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  1. LasairFlames: wait there are chains in here?))
  2. MiyamotoTakeda: If there aren't, I have a wide selection.))
  3. IxKatherinePiercexI: well i mean XD )
  4. LasairFlames: XD im sure you do))
  5. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Hello everyone, Sorry for my rude exit eariler but im back for the moment,
  6. IxKatherinePiercexI: theres this thing )
  7. MiyamotoTakeda: I believe Winter is showing you.. but I will put all the ones I have in a row.))
  8. IxKatherinePiercexI: its okay Oj weba )
  9. LasairFlames: ooo
  10. LasairFlames: yeah i was sitting here looking and i was like wait where cause you two are known for your props)
  11. LasairFlames: and welcome back sweetie sorry that took so long X3)
  12. IxKatherinePiercexI: ( Daddy is putting something in i think )
  13. IxKatherinePiercexI: hehe nice )
  14. LasairFlames: X# very)
  15. LasairFlames: X3*
  16. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Heyyy Can i ask you a serious question please. More like realtionship advice with addsion. Lame i know But i dont really know how to go about it.
  17. MiyamotoTakeda: Here are... 5? ))
  18. MiyamotoTakeda: Sure, ask away.
  19. MiyamotoTakeda: Do you see them, Summer?
  20. IxKatherinePiercexI: oooo i like this one too heheh )
  21. LasairFlames: mhm)
  22. LasairFlames: isnt that the one thats under the table?
  23. MiyamotoTakeda: Sometimes I think this is my favourite.. but other times I can't decide.
  24. IxKatherinePiercexI: Dont get me wrong. Daddy you just turned me on being upside down hehe )
  25. LasairFlames: i thought i was the only one XD
  26. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Well, This thing with addsion has gone on for awhile, And i care very deeply for her. More than anyone at the moment. But question is How long were you with winter until you said you loved her?  If you wish this to happen later i understand, My apologies for inturrupting But your really the only one i can ask about this.
  27. MiyamotoTakeda: Hah. I'm sure me being at your whim would be all too good an opportunity to miss.
  28. LasairFlames: *she grinned* yeah i dont think we would pass that up)
  29. Guest_getjiggywithit1: You guy still havent done my dare yet have you? hahahah
  30. LasairFlames: what one?
  31. MiyamotoTakeda: Key difference. I'm sayng love in a non-commital way. Like I tell Hound I love her too. Make sure you aren't jumping into heart ache here.
  32. MiyamotoTakeda: I said it when I felt it.
  33. Guest_getjiggywithit1: the one dare where i dared Winter and Miyamoto to switch, Winter be the dom and Miyamoto be the sub. Im not sure if they have done it yet.
  34. LasairFlames: oh XD i forgot about that
  35. IxKatherinePiercexI: haha no not yet O.O )
  36. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Doooooo itttt
  37. IxKatherinePiercexI: tbh im scared to do it. Q.Q because well id get it the next day xD )
  38. LasairFlames: XD
  39. Guest_getjiggywithit1: How long is the statute of limations on a dare........
  40. MiyamotoTakeda: I'm pretty sure I'd need to consent, and I've never been Dom'd heh.
  41. IxKatherinePiercexI: mhm i just cant start Doming over him XD )
  42. LasairFlames: it would be cute to see though
  43. IxKatherinePiercexI: although it might be sexy )
  44. LasairFlames: mhm lol )
  45. MiyamotoTakeda: You'd have better luck asking a Shark to start walking on land than getting me to submit. -I chuckle.-
  46. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me crosses legs tightly )
  47. IxKatherinePiercexI: so i take it we aint going to do that Dare Daddy -giggles- )
  48. MiyamotoTakeda: But.. perhaps since it is a celebration day.. I might let you at least try.
  49. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Well Im comminted to Addsion. I care a lot, and i take i love you  in a very serious way. I only said it to Azaeal  Cause i legitley cared about her and i never said it to Dani. Im just wishing to know If im making the right decsion. And how am i suppose to present it. Like should i slip in it at the end and not make a big deal over it, or make a big presentation over it. Im so confilcted. She has been one of my only constants in m life at the moment. Other than you guys.
  50. IxKatherinePiercexI: O,..,O
  51. Guest_getjiggywithit1: hehehehe
  52. IxKatherinePiercexI: woof
  53. Guest_getjiggywithit1: your welcome Winter
  54. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me tail wiggles fast
  55. IxKatherinePiercexI: which chains sissy do u wanna go to XD )
  56. MiyamotoTakeda: Don't make a big deal out of it, be casual about it. Before she leaves kinda thing..  just a "I love you, princess" or something like that.
  57. IxKatherinePiercexI: Theres one thing ive always wanted to do though Daddy
  58. MiyamotoTakeda: Just gonna get this straight here, I'd only consent to the dare of being domme'd by you, Winter. Solo session, not gonna parade myself doing something I'm inexperienced with and likely uncomfortable.
  59. LasairFlames: hmmmm im not sure i kinda like the one that has ya hog tied for some reason....and any jokes about me being southern and hog ties and i swear imma hurt you)
  60. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Okdokie, thank you Miyamoto, Really helps.  But my probem is, And it keeps bugging me. If she does recipercate my feelings, I want her to mean it, Not say it just cause im saying  it. Does that make sense? Idk im think im making a big deal outof i when i shouldent.  But thank you Miyamoto, Ill let you know how it turns out
  61. IxKatherinePiercexI: Daddy. You know them besting Matches they have when Sexual activites are in with it to -smiles-
  62. IxKatherinePiercexI: with not when ^
  63. MiyamotoTakeda: If she says it, she means it. You told her not to lie, right?
  64. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Then Dont, let it be a solo session,  All i want is a confirm from both of you that it happened lol I dont want details.
  65. IxKatherinePiercexI: why couldnt of You said sexual Besting >_>
  66. IxKatherinePiercexI: XD
  67. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Yes i did, Rule Number one, I understand, All i have to do is trust her, Thank you
  68. MiyamotoTakeda: Yeah, like the fighting for dominance thing, where victor gets to dom the other.
  69. LasairFlames: *she nommed on a super healthy snack*
  70. IxKatherinePiercexI: well yeah sorda hehe
  71. IxKatherinePiercexI: but wouldnt be fist fighting would be sexual fighting with each other -blushes-
  72. MiyamotoTakeda: I know, that could be fun.
  73. MiyamotoTakeda: Like, start in underwear only, etc..
  74. IxKatherinePiercexI: knowing me i would submit fast
  75. IxKatherinePiercexI: XD
  76. IxKatherinePiercexI: mhm
  77. MiyamotoTakeda: I forgot what the porn brand is known as,
  78. LasairFlames: XD
  79. LasairFlames: aw come on ya gotta put up a fight sissy
  80. IxKatherinePiercexI: oh i would just i know once he starts to pound i cant help it
  81. IxKatherinePiercexI: Q.Q
  82. LasairFlames: XD
  83. IxKatherinePiercexI: hehe
  84. LasairFlames: see im hard to break in rl lol
  85. IxKatherinePiercexI: aah
  86. IxKatherinePiercexI: not me
  87. MiyamotoTakeda: Heh, don't give up too many hints.
  88. IxKatherinePiercexI: xD
  89. LasairFlames: inno why its kinda fun to watch people try
  90. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  91. IxKatherinePiercexI: meow
  92. Guest_getjiggywithit1: I assume im very easy to break, Mostly cause i have like zeroooo experince.
  93. IxKatherinePiercexI: so if i tied you up and every Day pound inside you made you cum like no one has ever made you cum before i couldnt brake you ?
  94. LasairFlames: nope
  95. IxKatherinePiercexI: well then
  96. IxKatherinePiercexI: xD
  97. LasairFlames: but that would be fun
  98. MiyamotoTakeda: I just had a really perverse thought..
  99. MiyamotoTakeda: like.. really.
  100. IxKatherinePiercexI: hehe whats that Daddy
  101. LasairFlames: oh?
  102. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me wiggles her tail
  103. LasairFlames: Zig dear it doesnt matter if youre easy to break or not *she smiled and rubbed his head* it all depends on the person whos being broken
  104. MiyamotoTakeda: You pounding her with a double ended dildo, so you're pounding yourself too.. while I pound your ass or her mouth. -I smile wickedly.-
  105. IxKatherinePiercexI: mmmmmm -growls-
  106. LasairFlames: *she grinned* oooo even more fun
  107. IxKatherinePiercexI: make it hurt Daddy -winks-
  108. LasairFlames: please do
  109. IxKatherinePiercexI: but if i would to do this -smiles- i would what a strap on that has two heads so i could pound in both of her holes at the same time
  110. LasairFlames: *she shivered and giggled* your both teases
  111. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Welll......That answeres a few questions for me muahah.  I swear i feel like a 4th wheel with you guys hahah.  Im just as perverted but i cant voice it like you guys can.
  112. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me licks her neck
  113. MiyamotoTakeda: I know right.. now its time for the follow through. Get in some chains.
  114. LasairFlames: why not dearest?
  115. IxKatherinePiercexI: awwwl ur not the 4th wheel
  116. MiyamotoTakeda: Fourth wheel is surely just more stability anyway.
  117. Guest_getjiggywithit1: im  Just im not as vocal with it :P
  118. LasairFlames: *she moved to the hog tie chains and purred, placing herself in them using her magic*
  119. LasairFlames: just let me find them lol)
  120. IxKatherinePiercexI: hehe )
  121. LasairFlames: or i found them quickly lmao)
  122. IxKatherinePiercexI: XD )
  123. LasairFlames: i swear...any southern jokes.....)
  124. MiyamotoTakeda: Zig, there are standing poses here.
  125. IxKatherinePiercexI: brb
  126. LasairFlames: be vocal Zig dear theres nothing to hide when you're here
  127. LasairFlames: tyt sissy
  128. MiyamotoTakeda: Exactly. What is the worst thing you could say?
  129. LasairFlames: thats we might be cousins and you wanna pound my sweet little pussy? *she snorted*
  130. LasairFlames: news flash dearest
  131. MiyamotoTakeda: I mean, even if you said you wanted to pound Winter, I'd probably just take it as a compliment/get some primal fury and fuck her brains out in front of you.
  132. MiyamotoTakeda: I know right.. he literally fucked you after fucking your ass with a dildo and whipping you.
  133. LasairFlames: *she nodded* i mean even if i take him in rl its not like any of us will ever look at each other like we are gross
  134. LasairFlames: we're like a real family
  135. LasairFlames: *she smiled softly at the ground*
  136. IxKatherinePiercexI: back
  137. LasairFlames: by the way Sir that is one thing he needs to work on is his roughness
  138. LasairFlames: thats something i cant teach
  139. MiyamotoTakeda: Velcome back, Winter.
  140. LasairFlames: welcome back sissy
  141. IxKatherinePiercexI: Ty Daddy
  142. IxKatherinePiercexI: Ty sissy
  143. IxKatherinePiercexI: im eating dinner
  144. MiyamotoTakeda: I'm sure I will be able to help him break that barrier..
  145. MiyamotoTakeda: I actually have a legit question for you both, actually.
  146. LasairFlames: mew?
  147. MiyamotoTakeda: Does male on male domination make the females in the room soaked?
  148. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  149. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Yes a real family that i wish i had in real life lol. My rl family isnt nearly as cool. Except my sister, she knows about my bdsm tendacies but as a dom not as a sub.  She is a sub i just recentley learned.  And ask away lol.
  150. LasairFlames: oh look a butterfly!
  151. LasairFlames: sissy you see the butterfly!?
  152. IxKatherinePiercexI: idk if im understanding this right or nto
  153. IxKatherinePiercexI: are u saying umm
  154. IxKatherinePiercexI: -blushes-
  155. LasairFlames: i see where he's going with it
  156. Guest_getjiggywithit1: wait are you asking me or winter? Im scared........
  157. MiyamotoTakeda: I'm not suggesting I dom Zig, he has issues with such which I'll respect.
  158. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Thank you Miyamoto. thats what i was worried about heh...
  159. LasairFlames: O.o
  160. MiyamotoTakeda: It's a general question.
  161. IxKatherinePiercexI: i thought u was talking about guy on guy action
  162. IxKatherinePiercexI: LOL
  163. IxKatherinePiercexI: z
  164. MiyamotoTakeda: I was
  165. LasairFlames: but even without sex yes
  166. IxKatherinePiercexI: what
  167. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  168. MiyamotoTakeda: Like a guy face fucking another forcefully.
  169. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  170. LasairFlames: jnargnjafkldhjjgkhmsmgthzyS
  171. IxKatherinePiercexI: so a guy blowing off another guy
  172. MiyamotoTakeda: Without having a choice
  173. LasairFlames: 76jyrhste6uw46yjrtgfsdasf
  174. IxKatherinePiercexI: -shakes and falls to the floor in a puddle-
  175. MiyamotoTakeda: That's how you break them.
  176. Guest_getjiggywithit1: SAME! I got scared for a second, I mean i wont say no....you know.. Cause its miyamoto. But i wont take any pleasure from it. Kinda werids me out hahah. ...Wait....facefucking? im out lol
  177. LasairFlames: the hell you are!
  178. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Pika
  179. LasairFlames: damn it
  180. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  181. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me rolls in a ball and wiggles backwards out of site-
  182. MiyamotoTakeda: -I snap my fingers.- Stay.
  183. IxKatherinePiercexI: -stays -
  184. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.o
  185. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Im down for nonsexual domming i guess. Like i said i wont take any pleasure from it. But nothing sexual. I just cant do that....Sorry.....
  186. LasairFlames: i understand dear
  187. LasairFlames: so close though....damn it....
  188. Guest_getjiggywithit1: *sighs* But if its what Miss Summer wants i can do it. I have personal problems with it, But ill get over it if its a order.
  189. MiyamotoTakeda: -I slide my hand down the back of Winters pants and mutter.- Find a skirt..
  190. LasairFlames: no
  191. LasairFlames: i wont do it if you have issues with it for your reasons
  192. LasairFlames: im not heartless i promise
  193. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me closes her eyes and moans a little to his hand- Yes Daddy as you So wish
  194. IxKatherinePiercexI: i wanna try something out XD )
  195. MiyamotoTakeda: Psst, Summer.
  196. LasairFlames: mrrow?
  197. IxKatherinePiercexI: didnt work XD)
  198. MiyamotoTakeda: Shame... we will need to...
  199. MiyamotoTakeda: WAIT.
  200. MiyamotoTakeda: There is one skirt I really love that might work with it.
  201. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Thank you Miss Summer. I know your not heartless. Ive seen your heart. And  I can explain those reasons if you wish, Ill send them in discord. You may not understand them. But they are my reasons,
  202. IxKatherinePiercexI: oh?
  203. LasairFlames: i trust you dear you dont need to explain them until you are ready to tell me ok hunny?
  204. IxKatherinePiercexI: its pretty Daddy -giggles-
  205. MiyamotoTakeda: Since he is really bothered by my cock, I could always force Miku's pussy on his mouth. -I chuckle.-
  206. LasairFlames: that'll work!
  207. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  208. IxKatherinePiercexI: meow woof
  209. LasairFlames: my phone screen just lit up for no reason....
  210. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  211. IxKatherinePiercexI: ghost
  212. MiyamotoTakeda: I'll be Charles Manson.. you all be my psychotic, sex-cult family.
  213. LasairFlames: O.O
  214. LasairFlames: time to burn the house down
  215. IxKatherinePiercexI: hahahahaha
  216. LasairFlames: XD
  217. IxKatherinePiercexI: you just became more of my Hero just now Q.Q
  218. IxKatherinePiercexI: LOL
  219. LasairFlames: me or Sir?
  220. IxKatherinePiercexI: Daddy with then Manson comment
  221. IxKatherinePiercexI: XD
  222. Guest_getjiggywithit1: that.......Sounded a little more Morbid than i wanted it too LOL. And im sure ill....I mean thats better and seems like it would be fun and im down.... But Thats kinda the same issue i have with kal..... Im sorry im so fucked up
  223. IxKatherinePiercexI: the^
  224. LasairFlames: lol
  225. Guest_getjiggywithit1: But im not saying no lol.
  226. IxKatherinePiercexI: XD
  227. MiyamotoTakeda: Not that you'd be able to.. face full of pussy.
  228. LasairFlames: that is so a maybe on the pussy Sir
  229. IxKatherinePiercexI: xD
  230. IxKatherinePiercexI: So this means we get to Play with Mommy ?
  231. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Oh shit...What did i get my self into....
  232. LasairFlames: ^^
  233. IxKatherinePiercexI: i miss Mommy too ^_-
  234. IxKatherinePiercexI: -giggles-
  235. MiyamotoTakeda: Maybe.. -I turn to Winter and slide my hands up her thighs, cupping her naked ass with both of my rough hands.- Tonight is your night... your celebration. You get to pick..
  236. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me turns blood red feeling Daddys hand slide up her thick thighs she would bite down on her lip feeling him cupping her naked little round butt rough " would it be bad if i said wanted some of Mommy first then finish with my Daddy -blushes with a giggle- OO
  237. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  238. LasairFlames: *she smiled at the two, arching her brow* would you like us to give you two some alone time?
  239. Guest_getjiggywithit1: i was thinking the same thing!
  240. Guest_getjiggywithit1: hahah
  241. IxKatherinePiercexI: -shakes head-
  242. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  243. IxKatherinePiercexI: :P
  244. IxKatherinePiercexI: xD
  245. IxKatherinePiercexI: theres a reason ur tied up sissy -giggles-
  246. LasairFlames: *she blinked as her eyes grew wide* now im really scared
  247. IxKatherinePiercexI: -winks at  her sissy-
  248. IxKatherinePiercexI: ( ohhhh i just had a really evil thought of you Sissy im going to do it XD )
  249. MiyamotoTakeda: Careful what you wish for.. she isn't as tame as I am. -I lean in and press my lips against hers, giving her a firm, manly kiss, my tongue invading her mouth as my hands begin to shrink, scratching slightly into her ass with a more wicked maliciousness, nine claws sinking an inch into each cheek as the kiss becomes more womanly, a slow swirl of my tongue brings my head back and reveals to Winter the full change.-
  250. LasairFlames: O.O oh hell....))
  251. Guest_getjiggywithit1: *i chuckle,* "  Why do i get the feeling im going to enjoy this hahahah, But you know what this is just perfect, I finnally have time to spend with addison and it gets fucked my by the family. Im getting dragged on this 3 hour walk with my brother, Is it it shameful to want to bury your brother in law in a very very shallow hole?)))
  252. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me closes her eyes and begins to kiss Daddy back deeply while breathing faster she would moan out feeling his hands begin to shrink scratching her softly on her bottob she would slowly open her eyes seeing Mommy now loving the little claws sining in an inch into her flesh she would giggle out and wiggle her tongue around hers then gently lips Mommys Lip- Mommy May i have at leaset 20 pounds of Your candles a metal pain that can hold all of them candles and melt them down -looks at Mommy with innocent eyes-
  253. MiyamotoTakeda: -I lick my lip and smile, taking a few steps to the right before sitting upon Summer's back, looking innocently at her.- Only if you help replace them.. tonight.
  254. LasairFlames: O.O
  255. IxKatherinePiercexI: Yes Mommy i will help you to replace them tonight and sissy. how are you with pin -smiles at Mommy -
  256. Guest_getjiggywithit1: (O.o.....Oh god... good luck Miss Summer.........)
  257. LasairFlames: *she yelped and wriggled against the bindings hearing the twisted list* fine with pins *she growled slightly feeling the ties werent going to give, damn her magic for being to good. she sighed and huffed glincing up at the mistress and her sister then glancing at the male she was training* Monster! dearest.....im gonna need a lot of aloe after this i have a feeling my healing magic is only gonna be able to do so much.....
  258. LasairFlames: yeah i have a feeling this is gonna be fun *she grinned* )
  259. IxKatherinePiercexI: Oh yes XD ^-^ )
  260. MiyamotoTakeda: -I start to swing my legs absentmindedly, my heels occasionally nudging at her breasts as I literally swing her like my personal swing.-
  261. LasairFlames: Miss.....am i comfy...?
  262. MiyamotoTakeda: -I turn and look down at her, a sour expression crossing my lips as if she had just broken a mirror... I open my mouth and spit into the back of her hair.-
  263. Guest_getjiggywithit1: "Ill be gad to help!, I got magic hands" * i say as  i chuckle and materlize popcorn of out no where, Offering some to the rooms Inhabitents* ( god the spelling errors)
  264. MiyamotoTakeda: -I take a piece of popcorn and eat it fondly.-
  265. LasairFlames: *she yelpped and sighed, hanging her head and watching the womans heels lightly hit her breasts as she swung them*
  266. MiyamotoTakeda: -I look over my shoulder and continue swinging back and forth slowly.- She called me Miss..  pff..
  267. LasairFlames: *she smirked* i'll do it again too if it means i keep getting the honor of any of your body fluids *she chuckled under the woman and shook her head* forgive my mistake Mistress
  268. LasairFlames: its a habit i have to break
  269. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me Winter Nods her head with an evil smile that would come acrossed her face feeling her Domanate side come out just a little hearing the answers she so wanted to hear. Winter would want to do something she had not done in a long time which brought great sexual pleasure to her. Turning around fast she makes her way to the cabnit looking over to the right she would see a big metal bucket collecting it up she would then grab at least 20 pound of candles taking her time to sniff each on of them. she would then collect 200 pin needles putting them in a small cup. seeing a paddle she would laugh out " oh this just became even better " with an evil smile she collects the big wood paddle then walks the bucket over to an open fire placing it there Winter would walk over to her sister holding the paddle and needles in her hands. Once she was there she places the items down on the floor softly taking a few steps to her sister she gently kisses her on the lips -let me know if this is to much Ill stop "moving back around her sister she would rip off her dress fast seeing her naked soft body hanging from the chains she softly rubs her nice round butt before slapping down hard and squeezing her butt cheek. she would then bend down collecting the pin needles collecting one of them out she presses the tip on her soft skin and slowly drags it a few inches then slowly Pierces her flesh with the cold needle watching the blood race to the service of her skin " 1 " she speaks out and would pull out another pin needle and repeat the same steps on her round butt " 2 " Winter closes her eyes for a moment while collecting another pin needle feeling herself become more sexually aroused by this-
  270. IxKatherinePiercexI: ( could of kept on but didnt want to eye rape )
  271. Guest_getjiggywithit1: (awwwww but eye rape is fun, I love really long posts, But dam....Nice job)
  272. MiyamotoTakeda: -I swallowed the popcorn finally and sighed down at the back of Summers head.. watching Winter kiss her softly before than beginning her needle torment.. I smiled a little wickedly and swung my legs one last time, pressing my finger to the back of the first needle and muttering.- "I think this one was a bit shallow.." -Before hopping off her back and turning to face Summer, the scent of arousal thick in the air causing my corpse to become more red over time.-
  273. LasairFlames: *she nodded kissing her sister back* you know i will *using her magic she removed her family collar and set it with her little monster, knowing her wouldn't allow anything to happen to her prized piece of clothing. her magic quickly despelling as she felt the large paddle come across her rear, her tail flicking wildly as a loud moan escaped her lips. soft mewls and purrs followed at the soft hands rubbing the now slightly tender flesh as she felt herself soaking the top of her thighs before she felt the slight pressure of the pin before it was pussed deeper by the Mistress. as her breathing picked up she counted with her sister, feeling the second one being shoved into the skin on her rear. she forced her body to stay relax to keep the treatment from hurting. she glanced back at her sister and smiled at her, her breathing uneven as she blushed, the deep red hue only covering the tops of her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, making her freckles stand out a bit more*
  274. Guest_getjiggywithit1: * i couldent help but smile as I grab the collar out of midair and gently wrapping it in a towel I retreat back couch Cushions and placing it on the couch so nothing would happen to it. Before returning to my Orginal spot*
  275. LasairFlames: Mistress...Garrett is back and addressing you....))
  276. MiyamotoTakeda: pffffffffff... tell him I'm not home.))
  277. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me Winter gently winks at her sister watching her look back at her. Still holding the Pin needle in her right hand she would moan out "3 " and forcesfully pokes her sisters round butt with it. Winter would now begin to work even faster on the pins forcing them into her sisters flesh while counting every one out. this would take up to 4 mins. Her sisters blood would now begin to drow down her sides of her butt dripping down onto the floor slowly. with an evil smile she collects the last one "200 " and Forces it inside her sisters butt again piercing her butt. The view of her rear would be covred from the needles seeing just the white tips of them mixed with a layer of blood at the base of each needle. taking a few steps back from her sisters body she would bend down and collect the wood paddle from the floor " Take a big breath and stay relaxed " she speaks out to her sister as she is bent over still. She would wait for her sister to do so. Once Summer would do that Winter would swing her arm around fast comming down hard on her sisters butt with the paddle forcing all the shallow pin needles inside her flesh at the same time forcing the little white balls to kiss her flesh. Winter shake a little then repats the same step once again coming down hard with the paddle on her rear knowing her body would jolt a little. A loud slap connection echos the room as the paddle touches her pin covered butt. Winter would then drap the blood paddle onto the floor and slowly walks around her sister looking at her work " isnt that pretty Mommy " looks over at Mommy and giggles while she moves her right hand slowly to her pink lips bitting down on her nail while moveing her right foot up standing her toes upright on the wood floor. a few moments later she would spin around in a cute way then walks over to the open fire where the bucket was on the open fire. looking inside it she would see that the candles were all melted and ready to go she would try to move it but it would be a little to heavy for her to move " Mommy can You help me with This pretty please Mommy -gives her mommy a twisted but cute look to her face-
  278. MiyamotoTakeda: -I watched with confident anticipation and smirked watching the treatment of Winters sister.. I enjoyed it very much and as the spanking with the paddle beat the pins deep into her ass I let out an all too deliciously wicked giggle.- It is very.. very pretty..  I even have an idea for later..  -I raise a coy eyebrow and crack my neck, refusing to allow the thick scent of blood turn me monsterous.. but I did allow my left hand to rest upon the pins for a moment. brushing the little white pin caps and undoubtedly sending extra sensation into her ass before nodding at Winter.- Sure, Baby.. Here. -I snap two fingers, causing a literal pair of hands of shadow to wrap around her own like a gloves, acting as a form of extra strength to allow her direct the bucket in any direction or motion. I was thrilled to see what would come next.. but in all truth I think we all knew.. my blackened eyes dilated just a little bit more as I focused.-
  279. LasairFlames: *by the time all the pins where in she was mewling and shivering, almost as if she was begging for more. she did as her sister said and screamed when the paddle hit the pins, forcing them into the skin. letting out another scream, not nearly as loud this time, when the paddle connected with the head of the pins again, she dug her claws into the palm of her hands. each hit causing her to bounce in the chains. wriggling as she felt the Mistresses hands on the pins she closed her eyes* Please MIstress...i wouldnt want you to dirty your hands with my unclean body....
  280. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me Winter giggles in a haunting but cute squill seeing Mommy's shadow hands around hers." Thank You Mommy " she purrs out in a loving tone then picks up the bucket with the help of the shadow hands. She would walk over with the big metal bucket of melted wax placing it down next to her sister she would then use the cup that once healed the pins. moving the cup inside the bucket Winter would smile with a wicked grin pouring the boild hot wax over the top of all of the pins on her sisters butt. She would wait a few moments watching the hot wax slowly melt and burn her sisters soft flesh. moving the cup back into the boiled wax she would hold the cup a few inches above her sisters body and begins to let it rain hot wax over the top of her sisters body. she would then collect another cup of hot wax and pors it again on her sisters rear but this time she would have some of the wax drip down Summers pussy lip. she would bite her lip loving the few of this sight. she would Hand the cup to Mommy and smiles wiccked- have Fun Mommy -giggles out she would then grab the paddle once again but swings it hard to each thigh leaving a big red mark on each thigh. she would then move the paddle around to her mouth spitting on the halt of it then leaning down spitting on her sisters little butt hole she would then slowly force the handle inside her sisters rear then moves her tail into her sisters Pussy thrusting it inside her roughly her tail would begin to wiggle and thrusts hard and fast inside her taking her right hand she would slap hard on her sisters buttcheks hitting the wax pin needles while thrusting the paddle inside her sisters rear slow and deep-
  281. LasairFlames: (can someone remind me not to piss her off? ) *her head shooting up quickly as she felt the first hot cup of wax drizzled over her pin covered rear, feeling the heat from the wax all the way down to the tips of the pins. letting out a scream she wriggled against the ties again before feeling the second cup on her back, the boiling wax dripping down her sides. her mind going foggy, she hardly registered the wax on her rear again until it dripped down her tender pussy, causing her to scream out. jumping at the feel of the paddl across her thighs, her brain still trying to process the pain from the wax on her sweet pussy before she felt the paddle handle being shoved into her tightest hole and slowly being fucked with it. as she dragged her brain back to reality a bit she felt her sister tail slide into her sensitive pussy roughly causing her screams to grow louder, trying to thrust back against her*
  282. IxKatherinePiercexI: ( LOL Sissy )
  283. MiyamotoTakeda: I'm gonna keep my posts pretty short so we can get through a lot ;) I wouldn't want to page rape back.))
  284. LasairFlames: sorry im just trying to work on my posts being longer  and i think Winter knows that and is trying to help ))
  285. IxKatherinePiercexI: hehe okay Mommy Sorry i just got into it Q.Q )
  286. MiyamotoTakeda: No I understand completely. I simply am going to keep mine short as I'm the tail on this chain. (if you know those terms.) Winter I'm happy for you to post long, you're the head.))
  287. MiyamotoTakeda: But if I take a long time to post, it just makes the head have to wait longer before the rest of the body/tail can start to respond.))
  288. MiyamotoTakeda: Old rp terminology.))
  289. IxKatherinePiercexI: OHHHH Gotcha LOL )
  290. LasairFlames: same))
  291. Guest_getjiggywithit1: (.....i have so much to learn.......)
  292. LasairFlames: its ok dear)
  293. IxKatherinePiercexI: ( enjoying the show Oj xD )
  294. MiyamotoTakeda: -I found myself all too fondly staring at a three quater full bucket of hot melted wax.. I could tell from the scent in the air exactly who and where the wax had come from.. and with a subtle purred snarl I roared at Winter, like a lioness full of enjoyment in the hunt. I also knew exactly how I was going to make use of this wax..  I cupped a cup full of wax before splashing it up against her breasts, turning around I filled another cup as my more thick and prominant tail slid the word "Whore" into the wax on her breasts.. I then turned around and splashed the wax aggressively into her face..allowing Winters work on her rear and pussy to take the focus on her nethers..  finally.. knowing that the wax would almost certainly blindfold her eyes shut..  I picked up the bucket of wax.. walked across to her side.. and poured it across her back, her neck, filling her hair and coating her asscheeks.. thoroughly cooking her with wax before watching it harden into a cracked glasslike surface on her wiggling body.-
  295. MiyamotoTakeda: @Zig, there are four types of group roleplay, but I will explain two of them quickly.  Tennis and Snake.))
  296. MiyamotoTakeda: Tennis is where you RP back and forth, each participant giving something back for the other to react to, most often this is in combat RP's or sexual RP's. Anything back and forth with quick actions))
  297. MiyamotoTakeda: Snake is more group based. Where there is a lead/Head who dictates what has happened for a set length of time, the body reacts to the work of the head, however many bodies there are.. and the tail finishes the head and body's work before giving the head something to start with, before giving a new line of work. Ever saw that image of a snake eating its own tail?))
  298. Guest_getjiggywithit1: *i actually have to leave this fucking walk is here, I have saved the chat og and we can discuss it when i get back My apologies)
  302. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Did everyone get kicked?))
  303. MiyamotoTakeda: No, just silly people.
  304. LasairFlames: thank you.....)
  305. Guest_getjiggywithit1: My dot is gone lol
  306. MiyamotoTakeda: No its there, its a bit higher then others though.))
  307. MiyamotoTakeda: See.))
  308. LasairFlames: well so far i fount the one that Miku was using and Zigs dot.....)
  309. Guest_getjiggywithit1: I keep finding summers dot hahaha))
  310. LasairFlames: right here zig dear
  311. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Der we go XD))
  312. LasairFlames: you have so many dots here.....)
  313. LasairFlames: there
  314. MiyamotoTakeda: There, got rid of my sitting dot.))
  315. MiyamotoTakeda: -I watch in gleeful lust as the sight of arousal and passion spills before me, I felt the adoring attention of Winter's tongue and mouth to my pussy and rolled my hips over and over again into her dedicated tongue. I chewed my lip slowly, working up my arousal until I reached a peak and pulled Summer by her horns up from Winters pussy, demanding more attention on myself as my sensative thighs shuddered.. I slid my hips forwards, delivering my ass atop Winters mouth and brought Summers mouth against my pussy, my own brand of intimidating primal urges spilling out of my lips as I commanded them.- Tongue fuck me you filthy whores... I only allow you each breath you're taking so you can use it to satisfy me..
  316. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Im so mad.......I dident save the chat before it kicked me......))
  317. IxKatherinePiercexI: back )
  318. MiyamotoTakeda: You should save each post when a new one is made. and Velcome back, Winter.))
  319. LasairFlames: i need a bandaid.....i just bit the shit out of my hand..... welcome back sissy)
  320. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Wut i do is i usually save the rps after they are done so i can save them in the notepad. then i save them under werid names. Like Rubberducky or mammoth commits genocide. XD   Are you ok????))
  321. LasairFlames: yep totally fine perfectly fine *she chuckled as she put the bandaid on* )
  322. MiyamotoTakeda: She just got a little too excited I think.))
  323. IxKatherinePiercexI: whos post is it )
  324. MiyamotoTakeda: Yours, Babygirl.))
  325. LasairFlames: >/////< maybe.....)
  326. IxKatherinePiercexI: oh Sorry posting )
  327. LasairFlames: tyt sissy ^^ ))
  328. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Your ether going to love or be extremly pissed at my next post hehhehe.................I already have it done.
  329. LasairFlames: *she arched a brow* double check and make sure theres no trigger word
  330. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Of course not! I would never do that to you. thats just awful. i may be a horriable person but i would never do that.  *double checks anyway* No theres no trigger word. lol
  331. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me Winter squills out in mommys pussy feeling herself getting close n close with each passiong moment loving her sisters tongue movements on her little pussy. She would thrusts her hips more up but then thrusts her tongue her tongue deeply inside Mommys pussy and begins to swirl her tongue around licking all sides of Mommys walls collecting her great sweet taste. She would then begin to flick her tongue in and out of her pussy wanting to please mommy she would start to growl in her sending little vibrations -
  332. IxKatherinePiercexI: i did post mine sis )
  333. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Hey Miku...... DId you want me to tell the Regulars to go to Abaddon? we are full in the Market.)
  334. Guest_getjiggywithit1: ......
  335. IxKatherinePiercexI: i think he crashed )
  336. Guest_getjiggywithit1: yeppp    did Summer talk? I missed it....My imvu is messing up))
  337. LasairFlames: nu)
  338. IxKatherinePiercexI: ----- god im sorry -_- my eyes saw soething diffrent i hope Daddys not mad at me
  339. LasairFlames: he wont be hunny im sure, it happens to all of us
  340. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Im sure He just crashed.......What do you mean you say something diffrent? Im bad at spotting the diffrence in rp posts :P))
  341. Guest_getjiggywithit1: saw*
  342. IxKatherinePiercexI: -_- no i read things backwards im dislesiea -_- _)
  343. IxKatherinePiercexI: . its why sometimes my stuff dont make sense -_- )
  344. LasairFlames: its ok sissy thats why when i said something i whispered it to you
  345. IxKatherinePiercexI: i know ty sissy Q>Q )
  346. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Exactley Why would he get mad at you for that, you cant control it.......))
  347. LasairFlames: *she smiled and kissed her sissy*
  348. IxKatherinePiercexI: true )
  349. IxKatherinePiercexI: -kisses sissy back-
  350. Guest_getjiggywithit1: DId you want to contuine and just wait for him to get back? well repost the posts,
  351. IxKatherinePiercexI: wait
  352. IxKatherinePiercexI: im going to try to repost or should i Q.Q
  353. Guest_getjiggywithit1: or* and gotcha lol
  354. LasairFlames: thats up to you sissy i would love to see what you say
  355. Guest_getjiggywithit1: He probally has to reboot his computer or something.....))
  356. IxKatherinePiercexI: okay Sissy ill read it slower and post it back >.<)
  357. Guest_getjiggywithit1: I still think it looks great.. I dont understand where your dsyelxia comes in.........))
  358. LasairFlames: i kinda wanna take a picture of all of us when he gets back X3 for my own personal pleasure )
  359. LasairFlames: read what he posted
  360. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Ahhhhhhh........To be honest i dident see that ehter...
  361. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Fuck dam it...Now i got to change my post. lol i already have it done.....I should have posted it eatlier as a add on to he last one.
  362. LasairFlames: mhm see what happens when you have your stuff ready like that?
  363. Guest_getjiggywithit1: its a hell of a lot better than Waiting 20 minutes and freezing cause i cant think of anything. I would rather have it done and waiting than you guys waiting on me.....Ya know?  And i only have to change one line. )))
  364. IxKatherinePiercexI: /me Winters tongue would only worth that much faster feeling her Mommy rolling her hips around over and over again onto her tongue while she wiggles her tongue in and out of her tasteful hole. Once she had moved away from her lip she would whimper out for a few moments then squills to mommy sitting down on her face . she would hold her breath once again as this was something that was out of her comfort zone but would still do to Please her Mommy. hearing her orders to her and her sister she would thrusts her tongue out inside Mommys butt and begins to thrusts her fast licking the inside of her rear clean
  365. IxKatherinePiercexI: ill copy and past it if Daddy comes back Q.Q )
  366. LasairFlames: same with me))
  367. LasairFlames: *she yelped as her horn was yanked on, moving her lips to the womans sweet pussy, the aroma intoxicating, hearing the order she shuddered and hungrily lapped up the Mistress' sweet juices. moaning loudly into her slit, she moved her tongue down a bit to lick at her sisters before moving back up to roughly shove it as deep as she could into the woman. moving her tongue in and out of the Mistress in tandum with the male fucking her, using the trusting motion from the male behind her, she pressed her nose to the womans clit to rub it roughly. moaning into her pussy again she used her tail to try and undo her hands and failed, whempering before she moved her tail to her sisters hole that she was ripped from and roughly shoved it into her, again matching the pace of her tongue and the male behind her*
  368. Guest_getjiggywithit1: yes that way he doesnt have to wait. Ill post mine as well))
  369. Guest_getjiggywithit1: heheh heheh heheh Dont Kill me Mommy......... annnnnd i left it as the orginal Jussssst cause))
  370. Guest_getjiggywithit1: I laugh a little on the inside as Mikus words. i hear them less and less as I spiral down deeper and deeper. Awaking parts of me that i never really knew i had. As i dig my nails into Miss Summers Leg i dawn a goofy looking grin as if a idea just hit me. I release my death grip on her her leg to gentley at first, start flicking each and every single one of the Pins. A little blood Boils to the top as i Flick them, Before rasing my hand and bringing it down on to the pins on her left butt cheeck hard Before doing the same on the other side. Driving them deeper than they already were. I grunted Serveral small noises. Not knowing how much longer i could hold out. Detirmed to make Miss Summer squeal and inturn making Winter Squeal, and then Miku. Like a Demented and perverted Chain reaction I think chuckling to my self Clearly enjoying the position i was in. Knowing this opportunity doesn't and wont come often. To have My Domme in this Situation, Knowing Full well what was going to come later. And strangely enough i was looking forward to it. Punishment or not. Its going to be fun.
  371. IxKatherinePiercexI: ( okay should we stop and just wait )
  372. LasairFlames: *she nodded* )
  373. Guest_getjiggywithit1: (yep.....Oh come on. I thought the Demented Chain reaction was funny....I was laughing for like 10 minutes hahaha))
  374. LasairFlames: lol twisted mind )
  375. IxKatherinePiercexI: xD )
  376. LasairFlames: *she rested her chin on her sisters tummy and looked up at her* ya know the view from here is great
  377. IxKatherinePiercexI: heheh yes
  378. LasairFlames: *she purred and licked her tummy and giggled*
  379. IxKatherinePiercexI: *meows fast *
  380. LasairFlames: lol
  381. Guest_getjiggywithit1: *Just sits here....awkwardly........Soooooo hows life? hows the kids?
  382. LasairFlames: that really what ya wanna talk about shoved deep inside me as we wait on the 4th party to show back up?
  383. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Yes....................? XD
  384. LasairFlames: XD
  385. IxKatherinePiercexI: O.O
  386. Guest_getjiggywithit1: Sooooo any bets on what happened? Im betting a run away rhino got him. thats my story and im sticking to it
  387. LasairFlames: hmmmmm rebooting computer and had to do something in rl
  388. Guest_getjiggywithit1: I do hope he comes back soon.......
  389. Guest_getjiggywithit1: sooooo is it safe to say he isnt coming back.......... we have been stuck in this positen for hours........
  390. Guest_getjiggywithit1: not that im complaing hahaha
  391. LasairFlames: *she mewled and used her tail to pint at the ties holding her up* she might have fallen asleep on us too.....
  392. LasairFlames: point*
  393. Guest_getjiggywithit1: possiably.........want me to get you down? youll fall right into her.....you know.....might actually wake her up XD
  394. LasairFlames: yes please but try not to wake her
  395. Guest_getjiggywithit1: OKdokie. hey dont look in the market. for myris saftey dont
  396. Guest_getjiggywithit1: * grab Mommy with one hand using my tail to help support my self, as i unlock her restraints she falls. While im stll inside her, I wrap my tail around her keeping her in one place before moving her to the couches. and falling ontop of her Snuggling her before Pulling out. Annnnnd she is still snoring,
  397. LasairFlames: *she yelped as she looked back at all the pins in her ass* well looks like im in for a long road of pain
  398. Guest_getjiggywithit1: AHhH Im sorry, i forgot all about those. I can help remove them Mommy, Might hurt tho.....
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