escharotic treatment of cervix

Jun 8th, 2016
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  1. concern about escharotic treatment
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  3. drmichellesuber
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  6. Today I completed the eighth of eight escharotic treatments for a 28 year old woman with CIN1 and high risk HPV. Her cervix has had the appearance, in the last 4 treatments, of one sloughing off epithelial cells. Today, it looked raw and excoriated, even slightly cavitated, not at all what I would expect from the treatment. Now I am worried that the sanguinaria or the ZnCl (and I!) have done harm. I've always been liberal with the calendula succus, but admit that it is sometimes difficult to be sure that all of the bromelain, sanguinaria and ZnCl are completely gone. My patient has ended each session with Wise Woman's Healing Suppositories and is doing immune support supplements and hydrotherapy. The plan now is to follow Dr. Hudson's protocol with alternating suppositories for the next month; then wait one month before repeating pathology studies.
  8. Can anyone reassure me? Does the cervix typically have visible changes with escharotic treatments that heal normally after the following month of soothing treatment? Any suggestions?
  10. If I would appreciate forwarding this question to docs off list who do a lot of these treatments; responding to michellesuber@... is preferable to the email associated with this account.
  12. Thank you for your collective wisdom.
  14. Michelle Suber, ND
  15. Kamuela, HI
  19. Heidi Peterson
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  22. That is normal for the escharotic treatment in my experience. You are in fact burning the tissue. Feel free to email me photos if you want me to look at the cervix.
  24. On a side, I was searching the internet for something and there is an MD is Chicago that is doing and promoting this treatment. I thought it was interesting.
  28. Heidi Peterson
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  31. opps I forgot to sign
  33. Heidi Peterson, ND Portland Or
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