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  1. Name: Falacer
  2. Class: Cleric/Warlock (depending on time period, pre or post meeting Old God)
  3. Race: Half-Elf
  4. Alignment: True Neutral
  5. Deity: Fharlanghn, god of horizons and travel (cleric)/Cthulu (Warlock)
  6. Age: 25
  8. Falacer comes from a wealthy merchant family. At a young age he decided to step down from his position as future heir, seeing his families’ dealings as “frivolous” and “unfulfilling”. He stepped out in search of new beginnings, something that could prove fulfilling for him. Above all else Falacer desires to die knowing that he had lived. He holds no interest in wealth, beyond that which can cover his basic needs. He possesses no thirst for glory or anything of the sort, he merely seeks self-satisfaction. With that in mind, he joined the local church as a cleric. Truth be told Falacer never did this out of devotion or anything of the sort, he merely sought fulfillment. Years went by as he grew more accustomed to his duties as a healer. He grew bored of the church, tired of the monotony, feeling once again chained as he had been with his family. It was under these conditions that he left the church, becoming a wanderer, offering his healing services to the people he met along the way.
  10. It was in one of these journeys that he encountered an ancient tome. While healing a senile old man -a sorcerer by the name of Kenopsia- he was given a dusty tome as a sign of gratitude for his services. Upon inspection, Falacer found himself enthralled by the power bound within. Though he was unable to decipher its exact nature, he could sense the promise of a new life, a path untrodden. In this path Falacer saw a fulfilling life, though he could not exactly tell what it might entail. Perhaps it was the very same mystery that drew Falacer towards it, the adventure, the promise of something out of the ordinary, it pulled at Falacer like nothing had ever before. Fully aware of this, Falacer called upon the powers of the ancient book. In this act, he pacted with the Old God Cthulu, a force of chaos with motives beyond this mortal realm’s understanding.
  11. Falacer now channels the power of this particular being, though he has never noticed any direct interference from Cthulu. The independence is liberating to him, and though the healing powers he has been blessed with have left him, he has gained new abilities. Abilities with which he hopes to forge his own path.
  12. Above all else, he fears an unsatisfactory death.  The thought of his life ending without him gaining a sense of purpose scares him beyond words.
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