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  1. 15:21 <mloc> IRC was migrated there with hybserv on .19
  2. 15:23 <br0kend> by whom/when?
  3. 15:24 <mloc> by scott don and myself over the last 3-4 days
  4. 15:25 <br0kend> hold on, which way were they migrated?
  5. 15:25 <br0kend> there was nothing to migrate..
  6. 15:26 <br0kend> but yeah, nevermind.
  7. 15:28 <mloc> the paths and in the configs were edited and moved
  8. 15:29 <mloc> also there's now a glines block rather than just a gline=yes; directive in general{}
  9. 15:29 <mloc> that's pretty much it I think
  10. 15:30 <br0kend> cool cool
  11. 15:30 <mloc> join, help us test the config!
  12. 15:30 <br0kend> no, I had enough of netsoc.
  13. 15:31 <br0kend> I tested the initial config when I set it up - perms needed defining
  14. 15:31 <br0kend> also, did you consider migrating the services db?
  15. 15:31 <mloc> we did, it works perfectly since they're just ascii dbs
  16. 15:32 <br0kend> would be much less painful for the users in all socs if their nick were preserved
  17. 15:32 <br0kend> cool
  18. 15:32 <mloc> thought endianness would have been an issue
  19. 15:32 <br0kend> not for data really
  20. 15:34 <mloc> oh, just executables? All there is to do now is to route cube:6667 -> cubeirc:6667 and then grab the current snapshot of matrix's services
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