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Overdue Peppermint Cane Borrowing and the Repayment Process

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  1.         Overdue Peppermint Cane Borrowing and the Repayment Process in an Alternate Universe
  3.         A shiny apple standing on some flat tree stump started shaking violently. Max, who was right by the violently shaking shiny apple, walked slowly towards the apple and gently picked it up. He took a big bite and then held it up against his ear, “Who is it?” he said. Being fairly confused about receiving a call this early in the morning, the moon was not even lighting up the purple lake! “Moss Tongue”, whispered a grumpy voice. Max repeated with the same confusion, “Moss Tongue…” Suddenly he realized it must be the beetle he met on that icy cloud last week. “Oh, right! Moss Tongue, what's up?” cried Max with curiosity. “Jelly Jam Ham is looking for the peppermint canes you borrowed” whispered the grumpy voice again, with a strong emphasis on the word “borrowed”. Max took another bite out of the shiny apple, he was terrified now. Double Jay looking for the peppermint canes means that his tiny debt is overdue. Unfortunately Max already joyfully consumed some of them and then traded the rest for a stellar sock that did virtually nothing, it looked very lovely though. “Oh the king, what will I do now? I did not even think about the paying back part” thought Max to himself with great regret. Double Jay is a super-successful intergalactic trade agent, someone you would not want to have tiny overdue debts with. He has slain so many jelly people and ate all of their jelly to get the name of Jelly Jam Ham, the “Ham” being his real name. That is a very good reason to show anyone that they should not cross him under any circumstance!
  5.         Max wore that very stellar sock on his head and floated towards the nearby hamlet with many skyscrapers within. Business employees rolled in the muddy grounds, leaking motor oil all over the place. Putrid sense of humour written all over the rubbed band balls disgusted Max, they were the sole reason he did not like the hamlets. “If I had never met that stupid beetle, then Ham would never be able to find me” he muttered. Max was probably right about it, Double Jay is always busy and he really does not have vast amount of time available to him left from all the super-successful trade agent work he does. What Jelly Jam Ham did was manipulating people to become his henchmen so that he would not have to worry about the petty things; no one knew how he went on about the manipulating process though. Nauseated by the humour, he kept floating merrily to find a job that can yield him extreme amounts of peppermint canes in no time. “What’s wrong sock-head, are you lost” shouted a yellow walrus, putting on a face that made him show his smugness. Max thought about ignoring him at first, but a smug walrus that can publicly show his smugness could get him that job he wanted.
  7.         Slowly approaching the yellow walrus, he crossed his arms. “You are Max, right? Moss Tongue broadcasted that we should look for you through the apples” squeaked the walrus. “What kind of networking has Double Jay set up?” contemplated Max with great puzzlement.
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