My Teacher - 09

Jul 27th, 2020 (edited)
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My Teacher


Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Min-Soo Cheol / 민수철 MC
Kim Bo-Young / 김보영 FMC
Min-Soo Jeong / 민수정 MC's Guardian
Head Teacher / 교장선생님 Old Fatty who wants to fuck every female teacher
Hajoon Seong / 하준성 Rapist, Drug Dealer, Minsoo Jeong's Boyfriend
Choi Byung-Min / 최병민 Bully
Han-Na / 한나 Brown Hair girl

고손작: Author

호닷: Artist

Script Information:

Minsoo Cheol MC
Kim Bo-Young KB
Minsoo Jeong MJ
Head Teacher / Principal P
Hajoon Seong HS
Classmate C1, C2..
Teacher T1, T2..
Random R1, R2..
Gangster G1, G2..
Jessica J
Choi Byung-Min CB
Han-Na H

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 09

P: Wonderful! Jessica proved she was devoted to her job! She wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to become a full-time teacher ~ Fufufu! I'm looking forward to work with you in the future!

P: Miss Kim Bo-Young, you should prepare yourself and write a letter of apology for the Vice-Commissioner of Education!

P: You should follow the example of your colleague, Miss Jessica in the future. You could learn a lot from her!

KB: ...


MC: {I didn't bring it with me on purpose... That's right I unintentionally put it in my pocket...}

MC: {I... I'm not a pervert}

MC: I'm sorry... Teacher...

Principal's Office (Sign)

P: Teacher Kim Bo-Young, are you insane?!

P: I arranged everything for you and how did you repay me?

P: It's infuriating... Did you write the letter of apology?

P: Hmm...

P: Okay, that's enough!

P: Don't worry, I'll take care of the mess since everything happened because me ~

P: Miss Bo-Young...

P: I should have trained you well!

KB: No, Principal...

P: I've a lot of compassion for my staff...

P: I can't just throw out the poor and bad-mannered teachers..

KB: Principal.. Please... Not there...

P: What should I do? ~ Don't you think it'll be nice of me to give you another chance??

KB: Ah..! Principal...

KB: Please, stop..!

KB: Stop... I've have to be ready for my class...

Huff Puff

P: Oh, hold on! If you want to teach children, shouldn't you need to be well educated by me first?

KB: Stop...



P: Ouch!

P: Ugh... Bitch...

P: You're such a dumb bitch!

P: Yes you're pretty but it's useless for someone like you who don't know how to behave with her superior!

KB: ...

J: Principal, don't you know human being and machine aren't the same at all? You can't fix them when they're defective.



P: Oh... Jessica, please advise me...!!

J: Don't waste your time on useless things.

P: Oh.

J: In the present society, 'Decisiveness and Perseverance' are two of the most important values to focus on.

J: Here, I brought it.

Full-time teacher contract (Paper)

KB: ...

P: Ohohoh, that's great.

P: By the way...

P: Since 'Decisiveness and Perseverance' are so important for you... I guess you made up your mind and chose to only follow the Vice-Commissioner of Education, right?

J: Haang ~ You know why I acted like this ~

J: If the stupid Math teacher didn't reject the Vice-Commissioner of Education, I wouldn't have to take care of him...

J: You know, I've only a place for you in my mind and heart, Principal ~

P: Huh-uh...

H: What's going on Choi Byung-Min? Don't you think you look like a fool by walking like this?

H: Uh, What... these shoes..?

H: Gucchi Lightong*?! Did't you buy a pair of Golden Moose not long ago?!

T/N: Guccho Lighton stands for Gucci Rhyton, Golden Moose stands for Golden Goose

CB: You know, I quickly get bored of old things ~

H: Isn't it expensive?

CB: When it comes to fashion, price is something trivial ~

H: Wow ~ Byung-Min oppa ~ I never thought you were so rich. To celebrate your new shoes how about buying a nice sorbet to your kind and pretty Han-Na ~ Nmm?

CB: Ugh... What's wrong with you..?

H: Any problem ~ ? So you were just bluffing ~ ?

CB: Fine I'll buy you some...

C1: Hey Oppa ~ Don't forget me ~

H: Yeah ~ !

CB: {These bitches... What should I do? I spent all my savings in my new pair of sneakers...}

C1 Oppa ~ Since you can buy us sorbets, how about pizza too?

H: Haang ~ I also want to drink some fancy teas!

MC: {I've to give it back to the teacher...}

MC: {But how should I return it?}

MC: {Should I put it in teacher's bag...}
{Or do another trip to her place..?}

CB: Hey Min-Soo!

MC: ?

CB: Do you have some money?

MC: No

CB: Hey, don't make me fucking wait! Give it to me!

MC: No, I won't.

CB: Fucker, trying to act tough in front of the girls? I see.

MC: Hey, fuck off! I said no!

CB: The hell?

MC: !

CB: What the hell is that? Why are you hiding a woman's panties in your pocket?

CB: Bastard!

CB: Answer me, why were you hiding a woman's panties in your pocket? Are you a fucking pervert?!

H: I never thought he was such a pervert...

C1: Me neither...

MC: Bastard! It's mine!

KB: Sigh...

KB: Uh?

KB: Oh my God!

To be continued...
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