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  1. Geeking the hell out about the D programming language. They have done everything right. Everything. Now all they need is a solid IDE and I will never code in anything else ever again.
  3. User-defined type-safe variadic functions? Yes please. Oh were you doing arithmetic across entire arrays all at once, with a single command? Here let me just vectorize that for you. RAII too much of a hassle? We'll just invent the simplest, cleanest, most foolproof recovery mechanism that has ever existed. Garbage collection, unless you don't want it. Pascal-style arrays with bounds checking, unless you don't want them. Would you like a meta-programming language? How about we just give you D, again, at compile-time, PLUS compile-time string evaluation ("mixin"). You can just write sort!("a>b")([1,2,3,4,5]); Do you just want C, but with all the insane syntactic sugar of D? Just use the @system: qualifier and go nuts. Are you a ridiculous hacker? Inline x86 assembly that the compiler actually understands in 32 AND 64 bit code, hex string literals like x"DE ADB EEF" where spacing doesn't matter, the ability to set data alignment cross-platform with type.alignof = 16, load your shellcode verbatim into a string like so: auto str = import("shellcode.txt");
  5. All that barely touches D. First-class functions, closures, pure functional programming enforced by the compiler (unless you don't want it), the best of C++, Java, and C#'s object system brought together. Honest-to-god modules, unless you don't want them, in which case you can exactly recreate C-style textual inclusion with mixin(import("otherfile.d")). This language has incredible insights into what's necessary for braindead-simple parallel programming.
  7. This is the God language. I do not need another language, because this one is the best and anything else is unnecessary.
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