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Final Fantasy XVI

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  1. STORY:
  2. In the world of Chi, modern governments, advanced technology, and magic coexist. The country of Neo Republic is a democracy full of humans and other creatures alike from across the globe. After a terrorist group known as the Children of Magic, an organization of radical mages who encourage genocide against those who cannot use magic, attack the capital, everything changes.
  4. The country's citizens elect Aaron Ather, a cyborg who built his campaign on managing mages, to become the High Councilor. He enacts a law that mages must live in "guarded communities" until the Children of Magic have been defeated. A mysterious female thief named Xero infiltrates one of these communities to steal government property for her own gain.
  6. To her shock, these communities are really nothing more than high-security prisons where the guards mistreat mages and their families. With two options, to take the property and slip out undetected or free the prisoners and become a fugitive, she reluctantly chooses the latter and releases a mass of mages. Now on the run with her partner in crime and best friend, a bubbly engineer named Cidney, Xero becomes wrapped up in an adventure where she'll face the Children of Magic, the Neo Army, and her past.
  8. -Neo Republic: A melting pot that is diverse population wise and geographically, the Neo Republic is a constitutional democracy ruled over by a council elected by it's citizens. Players visit two of the country's regions across the game. The first is Thornwall, a southern desert that holds the small Rose Town, where Cidney and Xero are based, as well as one of the guarded communities. The second is Libertia, a city with Roman architecture that acts as the country's capital.
  9. -Tàiyáng: A beautiful land in the midst of a civil war between several emperors who claim to own the country.
  10. -Metel: Home of the Children of Magic, Metel is a northern country that has cold temperatures and a long rivalry with the Neo Republic.
  11. -Festivalis: A peaceful country south of the Neo Republic full of life and celebrations.
  12. -Flora: An ancient country where giant beasts roam and Summoners hold the power.
  13. -Vivala: A popular tourist's destination, the romantic and moonlit Vivala is known for it's Art Deco architecture.
  14. -Great Kingdom: A longtime ally of the Neo Republic, the Great Kingdom is a monarchy that struggles with the dangerous politics of their old friend.
  15. -Glyph: The home of ancient ruins and temples, Glyph is said to be the birthplace of magic.
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