Vance's Disgusting, Freaky, Niche Fetish

Apr 30th, 2016
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  1. You are Jeanine.
  3. And you've been hard on Vance lately.
  5. You can’t help it. “And that’s all she tried? Nothing else?” That bitch Violet was practically throwing herself at Vance when they went on that trip.
  7. “Yes!” He’s finally becoming fed up with your questioning. “You’ve never been jealous before.”
  9. “Oh, I have, but I just don’t show it.” You think back to when you first met Kat and got to know her, or to all the damned floozies that keep giving Vance those slutty looks. Especially the older women. What’s with him and older women anyway? He’s like a magnet for them.
  11. He sighs. “I don’t get it. You keep pushing me to ask Kat and Robin for a...group activity.”
  13. “Foursome.”
  15. “Yeah, that,” he scratches behind his head.
  17. “You’re such a prude,” you poke him playfully. “It’s nothing to be ashamed about. We’re all friends that trust and care about each other.”
  19. “I get that-”
  21. You perk up, “so you’ll ask?”
  23. He puts a hand up. “I didn’t say that. I just mean I understand where you’re coming from in terms of trust. I just don’t get why you’re so eager for that when Violet makes you-”
  25. “Don’t say her name.”
  27. “Okay. Okay.
  29. He’s got such an old-fashioned view of things. “It’s just, I don’t get why it’s such a big thing for you.”
  31. You roll your eyes and sigh, smiling. Any other guy would be leaping at this. “Because,” you unzip and pull open his pants, “Kat and Robin are hot! You agree, right?”
  33. He hesitates to answer.
  35. You adjust your legs to get comfy while you work him. “Relax. It’s not a trap. You can admit it. Especially about Kat. I mean, she’s a badass, sexually aggressive exhibitionist bisexual with a tight body, cool scars, like, no hangups about anything at all.” He’s hard now. You get yourself a squirt of lube and make sure to get it over his cock evenly. “And I know this sounds a little messed up, but she’s got that strong, commanding assertive attitude but with this somehow even sexier vulnerable side.” You’re stroking him faster now.
  37. He grunts. “Sounds like you've got a crush. Should I be jealous?”
  39. “Not a crush,” you start using both hands. “I just like her as a friend and admire her and her sexiness.”
  41. He makes a confused face. He doesn't really understand the difference. His face changes though as you find that one spot he likes and the perfect tempo. “What about Robin?”
  43. “Are you kidding? Robin is a tight little piece of...I mean, she’s just so adorable and cute and earnest and small. Picture this,“ you tighten your grip just a little. “You, me, and Kat, all fooling around. Nobody is insecure or weird about it because we’re all super secure with our relationships. Now, Kat and I are holding Robin up and helping her ease onto your dick. She gets a little scared, but she’s determined to push forward. You hold her hips to steady her while Kat nibbles her neck from behind and I keep you guys lined up. Slowly, achingly, she pushes down. We just get the tip in at first. She looks to Kat, who tells her she’s doing great. She looks to you and me, and say the same thing. She’s happy. She’s taking a big milestone and she has all the love and support in the world. With every second she’s able to go just a little deeper. She’s adjusting to your size. Finally, she’s able to go all the way down to the base.” You tighten your hands on his dick more. You get as firm as you can while stroking him without squeezing. “Up and down, up and down. She moans with that cute, helpless voice of hers. Kat licks where you and Robin meet while I-” You lean over and kiss Vance deeply, “while I can’t decide whose mouth I want to invade next. Robin starts losing control and bounces herself. Not too fast, of course, she’ll need more experience for that, but she loses herself in it. Kat pulls her mouth back to watch, and Robin brings herself to her first, cock-induced orgasm!”
  45. Vance grunts and you get a shot of jizz across your face. Then a second. Then a third on your shirt. The rest just flow down your hands.
  47. He sits back, exhausted. “Sorry,” he motions to your shirt and face.
  49. “Well, at least they do the laundry here.” You lick it off the back of your hand, then immediately regret it. “Ack! Gah! I forgot about the lube. It’s all mixed up on my hands.”
  51. He laughs, but you shut him up by wiping your hands on his shirt. He tickles you in retaliation, then smacks your ass when you force his hands from your ribs with your elbows.
  53. After cleaning up and getting ready for bed, you take it easy. You hope he takes you up on the foursome idea.
  55. You hope you don’t make him bored.
  59. ----A while later.-----
  63. You are Vance.
  65. You feel like you’ve been slacking lately. You haven’t made much of any progress on your training.
  67. Not that you didn’t have a good excuse for missing yesterday. Your parents are in town and so you visited them at their hotel. You, Jeanine, and Clair visited while Kat and Robin trained. You wanted to invite them along, but you don’t want to guilt them into something that would distract from their training so you decided against it.
  69. You’ve been doing everything you can to keep distractions away. Chasing off snoopy fans (and there are more than enough creepers trying to pinpoint exactly where those two are staying) making sure their clothes are washed, healthy food is at the ready, lots of little things you don’t want them to worry about. Sometimes you feel a bit like an unofficial coach. Or maybe you just imagine yourself that way. It’s nice to be needed.
  71. You’re brought out of your thoughts when Jeanine opens the front of your pants and takes you in her mouth.
  73. “What are you doing?” You regret asking the minute it comes out. She’ll have to stop to answer.
  75. “Mhmmm?” She looks up. “You looked stressed. Now come on. Sit back so I can get down on it, and let me know when you’re gonna blow.” She slaps your thigh, adjusts her knees to get into a better position and goes back to sucking.
  77. You want to ask more questions or say something, but your dick would never forgive you for it. You figure at least part of you owes him for years of neglect and turning down so many opportunities.
  79. But they wouldn’t have been the same. You probably shouldn’t feel so sappy, smelling her shampoo, watching her head bob up and down, hearing the loose slurping sound. But it matters that it’s her. You wish you were better at saying how you feel when it matters. “I love you,” doesn’t sound genuine or romantic when you feel her tongue on that sensitive spot she loves to tease.
  81. She pulls her hair back, goes all the way down to the base, and winks.
  83. “I-I’m gonna!-”
  85. She keeps the same pace, but goes harder and deeper. After your first pulse, she goes all the way down and holds it there. She makes an aggressive humming noise that you can feel.
  87. “HNNGHAHHH!” Your head goes blank. The world is a shade of white that overwhelms you with joy.
  89. And then it comes back. Your drop your heavy head down to see Jeanine wiping around her lips. She makes a proud humming noise and gives you a cocky grin. “Thank you!”” She snuggles under your arm.
  91. “I love you,” she curls up and rests her head on your stomach. She playfully moves your dick around with your finger.
  93. “I love you too.” You scratch the back of her head after she gets her hair out. You hope that sounded right. Jeanine’s dug out something in you that you weren’t sure existed. You’ve never felt so exposed and naked and so alright with it.
  95. Which is why you owe it to her to say something.
  97. “You don’t have to do that every day..”
  99. There’s a pause. She looks up. “Do what?”
  101. You lean your head towards your dick. “You know...”
  103. “But I like to.” She snuggles back in. “Why?”
  105. “I just don’t want you to feel like you need to. If you want, I can...” You move towards her pants. It’s only fair.
  107. “Wait.”
  109. You stop. “No? I mean, no pressure, but you’ve never exactly turned anything down before.”
  111. She glares.
  113. “I mean, turned anything from me down before.”
  115. She glares.
  117. “I mean. That’s not a judgement thing. You just haven’t.”
  119. “Well maybe I’m suspicious about why you said that.”
  121. “I’m just trying to be thoughtful.”
  123. “Then why didn’t you think about it before saying anything?”
  125. You know exactly how you screwed up, but have no idea how to set it right. She never gets mad at you. You’ve got to figure it out before you can move to fix it. “Why are you so mad?” Oh damn why did you say it like that?
  127. She huffs. “Because you don’t get it and I thought you did!” She pushes up. “You think I’m just desperate to keep your attention or something, don’t you?”
  129. “I didn’t say that.”
  131. “But you’re thinking it. At least, partially. I’ve had a crush on you forever and I’m just a desperate girl willing to do anything to lock you down.”
  133. You put a hand on her wrist. “Hey. That’s not fair.” Jeanine’s always been overly relaxed.
  135. She folds her arms. “Can’t you just accept that I like doing it? It makes me feel...”
  137. “Feel what?”
  139. “Needed? Useful? I don’t know. You get this dopey smile after and you actually relax for once. And that’s really all I bring to the group. Getting people to relax. I can’t train like Kat and Robin. I can’t fight like you. I’m not a psychic. I don’t really have a lot going.”
  141. “That’s not true,” you protest. “You’re really good at aura reading. You’re smart, pretty.”
  143. She smiles. “I’m not as smart as Robin or Clair, and I’m not really pretty, just stacked. But coming from you it feels nice. Still. I know that the group would be fine if I weren’t here tomorrow.”
  145. “I wouldn’t be. And you are pretty.”
  147. She blushes and smiles. “I...you don’t have to say that.”
  149. “It’s the truth..”
  151. “You...I...c’mon, man.” She’s so cute right now. She never shows this side to anyone else. You’ve never really felt this way about anyone else. You’ve liked, you’ve lusted, but you’ve never had it be strong enough to be worth much thought. You even had a small thing for Kat when you first met, but it wasn’t a big deal. Like a lot of times, it was just a small thing that your brain told you wasn’t worth pursuing. You know that that’s partly from Clair, but you suspect that maybe part of that was you too.
  153. “I mean it. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.” You scratch behind her head. It’s just the truth.
  155. She jumps on your lap and kisses you. “You just know exactly what to say, don’t you?”
  157. “I uhh... sure?”
  159. She sarcastically frowns. “Well, maybe you don’t, but you do it anyway.” She undoes her pants with one hand, and strokes you with the other. “And don’t say I don’t need to do this. This is entirely for me.” she tosses her pants and panties aside, and presses on the tip of your dick. “I need this.”
  161. “Are you s-”
  163. She puts a finger on your mouth. “Give. Me. The. Dick.”
  166. ------------------------
  169. You are Jeanine.
  171. And you’re biting your lip, then clenching your teeth as you lower yourself onto Vance. He gets up and lifts you up and down, and you cum. Just like that.
  173. You can’t help it. The real world becomes distant and you feel yourself clench hard on his bare cock. It feels so right.
  175. Besides having a huge crush on Vance forever and Vance genuinely wanting you, there’s one more thing that puts you over the edge, and that’s Vance’s size. Not his junk, although it’s definitely helpful. Not even his muscles. Just his physical size. He could be a mountain of muscles or a giant pile of lard. Either way, he makes you feel small, and you don’t get that a lot. You’re a tall, built girl. You know that when people look at you, they think you’re some sort of amazon. You’ve always been jealous of girls like Robin or Clair that get treated like delicate, fragile girls instead of treated like you. Everyone assumes you're older, more mature, more in control. And in a way, because of the expectations on you, that’s how you act.
  177. Hell, it used to be a huge creep-out factor for you. You developed early and you got a lot of uncomfortable attention from older men. You had to grow up fast. All because of the luck of the draw on genetics.
  179. You calm down and the clenching of your kegel muscles slows and weakens. Vance hasn’t cum again yet. Why would he? You literally just got him inside of you. But it’s the first insertion that always gets you.
  181. “Dude,” you high five him. “You made me cum in like the first few seconds. That’s high-five worthy.”
  183. “I didn’t really do anything.” He high fives anyway. He’d never leave someone hanging.
  185. “You’re too modest. You’ve got to be more assertive.”
  187. “Assertive,” he raises an eyebrow. Vance isn’t exactly a wuss, and he doesn’t take bullying.
  189. “You never try for what you want for yourself.” You start working up a rhythm on him again. Slowly, up and down. He holds your hips as you go. “You don’t take, you don’t ask. You just endure and
  191. “I have everything I want.”
  193. You’ve been hit on a lot in your life and heard a lot of smooth lines, but nothing works like the stuff Vance says. And he isn’t even trying. “You’re already nailing me. You can stop it.”
  195. He laughs. You smile and snort, but laughing is hard when you work your core muscles like this.
  197. “So you don’t want anything else?”
  199. He grunts. You can tell he’s really getting into it now. “I can’t say that I do.”
  201. “Come on. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll beg for it, I’ll wear a costume, I’ll call you master or daddy or whatever, we can do anal, you can record it, whatever you want.” Your face is getting flush at half of your own suggestions and the way it feels inside you as he lifts you up and down. “Anything.” Oh you hope he’s into something freaky and just scared about it. You can do freaky. “No judgement.”
  203. “You mean that?”
  205. You like the way he said that. “Anything.”
  207. He carries you to the best while still keeping himself inside of you. He gently lowers you down, then kisses you. He carefully removes what’s left of your clothes, one item at a time. His large hands don’t dare move too fast or pull your sleeves too hard. He treats you like a fragile doll.
  209. You take off what’s left of his clothes too. You only break your kissing for short, needed seconds, and no more. His tongue gently dances on yours. There’s no invasion. A subtle test here and there, but easily the gentlest yet most assertive make-out you’ve ever had.
  211. His hand runs up your outer thigh as he pushes in and out. It’s so slow. You’ve always taken the lead and gone from casual humping to speed-fucking, but never slow like this. Every thrust is an excruciating test of your will power. It’s like only having a small taste of a delicious meal when you want to gobble down the whole thing. He goes almost all the way out, and you gasp. He pushes all the way in, and it’s a journey. You stop kissing and mouthing at whatever part of him happens to be in front of you at the moment and you lock eyes.
  213. Those gentle, caring, big brown eyes.
  215. “Your eyes are so blue,” he tells you. “So beautiful.”
  217. You’re so vain that you somehow get even more turned on by him complimenting you. It has to be vanity. You want to say something back but you can’t even really vocalize how you feel. You’re probably giving him the most helpless, wanting, desperate look you have and you can’t control it.
  219. You both gently rock in your hazy love making. There’s nothing but this shared journey. It’s so intimate, so beautiful, that you want to cry. You just barely have enough presence of mind to realize that you’re probably going a bit loopy from this. It vaguely reminds you of that meditation aide someone gave you on one of your trips to the mountain retreat. You melt. His hot sweat touching your cold breast is the only thing that reminds you that reminds you that you’re two humans and not some sort of higher-ascended beings. Your hands hold his back like it’s your life-line to the real world and you’re afraid to let go.
  221. He starts pulling out. You lock your legs around him.
  223. “I’m going to-”
  225. “It’s okay,” you assure him. You’re pretty sure you’ve been on the pill long enough for it to work now.
  227. Oh what the hell, you don’t care.
  229. You’re filled with his warmth, and it puts you over.
  231. You’re laying next to him, panting. You wonder if you passed out for a second there.
  233. “I love you,” he weakly manages.
  235. You wiggle into him to snuggle. Your arm reaches over his body. “Mine.”
  237. He laughs. The power from his chest nearly sends your head back. “Yours.”
  239. You lay in the afterglow for awhile.
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