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  1. Welcome to <color="purple">PixelSqueegees</color>Community Server
  3. <b>Join our <link="discord.me/pscp"><color=#7289DA><u><size=+1>Discord</size></u></color></link> to have alerts and updates on the server, you can also contact the owner if you have questions or it's important.
  5. <color="purple">Rules</color>
  6. 1. Teaming is okay, but only with respective win conditions Example: Chaos can team with SCPs only if the SCPs are friendly to Chaos, if Chaos starts shooting the SCPs are allowed to attack back vice versa.
  8. 2. Do not camp in rooms for a long period of time. Example: You get into the warhead room and you sit there until someone activates the nuke, absolutely no camping as an SCP in the silo or there will be punishment.
  10. 3. Don't harass or be a general asshole to others, this includes making fun of them for being younger/shutting doors on your own team mates.
  12. 4. Admin Abuse is allowed to a certain extent. Only by owner approval, read staff responsibilities below.
  14. 5. Cheating/Glitching is not allowed, if caught it is a no warn ban.
  16. 6. Mic Spam is tolerated for a small time but expect to be muted. If you play White Noise or scream you will be warned. Playing music is tolerated, but it's highly likely you will be muted, do not expect your voice to be heard if you do play it. If a large majority of the players in the server find your spam incredibly aggravating or annoying moderators & admins have every right to warn you and eventually kick you. Punishment will be delivered based on severity of mic spam.
  18. 7. Under any circumstances you cannot GHOST ex; using a program to talk to another friend for an advantage.
  20. 8. Guards & NTF (aka MTF) are required to disarm class-d personnel, and give every possible opportunity to make them NTF. You cannot kill a d-class personnel UNLESS said d-class personnel is: A. Holding a firearm. B. Resisting disarment. C. Shift-glitching to avoid disarment D. Attempting to disobey your command or E. If one D-Class is being escorted by one that is equipped with weapons you can KOS all D-Personnel in that area.
  22. 9. Racism is not tolerated under any circumstances, this includes music, slang, and anything related to a certain race, and ethnicity.  
  24. 10. Last but not least, have some fun C:
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