if you can take it
  40. [12:27 PM] Kayla: Why
  41. [12:28 PM] MistyDracat: It's the best way to block T without a prescription
  42. [12:28 PM] Dissy: like i said, that one photo has a lot of info on "reaching trap mode aesthetics" but its all really useful for trans people trying to pass and transition easier
  43. [12:29 PM] Kayla: I don't know how to put that stuff into action
  44. [12:29 PM] Dissy: follow old meme advice and "just do it!"
  45. [12:30 PM] Dissy: also am i cool yet
  46. (runescape picture of 1000 silver bars)
  47. [12:31 PM] MistyDracat: The woman you are becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Choose her over -everything-.
  48. [12:31 PM] Dissy: well it doesnt necessarily have to unless at worst you surrounded yourself with people who dont like trans people
  49. [12:32 PM] Dissy: or someone burns a life size cross on your lawn and you end up moving
  50. [12:32 PM] MistyDracat: Sometimes you don't get a choice in that.  Family especially.
  51. [12:33 PM] Dissy: well yeah but people today are more accepting than ever
  52. [12:33 PM] Dissy: when i came out to my grandfather who is super conservative christian type he said he didnt think what gay people did was right but he honestly didnt care
  53. [12:33 PM] Dissy: so no reason to cut ties there
  54. [12:33 PM] MistyDracat: Tell that to the man who tried to run me down with his car in a mall parking lot last summer
  55. [12:34 PM] Dissy: the police, yknow, do things about that...
  56. [12:34 PM] MistyDracat: No they don't
  57. [12:34 PM] Dissy: they kinda get paid to
  58. [12:34 PM] MistyDracat: If you think the police help trans people you are mistaken
  59. [12:34 PM] Dissy: you must have a really shitty police department then
  60. [12:34 PM] Dissy: the police help everyone though?
  61. [12:35 PM] Dissy: unless someone overplays their story or something
  62. [12:35 PM] MistyDracat: I've been misgendered and laughed at by police in two different cities
  63. [12:35 PM] chain: states like mine hate lgbt+ people
  64. [12:36 PM] Dissy: then it wasnt police, just shitty people
  65. [12:36 PM] Dissy: you can report them
  66. [12:36 PM] Dissy: to "higher ups"
  67. [12:36 PM] Kayla: I learned through my therapist that my principal is apparently transphobic
  68. [12:37 PM] Dissy: theres a difference between disagreeing with your beliefs and actively trying to kill you so just be wary of that
  69. [12:37 PM] MistyDracat: I did report them in one case, Dissy.  Higher ups did absolutely nothing.  Don't speak of what you haven't experienced.
  70. [12:37 PM] Dissy: then go higher? im sure at some point you can sue
  71. [12:38 PM] Dissy: as long as its legally recognised that youre trans and have a disorder that caused it
  72. [12:38 PM] MistyDracat: Yes well I attempted to sue in one case and that resulted in being doxxed and harassed online for 3 solid weeks and my lawyer dropping my case
  73. [12:39 PM] MistyDracat: But thanks anyway
  74. [12:40 PM] Dissy: hey youre in a shitty situation, theres always gonna be some way to turn it around somehow
  75. [12:40 PM] Dissy: stay positive
  76. [12:40 PM] MistyDracat: I already do.  Please stop talking, thanks
  77. [12:40 PM] Kayla: Oh
  78. [12:40 PM] Jen the Jen: oof
  79. [12:41 PM] Dissy: thanks
  80. [12:41 PM] chain: stop reminding me of mike
  81. [12:41 PM] Kayla: Who
  82. [12:41 PM] Dissy: who?
  83. [12:42 PM] Jen the Jen: mike wazowski?
  84. [12:42 PM] Dissy: owo
  85. [12:42 PM] chain: Mike pince the he creates the laws in my state he is kinda not nice to lgbt people.....
  86. [12:42 PM] Dissy: pence
  87. [12:43 PM] Kayla: Pince
  88. [12:43 PM] Dissy: ye
  89. [12:43 PM] Jen the Jen: mike penis
  90. [12:43 PM] Dissy: it was another joke
  91. [12:43 PM] Dissy: im bad at those
  92. [12:43 PM] chain: The new vis President ya he's a cunt
  93. [12:44 PM] Dissy: good thing trumps the president and not him
  94. [12:44 PM] Kayla: Wait if Trump is impeached, won't we be left with pence
  95. [12:44 PM] Dissy: yep
  96. [12:44 PM] Kayla: Which is worse
  97. [12:44 PM] Dissy: it is
  98. [12:44 PM] Dissy: by far the worst option
  99. [12:44 PM] chain: Nooo don't let him be pres.
  100. [12:44 PM] Jen the Jen: #ThingsIDontHaveToWorryAboutInEurope
  101. [12:44 PM] MistyDracat: It's only worse if you're a white queer person
  102. [12:45 PM] Dissy: i mean you guys can decide on what is worse someone who thinks illegal immigration is bad or someone who litterally wants to shock the gay out of you
  103. [12:45 PM] chain: I got kicked out of a restaurant cuz of a shitty law he made
  104. [12:45 PM] Kayla: Wait what
  105. [12:45 PM] Dissy: woh
  106. [12:45 PM] MistyDracat: Trump's a rapist and as a woman I have serious issues with that
  107. [12:45 PM] chain: They said they only let real men in
  108. [12:46 PM] Dissy: wh
  109. [12:46 PM] Dissy: what
  110. [12:46 PM] Kayla: Rapist? Is there any proof?
  111. [12:46 PM] Dissy: that cant be legal under multiple laws
  112. [12:46 PM] Dissy: and rape claims =/= rape
  113. [12:46 PM] Dissy: only anywhere from 90% to 40% of the time they do
  114. [12:46 PM] chain: Noo proof all I can give you is the law we have letting people do that(edited)
  115. [12:47 PM] MistyDracat: Well, aside from his "grab them by the pussy" tape, Trump's ex-wife testified that he raped her under oath, then was forced to sign a gag order as part of their divorce settlement.
  116. [12:47 PM] Dissy: chain what law?
  117. [12:47 PM] chain: The Indiana religious act
  118. [12:47 PM] Dissy: the religious freedom act?
  119. [12:47 PM] chain: Sounds nice but it lets you discriminate
  120. [12:48 PM] Kayla: Indiana. What a shitty place for civil rights
  121. [12:48 PM] Jen the Jen: ew religion xd
  122. [12:48 PM] Dissy: wait i was right earlier
  123. [12:48 PM] Dissy: lmao
  124. [12:49 PM] chain: All were known for is racing and you pass us on your way to places
  125. [12:51 PM] Dissy: also whats nice about capitalism is that if some place like this descriminates openly all you have to do is make it widely known and a general boycott would ensue causing the problematic business to either shut down or change its rules
  126. [12:52 PM] Dissy: its common knowledge that the general consensus is descrimination against anyone is bad
  127. [12:52 PM] MistyDracat: That only works if enough people care about the discrimination and care to do something about it
  128. [12:53 PM] Dissy: its better to try rather than cry about it on tumblr or twitter or something
  129. [12:54 PM] chain: My state would not do that there vary into mike and think he's the best
  130. [12:54 PM] Dissy: well im not saying do anything against wazowski just make it known that that business descriminated against you
  131. [12:54 PM] MistyDracat: Read this news story, it's about me.  Then look at the comments.
  132. [12:55 PM] Dissy: give it a horrible yelp review
  133. [12:55 PM] Dissy: then go an a ront on twitter about it
  134. [12:55 PM] Dissy: id happily retweet that shit
  135. [12:56 PM] Dissy: also what news story
  136. [12:56 PM] MistyDracat: I went to the news, interviewd on channel 10, attempted to sue.  Most of the comments to the news story are hateful.
  137. [12:56 PM] MistyDracat: The one I just linked
  138. [12:56 PM] Dissy: theres no link tho?
  139. [12:56 PM] MistyDracat: About me being thrown out of the restroom
  140. [12:56 PM] MistyDracat: Again
  141. [12:56 PM] MistyDracat:
  143. Transgender woman claims discrimination in McDonald's restroom, report says
  144. The customer says she was harassed by a McDonald's manager.
  146. [12:56 PM] MistyDracat: Ahh, didnt' go the first time
  147. [12:57 PM] Dissy: also how often does anyone comment on news articles unless they dislike them
  148. [12:57 PM] MistyDracat: Manager threw me out of the women's room, then refused to look at my ID proving I was legally female
  149. [12:57 PM] MistyDracat: You're expert at being dismissive lol
  150. [12:58 PM] Dissy: i dont agree with what they did tho
  151. [12:58 PM] Dissy: but the comments section on anything is generally garbage
  152. [12:58 PM] Dissy: especially youtube comments lmao
  153. [12:59 PM] MistyDracat: Data please
  154. [1:00 PM] MistyDracat: Later when this happens to Kayla and you're being so dismissive I'm sure she'll appreciate that
  155. [1:00 PM] Dissy: if
  156. [1:00 PM] Dissy: thats a really negative way to look at life
  157. [1:00 PM] MistyDracat: It's happened to most of us who've transitioned
  158. [1:01 PM] MistyDracat: I should know I have dozens of trans friends who have
  159. [1:01 PM] Dissy: well if it happens to literally anyone else i know ever ill start to believe it happens to 'most people who transition'
  160. [1:01 PM] chain: it depends on the state or country how bad it is
  161. [1:02 PM] Dissy: you can always move somewhere else
  162. [1:02 PM] MistyDracat: Because you don't believe when a trans woman tells you about her experiences?  Got it.
  163. [1:02 PM] Dissy: if the descrimination is really that bad and youre willing to pick yourself up by the bootstraps over it theres a way to anywhere you wanna go
  164. [1:02 PM] MistyDracat: I'm saving up to move to Ireland and I'm accepting donations.  My paypal is, thanks.
  165. [1:05 PM] Dissy: i think the only time ive donated money was for one of the 'get water to people in africa' things then the earthquake in i think it was haiti and lastly the one thing all those antifeminists did where they set up a thing to donate to a group that supports women and stuff in the middle east
  166. [1:05 PM] MistyDracat: Or you could stop trying to tell me how to live my life because that would cost you less
  167. [1:05 PM] Dissy: these words cost me nothing
  168. [1:06 PM] Dissy: and im not trying to tell you how to live your life im just giving advice
  169. [1:06 PM] MistyDracat: I'm telling you to stop.
  170. [1:06 PM] Dissy: ok then
  171. [1:08 PM] MistyDracat: "feminists don't care about women in the Middle East" is a tired old trope btw.  I literally campaigned to make rape illegal in Morocco and the law finally passed in 2013
  172. [1:09 PM] Dissy: im not saying they dont
  173. [1:09 PM] Jen the Jen: a lot of feminists do seem to care about their own petty problems tho xd
  174. [1:09 PM] Dissy: im saying they tried to get it shut down and im getting source rn
  175. [1:09 PM] MistyDracat: Some do Jen.  Like any group
  176. [1:10 PM] Jen the Jen: but it's pretty bad with modern feminism tho
  177. [1:10 PM] Jen the Jen: cough cough microaggressions
  178. [1:10 PM] chain: I think feminists are misrepresented in any news or online meme
  179. [1:11 PM] Dissy: nah there are good feminists and bad feminists
  180. [1:11 PM] Jen the Jen: egalitarianism is better tho
  181. [1:11 PM] Dissy: and the bad ones are the ones represented in mainstream media
  182. [1:11 PM] Dissy: manspreading, mansplaining, sexist air conditioning etc
  183. [1:12 PM] Jen the Jen: muh wage gap HHHHHHHxddddddd
  184. [1:12 PM] Dissy: dont lynch me but
  185. [1:12 PM] Dissy:
  186. (meme)
  187. [1:13 PM] chain: I just wanna talk to a feminist that isn't bad but all I see is the one's that people meme
  188. [1:13 PM] Dissy: yeah same here
  189. [1:13 PM] Dissy: i mean
  190. [1:13 PM] Dissy: ive gotten more in depth and factual based conversations and debates from all sides of the political spectrum in the least likely of places
  191. [1:14 PM] Dissy: 4chans /pol/ board lmao
  192. [1:15 PM] chain: I've had talk with /pol/ once
  193. [1:15 PM] MistyDracat: In at least two cities in the US a woman can be arrested and thrown in jail for walking down the street with a condom in her pocket, but a man can do that all day long with no problems.  I even know a woman who that happened to.
  194. [1:16 PM] Dissy: thats a stupid law get it changed
  195. [1:16 PM] Jen the Jen: that's just retarded wtf
  196. [1:16 PM] Dissy: like the one icecream in the back pocket law
  197. [1:16 PM] Dissy: except dumber
  198. [1:16 PM] MistyDracat: And you wouldn't believe how much I've been ignored and dismissed since transitioning including right here in this chat
  199. [1:17 PM] Dissy: depends how sensitive you are to that stuff
  200. [1:17 PM] Jen the Jen: I dont think that has anything to do with transitioning, at least not in the chat
  201. [1:18 PM] Dissy: especially if youre hypersensitive to the point where everything you disagree with is descrimination
  202. [1:18 PM] Dissy: and nah i dont descriminate against anyone except isis
  203. [1:18 PM] Dissy: not muslims, isis
  204. [1:18 PM] Dissy: just clarifying
  205. [1:18 PM] Jen the Jen: I never get dismissed or ignored by anyone so I'm pretty sure it doesnt have to do with being female
  206. [1:18 PM] Dissy: well that and people i dont like
  207. [1:19 PM] Jen the Jen: well I mean there's always a couple assholes around but overall
  208. [1:19 PM] Dissy: but i can guarantee if i dont like you it has nothing to do with your race, sex, or anything besides your character
  209. [1:19 PM] MistyDracat: Does being followed through a parking lot to my car and being asked to sock a man's cock have anything to do with transitioning?  I'm just checking because stuff like that never happened to me before
  210. [1:19 PM] Dissy: lmao
  211. [1:20 PM] Dissy: what a dik
  212. [1:20 PM] Dissy: not you, the guy
  213. [1:20 PM] Dissy: again
  214. [1:20 PM] Dissy: clarifying
  215. [1:20 PM] MistyDracat: 'lmao' I understand that's funny to you and not at all scary
  216. [1:20 PM] Jen the Jen: there are men who experience that sorta thing too so
  217. [1:20 PM] Dissy: idk the absurdness of the phrase made me blow an abnormal amount of air out of my nose(edited)
  218. [1:21 PM] MistyDracat: I lived 41 years as a male before transitioning without anything like that ever happening to me but that's okay go ahead and equivocate
  219. [1:21 PM] Dissy: whoops(edited)
  220. [1:21 PM] Jen the Jen: there are bad people from both genders, I dont see what point you're trying to make
  221. [1:22 PM] Dissy: ^
  222. [1:22 PM] MistyDracat: My point is that women are treated like shit and I should know, having a real basis of comparison and life experience as both, but you're obviously going to go on believing whatever you want to believe.
  223. [1:23 PM] Dissy: everyone is treated like shit tho
  224. [1:23 PM] Dissy: i think the only people who arent
  225. [1:23 PM] Jen the Jen: the world is shit
  226. [1:23 PM] Dissy: are the super attractive people on both sides
  227. [1:23 PM] Jen the Jen: it's not only bad for women
  228. [1:23 PM] Jen the Jen: you're making it sound like men never have to worry about anything and nobody ever treats men badly
  229. [1:24 PM] Dissy: trust me ive had a lot of shitty experiences in the last 16.5 years
  230. [1:24 PM] chain: all genders get hate from the others
  231. [1:24 PM] MistyDracat: Sorry, I forgot that people less than half my age who haven't lived a single day in their lives as a woman know better than me
  232. [1:24 PM] Dissy: all genders get hate from everyone
  233. [1:25 PM] Dissy: now whos brushing who off
  234. [1:25 PM] Jen the Jen: "oh you're younger than me so your point is invalid"
  235. [1:25 PM] chain: i mean look now there's both a women's and men's rights groups
  236. [1:25 PM] Dissy: arguing from feelings 101
  237. [1:26 PM] lurker: Oioi,
  238. [1:26 PM] lurker:
  239. 5) keep drama to a minimum
  240. [1:26 PM] lurker: Shut up
  241. [1:26 PM] Dissy: hi b
  242. [1:26 PM] lurker: You're all lucky I don't have channel overides so I can mute all three of you
  243. [1:26 PM] MistyDracat: Well, obviously this chat isn't for me so I'll be leaving
  244. [1:26 PM] lurker: That's fine
  245. [1:26 PM] lurker: If you wish to leave, leave
  246. [1:26 PM] Dissy: have a good one b
  247. [1:27 PM] lurker: But keep drama out of here
  248. [1:27 PM] MistyDracat: Hey Kayla after you've transitioned and your 'friends' have turned on you hit me up
  249. [1:27 PM] lurker: It's in the rules
  250. [1:27 PM] MistyDracat: Bye
  251. [1:27 PM] Jen the Jen: pffff
  252. [1:27 PM] Dissy: wow
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