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In-game as fetch with fruit&Arch

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  1. FetchCat: higgenz!
  2. Arch Nemesis: hey Fetch
  3. Arch Nemesis: Dis is ma prop keel surver in all her glory.
  5. FetchCat: I chalange higgenz
  6. Arch Nemesis: You'll have to give me time to set it all up
  7. Arch Nemesis: I got it like 10 minutes ago
  8. FetchCat: nps
  9. Arch Nemesis: I'm still definitely going to train you later.
  10. FetchCat: sweet
  11. Arch Nemesis: Gonna change maps
  12. FetchCat: nps
  13. robotturkey earned the achievement Play Multiplayer
  15. Arch Nemesis: NOW FUCK OFF
  16. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: !ban robot 0 :3
  17. Player robotturkey left the game (Kicked by Arch Nemesis(STEAM_0:0:38755695) (Banned permanently:)
  18. (Someone) banned robotturkey permanently (:3)
  19. Arch Nemesis: Well, I laughed. at least
  20. Hello earned the achievement Play Multiplayer
  22. Arch Nemesis: NOW FUCK OFF
  23. Arch Nemesis: !ban hello 0 gtfo
  24. (Someone) banned Hello permanently (gtfo)
  25. Arch Nemesis: No one else is going to laugh/
  26. Arch Nemesis: ?
  27. Fruit Juice: hm?
  28. Arch Nemesis: I'm so funneh
  29. Fruit Juice: oh lol
  30. Fruit Juice: gj
  31. | PoKi | HiggenZ: dis the new guy
  32. Arch Nemesis: just steamed you
  33. Arch Nemesis: Yes
  34. Arch Nemesis: and scroll up through chat
  35. | PoKi | HiggenZ: TAKE THAT NEW GUY
  36. Arch Nemesis: So you can read how funny I am
  37. Fruit Juice: oh hey, noclip
  38. Fruit Juice: for pros only
  39. Player Captain Swaggerpants left the game (Kicked by Arch Nemesis(STEAM_0:0:38755695) (Banned perma
  40. (Someone) banned Captain Swaggerpants permanently (because)
  41. Arch Nemesis: I've got to get CSS installed
  42. *DEAD* | PoKi | HiggenZ: /buyhealth
  43. *DEAD* | PoKi | HiggenZ: /buyhealth
  44. *DEAD* | PoKi | HiggenZ: /buyhealth
  45. *DEAD* | PoKi | HiggenZ: FUCK
  46. Fruit Juice: dood wat
  47. Arch Nemesis: I'll brb
  48. Arch Nemesis: dropping a mate off at their house
  49. (Someone) added | PoKi | HiggenZ to group superadmin
  50. (Someone) added Fruit Juice to group admin
  51. Fruit Juice: :D
  52. Arch Nemesis: Fetch, after I train you properly
  53. Arch Nemesis: And you stick with prop killing
  54. Arch Nemesis: I'll give you admin
  55. Arch Nemesis: BBL
  56. FetchCat: Sweet
  57. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: hax
  58. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: hai fetchcat :U
  59. FetchCat: Hia
  60. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: oh
  61. FetchCat: what
  62. FetchCat: why my ping so high
  63. Fruit Juice: A master hacker must be ddossing you :O
  64. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: :U
  65. Fruit Juice: YES
  66. FetchCat: !
  67. Fruit Juice: :U
  68. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: lol
  69. FetchCat: lol
  70. *DEAD* FetchCat: oh wow
  71. Fruit Juice: :U
  72. FetchCat: LOL
  73. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: hax
  74. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: lol
  75. (Someone) kicked McNiggets (out)
  76. Player Fredthebrick left the game (Kicked by Fruit Juice(STEAM_0:0:36602422) (out))
  77. (Someone) kicked Fredthebrick (out)
  78. Player Benthehobo left the game (Kicked by Fruit Juice(STEAM_0:0:36602422) (out))
  79. (Someone) kicked Benthehobo (out)
  80. Fruit Juice: :D
  81. FetchCat: lol
  82. Fruit Juice: i am the ad man
  83. Fredthebrick: D:
  84. Fruit Juice: because i felt like it
  85. Fredthebrick: Why the kick?
  86. Player robotchicken left the game (robotchicken timed out)
  87. Fruit Juice: I'm filling in for arch
  88. Fruit Juice: who would have banned you
  89. FetchCat: ima call that slingshot lol
  90. Fruit Juice: What is it
  91. FetchCat: when you surf forward and then shoot
  92. FetchCat: feels like a sling shot xD
  93. Fruit Juice: lol
  94. Player Benthehobo left the game (Kicked by Fruit Juice(STEAM_0:0:36602422) (Banned permanently: )
  95. (Someone) banned Benthehobo permanently
  96. Fruit Juice: tough love
  97. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: kkback
  98. Player SlimShady left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  99. (Someone) granted god mode upon Everyone
  100. Arch Nemesis: Oh now. D:
  101. Arch Nemesis: -w
  102. Server cvar 'sbox_maxprops' changed to 6
  103. Fruit Juice: sticktoground pls
  104. Arch Nemesis: I'll add that to .cfg later
  105. Arch Nemesis: Still need to do some shit
  106. Fruit Juice: kk
  107. (Someone) muted $T/\LK3R_$t3alth
  108. Arch Nemesis: Got to restart server for CSS
  109. Arch Nemesis: Will be doing that in a sec
  110. Fruit Juice: kk
  111. FetchCat: ok
  112. *DEAD* Fredthebrick: Smoke, propkill ring a bell?
  113. FetchCat: its letting me spawn
  114. FetchCat: cs stuff
  115. Fruit Juice: TABLES to 10!!!!!!one!!!!!!
  116. Fruit Juice: hueheueueuguh
  117. Welcome to MonumentalGamingAU.net - Prop Kill Server! We're playing gm_flatgrass.
  118. [UTime]Welcome back FetchCat, you last played on this server 02/17/13 20:12:33
  119. Actionpo: Can you unban chicken?
  120. Actionpo: he wont be annoying
  121. Actionpo: he is stupid
  122. Player DrTardis1 left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  123. (Someone) unbanned steamid STEAM_0:1:42852072 (Chicken joe)
  124. Actionpo: Thanks alot
  125. Chicken joe: thanks
  126. Chalvrek: wow
  127. (Someone) changed the map to rp_downtown_v2 with gamemode base
  128. Welcome to CSS Server! We're playing rp_downtown_v2.
  129. [UTime]Welcome back FetchCat, you last played on this server 02/17/13 20:53:44
  130. Unknown Command: 'gm_spawn'
  131. Unknown Command: 'gm_spawn'
  132. Unknown Command: 'gm_spawn'
  133. Unknown Command: 'gm_spawn'
  134. Unknown Command: 'gm_spawn'
  135. Unknown Command: 'gm_spawn'
  136. Unknown Command: 'gm_spawn'
  137. Unknown Command: 'gm_spawn'
  138. Welcome to Arch Nemesis is so cool! We're playing gm_flatgrass.
  139. [UTime]Welcome back FetchCat, you last played on this server 02/17/13 20:57:32
  140. Welcome to Arch Nemesis is so cool! We're playing gm_flatgrass.
  141. [UTime]Welcome back FetchCat, you last played on this server 02/17/13 21:01:46
  142. Welcome to Arch Nemesis is so cool! We're playing gm_flatgrass.
  143. [UTime]Welcome back FetchCat, you last played on this server 02/17/13 21:03:31
  144. Welcome to Arch Nemesis is so cool! We're playing gm_flatgrass.
  145. [UTime]Welcome back FetchCat, you last played on this server 02/17/13 21:04:41
  146. Arch Nemesis: I can't believe you guys joined a server titled Arch Nemesis is so cool
  147. (Someone) changed the map to rp_downtown_v2 with gamemode deathzone
  148. Welcome to Arch Nemesis is so cool! We're playing rp_downtown_v2.
  149. [UTime]Welcome back FetchCat, you last played on this server 02/17/13 21:06:11
  150. FetchCat has joined team Deathmatch!
  151. Arch Nemesis: I've got 0 idea why I have such high ping
  152. FetchCat: would hate that
  153. Arch Nemesis: Anyway, I can still train you
  154. FetchCat: sick
  155. Arch Nemesis: Have you got a defence prop yet?
  156. Arch Nemesis: K good
  157. Arch Nemesis: Falco's?
  158. Arch Nemesis: Good
  159. Arch Nemesis: How well can you prop surf?
  160. Arch Nemesis: Like
  161. Arch Nemesis: Launch yourself on top of this building
  162. Arch Nemesis: Of course I can't do it with this much latency
  163. FetchCat: yea figured xD
  164. Arch Nemesis: Hmmm
  165. FetchCat: oh yes how I do love no fall damage
  166. Arch Nemesis: Fark 700 ping
  167. Arch Nemesis: I think my brother is torrenting something
  168. FetchCat: I think I got the hang of that
  169. Arch Nemesis: Ish
  170. Arch Nemesis: You need to remove your prop
  171. Arch Nemesis: and try to bounce instead of surf
  172. Arch Nemesis: lol 800 ping
  173. FetchCat: ah right
  174. Arch Nemesis: I'm going to go punch out my brother
  175. Arch Nemesis: brb
  176. Arch Nemesis: Ah k
  177. Arch Nemesis: Getting DoS'd
  178. FetchCat: dw i'm joining you in the lag fest
  179. FetchCat: ok its going down
  180. Arch Nemesis: BRB a sec
  181. FetchCat: sure
  182. Arch Nemesis: I have 0 idea what's causing me lag
  183. FetchCat: looks a bit better
  184. Arch Nemesis: Gonna restart modem
  185. FetchCat: nps
  186. FetchCat: <3
  187. Arch Nemesis: aAAAAAND
  188. Arch Nemesis: ~ 100 PING
  189. Arch Nemesis: /buyhealth
  190. Arch Nemesis: gO ME
  191. FetchCat: YAY!
  192. Arch Nemesis: But my FPs on the other hand
  193. Arch Nemesis: 6
  194. FetchCat: aha
  195. Arch Nemesis: Fark
  196. Arch Nemesis: Alright
  197. Arch Nemesis: I'm good now
  198. Arch Nemesis: I think
  199. Arch Nemesis: Alright, prop kill me
  200. Arch Nemesis: I want to see your technique
  202. ~Slaps arch out of the air~
  204. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Okay
  205. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: You're not new to this
  206. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Who are you?
  207. FetchCat: what
  208. Arch Nemesis: You just did a perfect middie
  209. FetchCat: :3
  210. FetchCat: mid air shot?
  211. Arch Nemesis: Yeah
  212. Arch Nemesis: What's your wheelspeed set to?
  213. FetchCat: 50
  214. Arch Nemesis: Hmmm
  215. Arch Nemesis: You can't be this good already
  216. Arch Nemesis: It's like having the perfect student
  217. FetchCat: ive been praticing alot
  218. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  219. FetchCat: vsed derp
  220. Arch Nemesis: Mmkay
  221. Arch Nemesis: Alright, I'll fight back a bit now
  222. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Good spawning distance
  223. FetchCat: LOL
  224. FetchCat: what a cool voice
  225. Arch Nemesis: It's the one from Quake
  226. FetchCat: ah right
  227. Arch Nemesis: I want you to practice a bit of defence
  228. Arch Nemesis: Come over here
  229. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Or do that
  230. FetchCat: woops
  231. Arch Nemesis: I'm going to fly around the corner
  232. Arch Nemesis: I want you to use your canal bars
  233. Arch Nemesis: Block my props as best you can
  234. *DEAD* FetchCat: what
  235. Arch Nemesis: Good work
  236. FetchCat: you like spawned it inside of my defence
  237. FetchCat: lol
  238. Arch Nemesis: I'll teach you that one in a bit
  239. Arch Nemesis: Fight me to 15
  240. FetchCat: ok
  241. Arch Nemesis: Go whenever you like
  242. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Actually, let me change comps
  243. FetchCat: nps
  244. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: This one is too annoying to prop kill on
  245. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: BRB
  246. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  247. Arch Nemesis has joined team Deathmatch!
  248. Player Arch Nemesis left the game ("Too many Lua Errors! Sorry!")
  249. Arch Nemesis has joined team Deathmatch!
  250. Arch Nemesis: Hmm
  251. Arch Nemesis: lagging quite a bit
  252. Arch Nemesis: well
  253. Arch Nemesis: ish
  254. Arch Nemesis: Anyway
  255. Arch Nemesis: Fight me to 15
  256. Arch Nemesis: go when ready
  257. *DEAD* FetchCat: ouch
  258. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Nice
  259. FetchCat: lol
  260. FetchCat: I need help spidering
  261. Arch Nemesis: Yeah, I'm just getting a feel of how you go in combat
  262. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: That's 15
  263. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Yay you
  264. FetchCat: Yay me! lol, would of been more ssatisfying if you tryed xD
  265. Arch Nemesis: Na, then it would have been like
  266. Arch Nemesis: 15-2
  267. Arch Nemesis: my way
  268. FetchCat: lol yea true
  269. Arch Nemesis: As for spidering
  270. Arch Nemesis: It's quite basic
  271. Arch Nemesis: You're just using your sawblade prop to boost
  272. FetchCat: I cant do it as fast as everyone else
  273. Arch Nemesis: After lifting yourself up in the air with it
  274. Arch Nemesis: Practice
  275. Arch Nemesis: You've been at this for like
  276. Arch Nemesis: 2 days
  277. Arch Nemesis: That's all you want to do
  278. Arch Nemesis: Just int he air
  279. Arch Nemesis: And it's recommended not to use falco_180 to do it
  280. FetchCat: so pratice without using rotate?
  281. Arch Nemesis: Yeah
  282. FetchCat: I dip down when I do it
  283. FetchCat: oh i need to turn around
  284. Arch Nemesis: Still waiting on my ping to settle down
  285. FetchCat: nps
  286. Arch Nemesis: Alright, let's just prop kill each other a bit more
  287. Arch Nemesis: I'll only use lockers
  288. FetchCat: LOL
  289. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Fuck sakes
  290. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: 600 ping
  291. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: I need to restart my router again by the looks of it
  292. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: BRB
  293. FetchCat: nps
  294. FetchCat: WOW
  295. FetchCat: AHAHAHAHHA
  296. Arch Nemesis: Wow this sucks
  297. Arch Nemesis: I'll have to use gate_large as well
  298. *DEAD* FetchCat: -,-
  299. *DEAD* FetchCat: lol
  300. FetchCat: pulled it back and hitmyself
  301. FetchCat: fuck I suck at sliding them
  302. Arch Nemesis: practice
  303. *DEAD* FetchCat: nice shot
  304. Arch Nemesis: TY
  305. Arch Nemesis: But they're always nice shots with me. :o
  306. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  307. Arch Nemesis: Come here
  308. Arch Nemesis: Put down your defence prop
  309. Arch Nemesis: I'll show you a trick
  310. Arch Nemesis: You spawn the prop on their prop and push it through
  311. Arch Nemesis: as quick as you can
  312. FetchCat: lol thats cool
  313. Arch Nemesis: Yeah
  314. Arch Nemesis: Probably my favourite trick
  315. Arch Nemesis: lol
  316. *DEAD* FetchCat: FUCK
  317. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: This is GetSUm
  318. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: He's really shit
  319. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: So bad
  320. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: 0/10
  321. FetchCat: didnt you say he was 2nd best
  322. Arch Nemesis: He is
  323. Yes Ma'am has joined team Deathmatch!
  324. Yes Ma'am: Yes
  325. Yes Ma'am: Terrible
  326. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Have you got 180 binded?
  327. Arch Nemesis: just 180
  328. Arch Nemesis: not 180 up
  329. FetchCat: 180up
  330. FetchCat: only that
  331. Arch Nemesis: Okay
  332. Arch Nemesis: Is your mouse a gaming mouse?
  333. FetchCat: yea
  334. Arch Nemesis: With things like mouse4
  335. Arch Nemesis: mouse5
  336. FetchCat: yea
  337. Arch Nemesis: I'd recommend binding falco_180 to mouse4
  338. Arch Nemesis: It's what I've got it on
  339. Yes Ma'am: What mouse are you using?
  340. FetchCat: razer one
  341. Arch Nemesis: That's like the Alienware of computer accessories
  342. Arch Nemesis: Logitech bby
  343. FetchCat: lag
  344. FetchCat: 700 ping
  345. Console: Logitech mouses are awesome
  346. Arch Nemesis: Got any family members?
  347. Arch Nemesis: Maybe torrenting?
  348. Innocent Pedobear has joined team Red!
  349. FetchCat: sister mabye
  350. Arch Nemesis: I don't know if you've heard GetSum, but this is a student with huge potentiol
  352. ~\/ Already told getsum \/~
  354. *DEAD* Yes Ma'am: Sounds like fun
  355. Arch Nemesis: He has the accuracy of ADTR 2 days in
  356. Innocent Pedobear has joined team Deathmatch!
  357. Yes Ma'am: Thats pretty cool\
  358. Arch Nemesis: Oh cool, your latency has dropped
  359. FetchCat: I CHALANGE GETSUM
  360. Arch Nemesis: Na, don't.
  361. Arch Nemesis: You'll win
  362. Arch Nemesis: Waste of time
  363. FetchCat: true
  364. Yes Ma'am: Indeed.
  365. Arch Nemesis: But yeah, I've got to change batteries anyway
  366. Arch Nemesis: So I'll BRB
  367. Arch Nemesis: Fight to 15 or somethingw
  368. FetchCat: ill mess around here
  369. Player Innocent Pedobear left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  370. Player Arch Nemesis left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  371. *DEAD* FetchCat: FUCK DIDNT PUSH
  372. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  373. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  374. Capital H has joined team Deathmatch!
  375. Player Capital H left the game (Capital H timed out)
  376. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  377. Player Yes Ma'am left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  378. Arch Nemesis has joined team Deathmatch!
  379. Arch Nemesis: kback
  380. Arch Nemesis: but my mouse has shit itself
  381. Yes Ma'am has joined team Deathmatch!
  382. Yes Ma'am: Got your self a good find
  383. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  384. FetchCat: changing from bracket
  385. FetchCat: not very good
  386. Arch Nemesis: Yeah, me too.
  387. Arch Nemesis: It used to be good.
  388. Arch Nemesis: Really good.
  389. Arch Nemesis: Or I was just blinded by The Grump saying it was good
  390. Arch Nemesis: I used this prop for a while
  391. Arch Nemesis: sec
  392. Player Arch Nemesis left the game ("Too many Lua Errors! Sorry!")
  393. FetchCat: what prop do use for spider getsum
  394. *DEAD* Yes Ma'am: models/props_junk/sawblade001a.mdl
  395. *DEAD* Yes Ma'am: And
  396. *DEAD* Yes Ma'am: models/mechanics/wheels/wheel_speed_72.mdl
  397. *DEAD* Yes Ma'am: Take your pick
  398. FetchCat: ty
  399. Arch Nemesis has joined team Deathmatch!
  400. Arch Nemesis: k
  401. Arch Nemesis: not that prop
  402. Arch Nemesis: Anyway, it was a toilet
  403. Arch Nemesis: It was completely useless
  404. Arch Nemesis: Weighed like 4 times the fridge
  405. Arch Nemesis: didn't send me flying far
  406. Arch Nemesis: But it was funny as fuck killing people with it
  407. Arch Nemesis: Then laughing at them from dying by a toilet
  408. •cC• has joined team Deathmatch!
  409. FetchCat: is he a propkiller?
  410. Arch Nemesis: Barely
  411. Arch Nemesis: He does surf a touch though
  412. •cC•: hello
  413. Capital H has joined team Deathmatch!
  414. Arch Nemesis: Seems like my mouse doesn't feel like working whatsoever
  415. Yes Ma'am: Yowdy
  416. Capital H: Howdy guys
  417. Yes Ma'am: Wierd for a logitech.
  418. Arch Nemesis: Yeah, this one is broken though.
  419. Arch Nemesis: Well partially.
  420. Arch Nemesis: My cat started chewing on the cable
  421. Arch Nemesis: And I've lost the wireless thingymabob
  422. Capital H: SHit
  423. Yes Ma'am: BAHAHa
  424. Capital H: Sorry
  425. Capital H: Spawn kill :3
  426. Yes Ma'am: That was awesome
  427. Arch Nemesis: BRB
  428. Yes Ma'am: Shit happens
  429. •cC•: :3
  430. Arch Nemesis: Got me some McDonalds
  432. FetchCat: I want to fight Cc!
  433. Arch Nemesis: Then do that.
  434. •cC•: i suck it would be one sided
  435. Yes Ma'am: Thats a good attitude to have though
  436. Arch Nemesis: Hmm
  437. Capital H: USELESS CUNT
  438. FetchCat: anyone else new like me?
  439. Yes Ma'am: If you want to get better.
  440. Capital H: Woopds
  441. Capital H: binds :3
  442. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  443. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  444. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  445. Yes Ma'am: I used to have one for "I'm new, please go easy."
  446. Capital H: Can you bind a key, to set all your binds :3?
  447. Arch Nemesis: I forgot the panel login for the server
  448. *DEAD* FetchCat: ill fight this guy
  449. Arch Nemesis: And It's on my other comp
  450. *DEAD* FetchCat: Captain H
  451. Capital H: CAPITAL
  452. Arch Nemesis: So, no noclip.
  453. Capital H: l2 fucking read.
  454. Arch Nemesis: Shut up Captain
  455. FetchCat: Come on captain lets do it
  456. Capital H: HANG ON
  457. Capital H: no binds aty all atm
  458. Yes Ma'am: bind f9 "bind f gm_spawn mode
  459. Yes Ma'am: Wut.
  460. Arch Nemesis: Wut
  461. Yes Ma'am: Chat system is fucked
  462. Arch Nemesis: Fight GetSum
  463. Yes Ma'am: WABNNA FIGHJT
  464. Arch Nemesis: Oh, did you use a semicolon?
  465. Yes Ma'am: FIGHTM E
  466. Yes Ma'am: Yes.
  467. Arch Nemesis: That's always been an issue with gmod
  468. Arch Nemesis: so just say SEMICOLON instead
  469. Yes Ma'am: :
  470. Arch Nemesis: Fight GetSum, he'll only use lockers
  471. Yes Ma'am: I'll do whatever
  472. Capital H: And still hurt your anus.
  473. Arch Nemesis: Don't feel bad if you lose Fetch
  474. Arch Nemesis: You're a lot better than most prop killers and you're only 2 days in.
  475. Arch Nemesis: well
  476. Arch Nemesis: not most
  477. Arch Nemesis: Some
  478. FetchCat: captain
  479. FetchCat: im fighting some one
  480. FetchCat: go away
  481. Yes Ma'am: Incredibly better.
  482. FetchCat: can we start
  483. Arch Nemesis: I was minging an RP server when I came across him
  484. Arch Nemesis: He threw a washingmachine
  485. Arch Nemesis: But not like normal
  486. Arch Nemesis: He actually hit the cunt
  487. Arch Nemesis: Let go of the prop
  488. Arch Nemesis: WIth amazing accuracy
  489. Arch Nemesis: Amazing being a subjective therm
  490. Arch Nemesis: So I spoke to him
  491. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  492. Arch Nemesis: Checked his profile
  493. Arch Nemesis: He had like 2.2 hours on gmod
  494. Arch Nemesis: So at first I thought he was just someone's alt there to troll me
  495. Arch Nemesis: Gave him the gate_large bind
  496. Arch Nemesis: And agreed to teach him
  497. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  498. Arch Nemesis: He's gonna be the next HiggenZ, I can feel it.
  499. Arch Nemesis: Didn't you say you lived in perth as well Fetch?
  500. FetchCat: I dont think ill get that good
  501. Arch Nemesis: That's not the attitude.
  502. Arch Nemesis: I don't think you understand how much better you are than what people expect from 2 day old prop killers.
  503. *DEAD* FetchCat: I watched his video :3 he was doing like huge mid air shots
  504. Arch Nemesis: His 3K hours + practice helped with that.
  505. FetchCat: ah lol
  506. FetchCat: needs to get a life
  507. Arch Nemesis: na
  508. Yes Ma'am: lold
  509. Player •cC• left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  510. *DEAD* FetchCat: fuwk sake
  511. *DEAD* FetchCat: its like lighning lockers
  512. *DEAD* FetchCat: t
  513. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  514. FetchCat: hhahhaha
  515. FetchCat: hahahhahaha
  516. FetchCat: hahahhaha
  517. *DEAD* FetchCat: ahahahha
  518. *DEAD* FetchCat: :(
  519. *DEAD* FetchCat: captain Ill vs you
  520. *DEAD* Capital H: I wont
  521. *DEAD* Capital H: I dont have binds yet
  522. FetchCat: Pussy
  523. *DEAD* Capital H: Call me what you will
  524. Arch Nemesis: Don't be a cunt.
  525. Arch Nemesis: He doesn't have binds
  526. FetchCat: was more sarcasm
  527. FetchCat: sorry
  528. Capital H: Non Taken :)
  529. *DEAD* Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  530. Yes Ma'am: /buyhealth
  531. FetchCat: what do I use falco_180 for
  532. Capital H: booster
  533. *DEAD* Capital H: ns
  534. Yes Ma'am: bahahah
  535. Yes Ma'am: Didn't see that coming
  536. FetchCat: you do have bind captain!
  537. Capital H: I do know
  538. Capital H: noW*
  539. FetchCat: want to fight?
  540. Capital H: MKay..
  541. Arch Nemesis: Fark man, I really want to prop kill
  542. Arch Nemesis: I rarely can now adays
  543. Arch Nemesis: But my fucking mouse
  544. FetchCat: first to 15
  545. FetchCat: ?
  546. Capital H: hmm oaky
  547. Capital H: 15-1 no dobt xzd
  548. Capital H: xD*
  549. Capital H: Ready/
  550. FetchCat: ready
  551. Yes Ma'am: Need a counter?
  552. Yes Ma'am: Whats the score?
  553. *DEAD* Capital H: dml
  554. FetchCat: 4-1
  555. Capital H: 5 - 1
  556. Yes Ma'am: 4-2
  557. Capital H: hang on 1 sec
  558. Capital H: I dont think wheelspeed doen
  559. Capital H: okay good now
  560. Yes Ma'am:  5-2
  561. Yes Ma'am: 6-2
  562. Capital H: fmlm
  563. Yes Ma'am: 7-2
  564. Yes Ma'am: 8-2
  565. Yes Ma'am: 9-2
  566. Yes Ma'am: 10-2
  567. Yes Ma'am: 11-2
  568. Yes Ma'am: 12-2
  569. Yes Ma'am: 13-2
  570. Yes Ma'am: 13-3
  571. Yes Ma'am: 13-4
  572. *DEAD* FetchCat: nice shot
  573. Capital H: OMG its fruit!
  574. Yes Ma'am: 14-4
  575. Arch Nemesis: I don't see how that's deserving of an OMG
  576. *DEAD* Capital H: Good game
  577. Yes Ma'am: 15-4
  578. Yes Ma'am: gg
  579. FetchCat: gg
  580. Arch Nemesis: MY FUCKING MOUSE
  581. Arch Nemesis: MY GOD
  582. Fruit Juice has joined team Deathmatch!
  583. FetchCat: want to have a fight fruit
  584. Arch Nemesis: I'm not using an office mouse
  585. FetchCat: fruit want to fight
  586. Fruit Juice: k
  587. Arch Nemesis: Na
  588. Arch Nemesis: I'm low on battery
  589. Arch Nemesis: Fight when I have to go
  590. Arch Nemesis: swap batteries
  591. Arch Nemesis: Just allvall for the time being
  592. Fruit Juice: Ima leave soon
  593. Fruit Juice: so it has to be soon
  594. FetchCat: ok
  595. FetchCat: to 15?
  596. Fruit Juice: gimme a minute
  597. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: lmfao
  598. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: This mouse is so bad
  599. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  600. Capital H: Try using a stock stanard Office microsoft mouse -.-
  601. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: I'm using one that's worse
  602. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: I'd link you a picture if I could be bothered
  603. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: It's smaller than the palm of your hand
  604. Arch Nemesis: Assuming you're not a midget
  605. Player Yes Ma'am left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  606. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Nice middie
  607. *DEAD* FetchCat: thanks
  608. *DEAD* FetchCat: was aiming for fruit tho xD
  609. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: :U
  610. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Alright, you guys can fight
  611. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: First to 15
  612. *DEAD* FetchCat: ok
  613. Arch Nemesis: Starts now
  614. Arch Nemesis: I'll count
  615. *DEAD* FetchCat: im ready
  616. Arch Nemesis: Anyone else lagging?
  617. Fruit Juice: oki
  618. Fruit Juice: no
  619. Arch Nemesis: Mmkay good
  620. Arch Nemesis: 1-0
  621. Arch Nemesis: 2-0
  622. Player Capital H left the game (Capital H timed out)
  623. Arch Nemesis: 3-1
  624. Arch Nemesis: 3-2
  625. Arch Nemesis: 4-2
  626. *DEAD* FetchCat: jesus
  627. Arch Nemesis: 5-2
  628. Arch Nemesis: 5-3
  629. Arch Nemesis: 6-3
  630. Arch Nemesis: 7-4
  631. Arch Nemesis: 8-4
  632. *DEAD* FetchCat: nice shot
  633. Arch Nemesis: 8-5
  634. Arch Nemesis: :U
  635. Arch Nemesis: 806
  636. Arch Nemesis: 9-6
  637. Arch Nemesis: 10-6
  638. Arch Nemesis: 11-7
  639. Arch Nemesis: 12-7
  640. Arch Nemesis: 13-7
  641. *DEAD* FetchCat: fuck
  642. Arch Nemesis: 13-8
  643. Arch Nemesis: 14-8
  644. Arch Nemesis: 14-9
  645. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: :O
  646. Arch Nemesis: 15-9
  647. Arch Nemesis: ermager
  648. *DEAD* FetchCat: lol forgot to move
  649. Arch Nemesis: You don't know how proud I am right now
  650. Fruit Juice: lol gg
  651. Arch Nemesis: 2 days in to prop killing
  652. Arch Nemesis: 15-9 someone who is basically equal to me
  653. FetchCat: WHAT
  654. Fruit Juice: Yeah thats a bit ridiculous
  655. FetchCat: you 2 are equal
  656. Arch Nemesis: My student is going to be the next HiggenZ.
  657. Arch Nemesis: Well
  658. Arch Nemesis: One of us is better
  659. Arch Nemesis: But we've never had an official match to sort it ouy
  660. Arch Nemesis: -y +t
  661. Arch Nemesis: Fruit is the worlds best prop surfer
  662. Fruit Juice: lol
  663. FetchCat: right well when you get your mouse back we can fight!
  664. Arch Nemesis: Definitely
  665. FetchCat: FUCK I WANT TO GET GOOD
  666. Arch Nemesis: Well, it'd probably be later tonight
  667. Arch Nemesis: I just have to get it working
  668. FetchCat: nps
  669. Arch Nemesis: But seriously
  670. Arch Nemesis: How amazing is my student
  671. Fruit Juice: Yeah thats crazy
  672. Arch Nemesis: He's such a good find
  673. Fruit Juice: dem longshots
  674. FetchCat: making me blush
  675. Fruit Juice: almost never misses middies
  676. Fruit Juice: YOU BETTER STICK TO IT
  677. Arch Nemesis: Which is why I think he's just an alt account
  678. Fruit Juice: OR ILL CRY
  679. Arch Nemesis: And it's someone like GetSum
  680. Arch Nemesis: wait no
  681. Arch Nemesis: You were fighting Get before
  682. Arch Nemesis: Someone like
  683. Arch Nemesis: An old australian prop killer
  684. Arch Nemesis: Coming back
  685. Arch Nemesis: But stealthily
  686. FetchCat: ..
  687. Fruit Juice: I dont know any who would get 15-9 on me
  688. Fruit Juice: especially if they just came back
  689. Arch Nemesis: Me either.
  690. Arch Nemesis: WHICH IS WHY
  691. FetchCat: this is all awkys
  692. Arch Nemesis: I'M SO HAPPY
  693. FetchCat: talking about me
  694. FetchCat: like im not here
  695. FetchCat: lol
  696. Arch Nemesis: We're not insulting you
  697. FetchCat: yea I know
  698. FetchCat: I did play alot of scouts n knifes
  699. FetchCat: on my brothers account
  700. Arch Nemesis: Whatever you do
  701. Fruit Juice: Well theres your quick reflexes and accuracy
  702. Arch Nemesis: If you get amazing
  703. Arch Nemesis: like
  704. Arch Nemesis: HiggenZ amazing
  705. Arch Nemesis: And you turn into a douchebag
  706. Arch Nemesis: Like ultra
  707. Arch Nemesis: I'll just
  708. Arch Nemesis: Never talk to you again
  709. Arch Nemesis: AND I'LL POUT
  710. FetchCat: Question time!
  711. FetchCat: whos ultra
  712. Fruit Juice: a faggot
  713. Arch Nemesis: Used to be an amazing american prop killer
  714. Arch Nemesis: Has mental problems
  715. FetchCat: lol
  716. Arch Nemesis: But he's just a retard now
  717. Arch Nemesis: He can't prop kill very well
  718. Arch Nemesis: I was on the EU prop kill server earlier today
  719. Fruit Juice: i liked when he freaked the fuck out
  720. Fruit Juice: and said he was a firetruck
  721. Arch Nemesis: With him/plex and someone else
  722. Arch Nemesis: And I killed him 4 times in a row
  723. Arch Nemesis: So he spawn trapped me
  724. Arch Nemesis: Then DDOS'd me
  725. FetchCat: lol ok so some crazzy homosexual
  726. FetchCat: got it
  727. Arch Nemesis: If you ever meet someone called plex
  728. Fruit Juice: I honestly think in fair ping fetch could beat plex or ultra
  729. FetchCat: FUCK IM SO HAPPY
  730. Arch Nemesis: Just don't acknowledge his existence
  731. Arch Nemesis: Call him an autistic cunt
  732. FetchCat: noted
  733. Arch Nemesis: And say Nemesis is a better exploiter than him
  734. Fruit Juice: hehe
  735. Arch Nemesis: Because it always pisses him off
  736. FetchCat: i want to see higgenz propkill!
  737. Arch Nemesis: He admitted that he bought that exploit today
  738. Arch Nemesis: lmfao
  739. Arch Nemesis: I just insulted him
  740. FetchCat: lol
  741. Arch Nemesis: So much
  742. Arch Nemesis: ultra hates him as well
  743. FetchCat: plex or higgenz
  744. Arch Nemesis: low battery
  745. Fruit Juice: Higgenz actually asked me if you were good today fetch
  746. Fruit Juice: You wana know what i said?
  747. FetchCat: im like a god
  748. Arch Nemesis: no, you wish.
  749. Arch Nemesis: I'm agod.
  750. Fruit Juice: Nah it was more like
  751. FetchCat: lol
  752. Arch Nemesis: Fruit is as well.
  753. Fruit Juice: Yeah hes pretty ok
  754. FetchCat: sounds about right xD
  755. Arch Nemesis: HiggenZ is a higher being too great for our minds
  756. Fruit Juice: but see
  757. Fruit Juice: 2 days
  758. Arch Nemesis: nex time fruit talks to him
  759. Arch Nemesis: It'll be
  760. Fruit Juice: that is ridiculous
  761. Arch Nemesis: "He's really really good"
  762. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  763. FetchCat: so are you guys like
  764. FetchCat: pro's
  765. Arch Nemesis: Yes
  766. Fruit Juice: no
  767. Arch Nemesis: Like I said
  768. FetchCat: higgenz = god
  769. FetchCat: and im good
  770. Arch Nemesis: Fruit and I are 3rd best in the world
  771. Arch Nemesis: Well one of us is
  772. Fruit Juice: Not official but
  773. Arch Nemesis: There's no questioning that
  774. Fruit Juice: everyone from us and uk is shit
  775. FetchCat: any other propkillers I can vs
  776. FetchCat: like that are
  777. FetchCat: a bit under you guys
  778. Fruit Juice: anubis?
  779. FetchCat: I want somone equal
  780. Arch Nemesis: Anubis will beat him
  781. Arch Nemesis: Let me think of euqla
  782. Arch Nemesis: equal
  783. Arch Nemesis: I was thinking ADTR earlier today
  784. Fruit Juice: hmmm
  785. Arch Nemesis: But you getting that score against Fruit
  786. Arch Nemesis: Na
  787. Arch Nemesis: /sleep
  788. Fruit Juice: yeah fetch could smash right through adtrs defenses
  789. Fruit Juice: well
  790. Arch Nemesis: Someone who is better than ADTR
  791. Fruit Juice: reverse
  792. Fruit Juice: hit
  793. Fruit Juice: sec
  794. Fruit Juice: ra
  795. FetchCat: yea pulling behind defence isnt that hard lol
  796. Arch Nemesis: 1% battery left
  797. Fruit Juice: Yeah i guess not
  798. Arch Nemesis: It's a bit more difficult than that
  799. Fruit Juice: But adtr uses like 5 shields
  800. Arch Nemesis: Explain how he defence whores
  801. Arch Nemesis: Also BRB
  802. Player Arch Nemesis left the game (Disconnect by user.)
  803. Fruit Juice: adtr makes a big shell of props
  804. Fruit Juice: with a little hole
  805. Fruit Juice: for him to shoot out of
  806. FetchCat: lol
  807. FetchCat: also why is this a good defence prop
  808. FetchCat: its just like
  809. FetchCat: smaller
  810. FetchCat: then this
  811. Fruit Juice: i like it because props get caught on it
  812. Fruit Juice: also
  813. Fruit Juice: look
  814. Fruit Juice: spawn a gate
  815. Fruit Juice: you can spawn through it
  816. Fruit Juice: you cant do that with a canal bar
  817. *DEAD* FetchCat: oh right arch showed me that
  818. Fruit Juice: Yeah
  819. Fruit Juice: also
  820. Fruit Juice: higher wheelspeeds
  821. Fruit Juice: will get caught on these
  822. FetchCat: oh ok
  823. Fruit Juice: btw how do you middie
  824. FetchCat: and roof shots
  825. FetchCat: I want to get good at those
  826. Fruit Juice: i have to fight like 20 birds in 300 ping
  827. Fruit Juice: and your middies
  828. Fruit Juice: how do u do dem
  829. Fruit Juice: well
  830. FetchCat: I dono I like
  831. FetchCat: wip it
  832. Fruit Juice: middies are actually
  833. Fruit Juice: from the roof
  834. Fruit Juice: spawn on the ground is just throwing
  835. Fruit Juice: Wana keep fighting?
  836. FetchCat: sure
  837. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: o lol
  838. Fruit Juice: its gona take a bit for me to get used to normal tactics
  839. Fruit Juice: i had to switch up my playstyle for the uk server
  840. Fruit Juice: because they're all birds
  841. FetchCat: right lol
  842. Fruit Juice: and aussies get like 2 second delay
  843. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: lol
  844. Fruit Juice: I HAVE to learn to do that
  845. FetchCat: whats that
  846. Fruit Juice: was never good at it
  847. Fruit Juice: the backwards shot
  848. Fruit Juice: i never used it
  849. Fruit Juice: but it looks so good
  850. FetchCat: falco_180?
  851. Fruit Juice: well
  852. Fruit Juice: no
  853. FetchCat: arch was about to teach me that
  854. Fruit Juice: I can do that
  855. FetchCat: can you teach me that
  856. Fruit Juice: i just cant get the prop behind people that well
  857. Fruit Juice: never practiced it
  858. Fruit Juice: also yeah
  859. Fruit Juice: do you have rotate bound
  860. FetchCat: yea
  861. Fruit Juice: Just boost over them
  862. Fruit Juice: spawn behind
  863. Fruit Juice: and rotate
  864. Fruit Juice: lool
  865. FetchCat: lol
  866. FetchCat: w
  867. Fruit Juice: you can also use rotate for things like
  868. Fruit Juice: say
  869. Fruit Juice: someone is here
  870. FetchCat: ah right
  871. Fruit Juice: The way i see it
  872. Fruit Juice: stay creative
  873. Fruit Juice: and use techniques that work for you
  874. Arch Nemesis has joined team Deathmatch!
  875. FetchCat: noted
  876. Arch Nemesis: Sif trying to steal my student
  877. FetchCat: forgeting to use airstrafe
  878. FetchCat: every
  879. FetchCat: time
  880. Arch Nemesis: Mouse still isn't working
  881. Arch Nemesis: :\
  882. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: lol
  883. *DEAD* FetchCat: fuck lol
  884. Arch Nemesis: I'll just use my arrow keys to turn left and right
  885. Arch Nemesis: But that means no pro killing for me
  886. Arch Nemesis: prop
  887. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: hahaha
  888. FetchCat: lol
  889. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: took you a few throws to realise i was in front of it :D
  890. FetchCat: yea
  891. FetchCat: ahah
  892. Arch Nemesis: Okay
  893. Arch Nemesis: On bad computer
  894. Arch Nemesis: with bad mouse
  895. Arch Nemesis: :U
  896. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  897. *DEAD* FetchCat: lol
  898. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: arch
  899. Arch Nemesis: Sup
  900. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: i just boosted with you
  901. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: like
  902. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: you boosted
  903. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: and launched me too
  904. *DEAD* Fruit Juice: :D
  905. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Awesome
  906. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: Fight me to 15 fetch
  907. *DEAD* FetchCat: ok
  908. Arch Nemesis: lmao
  909. Arch Nemesis: 5FPS
  910. FetchCat: when you are ready
  911. Fruit Juice: sec
  912. Fruit Juice: lemme count
  913. Fruit Juice: just wait
  914. Arch Nemesis: Aight
  915. Fruit Juice: oki go
  916. Fruit Juice: 1-0
  917. Fruit Juice: 1-1
  918. Fruit Juice: 1-2
  919. Fruit Juice: 2-2
  920. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: ermagerd
  921. Fruit Juice: 3-2
  922. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: This mouse is so bad
  923. *DEAD* FetchCat: FUCK
  924. Fruit Juice: 3-3
  925. *DEAD* FetchCat: lol lost sight
  926. Fruit Juice: 4-3
  927. Fruit Juice: 4-4
  928. Fruit Juice: 5-4
  929. *DEAD* FetchCat: nice shot
  930. Fruit Juice: 5-5
  931. Fruit Juice: wait
  932. Fruit Juice: is it
  933. Arch Nemesis: yeah
  934. Fruit Juice: 5-6
  935. Fruit Juice: 6-6
  936. Fruit Juice: 7-6
  937. Fruit Juice: 8-6
  938. Fruit Juice: 8-7
  939. Fruit Juice: 9-7
  940. Fruit Juice: 9-8
  941. Fruit Juice: 10-8
  942. Fruit Juice: 10-9
  943. Fruit Juice: 10-10
  944. Fruit Juice: 10-11
  945. Fruit Juice: 11-11
  946. Fruit Juice: OMG
  947. Fruit Juice: THE PRESSURE
  948. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: is minimal
  949. Fruit Juice: 12-11
  950. Fruit Juice: OMG
  951. Fruit Juice: ITS ON
  952. FetchCat: with the ping
  953. FetchCat: I mean
  954. FetchCat: your fps
  955. Fruit Juice: 13-11
  956. Fruit Juice: ERMAGHERD
  957. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: I'm note exaggerating with 6 FPS
  958. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: I'll take a SS
  959. FetchCat earned the achievement Creator
  960. Arch Nemesis: Yay you
  961. Fruit Juice: 14-11
  962. Fruit Juice: 14-12
  963. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: GG
  964. Fruit Juice: 15-12
  965. FetchCat: YAY!
  966. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: JEE
  967. Fruit Juice: gg
  968. *DEAD* Arch Nemesis: JEE
  969. Arch Nemesis: Oh and
  970. FetchCat: completly diffrent story if you had normal fps
  971. Arch Nemesis: You're better than plex
  972. Arch Nemesis: because I bet him with this set up on an EU server
  973. Arch Nemesis: Plus I had 300 ping
  974. Arch Nemesis: well 400 actually
  975. FetchCat: lol thanks
  976. Arch Nemesis: lmfao
  977. FetchCat: altho I dont know him
  978. FetchCat: xD
  979. Arch Nemesis: He's got over 10K hours on gmod
  980. Arch Nemesis: Added up on all his accounts
  981. FetchCat: wow
  982. Arch Nemesis: And you've got like
  983. Arch Nemesis: 60
  984. Arch Nemesis: i dunno
  985. Arch Nemesis: Shit all
  986. Arch Nemesis: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=127802714
  987. Fruit Juice: dont worry arch
  988. Fruit Juice: ill tell everyone
  989. Arch Nemesis: Took the SS when I had 9 FPS
  990. Arch Nemesis: GOOD
  991. Arch Nemesis: BECAUSE I'M GOING TO AS WELL
  992. FetchCat: I gtg in about 10
  993. FetchCat: im just pratice surfin
  994. Arch Nemesis: Awww. :(
  995. Arch Nemesis: lmfao
  996. Fruit Juice: i am ceiling man
  997. Arch Nemesis: You actually told HiggenZ his score
  998. Arch Nemesis: and didn't tell him about my bad FPS
  999. Arch Nemesis: and mouse
  1000. Fruit Juice: i thought he'd assume
  1001. Fruit Juice: There
  1002. Fruit Juice:  i told
  1003. Arch Nemesis: I already told him lol.
  1004. Arch Nemesis: HiggenZ is coming on in 5
  1005. Arch Nemesis: But you're leaving in 10
  1006. Arch Nemesis: :(
  1007. Fruit Juice: Who
  1008. Arch Nemesis: Fetch
  1009. Say !sounds to enable/disable streak sounds.
  1010. Arch Nemesis: Man
  1011. Arch Nemesis: My computer sounds like a cat being raped by a chainsaw
  1012. Arch Nemesis: I need more fans
  1013. Arch Nemesis: or just a better one
  1014. Arch Nemesis: in generl
  1015. Fruit Juice: Higgenz said getsum was like fetch is now when he started
  1016. Fruit Juice: i like where this is going
  1017. Arch Nemesis: Yeah
  1018. Arch Nemesis: AND
  1019. Arch Nemesis: AND
  1020. Arch Nemesis: HE'S MY STUDENT
  1021. Arch Nemesis: :U
  1022. Fruit Juice: yer lol
  1023. Fruit Juice: imagine him fighting an up down up down bird
  1024. Fruit Juice: you saw how quick he middies
  1025. Arch Nemesis: Yeah
  1026. FetchCat: YOU GUYS ARE TO KIND
  1027. Arch Nemesis: one of the first things I said in this server was
  1028. FetchCat: MAKING ME BLUSH
  1029. Arch Nemesis: Okay
  1030. Arch Nemesis: You're definitely not new
  1031. Arch Nemesis: Because he did this amazing fucking middy on me
  1032. Arch Nemesis: Going full speed
  1033. Fruit Juice: Honest
  1034. Fruit Juice: it still seems too good to be true
  1035. Fruit Juice: but i dont care
  1036. FetchCat: well I could turn this into a good troll but I dont know any old propkillers lol
  1037. Arch Nemesis: na
  1038. Arch Nemesis: Don't try to troll me
  1039. FetchCat: IM ULTRA
  1040. Arch Nemesis: It always ends up in a pastebin of failure
  1041. Arch Nemesis: Or me DDoSing you
  1042. FetchCat: noted
  1043. Fruit Juice: tell everyone you're Trent
  1044. FetchCat: got it
  1045. Arch Nemesis: Na
  1046. FetchCat: Trent is my name
  1047. Fruit Juice: :D
  1048. Arch Nemesis: Trent would have 300 ping
  1049. Fruit Juice: trent was aussie
  1050. Arch Nemesis: Yeah
  1051. Arch Nemesis: Then he moved
  1052. Fruit Juice: Oh wow
  1053. FetchCat: I got to go tho, thanks alot this was fantastic
  1054. Arch Nemesis: Yeah man
  1055. Arch Nemesis: Thanks for existing
  1056. Fruit Juice: Bai
  1057. Arch Nemesis: I get to show you off
  1058. FetchCat: aha
  1059. Arch Nemesis: alsobye
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