Old Roots Inn

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  1. The days of autumn were running rather cold as the inn was bursting with good mood as there were plenty of people to enjoy themselves along with a cold drink. The war was over, finally, the men getting to enjoy finally some peace, most people preferring to meet in the inn as Darha was always serving food and drinks. Her job became way harder as she remained the only one to care about it, her husband being one the unfortunate souls to find his ending in the war.
  3. That event happened years ago, so the lady got used on being alone, she never married someone else as she could not find the need to love another man. The inn was doing fine as she was getting provisions for it once a week, the woman making sure that everyone will be stocked, especially in those times drinks were always adored. She could be found an the entrance at the start of the day as she usually spent her mornings by cleaning the inn, making sure the tables were all set for the customers. She [url=]was wearing[/url] a dress that covered most of her body but arms, the cloth allowing her to move freely as her generous shapes were all covered in it.
  5. The inn was busy today as a religious event was coming, people being in the mood to celebrate as orders were keep coming. The chocolate woman was always there to prepare some good stew, serving the men and women with some fresh cooked meal. it was a busy life, but she could not complain, the inn doing well enough to provide plenty of coin.
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