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LxQt test under Vector Linux 7.0 Light - 1st run

kevjonesin May 18th, 2014 172 Never
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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. LxQt test under Vector Linux 7.0 Light - 1st run
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  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. started with no toolbar/panel and no icons.
  8. Desktop did have text on left indicating where invisible icons were.
  9. Top option (they stack vertically) was "Root" double clicking the text brought up PCManFM (still no icons, switched to list view) and then I went to the applications menu within it. Selected an icon set and they appeared on desktop and in windows.
  11. Still no panel.
  13. Some applications have generic binary file icons.
  15. Found LXQt system settings/configuration center. Stopped and restarted the panel. Still doesn't show. Stopped and restarted the desktop to compare. Blanked and then came back as expected.
  17. Icons populate new window/views with a bit of lag.
  19. Window crashed when clicked to search for default editor options in gui. Not sure which I was in, haven't found my way bak through LXQt Configuration Center. It ["defaul options"] was in "Session Settings" under Preferences. Worked this time. It offered terminal and browser. selected pathto LXTerminal and firefox (which was a default option (drop down menu; only item; was initially blank).
  20. "Environment (Adavanced)" is still:
  21.  BROWSER | firefox
  22.  TERM    | xterm
  25.  After closing settings was prompted to restart LXQt (log out and back in) for changes to take affect.
  28. ~~~~
  30. relaunched via ctrl+alt+backspace and logged back in. The "logout" icon in PCManFM under applications-->other didn't do anything.
  32. Turned off and deselected "panel" in Preferences--> LxQt System Settings--> Session Settings
  34. Gonna' logout/in and then try enabling again.
  36. Ticked it back on and still nothing. No panel's kinda' a deal breaker at this point. Will postto forum and re-examine later.
  39. ~~~~
  41. Attempted to log back in (am/have_been using an alternate desktop/user accoutn called "guest") with default session (should be standard LXDE) and it went to a black screen with a (red) pointer. Logged out/in again and explicitly selected "default session" and got same plus a borderless xterm window and a notice that something (fiie?) had been missing and was going toi a basic x session and that focus would follow mouse. Logged out/in again with LxQt so as to leave this note. Gonna' try selecting LXDE explicitly this time.
  43. Went to black w/ pointer. Right-click brought up openbox menu under LXDE heading (I may have set this as window manager menu rather than desktop file manager at some point previous,; another day; I often do w/ LXDE).
  45. Logged out/in selecting "default" session again this time. Again got the ...
  46. "System has no Xclients file, so starting a failsafe xterm session. Windows will have focus only if the mouse pointer is above them. To get out of theis mode tupe "exit" in the window."
  47. ... message again. Clicked OK and went to the black field w/ pointer with a white xterm in the upper left quadrant. Tried to launch pcmanfm and it failed (no such ...), but pcmanfm-qt worked (w/o icons again). CLosed it and then launched leafpad (in which I now type). The windows are appearing 'over' the same quadrant 'covering' xterm.
  50. ~~~~
  52. Logged into 'guest' again but w/ an E17 session (I'd installed it previously). It looks as expected at 1st glance except for the red cursor carrying through. Double pcmanfm menu entry. 1st fails, second launches without icons. hmm, not sure if I'd sorted out icons here previously come to think of it ... when i installed E17 .. unrelated to LxQt issure ... E17 config to work out.
  54. Gonna' try some other desktop sessions and then log in as 'kevjonesin' to see what pops up where I used to have LXDE as default.
  56. ~~~~
  58. gdm got stuck in some sorta' race condition thrashiing cpu when tryng to open session select menu. (it had happened once before during one of the LxQt login attempts. Had to go to a shell and halt (SIGTERM) it with htop. It then imediately relaunched back to a fresh gdm, unpromtped.
  61. ~~~~
  63. openbox session had no wallpaper (... or desktop icons ... did it have desktop icons before? Anyway ...) but had workin pavel. Am now in via jwm and seems fine on the window manager/desktop environment front. Though still no icons in pcmanfm.
  66. ~~~~
  68. LXDE is 'borked' [not working, black field] in my kevjonesin account as well.
  70. Am using E17 at present.
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